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Too soon?(Freebie).

Is it “too soon” for a more spring/summer style dress?

I’m all done and dusted, all that glitters, tinkles or shatters when dropped has been packed or brushed away.   Even my cats have been turfed out of the Christmassy decorated box I made for them but don’t feel sorry for them as I gave them a tin of Tuna as a treat.


I wasn’t planning on doing another post today but I finished my work a lot quicker than I had expected so I popped back inworld to have an old fashioned mooch and came across this nice sweet dress from E&O (Epicou & Oricay) which is a completely new shop to me.   Such a simple sweet dress so I just popped home and did a quick snap.

The Group is free to join but you do have to pay a Dollar to buy it, you get the menu up with the 2 priced options and if you’re in the group then it only costs 1Ld but I forgot to check to see if it was paid back which is usually the case but if not then this dress costs just a measly Linden.

Comes in a standard mesh and mesh bod sizing.  I would seriously recommend wearing panties, knickers, undies with this unless you’re a flasher.  OK I will confess I did actually slip a pair of panties on with a picture of “The Grinch” on them lol they were the quickest I could find.

PS other gifts there if this dress doesn’t pique you’re interest.


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Going, going, almost gone.(Freebie)

I for one cannot stand starting the New Year with Christmas Decorations up so I spend my New Years Eve not in a drunken stupor, although I do have a bottle of Cidre with my name on it for later lol, but packaging away the tinsel, baubles and lights as my cats protest heave in the background because they’ve had a wonderful time not just playing with all of this stuff but eating some of it….all pet owners will understand “tinsel bums”!

Anyhow, I had picked up this freebie a couple of days ago and although it isn’t my usual style I decided to go with it and also do a bit of random SL wandering.


This was actually taken in a room above a shop and this was the demo of their snow emitter, in the room on the other side is the Autumnal leaves demo which I was going to buy but I forgot and now it’s too late.


Then I ended up in an old hangout place I used to use a lot and checked out any new poses n stuff they had and this is one of them, then outside I spotted a rather exc build which took me here…

xxxboomuse3As chance has it this is the shop that Faith bought our guest hangout house from and this whole platform is their shop. I had a great time looking around and I’m SO freaking tempted to get the car I’ve parked my behind on.  I won’t tell you much about the car because sadly it comes with a hefty price tag but I’m so tempted esp now we have more prims to play with.

Now for the outfit.

A simple Applier, slashed skin tight outfit.  You get 4 colour options and it has appliers for all big mesh bods. TBH if this was a paid for group gift then I would give you the exact details but since it’s for free and I now don’t have the time to get back inworld to double check but I do remember that it doesn’t come with a tattoo layer so anyone who doesn’t have a mesh bod won’t be able to wear it.

OK, Now I want you all to BE SAFE! If you’re off somewhere special tonight then stay sober and stay alThe danger.   isn’t around every corner but sadly there are people out there looking for those with their resistance lowered or their guard down.

But most importantly can I say DON’T DRINK & DRIVE because if you do then your a TW*T!


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Lucky you, Lucky me, Lucky FREEBIE!

Yup making up the titles to these posts kills a few of the old gray cells each time, so naff title but certainly not a naff freebie.


To get this brill top/dress you need to go to Hilly Hallan shop and there you will find some Christmas Group Gifts and although 2 of them are now outdated, ie a Christmas ornament clutch bag but these will still be exc quality and even if you have them tucked away in your invent till next Christmas I bet they will still be top quality next year.  There is a pair of red shoes which are wearable all year round.  I didn’t grab these gifts which are next to the LM but if you follow the signpost, basically turn left, and on the wall is all of the old Hilly Hallan GG’s and probably some new ones but as soon as I spotted this lovely oversized top which is a Maitreya Group Gift I quickly joined, grabbed and TPed home.


You do get 2 shades this lovely smooth gray and a shade of violet.  Obviously, this group is for people who have Maitreya mesh bodies but as always with the use of an Alpha layer or in my case I wore my SLink Bod and just used the Hud it will fit anyone and everyone.

Hilly Hallan

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Basic B*tch, Basic Post, Basic Price (10Ld).

Whoosh another busy day but I had to pop inworld because basically I’m an ADDICT and I need SL.  Fortunately for my sorry poor behind look at what I quickly found….


A fantastic basic that everyone needs in their invent BUT for the token 10Lds joining fee you get not just this shade but a whole raft of colours inc white, purple, green and emmm ok yes I forgot exactly how many but even if you got the 1 colour pack it’s a super gift so to get so many it’s damned generous.

All of them come in all of the biggies mesh bod sizings.  Of course, don’t let this put you off if you don’t wear a mesh bod as it only means you have to find an Alpha for a similar top you will probably already have.

As I’ve said 10Lds to join the group and you get that back in spadefuls, if I remember correctly the LM takes to you the outside of the shop and you simply walk in and this GG is towards the back of the shop.

PS “ADD” not wear or rezz as this is a Hud which you click on to have the item delivered.


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A Quickie(Freebie).

I logged in just to grab my notes and do a quick scan of them and as always as soon as a name of a shop/group I know does really good group gifts I read that and went and snagged just because I knew they would be great quality and I could do a quick post.

These shoes/sock combos come in all the mesh bod sizes but of course, you don’t need to have a mesh bod to wear them but you will have to rummage up a boot alpha from your invent.


This is a close-up so you can see the folding in the socks and even the details on the soles of the shoes.


Unusually for Pure Poison, you don’t win a colour from a Gacha the group gift is set to this black and white combination.

OK Got to get back to RL sorry about the rush but I do hope everyone has had a really good time and is just getting back to normal.

Pure Poison, PS If you can’t see the group invite board just click on something in the shop go to edit and then grab the group details from there I do it a lot of the time.

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Piggies remorse, and yes of course a FREEBIE.

“Stick a fork in me I’m done” or in my case stick a fork in me and I will EXPLODE!  Thank God for Fat Pants! Fortunately for me my “fat pants” are a particularly ugly unflattering pair of jeans which are so ugly they at least spur me on to getting back on to healthy eating…..once I’ve eaten those tubs of Ben n Jerries of course.

Going to keep this really simple but if you don’t know about Bento in Second Life then it’s time for you to do a bit of research but until then look at my “corpse hands”.

xxxbentouseYup, I know hardly a great advert for Bento BUT damn I was impressed.

I found these Free ones on the Marketplace and I didn’t even know my viewer was Bento enabled but it is so yours might be as well if not then you might want to update it in any case

What Bento hands give you is the exc mesh hand shape with the addition of a menu packed with not just so many poses but also movement.  I’ve also seen on youtube that you can also get your bento hands to sync with your AO and as you walk and talk your hands or more importantly your fingers move in such a natural way in sync with you. As you can see they’re uncoloured because I simply couldn’t see how to find the colouring in the menu huh but you might have more time than me.  TBH I was just chuffed to know that I can use Bento and see the hands in action.

Bento Hands Marketplace

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Truly Scrumptious (inc Free item)


I will be dashing about this Christmas Eve, delivering pressies and fetching a few last-minute treats. Though you might like to know about some incredible foody items from Circa before I sign off. There are heaps of food platters,cakes and treats (savoury & sweet) at The Twisted Krissmuss event. All are so beautifully crafted, most give out items to eat and wear, some are decorative only. Top notch quality to place out for your guests or to fill your own home, gorjuss!  The Cookie Jar is having a hunt and Zinnias has a simply adorable little table & candle out for you to find.  It is a beautiful little demi-lune table sprinkled with papel picado snowflakes, plus a sweet candle on a glass platter. Perfect to spruce up your space for the winter season!


Just a few little closeups to tantalise your taste & style buds! Thanks Cherelle & Zinnia ❤

Twisted Krissmuss