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Fun fits. (Freebie(s)).

The Apricot Paws shop provides clothes and accessories mainly for the alternative shapes in SL such as furries. Sometimes though these shops can have hidden treasures for us “standards” and this blouse is a prime example of it.

This is the copy I’ve had in my invent from the first time I blogged it as it’s just so good. You get a more cropped version as well as a hud just for the tie. Lots of normal fits as well.

I had to pull a basic pose as these shorts didn’t come in a Legacy fit and the Maitreya was ok just not as good as I’d have hoped.

A very “Beetlejuice” theme to this look. The interesting bit is I’m still wearing the “stand-alone” shorts but you can add the leg parts on as well. Excellent texturing with a leather feel to them.

Just for fun these wearable “Chompy Warmers”

To find these and other gifts then head to the back of the shop BUT veer right and check out a coat for sale. I’ve had a demo of that coat in my invent for as long as I’ve had that purple blouse. It’s just a fab coat, fits of all sizes, reasonably priced etc so make sure to check that and the whole shop out.

PS. On the floor near the wall of group, gifts are a couple of boxes which contain older gifts. So far what I’ve unpacked has been interesting but unwearable for me. Still fun to unpack and work your way through.

Apricot Paws.

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Helloooo…(Free 300Ld Gift Card).

Blinking Nora yet another free gift card and group gifts, this time from the Brillancia shop.

Stupid backdrop but I don’t know when this offer is over and I didn’t want to do yet another basic point-and-click photo so I just threw a backdrop out and pulled a pose as I don’t know when this offer is over so I’d go now.

This outfit is one of the group gifts as I don’t want to spend my free gift card as it is trans which means I will be passing it on.


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Still working. (Freebie(s)).

You may spot I’m still wearing the t-shirt from my last post as it just so happens the pink shade out of the hud goes perfect with the new Coco Design floral skinny jeans.

It’s too summery for me as you can see I’m in full Autumn mode both in SL and RL…yeah I’ve shaken the moths out of my woollies and tomorrow I’m off to IKEA for meatballs and Tea lights. So once I’ve checked out S@bbia and Ricielli I’m going to spend more time relaxing and landscaping.

Coco Designs.

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Super Stacks. (Freebie(ss)).

These super stacked shoes are not to my taste but who cares because, in the end, we all do what we want with our SL lives.

There are actually quite a lot of group gifts in the Sibilla shop in this super stacked style with a couple of other gifts including a rather good wearable bag and what looks like “foot wrinkles”? I will be unpacking that later.

The group is free and when you click on the goodies you select “deliver” out of the menu.

Just in case you do miss it then the two stands are both group gifts, easy to spot when you’re there and just as easy to miss if you didn’t know.


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Info Only.

I’ve just got a notice through from Pumec that for just 24 hours the group is FREE. I have been in the group for such a long time I can’t remember how much it costs when full price.

I don’t wear a Pumec skin anymore since I changed to the Lelutka Evo X head but I wore the Agatha skin with the Lelutka Greer head and SLink body for several years and I think I looked bloody good! I just look even better now lol.

I know there are group gifts but it’s been so long since I was last at the shop and now it’s busy I can’t tell you what they are. So head on over, cam and click to join then return when it’s calmed down and see whats what.


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Don’t Meander! (Freebie).

I went to Meander Me & Sooty Wing just to join the group as it is free for a limited time. When I walked inside I spotted on the wall to my right what looks like the advent gifts which are now priced at 99Lds…apart from this Christmas Day gift as it’s FREE for ALL. Just pay 1Ld and it is refunded.

Although there was no reason to not believe you get this gift I quickly TP’d home just to unpack it and make sure that yes you do get the dress and skin which I’ve not tried on as yet because I don’t know how long the free group and this free gift will be out so I’d not delay and go now.

PS. I’ve not even looked for any group gifts either!

UPDATE: Yes there is a wall of group gifts.

Meander Me & Sooty Wing.

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A Nuve you & now Mudskin! (Free Group).

Info only and GO NOW, don’t read the rest of this post just GO NOW and join the Nuve group.

Thanks to Shi I’ve just found out that the Nuve skin shop is on its last day of a free group membership. I know very little about the shop, on my brief LM grabbing I did spot that they are nice skins and I also spotted some discount rooms.

OH, Shi is on a ROLL! Sorry, again no pictures but she IM’d me that Mudskins also is free to join so naturally I rushed over as I don’t know when that will end and of course once you’re in the group you can return to look at the shop at your leisure.

Last update to this post as I have to return to RL and since I hate doing a pictureless post I just want to show you this pretty picture as I am using one of the gifts from the Nuve shop which are to be found on the back of the staircase.

It’s a pack of windlight settings which may seem an odd gift from a skin shop but I think these settings are not only stunning as a backdrop but also still make your skin look amazing because as we all know not all windlight settings are the most flattering. I will have to test them all out fully later when my RL work is done.