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Time Wasting.(Freebie n Cheapie).

It’s too early to head on out so I’m sat here with make-up on, dressed nicely, hair is looking fabulous for a change and it’s pishing down outside, typical.  So I’m going to leave it till as late as possible before I have to head out and fortunately for us all I have 2 more sweet goodies to show you.

First, the Freebie which is another SL Free’s & Offers GG but you find it in the ROC shoe shop.


All 4 main mesh shoe fits.  I don’t often put the foot shape in ie high, med etc because you can usually see from the picture which foot shape it fits.

Then because I NEEDED this colour, I can’t help but think about an advert in RL where the woman has rows and rows of shoes in all styles and colours and then she remembers she needs “Periwinkle” because we all need Periwinkle coloured shoes lol.


Honestly, I did need this colour, a light minty/green shade?  Anyhow, these are the ROC Group Gift and that group costs 20Lds to join so again a token price and if you need this colour you really need it LOL.  These again come in the 4 mains mesh feet fits.

I did have a quick scan around the ROC shop and some really, really good shoes for both men and women.  A whole collection of shapes, styles and from my brief visits lots if not all of them come with really big colour huds….and now I’ve run out of time and I have to head out into all that rain and cold and wind!


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3 out of 5Lds. (Freebie n Cheapie).

Nope, my Mojo has gone and so far out of the dozens of piccies I took off the 3 outfits I had to show you, in the end, I could only find one that I was reasonably happy with and so VOILA…1 photo of 1 outfit.


I won’t tell you about the other 2 outfits other than one is very High Fashion Italian inspired and the other is very Southern Belle you, however, may think differently, though.  To get these gifts you have to join 2 other free groups in the Giulia Design shop but splash out 5Lds to join the actual Giulia Design Group for that token amount this classic SL designs is yours.  I know that a lot of people may have something very similar to this in their invent already but for this quality in texturing and fit, added to that the fact that top and skirt come as separates means it’s super handy.

The only “Meh” is that all outfits come with all the standard mesh sizes but as a mesh bod addict I would have liked that option as well, I’m greedy as well as cheap LOL.

Giulia Design

Blogging SL


I broke a finger nail and Faith has broken her computer!

So yes this post is basically to let Faith know I got her message and hang on in there and….


I wonder how many of you like “Rusty Spoons”?

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Coming up roses, FREEBIE.

So after a morning of binning the rubbish, trying on a NEW Mina hair, doing some piccies, baking a cake, doing a hunt,  sorting through some notes, spamming Faith and ordering some new glasses I scored BIG this these lovely roses.

PS guess which 2 of these activities I did in RL and not SL lol.


A massive bunch of deep, glorious roses.  They don’t come with any pose or a change of texture but they do come with a resizer but check this out…


…ONLY 7, freakin, LI! and as you can see from the first picture it’s a really big bouquet.  I’m pretty sure I have the perfect glass vase for these to go into as it will make a great decor item, and if I do and it’s still a free GG then I’ll add the link to it in an update.

The funny thing is the shop this comes from, Scandalize is actually a clothes shop and there is some really nice stuff in here, Kardashian in style but with a bit more class.  I did click on a couple of items that peaked my interest and the pricing is more than reasonable.  Anyhow, I quickly logged out as coffee n cake were waiting to be consumed but although I will probably not buy anything that doesn’t stop me from looking and also at the other shops just outside of this interesting shopping sim.  You will see what I mean when you get there.


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ARGH CABIN RAGE!!!(Cheeky Freebie(.

I’m watching Cabin Fever the 2016 one and I don’t know why as it was crapola the first time I saw it and age will not have improve it however, on a Sunday afternoon while I’m on my own I like to pull the blinds down, put on a crapola horror movie, snuggle with whichever cat will grace me with their presence and maybe do my nails, use a face mask, sort out my make up basket etc small pleasures.

Anyhow, I spotted Faiths post about the bargain Dock House and I just had to check it out inworld and honestly, it is as good as she says. So, of course, I checked out to see if there were any freebies in their MP shop and I scored….


Yes, I scored yet another bloody car!


Actually, even though I now have a few cars this is yet another keeper.  You can change the colour of the car and interior but sorry I can’t remember how many options you have.


All of the doors open, I’m now wondering if the bonnet opens as well, and so low primmed at only 13li’s.

OH now I’m getting the MP link for you there is a whole list of the textures, settings etc in the description and there is quite a lot.  So a nice little low primmed addition as either a drivable or just to park in your garage.


Crown AG

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I fought for you B*tches! (Freebie).

All it took was 20 seconds after this post when out for every Cheap B* in SL to hauled their cheap Av ass over to Phedora to grab this FREE for ALL giftie.


Fortunately, it only took me 10 seconds to haul my cheap AV ass so I managed to sneak in before lag hell started.

These shoes come in the 3 main mesh feet sizes.  Don’t panic because although from my brief visit I did notice that the Group joining fee is 300Lds and these shoes are in with the GG’s they are most definitely set for free.



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I have Spicy Secret’s and they’re all FREE for you.

I have to confess at first I wasn’t going to even try the dress which would have been such a shame, a classic SL shape but the texturing and colours are excellent.  You get a choice of 5 colours and I have to admit this blue one is deffo my fav.  Not only 5 colours but each colour comes in ALL the mesh bod fits plus “standard classic” and an Alpha layer so basically a fit for everyone.

From what I could see, I can’t go back in to have a proper look, this is mainly a sexy undies shop.  I have had a look at the MP shop and the prices are pretty darn reasonable and lots.  Since there doesn’t seem to be any freebies on the MP shop I’m just going to put the inworld shop LM.


Again from what I can remember there is a wall of about 6 gifts not all are for the Spicy Secret groups but all the groups are free to join.  I’ve got this bra n panties set in a much zingier red/green combo which is so good.  There is also a beige undies set which is really handy.


Another classic SL design and normally I wouldn’t even try this but I learned my lesson from the dress and popped it on esp as Valentines is the next big event for a lot of people.  The only thing with this little number is that you only get 2 fits and one is for Maitreya and the other is fitted but sadly neither “fitted” my mesh bod and I had break through on the boobies.  Obviously, I could either edit my bod or take it off completely if I really wanted it to fit but as always my body/face shape is unique to me so don’t let that put you off.

Spicy Secrets