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When and When! (Dollarbiesssssss).

I’m pretty sure the Pink Cream Pie group came with a big price tag but at this moment it’s only 1Ld. I have checked the notices to see if there is a mention of how long this low price is for but I can’t see a cut off date so go and join now.

This dress is the first group gift of the year but this, by all means, is not the only gift.

Read on for more info.

Upstairs is where you find the group gifts both old and new. Also, the Lucky Boards have been updated with some quality gifts, well worth waiting for and they have a quick turn-over time and when a prize is claimed the gift changes. In the short time I was there I won 3 very “keepable” items.

Downstairs to your left is a wall of weekend/special offers and if you check the “Linden 1 Hour” sub-board there is a nice cropped top BUT I also notice under it was one of the Pink Cream Pie Plushies and I clicked it and scored even more shop credit.

BTW I thought I’d just mention it that the dress I’m wearing comes as separates so you get the cropped top and a dress which can be worn on it’s own.

Pink Cream Pie.

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Sneaks in a reblog. (Dollarbie).

It’s breaking my heart as I’m slowly deleting all my clothes that don’t come in my preferred fit and at the same time since some of them, ok a lot of them, were freebies/gifts etc I have also been checking to see if they’re still out as gifts and that’s how and why I’m doing a reblog of these fab “Cuffs”.

I’ve not checked to see if they’re in an inworld freebie but on the marketplace, they’re a Dollarbie.

They are excellent so I’m really pleased that they do come in my fit. Some quality colours in the hud from pastels to dark black. Even though they seem to have patches on the elbows they’re delicate enough to be worn with an evening gown or as an RP costume addition. Also to make them just a bit different if you have a pair of gloves that just cover your hands it would be interesting to see if you could add those on to make a different look.

eXxEsS. (Marketplace).

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Cheap, Free & Dollarbie. (FLF, Freebie & Hunt Info).

Mina has one of her newest hairs as a FLF offer!

This hair is called “Pepper”. I find for me personally that hair that drapes over your front just doesn’t look that good on me but Mina has in my opinion cracked it. Pepper is one of her newer/finer stranded hair and to get this with its style hud and massive colour palette for only 50Lds is just too good not to. And that’s probably why the shop was packed when I was taking this picture…and it was still packed when I logged back in to LM grab!

PS. The top is the “free” which has been blogged I think by me however it is acting as a reminder to haul AV ass over to the Uber event now that it has calmed down as the gifts under the tree may not be there much longer…UPDATE: Uber shuts its doors on the 22nd so don’t delay.

Now for the “Dollarbie” and something completely different.

I spotted that the Harmony Hunt is up and running so I scrolled through the pictures and spotted a stunning wearable owl. That is one of the hunt prizes from the Goddess shop. I haven’t found any of the mushrooms which is what you’re looking for and I’ve run out of time so I will return later.

What I did find was this gift which is on a poster in the entrance area. Look high on the left-hand wall and you will see the purple lettering next to the poster for this. I think you do need to join a free group as well as pay 1Ld but I can’t log back in to check if the 1Ld is refunded.

I just thought this was cute, with the small birdhouses and little birds all along the branches and the lovely way the lights highlight it. I think it was 10 or 12 prims, you do get options ie with or without grass, lights but I don’t think that makes much difference to the prims.

Mina’s Main Shop.

FLF Seraphim. (Pictures & LM’s).

UBER. (End Date is 22 Jan)

Harmony Hunt. (Inworld Office to get the Hud).

Goddess Creations.

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Dollarbie Me. (Dollarbies).

You know I just had to follow Faiths links and log into the Marketplace to get those poses and of course, check out for anything new. I got new and old in this picture, I also got a monster AV but I can’t be ar*ed so take everything off to show it to you lol.

I call this look “plain Jane” it reminds me of the sort of RL clothes you put on when you don’t want to look as though you smell but you can’t be bothered to get too dressed up either.

The skirt is a reblog from the Osmia Marketplace shop. There are 3 Dollarbies in the shop and I suggest if you’ve not already got them then get them you won’t regret it. Or if you’re down to your last 1Ld then get the skirt for sure and it’s a quality texture, fit and with the big hud is very much a go-to skirt.

The jacket/jumper comes from a shop I know and yet I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen this “jeans Jacket” before. Another Dollarbie which comes in many sizes. I forgot about the hud because if I’d remembered it I would have changed the sweater to my fav colour, green. It does have that “painted on” look which in this case is absolutely fine. I love how the sweater sleeves extends further than the jacket and it makes for a very simple and wearable look.


E.A Glamour.

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Crush Free. (Freebie(s)).

I finally got to go to the Cosmopolitan Event as now it’s calmed down and it’s been worth the wait as check out this cute combo.

I hate it! I really do as it’s such a quality item in both the mesh, colour and texturing so how can I not keep it! So yeah another “keeper” to stuff in my invent.

BTW I’m not ignoring the other free dress on the easel on the other side of the entrance door. I zoomed in on it and it’s a black, sequined classy dress which would grace any invent but I decided to just go with the pink and leave that one as a nice surprise.


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Spend some time. (Freebie).

I used this pose a few posts ago and I didn’t expect to have to use it again so soon.

This dress is a gift from Mow and it has been designed to drape around the boobies in a sexy/flashy way. A 10 colour hud of some very pretty colours.

AH, when I logged back in to LM grab I remember some more details. I’d gone to the WIP Event and then started to check out the rest of the shopping sim as this is a classy shopping centre. I can’t remember finding many freebies although I think there is a winter sale going on in many of the shops and maybe I should spend more time looking around. That’s how I ended up in the Mow shop but it’s not a Mow group gift, I think that’s 50Lds to join. This is one of the big free groups which I do keep joining then leaving as it is an excellent group but also a very busy group. To find this as you enter the Mow shop turn right and this is on a wall separate but close by to the Mow group gifts.


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Sub for me. (Freebie).

This gown is a subscribers gift from the Sofia shop so head inside, past the reception desk and turn right and down that way is where you will find the Sofia group gift (50Lds to join) and you slap the sub-board you receive this dress as a thank you.

In the entrance is all the old advent gifts which now look to be set for sale at a bargain price. I’ve not had a chance to have a proper look around but from my brief visit this is a “glamour and gown” sort of shop and there are some beautiful designs.