With Love

Yes it’s me again. With Faith ill I’m afraid you’re stuck looking at my mug (let’s hope she gets better quick eh?). Anyway, I’ve tried to make it up to you by grabbing a couple of items from the With Love hunt that’s happening at the moment. It’s a pretty big hunt encompassing 88 stores and will continue until the 27th of December. It’s a little different from most hunts I’ve participated in given that the gifts do cost you a little, though not that much.

Anyway, let’s get onto the gear shall we? First up is the ‘Patterned Shirt Camellia’  from *Connors*. This is the 3rd shirt in their ‘Patterned’ range that I’ve gotten so far and I love each and every one of them. The colours and designs featured on them are just top-notch, especially the floral design on this one in particular and it has a purpley colour so that makes it brilliant in my book. The prim cuffs on these shirts are some of my favourites and they come with resizer scripts so they’re easy to fit (if they don’t fit right the first time that is). It also comes with a ‘skirt’ attachment that gives the bottom of the shirt a nice loose look.

With Love Hunt #61 *Connors*

The second gift I picked up is a pack of poses from Long Awkward Pose which is one of my favourite pose stores in SL. There are a few guy’s poses and a few girl’s poses in the pack so you’re both covered. I don’t know how to describe a pack of poses all that well but I know that, for me, Long Awkward Poses always help make my pictures look good (and I usually need all the help I can get).

With Love Hunt #54 [Long Awkward Pose] 

So there you are, 2 items from what is looking like it will be a very cool hunt for both guys and girls. Go on and get hunting and who knows, you may run into me.

With Love Hunt Start Point: Swansong
(You’re looking for a little scroll)


Thank God it’s Monday

Yes you heard me right. Thank God it’s Monday. Strange person that I am, I like weekdays and Monday is when the weekday is at its shiniest. Not only that, there’s always good stuff to find for great prices in Second Life thanks to Monday Mania and so with that in mind, I took a trip down to SF Design to see what swaffette Firefly had put out today and found these ‘red tartan sneakers’.

‘Old school sneakers made with old school prims’ says the tagline and they are quite old school looking sneakers but what’s wrong with that? Nothing at all says I. These are some very good looking sneakers, the red tartan really pops from the white base and with a pair of jeans they look wicked. As is usual from SF Design you get two versions of these sneakers: one with a resizer script including and one without so you can fiddle with them.

The best part of these cool, well made sneakers, is the fact that for Monday Mania, they will only cost you L$25! So do yourself a favour and get down to SF Design and pick up a brilliant bargain today.

Get the gear here: SF Design


Thankful for Sales

Even though I’m not an American, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a good Thanksgiving sale and today I found out about one that’s better than just good. *Valiant* is celebrating Thanksgiving with a 50% off sale in their mainstore that will continue until the 1st of December. Who can resist 50% off? Not me. 

There is oodles of great gear that you can pick up at low-low prices. Full outfits are being sold for only L$100!! What I’m wearing above is an example of one of Wavie Haller’s full outfits named Outfit 6. It contains a great pair of dark blue, washed jeans and these alone come in 6 different types for varied wearing options and three kinds of cuffs to wear with them: comfort, straight and rolled. They are amazing looking jeans (I’m partial to the darker denims) with just the right amount of fading. The black patches on the back pockets look very cool as well. That’s not all though. You also get the soft black cardigan which does indeed look very soft and comfortable and an all-purpose white t-shirt. I say all-purpose because you know you can wear a white t-shirt with just about anything or just by its lonesome and it will look good. The t-shirt comes with a well-fitting bottom attachment that will give it that awesome hanging look. Both the t-shirt and cardigan come on multiple layers, this is one versatile outfit and each individual piece looks just as good by itself.

So there you have it, that’s just a taste of the quality you can expect at *Valiant*, there’s a lot more. Shirts, shorts and even socks and underwear! At 50% off until next Wednesday, you just have to go on down and grab some for yourself.

Get the gear here: *Valiant*


A Hunt by Any Other Name

Well… no. Sorry to mislead you. It’s still called the Make Him Over hunt just with new organisers but it’s still as sweet. If you remember a while ago I mentioned that the original group had disbanded but fortunately for us there were people who didn’t want to see the concept die out so we were given new groups and one of them has organised this hunt which started on the 20th of November and will continue until the 20th of December, giving you plenty of time to seek out the 83 stores involved and pick up some wicked gear.

Speaking of the gifts, I’ve collected just a few so far and here they are:

**Dura** have two hairstyles included in their MHOH 5 gift and they are very different from each other. The one I’m showing here is called ‘Emo’ and while green hair isn’t my thing, I can definitely say that this is a very well created hairstyle that lives up to its name tag: it’s very emo. The second style included is a hat/hair combination, curly blonde hair under a black bowler type hat (I’ve probably gotten the name of the hat wrong, sorry). Very stylish.

MHOH 5 #5 **Dura**

The second gift I picked up was these Basher Rings from [Bait]. They come in a version for each hand so you can be really dangerous and wear them both at the same time or be like me and wear one, either way they look rough and ready and the skull with the red stone eyes looks suitably menacing. Took me a little fiddling to get them to fit on my fat fingers but the end result was definite worth it.

MHOH 5 #10 [Bait]

For my next two stops, I’ve combined the gifts from Poison and Somapop here. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll have Faith’s posts on Poison before and you’ll also know how awesome their gear is, I made Poison my first stop for this hunt because I was so happy they were in it and I haven’t been let down. Poison is giving away their Tres60 Jeans which are dark grey, ripped, worn and wonderful jeans. They come with perfect fitting prim cuffs and include two versions: a normal and an extra-low waisted pair. Somapop have stuffed their gift box with two very different tops. The one I’m wearing is the White Skull Yo! shirt, I love the skull design and the prim sleeves are absolutely brilliant. The other shirt included is a black pullover with a white shirt beneath, very different from the skull shirt but still very cool.

MHOH 5 #47 Poison
MHOH 5 #68 Somapop 

Next on the menu for today is the ‘Camo Stud’ outfit from Thalia’s Fashion. It’s a wicked simplistic outfit featuring a black combat shirt which comes in a long-sleeved and short-sleeved version and urban camo cargo pants. Both shirts come on all shirt layers and the pants come on the pants and underwear layers, definitely an outfit worth getting for its versatility and the ability to mix and match it with other clothes. The fact that it’s well made doesn’t hurt either.

MHOH 5 #60 Thalia’s Fashion

Last but not least for today comes a gift from another store we’ve featured before on this blog: Schwarz. Gelsi has put together this gem of an outfit that includes a white dress shirt and black leather pants. The white on this shirt is very crisp and stands out so well from the leather pants, I love the contrast. The shirt also has a nice little black and white pattern running along the inside of the collar and the buttons  and includes prim cuffs and a collar that will fit with no trouble. Same goes for the cuffs on the black leather pants which are shiny and have that lovely smooth leather look to them.

MHOH 5 #72 Schwarz

So there you have it fellas. A few selections for you and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this cool hunt really. Of course, I won’t be stopping with just these items and neither should you. For those who like  starting hunts from the very beginning, the first store on the list is here:
MHOH 5 #1 Pocket Mirrors


naughty knickers & stilettos

Saw these two items on the SL market and just couldn’t resist ! Both are 0L…so why not?

AcFL "delicious" lingerie & VDI charcoal shoes

The lingerie is crisp white, two different layers for the top, also a tattoo if you’re feeling cheeky ! The shoes are from VDI, classic charcoal stilettos..start your week off right and steal this deal to stash in your wardrobe!

Get the look here : Lingerie  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UBER-PROMO-AcFLDELICIOUS/1636695

Shoes  : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VDI-Charcoal-Pointed-Sculpted-Shoes-Free-Boxed/451007


Bag of Tricks

I have to admit that I’ve never really gone out of my way to get myself a bag before, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a bag before, period. This all changed the other day when Zan Beck sent me a picture of this amazing bag that you can pick up from [Bukka] as a gift for joining up with their subscribo. I’d been to [Bukka] before to grab a pair of jeans and so I knew they made some cool gear and once I saw the picture of this bag, I was there.

I don’t know too much about bags, I was expecting it to go over the shoulder, but as you can see, this one doesn’t. It fits around your waist more like a belt but I certainly didn’t have any complaints about that and besides, it just looks so good. The detailing on this bag are just simply fantastic (click the pics for a closer look), from the buckles on the strap to the leather of the bag itself. I also like the way they’ve stamped the store name into the leather, it really is a very realistic looking bag.

So if you’re into carrying around a bag or even if you’re like me and never really gone looking for one, this is one you shouldn’t miss out on. Run on down to the store and hit up the subscribo and then have a gander around the store and check out their stock of awesome accessories and clothes.

Get the gear here: [Bukka]


~CandyMetal~ gets wintery

~CandyMetal~ Miharu Dollarbie

I adore winter, and one of the best things about it is being able to drag out allll my sweaters & sweater dresses…Im a snugglebug kinda chick !!

CandyMetal have just released a verrrrry cuddly sweater dress..Im so smiley ! Its called the Miharu dress and comes in 3 colours, the silver-grey is infact a dollarbie and comes complete with boots hurrah! I just had to show you the red option..makes me feel all christmassssy!

CandyMetal~ Miharu Dress Red 50L

isn’t it a glorioussss shade of red? I adore it v.much. Best thing is…you can really treat yourself to all THREE..each one is just 50L !

Go get sweatered: CandyMetal