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Bailey’s and Belle Epoque.(10Ld Hunt).

I’m on my second glass of Baileys which is probably why it took me so long to find some of the Baubles you’re hunting for at Belle Epoque.

There are a total of 20 Baubles and each costs just 10Lds and since this is a paid for hunt at the entrance to the shop is a picture to show you what is in each bauble so you can buy just want you want.

A really nice mix of some accessories and outfits so in this picture the headpiece, dress and basket each cost me 10Lds.  Heads up though because Belle Epoque doesn’t do SLink fits and everything I picked up only came in the 1 fit inc the shoes which are probably the Maitreya as that is the fitting favoured by Belle Epoque.

The basket comes with this nice pose but is actually just 8prim so a pretty nice decor item as well.

Belle Epoque

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Back and raring to go.(Freebie).

I’m back and I am finally full of the Christmas spirits, Baileys to be exact lol.  I don’t drink but damn I do like a Baileys.

The first thing I did was look at the stuff Faith has found and yes I just had to go get the Santa AV, I won Sleepy lol.  Once I log back in I’m putting “Sleepy” back on and hunting/shopping as I’m finally getting less “Bah Humbug” and more into the Christmas spirit (Baileys Chrismas spirit lol).

These fab boots are FREEBIES! I actually thought they were just for a Maitreya fit but because of the design it was worth a try on but actually these do come in all mesh fits so woo hoo.

Join the Free Kokoia group pay a Linden get your Linden back and these boots.

PS.  Ignore the fact my doormat seems to be levitating.


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Running away.

My work is done, my bag is packed and I’m OFF!

I’m taking a couple of days of R & R just me myself and of course a good book. I am an introverted extrovert and I need time to recharge my batteries so I’m thrown a few basics into my backpack and I’m off “North of the Border” Edinburgh to be exact and hopefully a fab RL Christmas market.  I’m going to eat like a pig, read, stroll and come back home recharged and with a load of Scotish Tat.

Until then stay calm, keep clicking those Advent Calenders and we will meet up on Thur or Fri.

PS.  This is an example of my lousy SL driving skill.

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Not for everyone.

Hopefully, you will have noticed by now if it’s not a freebie then in the title of the post I don’t add “Free” in the title and this curtain wasn’t free but not only was it just what I wanted it was at a price I wanted to pay because there is a sale going on at Paper Moon the shop I found these in.

I moved my Christmas tree to the side so you can see if full length but in the shop, they are out for you to check them for yourself.

You get the left and right draped curtains plus a pretty generous hud which allows you to change the colour on the front and back of the curtain.  Each curtain is only 2 prims and it’s just what I was after and this is one of the sale items so only 175Lds and not the usual 350Lds.  There are other colour/texture options but I think this is the only one in the sale going on.

PS.  Not in the sale, sadly, are some stunning floor tiles so if you’re an SL homebody check those out.

Paper Moon.

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Old but new.(Freebies).

This fuzzy sweater may look familiar to you as it wasn’t that long ago I showed you the lovely orange fuzzy wuzzy one from Amiable.

It was while I was there at Amiable that I spotted/remembered that I had this scarf and it is fab!  That’s the problem with a bottomless pit of an invent even though I try to relabel things so I can find them when I want that that often doesn’t happen.  So this is a fab free scarf with a hud which I am more than happy to reblog.

Most of us will already have a lot of the Amiable gifts inc the orange version of this but if you want this colour then it’s near to the wall of GG’s but it’s on a rack to your left and it’s an SL Frees and Offers gift.


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It’s my fault.

I’ve been unpacking all the freebies from all the recent events and I’m TPing to the shops who have donated the gifts, ok especially the nice or interesting ones and that’s how I ended up at a shop called 7 Style.

Not a massive amount of stock but some interesting designs and I came across this jumper and thought oooo nice and a nice 80Ld price tag…can you see the boxes are being ticked here?

I think you can see why I was tempted but I didn’t read the dreaded “small print” on the poster because the 80Lds was just for the hud and I had to go back and buy the sweater/shirt combo separately. Since I had tried on the demo and loved its quirky peplum look I decided I’d buy the shirt as without it the hud is pretty useless.

You do get a really nice selection of colours for the sweater, 15 I think but only 3 for the shirt and that’s white, off-white and black so it’s a shame there wasn’t a little more variety.

So to cheer myself up I dug out my Sousaphone because I’ve never had the excuse to use it and now I do.

But once you know that it looks like the huds and clothing are bought separately then you know what the cost is going to be and this in the end only cost me 179Lds so we’re not talking a fortune here.  As I’ve said it’s not a big shop at the moment but there is menswear as well as some interesting new designs.

PS.  You can just buy the sweater/shirt without the hud and I think the demo is the colour you get, ie either white or off-white.



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Today is the day to join.(!g0 50Ld Advent Gift).

This is today’s !g0 Advent gift and it alone is worth the small joining fee.

Sorry I’ve not been keeping you updated with the daily !g0 gifts which is naughty of me as once the day has passed you can’t get them but as soon as I put this on I knew I couldn’t let another really good pressie pass you by.  Taken in my sim setting so you can see it as I see it, look at the knotted belt and just the quality. Best of all for me it even fits over my fav pants (sorry not free but if you want to know they come from Faiths fav shop, Neve).

Not only is this a “keeper” a lot of the !g0 clothing range just lasts and lasts and lasts so once this christmas is ove it will be packed away till next.