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I’m such a loser lol. (Freebies).

I’m struggling, this house or another house..RL problems lol.

Since I can’t make up my tiny little mind which house I’m gonna use I decided to check out a few Advent calendars and of course, S@bbia as it is usually the start of the month that a new freebie is put out but I was a bit early.

I did notice on the wall to your right that after many years a couple of the very old gifts have been replaced with some of the newer/old group gifts.

So you may recognise this little blouse, skirt and shoe set. I’ve managed to take a picture from behind so you can now see the nice bow at the back.

I recognise the first dress but this one? Not too sure if this was ever a group gift so NEW, maybe. A very seasonal knitted dress and scarf. There is one more “newer” gift of a blue dress which is chunky around the shoulders so make sure to keep the scarf as it comes in very handy lol.

So remember NOT the usual gift boards, these are on the wall to your right as you go into the shop.

PS. I may have to grab Faith and get her to choose which house I use lol.


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Testing Spam. (Advent Freebie, time-limited).

My RL is resembling my SL lol.

So I’ve had a day of sorting this and that and getting my RL sh*t done and now I can spend a little time in SL and as you can see from the background most of the furniture from my old home is in the air.

What I do when changing home is I move all the decor up and out of the way and then rezz the new house in place and then choose what I put back in and what I put away in my invent. Every home has its own style which is also reflected in the decor I use.

Now I have a little bit of free time I’ve logged in to sort out my mess when the notice came through for this hoodie which is the Wellmade Advent gift.

This is a time-limited offer and at 6pm/am it is withdrawn and I assume the next gift is available. You can purchase the old gifts for 50Lds. There are also group gifts available inc a relatively new one which I think we may have blogged.


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Broken. (Freebie(s)).

The freebie is the umbrella.

A random TP took me back to the Butanik83 shop. I remember blogging the freebies previously but I’m 99% sure there are some new things added to the table as if I’d seen this broken umbrella I would have 100% blogged it and kept it. Faith has a musical instrument addiction I have umbrellas, bicycles, aprons, trays etc addictions and don’t even get me started on homes and pools! So I know I would have definitely grabbed this to show you.

This is an interesting shop with unique wearables. The freebies are on a small table which is easy to find.

I have to work now, I don’t wanna but my cats need food and my bills need paying so I will leave you with this and see ya’s later.


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I have a list. (Freebie).

Last year Nadja made a comprehensive spreadsheet of all the shops that have Black Friday offers and I swear she must have the patience of a Saint because she included LM’s, what they sell plus the details of the sale basically everything which blows my mind.

The only thing is I’m a Cheap B* so I just want the free/cheap(er) stuff but this list has so many shops I’ve forgotten to visit in a long time and so I’m looking forward to visiting them over the next few weeks. The only thing I can suggest to you is just going to your favourite shop and see if they have a sale on first and then check your group notices for any info.

Blackstone is on her list as it does have some clothes at a discount it also has this freebie for us.

I spotted the lovely lacy sleeves straight away which has given this “classic” style dress an extra design notch. This is free because it’s an “MGSN” gift which stands for “Maitreya Gifts, Sales and News”. The Blackstone shop does have its own group and for the 50Ld price tag, some really nice outfits however limited in fits so if you’re tempted make sure to check the sizing out first.

Blackstone Shop.

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Meet Joni & Delilah (Not Free & Freebie).

When I first saw a picture of this new Mina hair it made me instantly check my profile picture. I’ve not updated my profile picture deliberately as even though it was taken when mesh heads/bodies and maybe even hands weren’t a thing in SL, because that picture summed up the essence of the RL me. Although you can’t see it I know that this new hair has the same feel/styling to it as this new hair.

Although I am wearing the fringe/bangs in this photo it’s only to show off how good the fringe looks. For me sometimes fringes can look great and sometimes not so great and I’d assumed this heavy fringe would be the “not-so-great version but in this case, it works really well. As almost standard now you get a style hud which allows you to remove the fringe and hair strands and a big fat hud of colours no matter which colour pack you buy.

This is even how I used to style my RL hair on a lazy can’t be bothered day so this hair is just bring back sweet memories for me.

That means the dress is the freebie. I do believe the Mishmash Fushion shop is usually a paid-for group but till the end of the month its free to join, there is a gift for men and a 50% sale,

Mina’s Mainshop. (Demo)

Tannenbaum Holiday Event.(To buy the Mina hair).

Mishmash Fusion.

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Give me credit! (Free Gift Card).

What a rotten morning of piddling little “meh’s” fortunately I’m in the position I can put things off to tomorrow when hopefully life will stop borking.

So naturally, I log inworld for a little break and find some credit at the LuluB shop and also a discounted sale.

It’s the box you see that you click to get the free gift card. From what I read it looks like the LuluB group is also free for a limited time.

The stock in this shop is mainly wearables and although the rain clouds really tempted me, and suit how my day has gone so far when I spotted the gift card is trans I just had to pass it on to someone else…LOVE doing that.


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Keeping it real. (Freebie).

First, the freebie and it’s this pug which is called “Food Coma Pug” and at this very moment after indulging in a BIG slice of fruit pie, and custard because I’m English, I swear this cutie just sums me up lol.

You will see “cut-out male models” ie the receptionist and they’re all set for sale a 0Lds. I’ve not unpacked them yet so I’m just assuming you get a copy of them.

There is a lot of unique tempting items for sale so I quickly TP’d out before I bought at least 3 things and then I had to log back in and I just had to check the Bistro out even more as it’s just so nice. I think it’s been created to showcase the new range of food that you can buy. As well as in the Bistro itself there is a small room with a wall of the food/drink items for sale. Upstairs are lovely seating areas…all in all just classy.

(Lucas Lambeth) Bistro & Gift Boutique.