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I’ve lost the plot…(Freebie(sss)).

Good Grief I’ve had to give up. This is a follow up from yesterdays two posts as this shopping sim just keeps on giving. I ended up with 4 free generous gift cards and a massive folder of gifts from all of these shops but this is what broke me.

This is the “Avatar Fair” building and yes even more gifts and pretty decent ones as well.

Last night I chose just one of the many outfit to show you, took a pretty picture and now I am clueless as to where it came from. Obviously I know to click “edit” on the item for the info but trust me that’s no help in this case.

So I’m not using the picture of the outfit and I’m going to show you the building you’re looking for as I suspect the LM will not take you directly to it.

Check out my last two posts, then set some time aside to spend checking out this whole shopping sim as there is a lot of very generous gifts/lucky boards and as I’ve mentioned I ended up with 4 giftable Store Cards.

Avatar Fair.

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Happy to be “Cheap” & “Free” & “PG”.

The cheap is the dress which is one of the Group Gifts from the Vanilla Bae shop, 20Ld joining fee.

The bag is included and both the bag and dress come with big huds.

Some of the gifts come with a “Strip me” option as well but just like my furniture I keep my clothes PG lol. All of the details are on the posters and I will say that I really like the bikini’s which for my Perky fit are good enough to keep.

As for the free, its just a small thing but for people who like wearables it’s fun. It’s the drink in my hand and you can just about make out the cigarette as well. strip me

Warning, the drink comes from the Sibilla shop and this shop plus the others on this shopping platform are “NSFW” for sure lol. Very much for the adult/kink market. I recognised the shop as I have blogged this shop before. A lot of the free group gifts are what I call “Super Stacked” shoes and a few wearables and thats where I got this drink/cigarette from.

These are all on the 2 displays in the entrance, be careful as there is also a wearable drink priced at 50Ld, still a bargain though.

Vanilla Bae.


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I pulled it. (Freebie(s)).

You can simply ignore all my waffle and just follow the link to all the freebies in the Flirt shop.

Faith liked the dress I’d blogged from the Flirt shop yesterday so she went over to grab the goodies but couldn’t find that dress. Since I’d already deleted/trashed that dress I couldn’t let her know its name. So I went back to Flirt and tried to find it for her but now for some reason that big gift in the middle is set to a group…not sure which group as when I click on it the group is “none” and I can’t join it as its not a group. It could be the “Flirt” VIP group gift but that does come with a price tag and I’m too cheap and also unwilling to join if I still find I can’t get those gifts.

Fortunately the other gift bags are still free and have plenty of enough gift in for us such as this really lovely dress I’m simply redoing this post.


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Free Store Credit @ Pinky

$700 Free Store Credit

I had to double check this with a post Zan did a day or so ago – it is a different store I promise ! Pinky have $700L of store credit up for grabs woohoo! Just head over, join the group (its free) and touch the big sign as above, et voila.

$700L Free Store Credit @ Pinky

I had a wander around and to be honest there is not a great deal for sale – buttttttt I somehow managed to find this dead cute and super sexy little outfit above – a fat pack that includes horns, tail, wings and the dress for 399L – so I’ve still got 300L left!


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Makers Making Mischief – Free Gifts

Free Bikini & Skirt

I had spotted that Dark Mouse had some rather fab earrings out as a gift so headed over to find them. What I wasn’t expecting was to find out about a new-to-me venture called Makers Making Mischief. A group of designers have got together to do sales , events & hunts etc and above is the April gift from La Feminique, gorgy bikini, and skirt ensemble. You need to join the MMM Group to claim btw and its free to do so.

FREE Fatpack hoop jeweled earings

These are the hoop earrings from Dark Mouse – you get a Hud with many jewels tones included – perfect for summer ! I will list the group blog below so you can see all the gifts for April.

MMM Blog

Dark Mouse

La Feminique

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Free & Sales Synnergy Has it All

Synnergy FREE back drop & Swing pose (M and F)

Lets start with a free gift! This is the latest group gift from Tavis Synnergy – group is free to join and I suggest you stay in it as they always have some fantastic offers for you budding photographers. This is the Garden Pergola such a pretty scene with a low wall, plenty of flowers and of course the flower covered pergola right at the centre – do you see the ginger kittycat wandering along the wall ? Its going to be SO handy for a lot of summertime & spring pics plus you get one without the swing too – the swing is the other group gift – pose for males and females just rez it and edit into position – et voila! This scene is just 84Li.

Synnergy Back drop

I bought this “Oak Cottage” backdrop in the sale for only 90L its their offering for wow weekend, I also bought a pose for holding a chicken or a basket – same price – gosh its So pretty I even zoomed inside the house to see if I could move in ! The whole scene is just 111Li – I’m now pondering if I could build an inner set of walls and move in – gorgeous! (I’m not wearing the basket pose in this pic as I haven’t unpacked it yet!) Go check out the store there is lots to see this weekend, pick up some bargains.

Thanks Synnergy<3


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Its Not Flat – its Unflat (Free item inc.)

Unflat free sideboard, lamp 30L, jug roses 30L, radio 49L

One of the may gifts I collected from Cosmopolitan yesterday was this stunning sideboard from Unflat its only 1Li and gosh it will be easy to find a spot for it in my SL home. Now you may not have heard of this store, but both Zan and I have blogged items from it in the past. Zan stumbled across it a year or so ago and tp’d me straight there – its our kinda place! Great prices and awesomely low land impact. Anywayyyy the sideboard is the gift and its just 1Li, perfect for a hallway, lounge etc. I bought the lamp at the event for just 30L , its also 1Li. The radio is at the main store and was 49L and 1Li.

Unflat Parmigiano jar set 99L, distressed table 25L, bread board 49L

So yeah I also had to go to the main store because – there might be new pretties I didn’t have! I bought this vintage table for 25L – 1 Li, I knew id would be so useful when taking photos plussss at Christmas time I love to fill tables with edible yummies. The loaf of bread, board & knife was only 49L and 1Li, that’s being used in my Linden caravan. My personal fav is the parmesan and pasta jars, they come linked and 2Li but can be separated, cost 99L. There is SO much to look at and you seriously wont go home empty handed.

Cosmopolitan event