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A bit of a find today for you..[Amarelo Manga] has left out some lovely gifts for group members (free join). My favourite item is this “overall” outfit..really different and unusual…and PINK yay! Great ruched prims on each thigh..a simple thin white belt…and some 80’s inspired pants cuffs…fantastic ! I couldn’t resist wearing the new release from Finesmith with it..”Aesthetic Value” stunning necklace,earings & bracelet…a big choice of metals and gemstone tones also…Im also using Finesmiths recent clutch bag release,if you havent seen these..go look…totally beautiful, the details on this are just incredible…again many colours to choose from..

Gifts: Amarelo Manga ( the gift area is to the left of the store outside – group joiner is there also)


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Vixen mini’s go lala

Oh its been agesss since I had something to show you from Poised…worth the wait though…cause Ive got the “Vixen” mini skirt..comes in a bunch of patterns…and at 100L a pop, a real gem for your wardrobe ! I just got grabby hands over the grey plaid..sooper easy to wear , with a resizer script for that purrfect fit. Teamed mine up with this months free gift from SF Designs.”key to my heart” a natty pair of black ankle boots, with some charming details..option for resize or not…couldnt resist shimmying into a cold logic mesh sweater…”breeze” comes in various shades..you can wear the arms, or leave them out…lovely chunky bubbly knit, scrummmy..ohhhh I also scooted over to [elikatira] and checked out the new mesh hair-do’s…surprisarama I bought one ! (thank you Talena xx) This ones called “over” casual style, floppy loose plait…just adorbs. My pritty lights, came from Lisp 10L bazaar…however they were only 5L each yay!

Vixen Skirt: Poised

Key to my heart boots: SF Design

breeze sweater: coldLogic

flutter bulb: Lisp 10L bazaar

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Bob, Bobbin’ Along

There’ll be no more sobbin’ when you guys head on down to SF Design to pick yourself up today’s Monday Mania item.

Up for sale is this super long-sleeved tee in an eye-catching bright red, yep, you won’t have any trouble standing out wearing this shirt. Along with the colour, the detail is fantastic, I love the look of the many creases on this, giving it a great casual look. It comes on all layers so you can fiddle around with the way you wear it and it also comes with two sizes of sculpted shirt bottoms and a pair of sleeve cuffs. Each attachment comes with a scripted resizer that allows you to resize it in any direction, very handy for fine tuning.

This is definitely one tee you should head on down and pick up. As always, you can have this item for the bargain price of L$25 for today only from the Monday Mania board, located just inside the casual men’s section of SF Design.

Get the gear here: SF Design


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Found this awesome pair of mesh shoes on the market place today..by {KOKOIA}  and called “Berlin”..made by Flax Pye…a huge amount of options via the very easy to use HUD…ten colours of socks…straps on or off..heel & sole colours..

plusss you can opt to not wear the socks at all…hurrah! All this for only 10L *faints*..I headed over to the mainstore, wish I hadn’t cause I saw soooo many more pairs of shoes I SO want ! These usually go for 540L per pair…and this offer appears to be only on the market place, not sure how long , so if you want them..hurry!

Berlin Shoe special offer : market place store

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Cart me off

Soooo I have trotted around the cart sale at The Wash sim three times now *pantpant* and each time I go I see more stuffage to buy ! If you’re there today look out for some pritty things on the Pink Label stand..all the pieces I’m wearing above are  priced at just 10L each..and yes..that includes the rather marvelous shooz! This colour is called blush..I think it’s really pink in disguise ! The tops are a sooper bargain, you get two in the pack, stripes & dots..lovely detail at the nape of the neck. The shorts are very different for me..somewhere between a capri or a bermuda..pretty embroidery around the thighs, pockets on your derriere…the shooz as always come with Pink Labels fantabulous simpledimple HUD..which gives you options on metal,nails & skin tone

Two colours to choose from, or mix & match…both tones look lully together. I slipped into a verrrry old pair of Pink Label jeans, just to show how well these tops go with most anything…this is the olive shade which I just adore…matching shooz for this colour also…the jeans you can find in the mainstore..I popped over and found some similar to these in the discount building for only 10L..(actually they had some extra detailing on)..so when you’re done at the cart sale…

head on over to the store, grab some jeans..and join the group so you can get your mitts on alllllll these group gifties ! (very small join fee applies) Dont forget to check both buildings..in the new releases section are past hunt gifts for a nominal charge…the other building is the discount area…have fun !

Pink Label: cart sale 

Pink Label : mainstore

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Everyday Chic at coldLogic

Have you, like me, been looking for that pair of pants that are kinda “effortlessly chic”? Yeah…its not easy to find that…a pair that will go with anything..casual,classy…pretty…well I have some news ! I’ve found my pants nirvana ! mmhmm coldLogic have some mesh newness..and I was champing-at-the-bit  to unpack it and toss it all on..to satisfy even the most hardened of shoppers..there are two styles of pants..I’m wearing the “mazza” ones in crisp ohmaigod-its-almost-spring white…sooper fresh.(250L singles/ quantum pack of six 1000L)..two types of cuff…yummy huh? To carry on the freshhhh theme..I teamed it up with this  zingy lime top called “wright”. (225L singles, quantum pack of four 600L)..you can wear it with or without the sleeves…I know I’m a mesh hound lately but seriously…when you wear this gear..you’ll zoomperv yourself to death ! It’s all the tiny details..the wrinkles..creases..shading..*squeee*…o.O btw..my fabbo necklace is by Dark Mouse..I think it totally popped with the green in the blouse..made for project Themeory and just 75L until midnight Sunday…

Onto more pants..and this is the outfit I havent taken off for two days ! Click on the pic..get in reallllll close…and check out that shirt..Iam sooo loving the cuffs ! I was wearing this while working around the resort today..and Steve was stoked by the cuffffs ! The collar also..great shadowing..If you look at the arms, you’ll see how the fabric has been made to look like it’s stretching slightly…pulling as you move..its called “lane” heaps of colour options.(200L singles or six pack for 800L)..snagged it over a pair of the “dailey” pants.(250 singles, six pack 1000L)..pinstriped…of course I was chuffed to find a *truffle* like colour that I SO love !

Last up (for now)..classic pinstriping for me…(Im English and we do LOVE pinstripes- so shoot me!) and another new release shirt..this deep rich red looks scrummy with the charcoal grey pants..”segal” is the shirt name…it comes in some sooper rich jewel tones (SO on trend right now) quantum pack of six shades for 900L, singles 225L  (the fat packs are SUCH good value) Head on over…Ive only had time to show a few items from the new haul…theres plentyyyy more to see… Noticed that coldLogic has a board out for a hunt that starts on the 1st March..I will keep you updated ! Thanks coldLogic gang ❤

Clothing: coldLogic

Jewelry: Dark Mouse

All furniture (apart from the office desk) is from the Lisp 10L bazaar: Lisp bazaar

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Boho & Ballerina’s

A new store for me today “ever an angel”…Ive got a couple of pritties to show you…its no secret that I really enjoy a more boho look as the weather warms up (and today in England it was sooooper sunny !) So, when I saw this darling vintage layered skirt I got it on straight away..beautiful colours..the fabrics used are just gorjus..think heavily patterned taffeta and rich shot satin…lovely colours, plums & silvery grey (the gypsy theme belt also comes with it)..I wore the new ballerina style cardigan with it…perfect ! My necklace & earings are from Dark Mouse..Im always smiley when Dark Mouse has newness..and this is exceptionally pretty..made for the Festival of sin…its a heavy decadent style, and really makes a statement, totally adore the coppery gold tone !

Had to get a little mesh in to this blog …and Ever an Angel has heaps of it…the “fire” mesh long skirt is such a lovely mish mash of colours…toe skimmingly long…you could wear this with heels or flats…it really is a snug fit…worn here with the charms range of jewelry by Dark Mouse, pop over to the main store to find this navel length necklace and assortment of earings in the gacha machines (gacha yay!)..I just know this will be a year round fav for me..

All clothing: Ever an Angel

Jewels: Dark mouse    Festival of Sin