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Perfect timing. (Freebie).

Where has this week gone? I can’t believe it’s Friday already!

It’s not been the best morning for freebie hunting till my very last stop which is the Saul shop. I do not know why I clicked that gift box on the hand behind me but I did and I scored this cropped fuzzy sweater and I now I can finally log off as it’s made me a happy little bunny and I can now get some RL work done.

Orange is my colour for sure and that light fuzzy effect is top quality. As you can see from the box this looks like it was a gift at a previous Uber event so you may have it or like me didn’t go to that event or missed it the first time around. Just buy it for 0Ld.

The Seul group is free to join. I’ve not had time to check the shop out for any group gifts so there may be more treasures to be had as I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged gifts from here before.


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Brainwave. (Freebie).

I will say that in my inworld attempts to find a freebie I visited a lot of shops I’ve not been to for a while so that was fun but sadly not too productive for freebies and then I remembered it had been a while since I’d last checked my “received” folder and among all the stuff I’ve randomly picked up from the marketplace is this beauty.

This top and skirt set has a surprisingly good shine to it, so much so I TP’d to a few different sims to see if the windlight was the reason and nope it’s shiny like Christmas wrapping paper.

BTW Don’t dismiss it because it’s very Christmassy red, team that skirt up with a lovely brown jumper and the top with some good basic jeans which calms down that wrapping paper look but peps up a plain look as know what I mean lol.

This came off the Beauty Factory Marketplace shop and I know there is an inworld shop as I’ve logged out leaving my AV stood there so when I get time to log back inworld I can check it out.

Beauty Factory. (Marketplace).

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Back to boring. (Freebie).

I’m looking forward to a day of boring routine and since Tuesday is one of my busiest days it was handys that the first notice I opened was for the gift at this month The Make Over Event.

A lovely deep burgundy red. I didn’t check but 99.99% of the dresses seem to be from the Entice shop so this is a quality gift.

It’s also a timely reminder for me to check out the Entice shop as well as maybe treat myself to some of my fav SL makeup (Alaskametro) before all the basic Lelutka range is withdrawn.

Till then I have to log off, do some RL work and then I will be back later hunting down more goodies.

The Make-Over Room.

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Tattoo me. (Freebie).

I don’t want to wax too lyrical over an outfit most of you know I will never wear again but that metallic texturing is excellent and there is a small hud of colours so I have to show it to you before I bin it.

What I do want to talk about is the tattoo’s, obviously, I’m not wearing them.

Absence isn’t a big shop and yet I spotted some really interesting tattoo’s and in fact, it was the neck one that got me over to check the shop out in the first place. As you all know I don’t do Tattoos as such but that doesn’t mean I don’t see them and really like the look of them in some cases.

So go check out those, and there is some other clothing for sale, then grab this dress and try it out for yourself as it maybe a keeper for you.

Oops I should mention that the tattoo’s I was looking at aren’t free.


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Nailed it. (Freebie(ss)).

Yesterday I picked up a really nice pair of nails but I don’t do nails so when I found an equally as nice set of nails today I am happy to show you them as the Kiona shop has other freebies for us including the dress I’m wearing.

I’ve seen this style of dress in a lot of notices so I’m not sure if it is the same dress or not. What I do know is I’m loving the colour big hud that’s included.

As well as the other gifts there are 3 lucky boards as well, just inside one of the arched doorways, and I’ve wasted enough time trying to win the middle one…which is why this middle finger pose is very appropriate.

PS. I’ve spotted in the discount section that you can actually buy the lucky board prize but I’m a mean B*tch so I will just keep checking in to see if I win it on the board.


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It’s like a spring day. (Freebie).

I was so happy when on one of my random TP’s I turned up in the AsteroidBox shop and found this cropped sweater. I had seen it previously in a picture/note/notice and totally forgot to take a note of where it came from.

I will admit I almost missed it again as I did spot the group gifts (75Lds) and for some reason, the random onion on the reception desk grabbed my attention which is why I spotted next to it a freebie necklace and then I naturally went to check the Christmas tree and there it was. Turns out to be just as nice as I’d hoped. Even better there is a long line version for men as well.

PS. In the UK we have had such a warm sunny day it’s almost freaky.


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Find me under the Christmas Tree. (Freebiess).

If you’ve been to the Uber event you will probably already have this fabulous top which is just one of the many gifts waiting for us under the Christmas tree.

I’ve only opened a couple of items and so far there is another fabulous top that is sadly unwearable for me and a hair which I’m not wearing.

I actually only went to the UBER event just to check out an item for sale and now that I have a folder stuffed with gifts I’m going to settle down on Faiths platform and work my way through them and also check out the shops that have donated these gifts.

PS. Don’t worry as this event continues on till I believe the 22 Jan.

UPDATE: So I went to the Melazana shop which is the shop that donated this top and found a couple of quality group gifts, I’m especially impressed with the perkiness(sic) of the dress lol. I also spotted a few things for sale in the shop which are pretty stand out for their styling.