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Too much. (Freebie(sss)).

I went to a very retro event called “The 60ties Shopping & Treasure Hunt”. Lots of stalls and lots of gifts, I don’t know if when they say “Hunt” that they mean when you click on some of the gift boxes you have to answer a question. I grabbed 5 boxes before I TP’d out and since none of them came with a question to answer I’m not sure how simple/hard they are. I’m going to have to return at a later date but if you have some free time and I do know some of the other events running are super packed then you can’t go wrong wandering around this event.

This outfit didn’t come from the event, I found a small Emerald Courture satelite shop at the event and decided since it had been a while since I was last there to check out the main shop and scored not just this two-piece but some other gifts.

This is a “Fantastic Monday” group gift however I think I just paid “0Ld’s” and thats all. You may miss it because it’s just a little white gift box next to the Fantastic Monday poster and I only bought it as I was curious as to what it was so it was a nice suprise how good it turned out to be.

The shop has updated itself since I was last there which is nice to see. Fortunately all the freebies/group gifts/lucky chairs and special offers are still grouped together in the room to your left as you go inside so it’s easy to find it all.

PS. There are a few hunts going on at the Emerald Couture and I just had to get the “The ice cream cone” hunt gift so check them out as well.

The 60ties Shopping & Treasure Hunt Event.

Emerald Couture.

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When you see this I will be AWOL. (Freebie(ss)).

Since it’s been a while since I visited the Smesh shop I had my fingers crossed for a new freebie and here it is.

If I stood side ways you would see that this dress has lovely “pert” boobie shape to it, you would also see lots of gaps.

I think this Mina cap/hair suits it well if I’d had a pair of white go go boots in my invent that really would have made what I think is a bit of a 60ties vibe.

There are other gifts both for the Smesh and other free groups. So check out the walls near to where you TP in and also the gifts behind the reception desk.

PS. The title of this post is because I’m escaping the confines of my home and heading off to see a theater performance and staying overnight in a hotel…sweet sweet freedom! So I will be back on Fri but I can’t promise a post as I don’t have anything else lined up so far.


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Skin me for a Dollarbie & Free. (Full Free Male AV Body & Skins).

This was the other heads up from Sparta and TBH this was most certainly a snatch and grab job for me as I’m still in my adorable piggy AV and my SL time is so limited today that I just don’t have the time to unpack and try on this very generous gift of both a full male AV’s, 1 Dollarbie each, and a pack of free skins.

The Signature shop has a very simple layout and so it’s easy to spot the 2 offers on the raised platform opposite each other. I’m pretty sure the writing on each picture of the AV’s says that they’re BOM and Omega ready plus these bodies are updated so easier to fit clothing etc.

To get these free skins just join the L’Homme group.

I’ve updated this as I did manage to get back inworld and try out the body and it’s headless. So not so much a “full” AV as just a male body. I could be missing something about that but not too sure.


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The girl with all the gifts. (New DRD Group Gifts).

I don’t want to shock you as you now have to pay to join the DRD (Death Row Design) group, wipe up your tears though because it’s ONLY 5Lds! Honestly don’t tell them but it’s one of the paid-for groups I’d be happy to pay a decent amount to join as the gifts are so generous and of such good quality I always feel a twinge of guilt when I get them… passes quickly lol.

Turns out the whole sim/shop has had a revamp and now I believe it’s much more user friendly but I will first show you just one of the gifts and then tell you a bit more about the new layout plus a nice bit of DRD History.

This scooter is only 8 prims! Seriously all that detail and quality texturing just are just 8 prims. If you can’t squeeze this in then there is the same scooter but without the rug and bag and I do believe it has fewer stickers and worn bits for only 6 prims which is just as excellent and both versions are drivable.

Naturally, as soon as I hopped on and took off I crashed to our sea floor.

It turned out to be a good thing as not only did I find the bike much easier to handle on a flat surface but I found this old blogged item which somehow I’d managed to end up rezzing a copy on the seafloor. Now that I’ve deleted that it’s actually freed up enough prims I could rezz 3 copies of the DRD one!

As for the DRD shop it has had a whole revamp and now there are easy to use TP’s to all the different departments and as a special gift each department close by to where you rezz has a NEW gift out so in total inc the scooter there are 7 gifts and I can’t wait to unpack them but I have to as I’m now out of SL and sorting out RL stuff.

PAY ATTENTION cos this is interesting, the LM will take you to the middle of the sim but it’s easy to spot the large ruin build which is where you will find the TP’s plus the scooter gift however walk to the back of this build as under the stairs are some glass displays, click on them and you get a brief history of DRD which I found so interesting because I remember DRD from almost the beginning but even then it was a shop so to read how it litterally started from scratch was most interesting so please check that out.


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I wish(Freebie(ss)).

Love this bather but I do wish the lace on the front was a different colour to make it stand out more as it’s a really nice feature.

This comes from the MAII shop and there are other gifts one of which was a very cinching corsett (10Ld TeleportHub Gift) but I didn’t show you the sexy black dress as although it’s a freebie not my fit.

If you have a few lindens to spare then head straight across the little courtyard as that room contains some super sexy long evening gloves for sale which would compliment many outfits/looks.


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Home Sweet Home. (Freebie(ss) & Reminder).

Not only do I love the colour of this t-shirt I actually really like the “meowtallicat” picture on the front and I normally don’t care for slogans or images on my clothing. I must be getting soft about them though as it wasn’t too long ago when I blogged some other t-shirts with imagery on the front.

This is super shop quality, ie plenty of wrinkles/folds and although you get it from the Amataria shop it is a Mesh Body Friends” gift. It comes with matching panties and I can’t show you them as they didn’t come in either SLink fits.

There is another gift this time for the SL F&O group of a strapless bodycon dress.

I almost missed them as they’re on the wall to your right as you go into the shop. When I saw this I grabbed and ran so when I return I will be checking the shop out fully.

As for the reminder, it’s that the 50% sale at HISA is over today so if you had you’re eye out on a new home and there are now a small amount of landscaping then you need to go now and not put it off till tomorrow.

PS. The notice also said that there is a new building under construction and every HISA lover knows that they like to put out their latest and unfinished builds to let people see them being created until they’re ready for sale and I can’t wait to log back in, grab the LM for the Amataria shop, check it out and then finish off my SLing time with a trip to HISA.

UPDATE. Not only is the Amataria group free there are some excellent group gift, some I know I’ve shown you and some I know I can’t show you as not my fit. These gifts are to be found on the wall with the door leading to the right side of the shop. PLUS check out their Marketplace shop. Agai

Amataria. & Evolve.

Amataria Marketplace.


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Shi was right. (Freebie(ss)).

A short note off Shi told me that the Carol G group is free to join, this is for a limited time so join now.

The name is familiar to me so when I TP’d over and saw it’s a tattoo shop I wasn’t surprised. Regular readers will know that I mainly avoid blogging things such as jewelery and tattoo’s simply because a) I like to keep my AV like a blank canvas to show off the clothing. b) It takes to much time up when I’m more interested in clothing and decor and c) I’m lazy.

The group is only free for a LIMITED time so go now and then return at a later date when it’s calmed down although since there is a few 60Lds Happy Weekend offers you may want to check out now.

When you go into the shop turn to your right and you not only walk past all the 60Ld offers but at the far end of the shop is a wall of freebies, both for men and women. This one I’m wearing is just a great example of the quality you get. I think I’m wearing the 75% strength one. You get appliers for all main mesh bodies plus the tattoo layer. I have grabbed a whole load of men and womens gifts as I do have a male AV tucked away in my invent and it’s just too good an opportunity to not grab some decent stuff while I can.

Then I did start to have a look around the shop as I am after a new henna hand but when I saw that there are 3 floors in total to check out I decided to do this post and save checking out the rest of the shop at a later date. If you do the same thing, stay in the group as there is a group discount and as mentioned the group is only free for a limited time.

Carol G Tattoo & Co.