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Confuddling (Freebies)

RL time is so short and yet I have so much to show so I’m going to blab less and get this posted before I have to return to RL.


Fun vanity shot.


Cute close up.


Shiny dress.

Join the Genesis Creations Free group and grab the gift bag then join the SL&Free Group and grab that gift bag and then pop outside and slap the MM boards and make sure your initial isn’t on the Lucky Chair.  Then TP over to LeLutka hair and again join the free group and check out the gifts in the middle of the shop.

Not only do you get a free skin you get the skin in so many shade packs and then each shade pack comes with so many choices of make up, freckles, cleavage, eyebrows and on and on and the not only all of that but you get ALL the Appliers that most people need ie SLink hands, feet, Lola Boobies, Phat Azz etc  When I was trying out the skins the MM boards ended and I scored not only more skins but also this dress which I think you can see is such quality texturing you would never think it was a freebie it’s so shop quality.  However since popping back to grab the LMs I can see that the choices in the MM boards changes somewhat but the skins are still there and so is an item of clothing.

The hair in the last picture is also a Freebie from LeLutka Absolutely kicking myself because not only do you get a range of colours but it comes with a little feathered hat which would have looked so good but I forgot to put it on.  There is another Free hair from here as well which comes with a hat and ooodles more colour choices but because the hat is more of a beret style and you can’t wear the hair without this will be a brilliant hair to tuck away in you’re invent till the Autumn.

PS oops looks like I forgot to remove my smile in the middle picture the lip colour is the one that came with the skin but my teeth come from Piddle not free but worth every Linden I think.

OK rushing back to RL see ya’s all tomorrow and I think I will have  a lovely time unpacking and trying on all of my new skins when I have more time

Genesis Creations

Genesis Creations Marketplace

LeLutka (hair)

LeLutka Marketplace

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Fly me to the moon (freebies, cheapies, funnies).


m33R1 Resident  has some really daft (thats English for silly) items in the shop which will make most of us smirk but it’s also got some real handy goodies.  So even if you’re not into quirky still check this shop as it has some real lovely pieces set out amongst the “daftness”.  Although this is small shop make sure to check not only the outside and upper floor but the roof where there is even more fun items and some Lucky Chairs.  So plonk yourself on the banana seat and have a sort through of your old notes and score some goodies but then since a lot of items here are just a few Lindens there is no reason not to spoil yourself.


I think I broke my roses because I couldn’t get them to turn off and I’m 100% sure that you can have them positively glowing or more muted.  They’re actually on very long stalks and in the shop they’re hanging from the ceiling like lights or placed lower down like lamps.  Personally I think that if they were dotted around your landscaping they would add puddles of light to landscaped areas. The middle Daisy comes with poses as well. Not amazing ones but fit well and can be adjusted but the oversized flower itself is just lovely and creamy and only a single prim.  Go on! make a garden full of them.


Flying to my new moon.  An oversized lit umbrella light so no poses.  What can I say really just a fun item of light for your home.


Finally I found my moon.  The way you change your Windlight also changes the overall colour but it’s a basic luminous moon and with this windlight setting it’s turned golden.  Some lovely simple poses in it.

Prices are Rose Lights=15Lds, Daisy=20Lds, Umbrella light=29Lds some of the items are actually priced differently from the signs.


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As free as….

OK maybe not  free but 10 Lindens which is pretty darn cheap and that’s just to join the group itself so you never know what other goodies may come your way once Posh Pixels takes off.  I know very little about this shop as it’s literally just getting started, so at the moment there isn’t much to see but it’s lovely that already decent goodies have been put out.  There is a men s gift as well as this one for meeee but I haven’t checked that out yet and will send Baylen in for it.


Slight confession is that when I saw the styling of the peasant blouse it was a bit emmm another one of those tops but in all honesty I LOVE this look!!!! The addition of the cut off fabric pants in the earthy green compliments the acidic and in some light almost luminous yellow/green top.  Someone has a good eye for colour matching,  I mean how good does this look?

Very little in this shop at the moment so grab the GG and the LM and I’m pretty sure they will be stocking up as quickly as possible and from what little I do know this will be a shop of “all sorts” ie make up, clothes, prefabs, gifts, decor items and I love this type of shop as I always find something to tempt me.

Posh Pixels

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Tout de suite (French for be quick).

Just as I was about to log out and go grab myself some lunch (homemade bread and gammon) I decided to pop over to Genre which looks as though this latest round will be over pretty soon but I did not expect to find such great find I would have kicked myself if I had missed them.  Since this latest event maybe over in the next couple of days don’t hesitate and get yourself over there right now.  You may not need the 2 amazing beds I’ve picked up but there are costumes, wigs, shoes, poses, decor items all in the Baroque theme.


This is such a statement bed with the tall drapes and gold gilding it’s perfect for Royalty.


This other bed s much more suitable for most normal sized homes and comes in 2 separate pieces (the drapes and bed aren’t linked).  I picked the dark wood but there is a lighter version and a gold one as well.  Gothicy without the undo heaviness.  This one from Kalopsia comes with poses the top one doesn’t. I’m doing this post so quickly I just rezzed a room and snapped away and I didn’t take good notes so I can’t remember who made the top bed but the stands are set out in orderly fashion so it won’t be hard to find these 2 beds and so much more.

Blimey I’m rushing this post so much I’ve forgotten to mention that NOTHING including these 2 beds is over a 100Lds so so affordable.


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Just for you (a freebie for our followers).


I blog Follow Us stuff because it’s Idiot proof and I mean that most respectfully, although his furniture will appeal to both sexes if you’re a man in SL and you want to furnish somewhere with simple lines, great colouring, unfaffyness and some great poses for yourself and a partner then this is the perfect place for you.  If your man or woman and you appreciate clean lines, simple use and those added touches then this is a perfect shop for you and add to all of that some absolutely great pricing which means no matter what your budget is there is tons here for you.


The top picture has a few items from my invent which are from Follow Us ie the screen, the beauty basket mirror on the wall but the newest item to my invent is this wash stand.  Comes all linked which is pretty handy when you see all accessories on it.  Nice touch is the pale pink vase and twigs which set off the antique washed out colouring of the stand.  Can’t actually believe that this is a Gacha item for only 29Lds and this isn’t even the rare one as it’s packed with nothing but the washstand the difference is the items of decor and when some of them again are just as suitable for men or women and some just women some men so try your luck and although the Follow Us is a quiet group if you find you have a wash stand you don’t like I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t find it hard to find someone to make a swopsie.

A whole new load of Summery and Decor items at Follow Us so if you’ve not been there recently time to pop back and esp since there is a new Group Gift out of a sweet sandcastle with couple poses in it.  Group isn’t free to join but at 40Lds a token price and as I always say a whole wall of old shop quality group gifts and some seriously discounted items waiting to be grabbed.

PS the Gacha and the Group Gifties are to be found in the same room when you rezz turn to your right walk through and enter the dark brown room but Follow Us is a much bigger store so have a walk through the rest of the shop and check outside for the garden goodies.


Dayum this is a FREE GIFT from me to you (that’s anyone who follows our blog).  I recently went to the This Seasons Story and “won” 2 Junbug skirts and I don’t want them I wanted one of the corsets and frilly knickers the corset I’m wearing is one of my own. It’s not because they’re shabby, they’re absolutely gorgeous, but I’m never going to wear them again. So I’m going to pack this one up, blush is the colour, and the other one which I believe is a light blue and I will set them out on our sim for anyone to come and pick them up.  When you rezz there you will land at our cafe area and they will be just on the table boxed up and ready to be bought for 0Ld.  I will box them seperately so you can just take 1 or even 2 if you wish.  I have been thinking for a while now that it might be a nice idea to box up all the old Gacha items I’ve bought but will never use again and set them out for anyone to come and take. This appliers to only what we’ve paid for though I keep ALL of my Follow Us items because I just use them too often to discard.

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

Follow Us Blogg

Our Sim

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Summer Loving (& a Freebie).

I had to finally cave in go to the latest round of This Seasons Story event which of course is Summer.  A whole sim landscaped so lovely and lined with stall after stall of goodies.  Clothes, poses, make up, furniture, Gachas and on and on but sadly I spotted no freebies however in my rush though I might have missed some so worth checking that out again


The Bikini isn’t from This Seasons Story it’s from Mag<3.B and is from the Puppet Fair which is now well over and so she now has this available at her main shop for only 50Lds.  It’s super cute and super afordable just like all of Margaretta’s stock.  Nice to see that she even has her lovely discounted items and some Dollarbies also on the Marketplace but I do know she has a new Free Group Gift out so it always pays to pop to her shop inworld before you buy from the MP as a couple of items which are still dirt cheap are free in the shop.  Best freebie ever is the clogs with shoes I dare you not to love them.

The backpack is what I grabbed from Miseria’s stall at This Seasons Story and I’m slightly kicking myself for not using one of  Athena Loring’s poses as I now own them all but never mind something for you to check out at her main shop and whilst you’re there make sure to check out the Gacha’s at the main entrance because one of them contains my most Fav Gacha items, a pastel coloured wearable sharks fin which is so cute and fun.  The bag comes in a range of colours and each of them has a bright almost luminosity to them and a surprise hud which allows those cute wings to be either tucked in or spread out a little.


A lovely Free Group Gift from Keke for you to grab and enjoy.  Simple pop top bottles and even the one with the open lid is only 1Prim! There is also a couple of small inpots for you to grab but I missed them as I wanted to get this posted as soon as possible as time in RL and SL is running out for me.

Snow inks

Miserai@This Seasons Story


Miseria Marketplace


Mag<3.B Marketplace


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Bad Alice!


The Wabbit deserved it!

A couple of posts ago I did a post which allowed me to wear my wicked Alice costume so although I’ve already blogged this it was yonks ago so here it is again.  Comes from Bowtique and has 2 versions the bloodied messy one and the pristine innocent version.  You get not only the 2 dresses but mesh shoes, leggings, headband and weapon of choice ie a knife.

Shortest post eva but the sun is preparing to come out and so am I so I hope everyone has a wonderful day and I’ll see ya’s tomorrow.

Bowtique Marketplace