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$99L Promo !

Always love a promotion especially when its almost time to see out the year in style! ArisAris have this dress on offer for just $99L, and its a right stunner. Included in the pack are nine other textures that will take you from day to evening easily. My favourite is this twinkly plum & pink version above.

Cant go wrong with a classic black though, you can remove the shoulder straps via the Hud which is cool. Understated and elegant, at this limited price it works out to $11L per dress *faints* – demo available.

Fits included: Belleza Freya – Belleza Isis –  Belleza Venus –  For Maitreya – Lara – Slink – Physique and Hourglass

ArisAris Promotion

Blogging SL


It’s almost become a tradition that I do a link to a video called “How to be alone” by Andrea Dorfman, in this video she recites a poem she wrote….NO do not let the fact it’s a poem put you off listening to it!  As someone who reads voraciously for some reason, poetry usually bores the T*ts off me but the words she says gets right to your heart and the whole point of her poem is to let you know it’s actually pretty bloody awesome to be on your own or even if you’re with someone and surrounded by people then even just wanting to be on your own is equally as awesome.

I can’t put the link in but go to youtube and type “How to be alone” by Andrea Dorfman and no matter if your surrounded or on your own take heart from her inspirational words.

Over the past year, I’ve had a chance to talk to a few of you lot and what an interesting bunch we are.  The thing is not everyone SL’s to make up for something lacking in their RL’s but at the same time a lot of people SL to make up for what is lacking in their RL’s and it’s up to us how we use SL.

So basically I hope that last year was good for you/me and us but DAMNIT I want next year to be F**KING AMAZING.


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I’m Over(all) it. (Dollarbies & sale).

Christmas is being shoved away in the attic as I type, by my OH, so I’m taking a break and I wanted to show you this.

The MH Unique Design shop has a sale on and everything is 100Lds, the group is also 100Lds to join but this only cost me 1Ld to snag and it’s really nice. I’ve just used the sim setting so you can see the zingy yellow/orange colour because you do get a nice sized hud with it and normally I would have chosen the more muted beige which is nice but I actually like this colour as much.

Think about joining the group because for the initial investment of 100Lds to join the group there are a lot of what looks like really good group gifts and a lot of them as well.  I’m going to guess the newer ones are in the main entrance and this is also where you will find the Dollarbies on the wall but if you go into the big room on the right not only lots more gifts but a massive amount of Lucky Boards and some nice wins.

MH Unique Design The LM takes you to the middle of the shop and I think you turn around and like a panto, “it’s behind you”.

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Just warming up.(Freebie’s for MEN & women)

I’m like a lizard, I’ve put the heating on to warm me up so I have the energy to rip everything down.  I personally cannot stand starting the New Year off with Christmas Deccies still up so my “tradition” isn’t to wait for the 12th day but spend the last day of the old year cleaning for the new year.

So a quickie for this morning and I will see you later when I’ve restored my home to its unsparkly normality…apart from the lights in the kitchen they stay there lol.

The reason I’ve put “men” in bold as it’s rare to find decent freebies for men, I could be wrong as I don’t go men hunting often lol but I know one of my friends does and so he and if you have a male friend/partner etc then you will love this place.  Obviously, lots of womenswear inc this Kimono, not the fan though.  Mainly Japanese themed but not all and so pretty.  A smattering off decor and accessories as well.

If your price tag is zero Lindens be careful, I bought a lovely jacket which I knew was going to cost me 20Lds but I was more than happy with that price tag as it’s from a well-known shop and very pretty and I love a bargain.  I’m not inworld any more so I can’t be 100% sure but I’m 95% sure but everything I picked up seemed to come with a large selection of colours.

New Freebie Place

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Snuggy Wuggies.(Freebie).

As soon as I spotted these I ripped off the Freebies I was wearing, after I went and grabbed this of course,  and change into these cute sleep shorts.

I did have to lighten the picture a bit as the colour of these sleep shorts is darker and didn’t photograph well and I wanted to show off all the creases and that rolled hem and guess what?  Not my fit, in fact, you only get 2 sizes BUT apart from a little bum breakthrough at the waistline not a bad fit at all.  I did pop on the other and larger size which fit but my arse is big enough without wearing big arsed pants.

I swear I was at Beauty Factory only yesterday and I either missed these or they have literally just been put out.  These are FREE FOR ALL which you need to know as the Beauty Factory does cost I believe 99Lds to join.  I actually grabbed the paid for group gift demo as it’s particularly nice so I could try it on and again limited in fits BUT it actually fitted me!  So check that out, try the demo for yourself don’t take my word for it as my “sliders” will be different from yours.

Beauty Factory.

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Sparkle with me.(Freebies).

When I type “Vespertine” into my invent it explodes as I have so much not just bought from the main shop but picked up from events as she (Amelie Knelstrom) is pretty generous with gifts at events as well as in her shop. I’ve been a long fan of this shop and still have items purchased back when it first opened as this is the sort of stuff that stays as good looking now as it did when it was first created.

Anyhow, I not only went over to check out any new designs etc but to PAY to join the Vespertine group esp when I saw how many gifts there are out but guess what…FREE, it’s a FREE to join group and I would have bet it was a paid for group.  Obviously, it may have been once or I simply could be mistaken but who cares it’s FREE and there are a lot of FABULOUS Vespertine quality gifts.

That pile of boxes contain the gifts and lots of them contain more than one gift so if you don’t see anything you like (wtf is wrong with you, lol) still grab them because there is so much more than what is in this picture.  I didn’t open the Halloween items but again knowing the Verspertine quality grab them now because next year they will still be quality, heck in 10 years they will still be quality lol.

This small gift is a “Thank You” to us from Amelie. Even the gift box it comes in makes a lovely decor item let alone that domed cup.

Faith and I count ourselves lucky in that we not only have our own SL homes and a sim to play in because as much as we love dressing up we love to create homes that are an extension of our hopes and dreams and creators like Verspertine, Dust Bunny, Apple Fall, DaD etc and I use the shops names rather than the creators because of course often it takes a team not just an individual and I’d hate to start listing names and missing others out who really are part of the team.

PS.  I’m scrolling through all my Vespertine stuff and even I forgot she does also do builds, I didn’t spot them in the main shop but I may return to check them out…not that I need another build but you never know what’s been added to her stock.




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Just a couple of random as F**ks. (Freebies).

This tiara/circlet which I’ve literally just found is the perfect excuse for me to pop the new pearly Mina hair on.

Can be worn with any hair of course.  I won’t bore you how I ended up at the Evie shop but there is this and another freebie which is a t-shirt dress but as you can imagine it’s this one that grabbed my attention.

I picked this simple little Danog set up yesterday at a shop called Maru Kado.

I’ve probably blogged this or something very much like this before but I really just want to use it to get you to go to the shop as it has some really interesting decor items and Gacha’s.

I actually spent some Linden in this shop and would have spent more but now I’m wondering if I don’t already own the item I was just about to buy so I think it’s time to sit my AV ass down and sort through my invent…cos no one gonna do it for me.

Evie (New LM)

Maru Kado

(Second set of stairs up, turn to your right and it’s on the wall next to the little table, easy to find).