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Free n Vain.

This is my vanity shot.  When taking pictures I like to show them off as clearly as possible but then again I also like to fiddle and I have definately fiddled with this picture.  Although I do have to say most of the work was already done by the sim owner.


So here are the clear and untouched piccies.

XXXVanity un

Taken in my Nams setting only because I wanted you to see 2 things firstly the sheerness of the Tattoo which allows some cheeky nip action and also because the hair although a hunt win also costs 10Lds.

The Tattoo layer comes from Urban Street and you have not only a male and female version and  there are most if not all of the most popular appliers as well but of course it also comes with the tattoo layers for those who don’t have a Mesh Body.  There is a really simple hint and it is exactly where you think it should be but it is set a little bit lowwwwer than you think and so cam a bit lower…you will probably work out what I mean when you get there.  I also spotted some Group gifts but time ran out.  A shop full of punky edgy tats and even the decor has the same in your face attitude, the lamp gives you the finger and even the rug is held together with safety pins! Loved it. OH and because this is the Autumn Effect Hunt item it was FREE.


The hair was a win in The Shedding Hair Hunt which is the Addoness Shop only huntand what you’re looking for is a comb and each comb costs 10Lds.  There is a choice of 12 hairstyles and 24 colours, I know this because outside is a big board showing you what the prizes in the combs are.  Have to confess that even though all of these goodies are hidden in the 1 shop I only found this one, fortunately for me green is my fav colour, and then I was mesmerised by the SLink nails.  I had to leave SL then but when I’m back inworld I’m going to set it so I rezz back in this shop stood in front of the nails because I want at least 1 set of them.  Some real nice colours and at 120Ld not overpriced.

PS I’m pretty sure the sword I’m using was also a freebie and when I get back inworld I’ll hunt it down and check it out for you.

The Autumn Effect Hunt LMs&Hints

Urban Street

The Hair Shedding Hunt@Addoness

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Sad Dollie (Hunt Item).

Perseverance pays and it’s taken me 3 visits to Dollie* to finally find this hunt prize but I wanted it so much.  There is a very clear hint given and of course as soon as I spotted it was a DOH moment.  I popped this off the shoulder knitted jumper over a pair of my legging but it works just as well on it’s own or even over jeans.

XXXSad Dollie

I love Crystaldol’s shop Dollie* some lovely new designs which are hers alone and you won’t find else where.  I’m particularly fond of the open and flowing shirts and in fact I not only own 2 of them but also skirts and tops from here which will be in my invent for a long time.  There are group gifts and I have shown you some of them previously but since then this is now a paid for group but at 50Lds a cheap price to join so go check out the Group Gifts and you may think that is a good price for whats on offer.

I also spotted some sweet and yet bloodied smocks for the up and coming spooky period were entering so if you want a suitable blood splattered dress then check Dollies out.

As for the hunt check out the links I’m going to give you and you can see most if not all of the prizes and WOW so much!  Everything from a Tractor, that’s my next hunt item, to nails, poses, home decor absolutely brilliant and of course FREE.  Remember though you may not wish to find that particular prize but sometimes a hunt can take you to a shop you’ve not checked out before and there maybe other things there which make you go “oooo”.


The Autumn Effect Hunt Hints&Lms

The Autumn Effects Hunt Pictures


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Happy Birthday !

Free birthday gift Dead Dollz

One of my favourite shopping events turns three today ! Happy Birthday Cosmopolitan ❤ As well as a brand spankin new round of goodies, a lot of the designers have placed out gifts for us shoppers hurrah! Just join the Cosmo group (its free) and collect them up. It was MADNESS over there when I arrived, might be worth waiting a coupla days if you can bear it ! So so so my absolute fav gift of all is this sweet body suit from Dead Dollz, its in a fabulous shade of olive-green and has some drop dead ruffle action going on over the butt area. Fits a treat over my Slink physique body too yay! I will return when the frenzy had died down to do some proper shopping .


Hair by Argrace

Jewellery by Foot paw Industries

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London Calling. Hunt items.

In RL we’re having an Indian Summer here which is so much better than the real Summer we had so as soon as I click “Publish” I’m off out.  But then I can’t think of a nicer way to kill time by mooching around Loordes of London and snagging all the hunt items out and of course checking out for any new designs as well.

This coat is one of the hunt items, I will give a list at the end, and it’s shop quality perfect with a great fit and texturing.


Loordes of London is a shop you must slap the Sub board and this way you will get regular updates on all of the special events and discounts that Loordes of London do regularly and that way you can pick yourself up some smashing bargains and know when the hunts are on.


Now for the hair and sorry this isn’t a hunt item.  I have shown you this hair before but I’ve been waiting for the Autumn to start so I can do a repost as this is such a good hair.  Called Alex and you will find it in the mens hair section of Minas but this one, like many of Mina’s hair is not only Unisexed but comes with the male and female version.  As far as I can tell the only difference is that the male version is bigger for their “big heeds” as we say in Newcastle. You get a lot in this hair pack because you not only get a hair and beanie colour changing Hud but you can also wear as much or as little of the hair as you wish.  4 options, hair at the nape and fringe, fringe only, nape hair only or no hair at all and just the beanie.

Back to loordes of London and more hunt items.  TBH very poorly hidden which is a boon for me because I usually struggle to find anything lol.  I’ll put the details about which item is in which hunt and how much they do or do not cost at the end of this post.


For those of you who are going to enjoy Summer all year round then pink jean and shoes are just right for that season bou could of course wear them with a jumper over the top or in my case that great Freebie from my previous post.


A bit of a close up, I actually spotted these shoes in the shop at full price so to get them as a prize was a bonus.

The coat is the Shaun the Sheep Hunt Prize and cost only 2Lds.

The jeans are the Summer Strawberry Hunt Prize and cost only 2Lds.

The shoes are the Womenstuff Hunt Prize and cost 0Lds.

There is another hunt item here which I’ve only spotted now I’ve come inworld to LM grab and it’s the Emeshed Into Fall Hunt item, you’re looking for a little metal pumpkin shaped candle holder, and the prize in that looks like boots.  Cost 0Lds as well.  Going to look forward to unpacking them later.

Here is a big hint for you, stay in the courtyard and then once you’ve found the poorly hidden prizes have a walk around and see if you can be tempted by some of the great clothes and accessories here.

Loordes of London

Mina Mainshop

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Gettin’ Swanky (oodles of Freebies).

I found this event called Swank last night and quickly dropped Faith a note this to say it’s MINE ALL MINE but I’m going to drop her a note this morning to tell her to get over and grab this first outfit because even with our overstuffed invents this is such a great find.


The outfit gets 10 out 10 from me.  The top and pants are separates and not only is the texturing 100% shop quality you also get a really BIG Hud which allows you to change the pants, belt and top.  Honestly I’m so pleased with this amazing freebie I had to come in from sunning myself in the garden just to post/brag about it.


I did a quick colour change to show you but this close up is also of the bag and make up, again freebies.  It’s not often I bother to show off free bags but this one has such a lovely gold colour it’s pretty noticeable and there is also another bag which didn’t match any of the outfits I tried on but it too is definitely grab worthy.  There was 2 lots of make up the first a nice simple lash tattoo layer and this one which is a full faced one.


To grab all of these goodies you do have to join the Swank group but that’s free.  I’ve not unpacked everything but I’m pretty sure that 3 of the items are for men and they look just the same quality so drag your OH there.


Last but not least and quite a different style from the rest, that top with the collar has a retro 60ties look to it.

Not going to give you which shops they come from, this is a small shopping arcade and each window has a gift in it and since I’ve not grabbed everything and I’m not showing you everything I’d hate for you to miss a goody so go over there have a look at the clothes for sale in the windows and also grab a load of goodies and then spend a lovely time unpacking and trying on.

PS Special mention for the cigarette holder, very long and stylish so if you’re an SLsmoker worth picking up.

Update for Faith, the great trousers and top are found on the LaVian&Co window.


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Ohmai sweet freebies

Free gift Dress (in 3 colours) Free hunt gift table,chairs & potted plant

A couple of dead sweet Free gifts for you to get your Sunday off to a really great start. Belle Époque has a new group gift (free to join) and its this lovely dress. You get it in three colours, beige,pink & teal (which I am wearing). All mesh sizes included and its fits neatly over my mesh body which is brilliant. The table and chairs(s) and adorable potted plant is the Renaissance hunt gift, super easy to find and totally free ! Each piece is only 1Li which makes it easy on the prim budget as well as being extremely decorative.

Belle Époque

Blogging SL

We have to be so QUICK! (Cheapies).

I have to be quick because I’ve left this house rezzed and it is so primmy Faith may pass out if she gets inworld and does a prim check and you have to be quick because the sale Go*Diva is having at this moment could be over any day now although common sense says that tomorrow would probably be the day it ends so you will have plenty of time to snag a whole load of 10Lds bargains.


No close up in this picture as this mesh outfit doesn’t cover much up, not my normal style but even I occasionally like to flash some flesh but best of all from what I can tell and certainly from the 4 outfits I bought they seem to come with ALL of the Appliers so yes I am wearing my SLink Mesh Body.  Don’t panic if you don’t have a mesh body because they also come with the system layers.


The 1 outfit I’m not showing you was actually a really pretty floral bra and pantie set so although this is a range for those who like to show some skin these pretty little sets will appeal to everyone and again only 10Lds.


Now I’m rushing back inworld to de-rezz that house and LM grab….PS if you already have the Go*Diva LM in your invent don’t use it use mine as the discounts are in the skybox.