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Hail Caesar

Akeruka Caesar 2 Final

One great thing about Second Life: being able to change skins at will. Yeah I know most people, myself included, find one skin and are generally pretty faithful to that but you have to admit, putting on a brilliant looking skin will make you feel like a million bucks. Well, now you can feel like an Emperor in the new, awesome skin from Akeruka: Caesar (just without, you know, the whole assassination thing).

As you can see from the picture above, this is simply just a great skin. Though you really don’t expect much else from Akeruka, the details are fabulous. Check out the definition on the torso, just so good without being over done. Even the body hair looks fantastic and I generally don’t go for that myself (and you can get versions of Caesar without it, of course). Then there’s the face, now I usually prefer wearing facial hair for some reason, but this lends itself to the clean look in my opinion. It’s got a touch of classiness about it, this face, maybe even a little bit of imperial arrogance in there too. Whatever it is, it works, and I like it and I think whoever looks at you while you’re wearing this skin will like it as well!

There are five different skin tones to choose from with Caesar and I suggest you head on down to Akeruka as quick as you can, find the one that suits you best and grab it. Et tu, Brute.

Get the gear here: Akeruka