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My new friends

Free Bird Budgies NEW!

I was sooo excited when I saw the new Budgie pets from Free bird that I zoomed over straight away to snap one up. I ended up getting two birdies ! Then I bought some for Zan ! I adore budgies and have nearly always had one or two as pets in real life. My last two died a while back, so in their memory I named my SL budgies after them (peep & chirp) I was dead lucky and snagged a rare pink cage first try *squeee*. Anyyyyway a little about how they work. The cage and birds are in gacha machines, I can’t imagine you’d be unhappy about any of the wins, they are all so lovely.


Fabulous, I’m a bit jaded of buying food for pets in SL, all you have to do with these little lovelies is click on the cage at least once a week and choose “tend”, voilà, all good to go. You can also take them into your inventory and they wont die or get sick – hurrah! If you join the free bird group (its free) you can also claim your gift of the snazzy beaded swing you see in my cage. There are other accessories too – I bought a cuttlefish for mine. If you do forget to tend to your new babies – there is a bottle of vitamins that will treat the whole cage (99L) , you can have up too four birds in one cage – brilliant! They sing and hop about, play on the swing, eat, drink and generally behave like budgies do. If you go to the store there is a very good board that explains how it all works – its dead simple to be honest but READ it anyway. Ohhhhh don’t be afraid about prims – it’s really really low !

Free Bird

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Poison Candy for the one you love to hate.

We all love to hate someone or hate someone we love, occasionally, so here is the perfect Valentines pressie to send them…Bon Bons of Love, great name for them.

choc dust

I actually bought these to simply use as a prop in my home because I love that old Victorian styled box  as it reminds me of the type of chocolates that would be used to poison someone in an Agatha Christie’s book and those chocolates remind me of my fav RL one’s Thornton’s.  Turns out that they are really poisonous!


Watch as the one you love nibbles on the choccie, grasp their throat, stagger a little bit and then slowly sink to the ground…DEAD!


Just love it, you even keep the chocolate clasped in your hand.  Looks like the loved one “Victim” doesn’t even need to turn off their AO for it to take effect.  Since you get 2 boxes you can either send a box out to 2 people you love, to hate, or just the one and keep that one for your home.  Set it out and when you get visitors invite them to indulge in a choccie.


Just in case you didn’t notice this in the background, it’s one of my fav SL pieces of furniture.  This hat/brolly/coat stand is a classic RL design even my Mum had one.  You really need to check it out inworld to see that it has all the details from the metal coat hooks to the lovely wood texturing.  The suitcase underneath  is mine but this stand comes with the brolleys and hats inc but they’re the non linked items so you can use them or replace them with your own.

The Choccies are only 55Lds and the stand is 225Lds.   Although I’ve not blogged Noctis before I’ve actually got a few items from here over the years.  Lots of old Victoriano and spooky items but it’s one of the few shops that can do the ornate and heavy Victorian style with the look of new mesh and not old blocky prims.  If I was to ever get that old Victorian Villa style home I’ve wanted my first shop I will be visiting will be Noctis.

PS the box of choccies isn’t oversized they’re on a small table LOL.





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Deals & Steals

Izzie's - Qopi Skin Freckles Edition -Sidewalk sale - 50L Lingerie by ORQUIDEA  - KoKoLoReS] Lilou hair We3 RP! - Grace shape 50L !

So much to share with you and so little time ! First up – what do you think of my pale skin? Jury is still out for me, don’t know if I could get used to this level of paleness. However, at 70L with all slink appliers it’s a real bargain at the Dressing Room Fusion. I’ve always wanted to try one of Izzies skins , now I know I like them – Id for sure buy another at full price. This one is called Qopi skin freckles – choice of two blonde or red-head – dead cute ! My lingerie is from Orquidea and is one of the items they have out for their sidewalk sale. Just 50L for the whole set (clothing layers only.) There is a small number of other stores that are also participating in this sale, so take some time to head over and check it out.

Sidewalk sale - 50L Lingerie_008

KoKoLoReS has newwww hair yay! This is for sale at we ❤ roleplay and is called Lilou. Sooper pretty side swept style in a multitude of colour packs. My shape is another 50L bargain from Orquidea – this is “Grace” – have to say I really like it, its mod so you can play with it too.

we ❤ roleplay


The Dressing Room Fusion

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Perfect 10 – hello old friend

Perfect 10 - Lovers Playground 50 discount

Lovers Playground is in this round of Perfect 10 and wowser have they changed ! I’ve known of this store for simply years and wayyyyy back when I did rental homes I used their adult furniture a lot. Things moved on and I just hadn’t thought of them or been to their store – well naughty me, because they have some amazing kit now. The set at Perfect 10 is on special offer with 50% off for the duration of this round. The set “country” is MASSIVE, truly and so low prim and full of meshy goodness. The bath is vintage style, in the menu you can rez all sorts of extras, like the rack over the bath sides or a shower & curtain (heaps of textures for the curtain btw). The set includes 178 poses *faints*, some for singles,lovers and adult. Zan and I both went wild for the 1 prim floor towels, they also have texture change in them.

Perfect 10 - Lovers Playground NEW!!

A photo that I haven’t messed about with so you can clearly see some of the set. Everything is out on display for you to fiddle about with at the event – so head over and have a play.

Perfect 10 - Lovers Playground - 50 discount !

This is the bath with the shower rezzed, dead cute. Included are also towel rails & rings, a loo (with adult stuff in it oh la la!) and a gorgeous sink unit with sweet poses in it for singles & couples. I don’t think you could ever become tired of this, SO much to do.

Perfect 10 - Lovers Playground NEW

I haven’t rezzed the whole set yet, but I did pop to the main store and took a look around. Everybody is catered for, straight,lesbian,gay with no stinting on animations. Ever. The place is vast but luckily there are teleporters all around so navigating to where you want to be is pretty simple.

Perfect 10

Lovers Playground

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That Dress

Masoom Free mesh Valentine Dress

If you were wondering about the dress I was wearing in the Aphrodite post, it’s a freebie ! Actually it’s not new, masoom had it out last year on the market place as a gift, and yes – it’s still there. Which goes to show, classic style never goes out of fashion , right? Lovely little frock with an all over heart pattern, mesh with five sizes included.

masoom free dress

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Ready for love

Aphrodite Valentine items - Masoom FREE dress

Are you ready for love? It’s only a couple of weeks till Valentines day, and if you’d like to surprise your loved one, get planning! Aphrodite have a huge release of V day goodies. You cn make a big spread of glorious food. There are tables laden with sweet treats, a buffet of savoury items, décor for around the home and more. Heres a link to a video so you can see it all in action : – LOVE the video, take a peek.

Aphrodite Valentine Savoury Buffet NEW

The savoury table is heaving with SO much food it’s very tempting, rolls, quiche, champers and all sorts of sammiches .

Aphrodite Valentine Buffet tables NEW!!

If you touch the food you will get wearable items to animated you, what I really like is the sets are not hard linked – means you can move things around and perhaps remove or add pieces. Have to say I was surprised at how low prim the cake is, most of it is low Li – so scatter it all around till your heart’s content.

Aphrodite Valentine Swing seat - couples,signles & activities NEW

My fav item is the Valentine swing – it works for all year really though. 4 prims ! Couples, singles & activity poses, plus of course it swingsssssss gently. There is also a MEGA pack thats at 25% discount currently, it contains squillions of items plus more than you see here. Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite shop

Aphrodite market place

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Boho style @ Perfect 10

Perfect 10 Hearth & Home BoHo Love NEW!

I must be losing my mind, I knew I had another set to share with you that’s out on offer at Perfect 10 – DOH! This is by Hearth & Home, the BoHo Love complete lounge set. The banana shaped seat is fun and really unusual, I love me some quirky ! You can actually buy the chair separately for just 75L or the whole set as shown above for 150L. I really like that you can turn the candles off in the lamp – brilliant when you’re taking photos. YES, you do get the little kitty in its bed too. Very swish fabrics have been used to make a lush setting for your home. Ohhhh one more thing, that new’ish system has been used that asks permission to attach wearables to your avatar, SO much better than having to dig around in your inventory and do it the old fashioned way.


Perfect 10