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Get Moody

Get your Monday Mania groove on and hop over to Argyle Anonymous today, cause the Moody Monday item is amaaaaazing…splurge just 55L and you will receive this chunky sweater, chevron leggins, plaid under shirt…anddddd

a pair of the lickable mox shooz in plum..I adore these little flats and wear the ones I already have sooo much- great details on them ! I tossed on a pair of roll up denim shorts (also from Argyle Anon), some Jane fuzzy piggy tights in champagne…THIS is what I mean when I say look at outfits with a view to mingling them in with your existing wardrobe , do it do it do it! Thanks swanners xx

Moody Monday outfit: Argyle Anonymous

Fuzzy piggy tights (group gift might be in notices still) Jane

Poses : Glitterati

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Stay Out of the Dark

The dark is a baaaad place to be on Halloween. Who knows what may lurk around that next shadowy corner? So your best bet is to ensconce yourself in a well-lit place, somewhere like a store perhaps. Specifically, a store like Akeruka  because there you can pick up your awesome Halloween group gift dollarbie.

The gift I’m talking about is the Vampire Hunter Galadriel skin. It’s absolutely perfect for this time of year with its pale skin and withered, haunted face. You really have to zoom in on that face to get the full effect, the detailing is really cool. As you always get with Akeruka, the body looks great as well with some lovely defined muscles, all the better for tracking down those creatures of the night. I’m liking the black fingernails as well, not something I usually would, but it works here.

There’s also a female group gift for you ladies as well so if you’re not already, get yourself signed up to the Akeruka group and grab yourself some Halloween hotness (there is a L$150 joining fee for this group but well worth it).

Get the gear here: Akeruka

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Want some glamour in your Monday Mania?

We have glamour in spades today..lustrous silk…with a choice of cuffs…cufflinks…and to die for creases…THIS is SF Designs Monday Mania item..one for the guys..one for the ladies..its a subtle play on halloweeny colours, not overly orange or bright, which makes it super wearabubble all year round ! You get layering choices and the bestttt thing..I didnt need to do any prim fiddling..this is how it looks straight outta the box yay!

You get two cuff styles in both male & female…I soooooo love love LOVE the longer ones on mine with the beautiful cufflinks and shape of the sleeve…dont forget,this is only available from the Monday Mania board, and only for 25L today! Thanks Swaffette xx

Silk Shirts: SF Design

Poses: Glitterati & Stakey

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Crafty Super Bargain Saturday

o.O I just love arty items ! Argyle Anonymous has this adorbs “paint table” out today only for super bargain Saturday …it’s so beautifully finished, real shabby chic…you can change the colour & pattern of the curtains..there are sitting poses on the gorjuss stool as well as the one I chose to sit and splash the paint with..grab a brush from the pot, wear it and off you go…its all copyable too yay! Tres sweet…thanks swanners xx

Get painting: Argyle Anonymous

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Jolly Green

Yes indeed I am jolly in this green October group gift from Shiki. It is a great complete Tokyo Plaid outfit that features the shirt, sweater-vest and pants that you see above.

The shirt features rolled sleeve cuffs and an awesome little bowtie in the same gorgeous green plaid and I’m really liking the look of the texture on the sweater-vest. The dark brown pants are simple with no cuffs to play with but they look brilliant with a green drawn-on belt that goes nicely with the shirt and vest. There’s even a pair of matching socks thrown into the bargain!

To get this complete outfit, all you need do is join the Shiki group (if you’re not a member already) and get on down there and snap it up. As always, there is a huge selection of previous group gifts for you to grab as well as the tremendous clothes for sale.

Get the gear here: Shiki

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This elevator is going….downnnn

Show your devilish side with this superb group gift from SF Design…and whats more, there’s one for the guys too! Slinky bright red catsuit..head cap &  horns,pitchfork and a tail…oo plus a cape with the sweetest little ties…Swaffette tells me if you pop over and join the group now, you will be able to snag this naughty little item out of the notices yay! Thanks Swaffette xx

Devil costume: SF Design

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Got some boootiful dollarbie shoes for you girlies…from MStyle, halloween print, über high heels…whats not to like? I also snagged the new dollarbie out form DCNY…they have moved store so be sure to update your landmarks whilst you’re there. (Take a good look around, there are a few other group gifts to collect…that we have previously blogged)

Rivea pumps: MStyle

Hallows dress: DCNY

Background scene only 10L! : by Xazha Azalee  available here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/65948