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I’m MADDDDD!!!!! (Freebie).

I’ve just spent a wodge full of lindens this morning and I’m not too unhappy with what I bought but this FREEBIE was almost the best thing, esp since it’s also COPY, MOD and UNLINKED my fav 3 words and always much appreciated.

Not the best position for it, I was just sat on my chair and I rezzed and moved it into place because I was too lazy to do much else.  Those tea lights are so bright as you can see they really lit up the whole area and they crackle like a fire.  Because they’re so small you can tuck them into nooks and crannies where you would like to add some secret atmospheric lighting but don’t want to use a lamp.

So I quickly moved the pretty glass vase and plant downstairs to the top of my piano.

Then back upstairs I moved that fantastic wood/concrete? shelf to the other window.  I’ve already popped a copy of this into a folder of its own as it’s going to make a lovely feature either inside or outside.

You get these from Zen Creations.  Most of the items are in a rezzer and if you fly around the sim you will see some really quality and unique builds.

Zen Creations

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Unashamededly Reblogging. (Freebie).

Only 1 pair of boots in this picture is free and if you get it wrong then DUH!

I popped over to Utopia Designs just to see if there was a new freebie and there isn’t a new freebie just this old freebie but I don’t think anyone will mind me reblogging it because I think it was blogged a very long time ago, possibly even years ago! but age has not diminished the qualitiness(sic) of the gift.

So Sod it here it is.

PS.  Lots of mesh feet/bod fits.

Utopia Designs

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Keeping it simple.(UPDATE! It’s free. 25Ld special offer & Mention of freebie).

If you read my next post then you will see it’s been a day of slight regrets.  Turns out this dress is STILL out as a hunt prize for only 1Ld, so don’t be a lazy mare like me go hunting.


Please ignore the glassy-eyed stare lol, I’m starting today with a “KISS” (keep it simple stupid) post.

This is an old hunt prize which now costs only 25Lds to buy.

I couldn’t get a demo to try it first but I do have a couple of other items from this shop so I wasn’t worried about the quality or even the fit as it’s a pretty standard design so at such a small price I decided to give it try as at such a low price no great loss if it turned out to be a stinker.  It’s not, I took the picture just in my Nams setting so you can see the colour, wrinkles and a whole load of different fits means it’s a really simple and yet detailed dress.

This is on the wall to your left when you walk into the shop and you will see that there is 1 day left to find the “Love Hunt” prize and even though there is a hint which seems simple enough I still couldn’t find it but you may be luckier than me and some other hunts which are either going on or will be starting soon.

Sweet Intoxication

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Just a quickie before I log off, empty the washing machine, check emails, pack my gym bag, chase one of the cats for a cuddle and then put some lippie on before I head out to face RL.

I LOVE BALLOONS, not to the point of it being a fetish…trust me it’s a fetish for some people lol, but I find it hard to walk past balloons esp if they’re free and 3 prims.

So pop over to Fayded, join the group and grab these from the LM.


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Old Bag.(Freebie).

I forgot I had this and I don’t know how much longer this freebie will be out, probably till the end of this month but hopefully, it will be kept out for much longer as this is such a great gift even if you grab it in 2 years time it will be just as good.

This is a wearable backpack but maybe even at 13 prims you could also use it as decor item.  For me sadly it’s just a tad too big but still very wearable and of course I think my AV is on the slightly smaller size and for male AVs probably a perfect fit.

Kopi isn’t a big shop and it’s decor only but there is a couple of items I really, REALLY want but since I really, REALLY don’t need them at the moment I’ve just added this shop to my “wish list” folder.

Kopi Furniture

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I’m Flouncing into Spring !

A new round of Uber means new pretties from Neve woohoo! This is the “Flouncy” dress, and it really is flouncy. The colour palette is fabulous, nothing wishy-washy some good solid colours and patterns – made me feel like Spring has sprung already. Options via the Hud include making the underskirts sheer and adding a wee bit of shine.

Loved alllll the pattern versions and of course because its made by Neve, you can play around with the top and skirt utilising the Hud, or stick to the pre-set options. The cut of the skirt gives the illusion of swirly movement which is super pretty! Thanks Neve team ❤


Cam Sim 1

Cam Sim 2

Mesh body fits only.

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I ain’t mad.(Dollarbies, 5Ld, 10Ld etc).

Goooooood Morning Monday…or it would be if my washing machine wasn’t broken and nope kicking it doesn’t work.

So I’m hiding from RL, just for a little while with a much-needed cup of coffee and as I slurped away I decided to check out the MP and found that MH Design has what looks like a total of 88 items for sale at between 1Ld to 10Ld.  Obv when inworld I popped over to their inworld shop and it’s totally empty so it looks like they’re having a big restock or revamp of the place so I will be looking forward to checking the inworld shop out when it’s opened for business again.

As for this outfit, it only cost me 10Lds.  The lines are sequins and I’ve picked 2 of the more muted colours from the hud but the red, green etc are deffo more disco lol. As always if you’re not keen on what I’m showing you still have a look because there is quite a selection to chose from.

If you’re wondering, this is the message that the Boss lady of MH Unique Designs includes in a note with all her sales and I’ve seen it many a time but I just thought today was the day to cut and paste if.

Who are you?
You are beautiful.
You are smart.
You are funny.
You are kind
You are a diamond , a rose ,a pearl.
You are UNIQUE!!!
Best regards,MarrylinHope!

MH Unique (Marketplace only)