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The title is short and sweet unlike me as at this moment I have a full blown cold and I’m sooo nasty even my cats don’t want to be close to me.

So I was pleased that Hilly Haalan has a new group gift out for us and it’s such a versatile look.

The fact the skirt and knitted top means they can be teamed up with other items. Although the top looks pretty dark black it’s light enough inworld for you to see the fine pin striped lines. Also zoom in on the edging to the waist line and cuffs, delicate little swirls.

There is another gift called Lily, a skin tight pants and top set. Looks like it’s only for the Kupra body but that didn’t stop me from grabbing it to try it on later. Also check out all the special offer boards, I had to quickly TP out as there is a lot of tempting goodies at very reasonable prices.

Hilly Haalan.

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I needed this. (Freebie(ss) & Free Shop Credit).

Until I find a great freebie I feel restless. It’s not helped that today a lot of sims, inc ours, have been down. So to find not just this dress but other freebies and shop credit was just a great way to sign off what had been a very stressy RL day.

This old dusty rose pattern reminds me so much of old sofa material. I’ve had outfits in the past with a similar texture/pattern and guess what…I just love it! I wasn’t expecting it to fit as well as it does because it’s a Maitreya only but it’s bloddy decent fit which means it’s a “keeper” for me. There is a pink version as well which I will try out when I log back in later.

There are other free group gifts I think about 6 or 7 which I will have a proper look at as my eyes were just drawn to this dress. Then I spotted a gift box on the desk and guess what? Pay 1Ld and get 100Ld’s worth of shop credit. Sorry as usualy I forgot to check to see if the 1Ld is returned.

I’d already had a quick look around the shop but now I have some credit I will return as there were some pants I’d liked and maybe if I can add to my credit a cropped top that looked interesting.


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I’m such a fool! (Dollarbie(s)).

If you hop onto the TP in the Yasum shop it takes you to the outlet department where there are lots of discounted items, most seem to be 50Lds and some Dollarbies for the Yasum group.

There are a total of 3, seperate, joker hats and each one has it’s own style inc a Witchy themed one. A hud does give you some choices in the patterns and the ones in this hat are dark and subtle. I’ve just remembered this also comes with a mask which is ok just a bit small and my hair clashed with it so I took it off.

Excellent detailing on them so even though I’m not so much into accessories there was no way I could not show you this hat. BTW I’m sure they’re marked as “ultra rare” which suggests they’re rebranded gacha prizes.

There is a small amount of clothing as well for both men and women.


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Boring! (Freebie(s)).

My next random TP was to a sex island so I quicky TP’d out and ended up at the Raven Bell shop.

There are a few gifts on the wall, of some shapes, unisexed hair and this…swirl.

Yeah I know not the most exciting picture ever. It is nice, it has a light sparkle and swirls around in a tight corkscrew so would be fab to be placed around a garden feature to make it stand out more.

DON’T ignore this post if this isn’t of any interest as I want to get you to visit the Raven Bell shop to try out one of the Demo hairs.

This hair, called Skye, is very long, dragging across the floor long hair. Even though I have no intention of buying it as I will never use it I did have great fun playing with the style hud that comes with it. That hud allows you to change the way the hair lies, flows and blows so standing up, sitting down, swimming etc you can change it. So for those who like a very dramatic hair I’d hate for you to miss this one just because I’m not going to buy it.

I might just buy the pack of hair addons for wearing with hats. I’ve grabbed the demo so I will be trying these hair patches with some of my fav hats to see if I should buy the pack.

Raven Bell.

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From sad to glad.(Planet 9 Freebiesssssss, Decor, Jewelry, clothes etc).

Thankfully the Planet 9 event is nice and quiet which means I was able to get all of the gifts. I did try to count how many gifts there are but “ain’t nobody got time for that” as there are just so many.

Lots of the gifts don’t indicate whats inside so I’m leaving them as a suprise for later however the few items of clothing I did see I couldn’t model for you. So instead here is a coffin.

This is a gift from Nomad and any home owner knows the Nomad brand. A nice mix of colours, two version this upright and a lying on the ground option and a power cord for an extra touch of detail and all for just 1prim.

So it’s nice and as you can see from this picture it casts a nice glow which got me thinking…

…BAM, yeah, change your windlight and amp up the dramatic effect. Dot these around your garden, put them on the roof of your home and enjoy the way the light reflects off other decor.

I just changed it to midnight and then snapped. Since its only 1 prim I’m leaving it where it is so when I get back inworld I’m going to have a play with the settings just for fun.

I will also work my way through all of the other gifts, I suspect there is easily over 100 of them and they are from quality shops. I can see though that there is a lot of accessories ie earrings, wearables, make up etc so I personally won’t be keeping most things but I do keep the landmarks of a lot of the shops such as the ones I’ve not visited for a while or more often a shop who’s name I don’t recognise.

UPDATE: I just had to log in to give it a try so here is my Zen garden with the coffins dotted about.

I took this picture just in the basic “Sunset” windlight option but when I cycled through all of the windlight settings I enjoyed how much of an effect it had on the way they looked. BTW can you see the bottom right corner, yup thats an itty bitty coffin which as it was shrunk seemed to give off a much stronger glow so a perfect tabletop/mantlepiece decor item.

Planet 29

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Mention of…(Group Gift, Free Shop Credit, Lucky Boards & Sale).

OH! A notice has just come out that the sale is in it’s last day/hours? So visit NOW.

Nothing in this picture is for free as they are paid for items from the Bumblebee shop so read on.

I’m just wearing two examples of the clothing I already owned as I actually own a lot from this shop as not only do I love the colours, style and YASSSS it has my SLink P fit and I support sellers who inc my fav fit in their designs.

Since I wanted to work my way through all the notes/notices I had, I plonked myself in front of all the lucky boards in the Bumblebee shop and waited and waited and…then spotted in the group notices that there is also a 50% sale going on.

There are NEW items in the lucky boards and a good mix of tops, skirts and even some boots. A quick turn over plus if you’re name starts with a number then you see those pop up just as regularly as a letter.

If you’ve never been in the Bumblebee group then there is a 200Ld gift card waiting for you, if you’ve had it before you can’t get it again…yeah I tried lol.

There is also group gifts as well, shorts and top set also a pair of shoes and I did blog them a long time ago and I don’t wanna do them again.

Finally the 50% off sale…need I say more?


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I changed my mind. (Freebie(ss).

Super quick post as it’s been a long day and it’s time to log off.

Aurica has some nice group gifts for us and the top I’m wearing is one of them (the shorts & Dango aren’t freebies). It does also come with a hud.

The Aurica group gifts are on the wall to the left inside the shop BUT this top is for a different free group and it’s on the wall near to the desk.

PS. I suspect the LM is set to take you to the middle of the shopping sim, don’t worry as it’s not a big shopping sim also the other shops look good to check out as well.

Sleepless update. It’s just past 6am and I’m chugging a big mug of coffee because I have an itchy throat and it occured to me that sometimes the titles to my posts can be totally random so let me explain this one…I was going to show you the dress, I even did a picture and then “I changed my mind” and forgot to change the title lol.