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Fake it till you make it. (Freebie).

As I was trying to think of what backdrop to use I came across this aeroplane one which reminds me of the fake ones that Instagrammers/influencers use. Since I couldn’t think of anything better I just pulled a pose and here are the details.

The top is a freebie from the C!L Boutique shop but is for one of the BIG Freebie groups. I think the LM will take you near to them but it’s not a big shop so if it doesn’t then just look for the wall with “Events” on it.

Lots of fits and nice sheer sleeves but have you spotted them? Yeah, SCRUNCHIES. Can’t remember the last time I wore one in RL. I didn’t have to edit the wrist one and the hair one was easy to edit into place.

PS. That overlay is the first time I’ve been able to use it and thats only because it’s almost a perfect match to the pattern on the top.

C!L Boutique.

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I’m going Off-Line. (Freebie(sss)).

Yes, I am ESCAPING for a few days, off to the “Land of the Bard”, Shakespeare and all that sorta stuff. I shall return on Saturday hopefully a bit wiser/well-read and if I’m lucky a fridge magnet of his bust.

The bag is just a prop but actually, it’s not far off the size I actually use as I just prefer to travel light so all I need is something to hold a few basics and of course, lipstick and fully charged Kindle…no I’m not reading any Shakespeare, it’s too much like hard work, I’m reading a trashy end of the world apocalyptic book…we all have our vices.

Naturally, I’m not going to log out without leaving you with some goodies and this leather biker outfit is only one of the MANY gifts in the Off-Line shop. It’s been so long since I was last there I had an old LM. So just in case you’ve not been for a while use mine.

Since my last visit, there are many more quality gifts on the wall. I grabbed quite a few so when I log back in I’m going to spend the rest of my SL day just quietly humming to myself and I work my way through them.

PS. This sexy racing suit comes with a hud of great colours.

PPS. I’ve just remembered there is also some quality men’s gifts as well.


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Cheap, Free & Happy. (99Ld & Freebie(Updated)).

I knew I had some Tiffany Gift Cards which I’m pretty sure are subscribers gifts that are ranomly sent out as I’m not in the group and yet when I searched the shop I couldn’t see a subscribers board. Have a look for yourself and also remember to check your invent for any gift cards you may have and forgotten about.

Since the gift cards I have are non-trans I treated myself to what I first thought was just the jeans and only on unpacking did I realise it also included a strappy top and the puffer jacket and all for 99Lds.

The icing on the cake is each item is a seperate and you get a BIG fat assed hud of colours for everything!

This is to be found in the main entrance with some other discounted items. Since I still have 2 gift cards left I will be checking those out but I did do a quick price check as I was looking for the Sub board and there are some really nice clothes at some really nice prices in the shop.

There are also group gifts, one group is free and the other is emmm sorry I can’t remember. Both groups do come with gifts and the paid for group gives you a decent discount on your purchases.

Special mention to the boots which I was going to do a post on their own it was just handy that they make a reasonable match for this outfit. They’re from the La Perla shop. The group is free and there is a very sexy Easter Bunny look. I think most if not all of these gifts have been blogged before.

UPDATE: Just in case you miss it one of our readers, Genna has kindly let us know that the Subscribers box is right there where you TP into Tiffany Design, just look to your left. Click and get the free outfit, previously blogged, but as I’ve said you do get random gift cards which is always most appreciated.

Tiffany Design.

La Perla. (Upstairs).

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Lucky Me. (Lucky Board Win & Mention of Freebies).

I spotted this dress on one of the Petite Mort Lucky Boards and I wanted it! It’s green, floral and floaty and my new fit…what is there to dislike.

TBH by the time I had a wander around the shop, then binned some notes/notices the time flew by and I won it! I think the initial changes every 5 mins. There is also a very pretty blouse and 2 other Lucky Board prizes but this is the one I really wanted so I’m very happy.

I try not to do Lucky Board wins unless there are so many you will win prizes quickly or as in this case, there are Freebies in the Petit Mort shop and if you fly/walk to the other side there is the Oubliette shop. It too has Lucky Board and Group gifts and you don’t even need to change the group as they’re both the same.

Le Petit Morte & Oubliette.

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Lucky click. (Freebie).

The freebie is just the gloves although you may recognise the bra as part of a recent freebie and as for the orange top, it’s a previous purchase from Bumblebee.

Although there is an area with Lucky Boards I didn’t see any group gifts in that room, they simply may not have rezzed for me as SL is having its fun time and I’m finding that I have to TP in and out a couple of times for everything to rezz in some cases.

These gloves are Bento, have a great leather look to them and one size has to fit all. For me, though I found a lot of Alpha’d out wrist was showing so I had to wear a long sleeve to hide that. There are some ribbons included in the box but they look as though they’re addons from an outfit?

I only found these by accident as I was so interested by the clothes on sale in the EXiA shop I spent time just wandering around looking at all the styles and then spotted the box in the next picture that just looked out of place.

Yup, it’s that little box with the bow. You will still have to walk around the shop and maybe find yourself a nice treat to buy as well as getting these gloves.



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Easy like a Sunday morning. (Freebie(New LM)).

Seniha has moved and to celebrate this there are some goodies on offer to tempt us on over.

First is this quality skirt and wrap over top. A big hud of lovely colours and both items can be worn as separates.

We also have a chance to win 1500Lds in prizes, plus a 50% sale and the note did say more new group gifts. This gift and the prize board are outside the shop so I did a quick slap, grab and run and I’m now looking forward to returning and not just checking out the new gifts but also the sale itself…you never know it may make this Cheap B* spend some Lindens!


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Clueless. (10Ld Belle Epoque/TeleportHub Gift).

I went to Belle Epoque to try the weekend offers on and although stunning, beautiful, tempting and bargain prices and I still managed to resist them.

Then I turned the other way to see if there are any new gifts and yes there is and yes this is it.

A sumptuous yellow gown and those sleeves!

It comes in the Maitreya, Petit, Legacy and Perky fits.

This is not a Belle Epoque gift but a TeleportHub gift which does cost 10Lds to join. Its the one cheap group I stay in as you get often find when you walk into a shop there is a quality gift just for this group alone.

PS. There is also a sign which gives you a link to a donation site. TBH I have already donated so I didn’t follow the link. I’ll just leave it at that because we’re all just a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

Belle Epoque.