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Just these. (Freebie(s) & Mention of Dollarbies).

We all know FurtaCor shop but it has been a while since my last visit and so naturally I walked right past all the weekend special offers to the Group Gifts.

Out of all the gifts I only kept these to show you. I’m just trying to declutter my invent as I pick stuff up. These come with a big hud as well so very handy and the Maitreya was perfect for my Legacy Deformer feet.

Pay Attention because there are 2 rows of gifts, the large prominent ones on the table are FurtaCor Gifts and that group costs 1Ld but behind them in smaller gift boxes are a mix of freebies/cheapies from other groups and these are the “La Femme Fatale” Group which is free.

BTW…some of the gifts are for full outfits, inc wearable bags.


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Saved by S@bbia. (Freebie).

I was hoping there was a new S@bbia gift and yes there is.

A lovely bikini and because this is more form fitting it does come in certain body fits. Free of course so try it out.

I’ve actually just returned from my own trip to the sea side. Somehow since I ended up walking over 10 bloody miles it was hardly relaxing and added to that I didn’t even get an ice lolly!


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Be warned…(Free Gift Card go NOW).

This has been posted before but its just too good to do a reminder as a simple “slap ‘n’ sub” gets you a 300Ld Gift Card each month.

Even better for some its non-copy/trans which means I’ve passed it on.

The “warning” is because its a NEW LM and the old LM is a bloddy Yard Sale and yeah I got “spendy”. So if you don’t want to be tempted use my NEW LM and not the old one you may have.

Also as you can see all of the shops have moved to this new shopping mall and its busy, so slap now and return later to spend the credit.

Orange Thread, Liyue, Clumsy and other shops.

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Drat…Mens Freebies & Mention of Female Freebie.

I went over to the “Over” shop to pick up what looks like a really good pair of shorts for us girls but I couldn’t join the “Maitreya Gifts” Group to grab them as it says it’s now “Closed”. OH! That’s a shame as I do see a lot of gifts in shops for this group.

So instead I joined the Over Group and got the men’s gifts…ok I did hope they came in a female fit but they don’t.

Really excellent texturing/shading and they also come in a very metallic silver shade.

There are two more male gifts of tops and a top for a female shape.


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Good Enough. (Freebie(s)).

For chunky boots I rather like these which is sad as they only come in the “Meshbody” fit but as you can see there is just a little bit of break through so worth trying them out yourself.

Really nice texturing and hud of colours so well worth trying them out for yourself.

They come from a shop called “Hotdog” and I know this is a shop as I’ve actually bought things from here. If I didn’t have to keep my AV pretty standard I would look just like the AV’s used in the pictures because even in SL you will stand out as being unique.

PS. The group gifts are to your right and there are more “wearable” gifts…fun to try them out as well.


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Looks familiar… (Freebie(ss)).

When I switched to my Legacy body and the “Foot Deformer” I found I had to ditch some shoes and a lot of sneakers/trainers even the ones I’d previously gotten from the Versov shop because I couldn’t get a decent fit and that was a big shame as they’re such good quality.

I found myself back at the Versov shop and even though I couldn’t tell if the Group Gifts were old or new(to me) I still grabbed them and YASS they fit so I think they have been changed.

As always generous fatpacks of colours and in some cases a Hud that allows you to change all the bits n bobs and don’t worry there is a couple of fancy high heels as well. Also male/female fits.

Pay Attention: The Group Gifts are on a shelf on the front of the reception desk, I think this is why I’ve missed them as they have moved from where the Group Gifts used to be.


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Be cheap like me. (10Ld Group Gift(s)).

“Witch in a Box” new shop to me. Lots of spooky/dark/Halloweeny style of clothing and a wall of (10Ld) Group Gifts.

I only picked up two of the gifts and neither disappointed me.

As for this outfit, LOVE the shorts, you can zoom in on those. A lovely light pattern, lace edging and “keepers”. The top that comes with them is also super nice but I can’t see myself wearing those again while these shorts I can…in fact I did a very short dress not too long ago and I think I said something about how shorts under it would make it even cuter…I have the shorts now.

Witch in a Box.