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Yes Sir !

HoooHaaaah Poised have a new group gifty out !! Its raunchy yet kinda cute all at the same time. “Oldskool” comprises of a short short flared skirt that tickles your upper thighs, a tied up white blouse and a really funky tie that has colour change options yay! It also comes with socks…

I was gonna wear my sneakers for this post but thennnn…I had a notice from Mary Jane Shoes about a group gift to celebrate 4000 members ! It was this beautiful pair of heels (fat pack of colours oot oot!) Totally not right for school but deffo the sorta thing I used to hide in my rucksack and put on around the corner ! The socks with shoes come out lookin like leg warmers..another fav of mine in my school days…always lookin like the “good girl” but not living up to the title *winks*…thanks Poise & Infiniti xx

OldSkool outfit : Poised

Shoes: MJS

Poses: Magnifique

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Elton sung it best…”Leather Jackets”

yabba yabba a new leather jacket from Poison ! We knewww he was making it..he tormented us for a few days…and now we have our grubby little paws on it *squeals*…One version for guys, one for us girls…its a stunner. Perfect prims that needed no editing for me, Steve tugged his around for a second..and here we are lookin uberly cool..

“And look at them boys in leather jackets…Second skin, not fade away…Danger girls love leather jackets…Play back to back, and that’ll be the day…Leather jackets, that’ll be the day”
Sooper textures and amazing details as always with these, a steal at 350L each! Adored the blood red silk lining. Resizers inside for the perfect fit…thanks Corocota xx
Rider Jacket: Poison
Steves Poses: Diesel works
Faiths poses : Glitterati
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Bleh (It’s Not)

Faith did a post the other day about a store called Barn Owl and she took me down there to have a look and we wandered into the Bleh section that is most definitely not bleh at all. The ceiling is fairly covered in an awesome range of free tshirts like the two I’m showing here.

Office Zombie suited me right down to a tee (pun not intended) and besides, it was purple! These shirts have great textures to them and there are so, so many. Some come on all layers, some not and they are all fabulous.

As an added bonus I was able to pick up the Menstuff hunt gift: the awesome Suburb sweater. I love the crisp white colour of this and it comes with sculpted sleeves, a collar and the bottom part of the sweater which are all easy to fit (the collar also comes in a version with a script and one without).

You should definitely head on down, scope out the gear and pick yourself up some.

Get the gear here: Barn Owl/Bleh

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Silver Lady

Happy Wednesday! A few things for you today…above Im wearing a fabbo outfit from rhetoric, the  silver stars outfit is available in the discount area (right by the product camper chairs) for 0L…there is an array of gifts to collect from 0L – 5L. Peephole top with a slashed back…

and a very wearable pair of cuffed jeans…sooper details on this and the texture on the pants is lush! Teamed up with the pila silver sandals & silver bangles from chuculet at 1L each a real bargain. The skin I’m showing is from Spearsong and is currently out as a gift for group members, callled Kym its a flattering shade with dramatic smokey eyes, it also comes with an open mouth alpha and teeth prim for those of you into that kinda look ! Newwwww poses from hate me eat me are out ! 75 for a fat pack orrrr 25L per pose … thanks riri xx

Stars outfit: Rhetoric

Poses: hate me eat me

sandals & bangles: chuculet

Amy Skin: Spearsong

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Make it for Eternity

Get ready to be Bubbly ! Bubblez has a new release “Eternity”, its slinky…and sparkly…soooper tight dress in chunky fabric, with jewelled bands for your arms and a jewel collar that sits around the neck….

You might also notice a totally awesome tattoo that’s on both upper arms…love it ! This ticks all the right boxes for moi..and until the 5th of September its on a special promotion of just 99L -thanks milo xx

New poses are out from Magnifique also yay! The stairs prop has poses built-in and also a new pack of modelling poses called cheerleader- thanks Scarlet xx

Eternity Dress: Bubblez

Pose: Stairs by Magnifique – 1st Photo pose by Magnifique cheerleaders set

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Grasp This

The +grasp+ group has reached the lofty heights of 10,000 members and if you’re quick, you can join in the celebrations by catching the last couple of days of the 40% off sale they are having (sorry I was a little late on the uptake).

There are some brilliant items to be snapped up here at amazing prices. +grasp+ has a great range of grungey clothing for both guys and girls. I picked up a couple of bits and pieces while I was there, of course. In the above picture you can see the Cargo Jacket which I just had to have. I was ever so tempted to get it in the camo colour but in the end I went with brown and it rocks. There are some amazing details on the attachments and they all fit so easily. Honestly, I had to do very little editing to get this jacket just right for me.

The other item I picked up is one of the über cool Ripped Shirts in black and grey. I love the rough look of this and once again I was tossing up which colour and design to get as they all looked great. It comes on all layers and features well-fitting sculpted sleeves to top it all off.

The 40% off sale at +grasp+ concludes on the 31st of this month so you should definitely run on down while the savings are hot. The sale does not include their new releases however. You should also take a look at the group gifts while you’re down there and pick some of them up, but the group does carry a L$50 joining fee (that’s well worth it, trust me). Congrats +grasp+!

Get the gear here: +grasp+

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3/4 is Enough

I’m back in my blogging shoes just in time to show off another lovely Monday Mania item from SF Design!

Today you can pick up the awesome 3/4 Length Jeans in brown for just L$25. These are some funky fantastic pants and just when I’ve been looking around for a pair of brown jeans too! Great texture on them and they also come with a sweet-looking leather belt that comes in 6 different size and fitting options (including that ‘less hips version that I always rave about) plus you also get the rolled cuffs that come either with or without a resizer script so you are pretty much guaranteed to get everything to fit if you should even need to edit in the first place.

As always, to get these jeans for the special price you have to grab them from the Monday Mania board which is located just inside the casual men’s section of SF Design.

Get the gear here: SF Design