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It’s monday, it’s the morning and it’s a FREEBIE.

The only drink I have in my hand at the moment is an oversized mug of coffee!

Doing a quick post to start off a new week. This leather dress comes Elisea Carter Fashions. There are a couple of other gifts, mainly body con gowns. This shop is very much high fashion in style so this more hard core leather dress was a nice suprise.

Now I’m LM grabbing I can see other shops on this sim so once I’ve finished my coffee and dragged some clothes on I will be logging in to check those out.

Elisea Carter Fashion.

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Thank you, Agnes. (250Ld credit for only 10Ld).

The picture couldn’t make it clear enough so all I can add is that the group only costs 10Lds and the gift card it TRANS so as soon as I log back in to LM grab even though there is a tropical bikni I rather like I’m going to be passing on this gift to someone else to use.


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Follow me to the MP.(Dollarbie & Freebie(s)).

Nothing nicer than clean PJ’s, a good bra and a mug of coffee which is how I plan on spending my RL day snd of course a bit of SL inworld and SL marketplace and thats how I found this Dollarbie.

A nice simple strapless body con dress which has probably been blogged before as it’s such a classic style but it’s a good classic with a 5 shade hud.

Get this from the marketplace shop as it’s a paid for group gift inworld. I had a walk around the shop and found on the wall to your right as you go in there is a free pair of wedge boots which would match this dress and that is a freebie as it’s a “Mesh Body Friends” group gift.

Once you’ve looked around the Limitted Addiction shop either us my LM or trot on over to the Envious shop for these shoes/sock/boot thingi.

These are a “SL frees and offer” gift and again are to be found on the wall to your right as you go in. They also come with a nice big hud of colors.

Limited Addiction. (Marketplace).


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Coffee and PJ’s. (Freebies).

Somehow the nail varnish on my right hand is a different colour to the varnish on my left.

OK a nice simple start to the day with this bathing suit(?) and the funny cupcake hat.

The bathing suit comes with I believe 6 patterns, it was hard to choose which one to show you. The texturing to me has a slight hint of jersey fabric to it. I’m so glad I do a quick log into SL to grab the LM’s as I’d forgotten that this is a “Love for all hunt” gift. Easy to find when you “check out” the shop.

As for the cupcake, I was rummaging through the SL Marketplace and picked it up from the shop Sweet Thing. You get 2 of them, blueberry or strawberry.


Sweet Thing. (Marketplace cupcake).

Blogging SL

Sorry Faith I have a new BFF! (Freebie(s) & The Arcade).

First the freebies.

The shoes and dress are from a shop called “Pull”. Totally new to me and so I was excited to visit it. It’s not a big shop at the moment and I can see from a couple of the demos I picked up, which do cost 1Ld to buy, that it’s not going to cater for my preferred mesh body. This Christmas dress does have SLink HG fit and the shoes are a lovely blush pink/orange? So I’m happy I have something I can show you.

There are other gifts a sexy and simple LBD (Little Black Dress) and a couple of quality looking basics such as denim skirts.

Yesterday I succumbed to temptation and visited the latest Arcade event and won a couple of nice items, now reboxed, and then this…


Sorry to shout but this little thing is so freaking adorable! OMG, I’m riveted as it dances, leaps and waves it’s little leggies! Best of all this palm out hand pose stays the same as you walk around showing off your little palm pet! It’s one of the common prizes from the Hextraordinary Gacha and cost me 75Lds….worth every Linden lol. You can rezz them but as we all know Animesh animals are primmy, about 22-29 ish, so I’m more than happy to keep my new buddy on my hand.


Seraphim Blog. (For the Arcade prize pictures/LM).

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Third time lucky. (Freebies).

It did take me a bit of effort to get this free short/top set from the Lucid shop and it was worth it.

Even though I’m not into pictures/sloganed tops that little figure holding the umbrella is so cute and best of all it makes my boobies nice and perky…just like a cold frosty day lol. The yellow shorts are such a lovely daffodil shade that even though yellow is one of my least fav colours I’m keeping these for when I feel the need to brighten myself up.

There are 2 other group gifts as well as a free for all gift called “gift bag” which is a set of 3 different styled tops and here is where the struggle happened so pay attention as I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

First of all, in the shop click on the board and select “get free” from the pop-up menu to get the freebies and the items are sent to you. They’re delivered in wearable bags which you click on to unpack and then they disappear except not the “gift bag”. It goes through the motions but nothing is sent and then the bag disappears so I had to return a couple of times to get new copies. The trick is to rezz the bag, click on it to open and into your invent the usual way but be QUICK as you only have second to do this before the gift vanishes and you have to go back to get another copy. I’ve put the link to the Lucid marketplace shop so you can see that it’s worth giving it a try plus the gift is also non-copy and trans so you may not want to keep it but you can pass it on.


Lucid. (Marketplace).

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Small shop “Small” name! (Freebies).

This is a totally new shop to me and I’m not sure if I will end up buying much as the fits are limited which is why I am “the invisable woman” in these pictures.

There are a few free group gifts, on the right as you TP in. I could have shown you the glasses or the interesting sports(?) shoes but for sheer/latexness(sic) I couldn’t resist showing you these 2 gifts.

Although the first outfit comes with a pair of panties should you wish to cover up even just a little bit this bottom outfit hides none of you blushes lol.

Because this is a new shop to me I took a wander around and found some very interesting things such as fun “Social Distancers” and I picked up a demo of one of the “body enhancers” and to my suprise it worked and my flat boobies instantly became very bazooka in size. When I return to LM grab I will try a few other the other demos. There also seems to be some “fixers” for Legacy bodies…I will leave that for you to check out..