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Non, je ne regrette rien. (Cheapie & Freebie).

The title should translate to “No, I don’t have any regrets” and I don’t.

This is a 10Ld gift from the B Bos shop and It looked ok on the picture so I figured why not and blimey it’s good! Not crazy about the gillet/vest thing only because it’s not to my taste as there is nothing wrong with the quality and fit.

As you can see from this picture they come as separate and the bodysuit/bather is my cup of tea. Sorry though limited in fits, Maitreya, Legacy & Legacy Perky. So when looking at the B Bos “gifts” check the sizes before you buy as they all seem to be 10Lds.

The B Bos shop shares the same platform as the “OOPS” shop and I found this freebie, there is another outfit and a leg accessory as well.

You can just make out the top part of this dress is hanging under your boobies making it very cheeky. You get little bow pasties and a Foo Foo cover. Light and dark shade of dress is included. Sorry, I totally forgot to size check but as it’s free it costs you nothing to try it.

Pay Attention. These two shops share the same platform, the gifts are not in the shops they’re on a wall outside.

B Bos & OOPS.

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I’m so excited. (New Mina Hair & Freebie(s?).

I found out that this new Mina hair comes from the Hair Fair and today is its first day, yes I will be going and yes if I find a hair that Mina hasn’t created yet and think it will make a great addition to my invent I will/may buy it. As I always say “hair and skin” are the two things you can’t skimp on.

The funny thing was when I first put this hair on my initial thought was “this is a horrible fit!” then I spotted the tattoo layers and of course realised it was another close-shave look. She’s got a new range of shaved styles and yet again she’s done another really great look. Check out those fine strands of colour.

I’ve not done it yet but if you want a different shade from the preset ones in the pack then just follow the easy instructions and you can save them in the Hud or just use the sliders to play with the shading but don’t forget to make a copy first especially if you’re trying it for the first time and you mess it up as it’s much easier if you’ve still got the original.

Or it looks like she’s now selling patterned/shaved base layers if you want.

Yesterday I spotted in a notice a picture of this top which is a gift from the “off-line” shop but you get it from the “The Tres Chic Event”. Not only did it turn out to be as good as I hoped it comes with big assed hud…always a plus.

Pay Attention, because I also missed this and it was only on my return visit to LM grab that I spotted more gifts at the Tres chic event. When you TP over, head forward and on the wall of stalls you will see on the left end is a large picture with this gift but check out the right end of the wall and you will see there is a pile of gift boxes, one-click gives you them all. I’ve not unpacked those so I don’t know what or how many gifts there are but I’m looking forward to that soon.

Mina’s Main shop. (for the demo).

The Hair Fair. (to treat yourself to this or another hair).

The Tres Chic Event. (to treat yourself to this top).

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I know now. (Freebie).

The freebie is the dress only.

I finally received a book I’d preordered as a Christmas present for myself so yeah it’s taken a while but I’m so happy to finally have it. The reason I mention it is that it’s a book to teach you how to sew, repair, maintain and create your own style of clothing and as I always say that is why I LOVE the S@bbia brand.

This one-piece dress is a S@bbia classic. One size fits all and a homespun look to it. Nice pleating on the skirt part.

If you do need boots and I should have used them instead of these old S@bbia group gift boots that I’m wearing then the mesh boots are still in the S@bbia shop but it may change soon so I’d get them now as they will go not just with this outfit but many others.


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I’ve been framed! (Freebiessss)

The backdrop I’m using is a line of doorways behind me which makes for a good backdrop till I spotted I’d managed to catch a door frame in each picture and TBH I just don’t have the will to redo them…I will explain why in my next post.

I did not expect any new freebies in the Hitogata shop BUT YESSSS lots and lots of new freebies but sorry they do seem to be Legacy Perky/Kupra fits only. As always though a lot of them are easy for most mesh bodies and of course it costs nothing to try them out.

I have shown you many of the gifts in previous posts and maybe also this one as I do remember the super frilled panties but definitely not in this chocolate/mint combo.

The Hitagato brand/style is very unique and some is very OTT, you will be noticed by everyone if you wear one of their fun outfits but it was nice to see in the newer gift box lots of more every day wear.

This is a very wearable sporty look. As with everything you get a hud of decent colours so I chose pink for the pants and red for the top.

Normally I only show you one or two items but when there are so many freebies and I adore this unique brand/style I’m going overboard. This top and panties do come with a skirt I just wanted to show off the panties as I love them and the top.

Even their business look has a lovely soft touch to it.

The last one is made up of two separate gifts. I think it’s this top that comes with the collar and a front panel which is designed to be able to fit under jackets/cardies etc.

PAY Attention as they’re easy to miss. You will see 4 large dated boxes and on the shelves above them is some little cute rag bunnies just grab everything then find yourself a nice place to sit unpack and unwind as you work through all the good fun gifts.

I will also say that this shop is on a fab rental sim called “Missing Mile, Dark Rural Community”. When I had a male Alt I used to rent the basement in a large gothic-style house. AH, Sweet memories lol. It’s been a long time since I just wandered around so I’m looking forward to that.


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I’m changing for no one! (Freebie(sss)).

I think people may remember me being dragged kicking and screaming into updating my AV and it took a stupid amount of time for me to get my head around it and all the demos I tried on, mistakes I made and then finally I managed to tweak myself back to what I feel is a good look. Nothing is going to make me change and that means I’m not going to model this free mesh head as I just know I will F**k up all the hard work that it took.

Kalhene has quite a few gifts out including a full mesh head! It’s basic but also “Bom” proof.

There are also some clothing and body shapes, and accessory gifts as well and all free for you to try out.

Just before I clicked “Publish” I wonder if there are those who love nothing better than getting a free mesh head and just seeing what they can do with it?


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Pay attention. (Freebie).

On my SL roaming, I came across these freebie shoes.

Pretty darn good, as you can see.

The LA (Limited Addiction) and ENVIOUS shop share the same platform, both shops have group gifts and both groups are paid for and you know I’m a meanie which is why when I spotted these Mesh Body Friends freebie group gift I cheered up.

Now for the “Pay attention” as these are in neither shop, they’re on the wall outside near to the “Event Wall”. Just a small poster in the bottom right corner.

LA (Limited Addiction) & ENVIOUS.

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The struggle was worth it. (Freebies).

I know that the shop Mangula has a new hair shop called Faga and I think the LM now takes you to the Faga shop and you then have to TP from there to get to the Mangula shop. It’s easy to find as you just walk around to the back of the reception desk wall and the TP is there.

This as with the other subscriptions gifts is a full fatpack not just of clothes but colours.

In this case, you get the lovely dress, bodysuit, top and shoes.

Just being cheeky in this photo.

PS. In both shops, there are other freebies for free groups. I’ve blogged them all but I did a closer zoom in on the ones in the Faga shop and the Fitmesh Fantic group gift is I’m pretty sure new. Just in case you miss them as they’re not close to the Mangula gifts…when going into the Mangula shop as soon as you go in they’re on the wall to your left. In the Faga shop, they’re on the front bottom right of the wall behind the reception desk…honestly easy to find lol.

Mangula & Faga.