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I’m back and still free or cheap. (Freebies & Cheapie).

Yeah, the jeans and boots are the same jeans and boots you will see in every group notice as they’re Coco Designs newest gifts and we all love their quality gifts.

I think the colour of the jeans is called Khaki but they’re more like mustard colour to me and that is the only yellowish colour I like so I’m really pleased with them especially since I’ve deleted many jeans out of my invent. The boots are Chelsea boots and they too are a new gift.

The sweater is a re, re, reblog as this 10Ld fatpack of colours from the Ello shop is my “goto” sweater in SL. Don’t worry if you don’t have any money as there are still the Coco Design Sweaters you can pick up.

Coco Design.

Ello. (Sweater, Marketplace Only).

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Snap Up This & Free Gifts!

Brillancia Stella dress $30L

New-to-me store Brillancia has a fantastic selection of items in this weekends sales . I grabbed this beautiful dress called “Stella” various colours available, sizes to fit : Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza, Kupra, Kupra cups, Maitreya petite. You’ll find this in the $30L Saturday sale.

FREE Lingerie, shoes & stockings

While you’re there looking at the bargains don’t forget to join the group – its free and there is a whole wall of gifts to check out ! I took this saucy little lingerie set called “Eva”, you get the sheer dress, panties, stockings and shoes – plus a large Hud of additional colours to play with ! Perfect for Valentines day ?


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Weekend Sales – Which am I Doing?!

Addams Phoebe Boots, top & cardigan $60L per set

Happy Saturday! I got to start my weekend early on Friday , as Addams has their items for Happy Weekend Sale out ahead of time – yippee! These are the Phoebe items, boots, jeans with a Capri length option included, top & cardigan. Of course as its Addams there are various packs of colours on offer for just $60L per pack. I frankly adore Addams clothing, super easy to mix & match, always comes with a complete look or you can buy separate packs with heaps of colours included. I tend to chose the pack with pink or black included !

Anywayyyyy onto the sales ❤

Addams – go right to the very back of the store for these items

The Saturday Sale

Wanderlust Weekend

Miix Weekend


7 Days Sale

30L Saturday

Beauty 60

Energy Weekend Price

Manly Weekend

Happy Weekend Sale

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Perfect View

Magic Window with 3D View & Hud

Ok I’ll admit defeat – I just cant show you in a photo how amazing this window is – that’s why its called the “Magic Window” ! This is a new release from [WarHorse]. The window is actually 3D, well the view is . Unlike most faux views this has depth and you can look into the view and around the view – how cool is that!

Magic Window Hud

I’ve got two of these, one with a summer view, one with a winter view – but now you can have the choice of many views via a neat Hud ! The whole item is only 4Li – I usually remove the hanging bar to reduce the land impact further. I’ve used these windows to give a view where there is none – in my sky box for example, on bare walls instead of a flat framed print – don’t forget you need to be in higher graphics to get the effect. While you’re there join the group and snaffle up the two gifts !

Thanks Mr Wardark ❤


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It’s just me and my Airbnb. (Freebie).

Yes, the suitcase means I am escaping both RL & SL. Just a couple of days in an old Fisherman’s cottage with a BFF, a fully charged Kindle and a little bit of treat money.

Till I return I’m going to leave you with a NEW S@bbia.

I know it’s mainly hidden by the suitcase but you can work out that this is a long knitted dress/cardie which is draped over a skirt layer. Nice bit of button detailing on the back.


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Free & Dollarbie Décor

Free decor items - Low Li

I’ve been decorating my new home lately and have been on the look out for some low land impact items, preferably free ! From left to right : The sink is 1Li and absolutely gorgeous – décor only not scripted. The speaker is so well made, and you can alter its size. The attention to detail is fabulous – Li 2. The TV library is a cute addition for any home space – only 2Li.

Happy decorating ❤

Qutworld Sink

Qutworld Speaker

Abedul tv library

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It’s a struggle so I gave in. (30Ld Gift(sss)).

The shops/designers/sellers have been so generous over the past months with the gifts that it’s been a struggle to find a new decent freebie/cheapie but I’ve believed I have found it. If you join the Adorsey group for only 30Lds there are 6 items of clothing, 2 pairs of shoes and 2 items of jewellery for just that small price. I remember a couple of the items so I’ve probably blogged them but I don’t remember this outfit so it’s NEW, at least to me lol.

I would have loved to show you all the bits n bobs that go to make this a pretty adaptable outfit but I’ve run out of time so I’m just going to have to bore you telling you about them so if you want to miss that just head onto the LM and remember that this and the other gifts do cost 30Ld to join the group and you will need to pay 1Ld which is refunded.

The details are that the sweater/leggings are linked but using the hud you can remove the leggings and just wear the sweater on its own which is long enough to be a dress and although I’ve got my arms crossed the front of the top is lovely and deep but you’re not flashing boobies. The hud is a fatpack of colours and also options as you can with a click change almost everything from the metals to the colour of the hem. I’ve also just realised that you can also change the bottom part of the sweater/dress which makes it look much more like a blouse/skirt combo.

This is really a top-quality gift in both the styling of it as well as the colours and it alone is worth the joining fee but don’t forget there are other gifts as well.