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All Aboard. (Freebies).

I went to a shop to try a demo of an item of clothing and I may just return to buy, I know shocking the thought of me paying lindens for clothing but it has something extra which I rather like.

Next door to that clothing shop is a car/vehicle shop, in fact, there are a couple of other cars/vehicle shops on this shopping sim and overhead looks like a road track for people to use.

This is the gift from the “Sinful Motor” shop and it’s obviously a bloody smart car and it’s also drivable. At about the 70 prim mark not as much use for decor. I don’t know if you have any parties planned for tonight but if you do, because some people really are into the social aspect of SL, then I can just picture you driving up to an event in this car and popping out in full costume.

About 4 shops along is this other free gift.

As you can see from this zoomed-back picture this is a much smaller decor item only.

Fabulous details and at 4 prims it makes a great adult/child decor item.

Sinful Motors. (The Casper Vend stand outside of the shop).

Asty Customworks. (On the floor in the shop with the stripes on the floor).

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Almost but not quite. (Freebie).

Good morning Monday…that’s about as much energy as I can muster. It’s fortunate that I’d taken these photos last night before I logged off so it’s an easy start to the day/week.

Sadly it only comes in a “XXX” fit and yes I have forgotten which fit it is. Going by memory I suspect it’s a Maitreya Lara fit…costs you nothing to try it out for yourself and don’t let this picture fool you as my ass is completely hanging out so for other mesh bodies it’s not so good.

It’s also linked so I couldn’t wear the cute bat wing top separately. You get three colours, white/red and black.

Hime Dreams.

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Lazy A** Post. (Limited Time Offer).

I used to wear only Pumec skins and it was only due to my change of mesh head/body that I also changed my preferred skin. I didn’t leave the Pumec group, mainly because at 399Lds if I left I’d never rejoin and now my stubbornness has paid off as there is a generous 899Ld gift card on offer.

You’re going to have to fight the lag and fluffy orange clouds as the shop is heaving plus this gift is only out for a very limited time, from now till the 3rd so you don’t have much time to think about it.

If it’s any consolation I have got my card so I know that it’s actually transferable. I have noticed that there is a use by date which is the 3rd December so plenty of time to try out the skins before you use your card.


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I’d eat it. (Freebie(sss).

A quickie.

These pumpkins are one of the newest freebies in the Krescendo shop.

Normally at this time of year, I dust off the excellent tray with metallic jug and pumpkins to reblog but not this year as these are just too cute.

The gifts are on both walls at the end of the corridor, just in case you’re new to the shop, and you don’t even have to join a group as they’re free for all.


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W/E Sales!


Its time to rock and roll – weekend sales are here! Listed below are the ones I’ll be visiting, all links provided. Got some I haven’t listed? Let me know and I will feature them.

Happy Shopping ❤

Kinky 69

The Saturday Sale

Happy Weekend Sale

SOS Sales

Miix Weekend

EBento Weekend

30L Saturday

Wanderlust Weekend

60L Weekend Sale

The Mens Dept Weekly Sale

WOW Weekend

Energy Weekend Price

Crafty Weekend Sale

Hot Weekend Sale

7 Days Sale

Manly Weekend

99 Sale

G.O.A.T 66

SL Home Decor

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Swanky For Free

FREE Dress 1

I scoped out the Swank event the other day and they have a pumpkin hunt. Selected stores have a special pumpkin displaying the swank logo, join the free group and click away! Above is the YoU by GeMyles Alice Dress – soooo many fits included. My coffee cup and animation is the gift from Audition.

Free Skirt & Top

Also really liked this red top & skirt which is the gift from [GIULIADESIGN] really handy as seperates. Plenty of fits included. There are also décor and home & garden gifts. Event closes on the 31st so dont delay your visit.


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Yes, it’s me. (Freebies).

A couple of new and interesting gifts from the Rowne shop and a reblog of one of the best bags I’ve had in my invent for years.

The thigh-high boots are excellent and teamed up with this full-body/head-body suit that looks sexy AF.

For some reason, this body suit is familiar to me however the head cover option is new so I wonder if this is an old design that has been revamped? Don’t worry if you’re not keen as the head cover is an add-on and can be removed.

Why it seems familiar is I do remember blogging if not this but a similar body-suit that came with a hud that allows you to change it from this to a top to a cropped top and the addition of a lovely colour Hud makes it a very handy item for your invent.

There are other gifts in the Rowne shop, previously blogged, so lots of goodies for you to find.