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First! (Free 500Ld Gift Card).

A great way to start another bla bla week. A generous 500Lds gift card from the Varsity shop.

There are 2 groups the VIP group is actually the free group and for that, you get a 500Lds gift card BUT if you pay 150Lds to join the Varsity group then you can get another 800Lds gift card and there is some really nice stuff in this shop as well as those 4 gifts.

The reason I’m doing a “point and click” picture is looking at the 2 women’s gifts I’m pretty darn sure Faith has blogged them and not too long ago so I’ve got them to try on for myself.

PS. You will find the gift card in the group notices and yes it’s trans.


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Nope. (Freebies).

I’m not turning around as this mesh outfit hides nothing and I have such a cute bum so I may as well show it off!

This outfit comes in a lot of fits as well as a whole load of colours.

The Caishen shop has another group gift which will look familiar as I did blog something pretty similar however they have changed the colours and the bra style so worth checking that out as well.

PS. It’s also nice to get such a nice picture of the fineness of the new Mina hairs.


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Just one of three. (Freebies).

I didn’t know that Coco designs have 3 new group gifts out so that was a nice surprise.

The Coco Design gift is the shorts. You only get one colour, black, and it’s a sign of quality that you can see make out the texture of the fabric, folds, zip etc.

There are two other quality gifts which I will leave as a surprise for you.

Since the shorts to me are for a more autumnal look I am wearing a recently blogged sweater from the UKYAH shop. This has turned out to be my newest “go-to” sweater as it’s so good and out of the hud this orange colour is my fav. I’ve had a quick check and yes it’s still a group gift and for 10Lds you can have this as well as some others.

Just a reminder in that one of the things the UKYAH shop specialises is in clothing designed for both male and female AV’s, that includes the dresses, blouses, skirts, shoes which usually just come in a female fit but if you have a male AV that likes to wear female clothing then check this place out.

Coco Design.


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Free to spend. (1000Lds worth of shop credit).

Both the Fake Society and Off-Line shop have a generous 500Lds worth of free shop credit.

As you can imagine the place is heaving so I did my usual point and click and that’s when I spotted the small print on the sign which says we have the whole month to grab and spend! So don’t be like me and wait till the place has calmed down.

BTW, the boards you click to get the credit is in the shops and not this big board in the centre plus there are also group gifts in the shops themselves.

Off-Line & Fake Society.

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I can go now. (Freebie).

Most of you will instantly know the brand this dress is and for those who don’t it’s a S@bbia design. As always I love it, love the simplicity and the uniqueness of their “handmade” designs.

That doesn’t mean all of their clothing is like this and for me personally, they have boots that I wear in RL as well. So grab the freebies, this and the other dress I’ve recently blogged then check out the shoes/boots and the rest of the brand.


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Everything is melting. (Freebies).

These shoes are a representation of how most of us are feeling at the moment, melting.

A most unique design and they come with a hud of shades as well and then we have these!

Mushroom heels and it’s a big fat nope from me! I admire the design, quality and uniqueness but I have a thing about fungus growing on anything other than mushroom medium or a pretty Fairy Ring lol.

This shop, Neutraltones (sic) is totally new to me and I don’t know how I got the LM/heads up as I’ve deleted all my notes without paying attention so if someone sent me the link…Thanks.

Neutral Tones.

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I’m pished!(Freebie(sssss)).

I don’t often use the inside of my home for photos and now that I’ve taken this one I’ve realised it’s so grey! I’ve been planning on spending some time faffing around with the decor, it’s so relaxing, and I think it’s time to introduce some colour.

That’s not why I’m “pished” it’s because when I logged in to LM grab all of a sudden the Catarsis shop is heaving! I thought my random TP had scored me a fab find and now I suspect it’s gone out in a freebie group notice…MEH!

Never mind the freebies are definitely worth blasting out in all groups. Lots of skirts, dresses, tops, pants etc and all the ones I picked up were fatpacks so there is a lot to pick through.

Then I walked to the shop opposite called Courtyard and although there is a gift for a woman the others, not as many, are for men.

Catarsis & Courtyard.