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The Challenge goes travelling

The Challenge NEW !

A new round of The Challenge has begun, love this time of the month. First up let’s get the party started with a new-to-me store “Little Llama”, they have this sooper adorable collection on offer. It features all sortsa things, such as the desk above. It’s an old style suitcase being used as a workspace, so quaint! The chair has lots of poses to keep you comfy. There are also tote bags, one to wear , one to rez – also in  a lively purple tone.

The Challenge NEW !!

Check out the details on the desk, I really like the wood texture used too – very homely.

The Challenge NEW

Inspired has the “Great travellers set” out for just 150L. I’ve not rezzed it all so go take a peek. Each piece is really unique and unusual so if you’re looking for something a little bit different this might be great for you. Low land impact to yay!

Little Llama


The Challenge Blog

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48 Hours.

I was just about to head off to do a Hunt when 2 things dropped on me, the Mina sale and this  Follow Us offer.  For only the next 48 hours these carts have been discounted to less than a 100Lds.  This came with a WOW factor for me because in Faith and PDs home they have a wine cellar and as soon as I saw this I just knew it would be perfect for her home.  So I flew over, disarmed her alarm system, drugged the Alsatian, dodged past the drunk butler, crept downstairs and rezzed a copy in her wine cellar and it looks BRILLIANT!


I can’t believe how well it matches the existing bottles that are there but of course an item like this is very much a stand alone item.


I swear to God I have the self-same glasses in RL.  I’ve taken the pictures in my normal Nams setting and not touched the pictures up at all so you can see for yourself what you’re paying for.


There are other carts available such as a bistro one and a colourful cocktail one or for the tea totalers like me, sad I know, coffee and brownies and much more.

Just like my Mina hair and PumeC skins I have a real reason for loving Follow Us items.  As someone who has been not just an SLer for years but also a shopping whore and at one stage a rental manager the thing I noticed was that great furniture for men was sadly lacking.  Thankfully this isn’t a big issue any more but Follow Us was the first shop that I went into and I thought how much more choice there was for the men in SL and for women who don’t like too much frill and faff.  There is a lot more for us women such as sewing machines, dressing tables, beauty boxes  and yes even kitchens but it is still unfussy and unfaffy.

I was going slightly NUTS because I found them on the MP and then lost them on the MP it turns out that you must be logged into the MP with the adult setting allowed and I wasn’t the second time I went looking for them.  Since they don’t come with an adult menu this is just a little Laurent Blooper LOL.

As usual with the Follow Us Marketplace shop I put the link to the whole shop and not just the items itself as he has oodles of such bargain priced gifties

Follow Us Marketplace

Follow Us Inworld

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Upstairs at Mina’s.

I almost missed this as I was sorting through all my notes but there is a 50% discount sale on at Mina’s at the moment so of course I TPed straight over.


I didn’t buy a single hair becuase I own them ALL!  I’ve actually just binned a whole load of hairs from other shops but these, even though I don’t think they’re that old, still stand the test of time so much so I didn’t even think of binning them.


This one is Tabita which is another one of my Favs and I know for a fact Faith also has this hair.


I mentioned this hair a couple of posts ago and so even though I’ve probably shown you it before I’m using this as an excuse to show you it again.  This hair, Selenia is NOT discount but in fact is even cheaper as it’s a Gacha win.  Mina has her old Arcade Gacha machine downstairs and each try is only 75Lds so Selenia is even cheaper than the discounts.  You do of course have to take a chance on the colour you get but you don’t just get the 1 shade even from the Gacha you get a colour pack!  So 5 shades in total which is pretty generous since most people just offer the 1 shade.


Again to show you the quality of the hair, and of course my PumeC skin, all shots taken in my sims Nams setting.

Mina Mainshop

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Fence sitting

coldLogic NEW release

Say hello to “harris” and “case”, two new items in the latest release from coldLogic. The new collection is huge ! Lots of trousers and sweaters to dribble over and play around with. Harris is super versatile, its a three-in-one kinda deal. You can wear it as I am above, all three pieces together – scarf, sweater and under layer, or fiddle about and make it your own. I chose the case pants to go with it, very easy to wear (over a mesh body or not as you wish). Lovely details along the seams, the sort of pants that you will find yourself reaching for time and again ! (I even removed the “knight” leggings that had become welded to my legs for these) As always demos available in the market place or instore, plus squillions of colours to choose from (or a big quantum pack) Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

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The Arcade - Scarlet Creative - Mansion Rare win

Its almost time for a new round of The Arcade and I for one will be hitting up the machines and the yardsales to get my fix. Above is the rare win form Scarlet Creative , the “Amelie inspired by spring Mansion”. The colour tones on this are exceptionally beautiful. The roof is a teal green – blue hue, it really sets off the colour of the walls magnificently. Each play is only 50L and the other prizes (lounger,bath,sofa,towel rail,basket) are all worth a try for too. I’m always surprised by the space inside Charlotte’s homes, outside they can appear to be quite delicate little builds, but inside so much room.

Scarlet Creative - The Arcade

I do get a bit obsessed with the textures in the Scarlet Creative builds especially the antiquated plaster effects – I know that’s weird but heyho ! The thing is I do own a place in France (just outside Paris) and so much of the textures are like these – its why I fell in love with the place – its not an excuse honest! Anyhow, many levels to explore and fine features to admire. Thanks Charlotte ❤

The Arcade (opens on the 1st March)

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It’s a Wash.

I’ve been a bit of a RL snivelling wreck thanks to a cold so I’ve been taking it easy in RL and SL but I stumbled on some cheapies/freebies that did make me smile and so here is some of them.


The Wash is back and it just gets better. Since everything is priced at 10Lds I went a bit wild.  So many SLink shoes, this pair came from the Petite Mort stall.  I’ve cropped this picture so close any flaws would be glaring but as you can see cheap in price but not cheap in texturing.

OK confession time, when I pick stuff up to blog I tuck it all into its own folder and date and name it and then file it away but I’ve lost all my The Wash items LOL.  I blame my cold so I popped back and grabbed another pair of shoes and this.


A tiny little Inch Worm LOL.  This is a full perm item which I haven’t looked at the details of what you’re allowed to do with it because I simply wanted it for my own use but I’m going to assume that you may repackage this and sell it but check out the TOS if that’s what you wish to do.

As always everything at the Wash is only 10Lds.  They’ve changed the stalls and now they’re boards, you will see what I mean when I get there, which actually makes it less fussy to check out whats on sale and it’s a great way to kill some SL and RL time.

The Wash

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Free Fud.

After my time at The Wash I decided to Map Hop and I can’t believe I actually stumbled on a Poche satellite shop because I’ve actually just binned a whole folder of their items in an attempt to reclaim my sanity and some space in my invent, only to stumble upon more Freebies which are too good not to show you.


There is a whole selection of items from cool summer drinks to this full tray.


The rezzable tray is a bit primmy but it’s linked and each piece on its own from the spoon to the tea-cup can be used as individual pieces.


And just 1 more picture but as usual even if you’re not interested in the items I’m showing you still pop over as there is much more of offer and when I get back inworld I’m going to check out the Poche mainshop to see if there is anything else new to me.