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Happy Berfday The Designer Warehouse !

Cleo designs gift for The Designer Warehouse Anniversary

Yes indeed, The Designer Warehouse is one year old, lets give them some cake and plenty of bumps !!! Not only are there some really great deals out for you but…also each designer is giving away a special free gift to celebrate the Birthday. Cleo Design has a huge box crammed full of goodies…and too my great surprise it includes some wearables yippeee! You get some delicious decor items to pimp up your space…the cases etc above…a gorjus little pair of pumps to wear…

Cleo designs gift part one - The Designer Warehouse Anniversary

plusss there are two wearable trolley bag’s and a wearable travel case, sweet ! I so love the old battered leather flight bag and Im desperately trying to find a place for it in my home, and yes, you do also get the beautiful chair in the photo…fantastic gift, thank you Cleom ❤

Michigans Shack Spring Bed Adult & PG poses FREE 1

I couldnt quite believe my tired eyes when I opened the gift box from Michigans shack…wowser, its the “Around to spring” bed with both Adult & PG poses…such a curly wurly shape and all woody & warm…I adore the shabby chic stitched comforter on the bed…make sure you take a peek at the photo in the box, it tells you where to click to get the menus !

SHF Heart & flowers [CIRCA] Falling into you cushion FREE

Last gift I collected was from [CIRCA] and SFH…[CIRCA] have two gifts out, both sweet little pillows to sit on the floor with…and SFH have this darling little heart shaped hanging vase of flowers…both perfect if youre into low prim …Theres a few more gifts (such as the skyhome Zan showed earlier) so zoom over and take a gander, you do need to be in the Cookie Jar group to collect your pressies…its free join.

The Designer Warehouse

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Easy Peasy OOPS Corrected the LM!!


Have to confess that I’ve had this furniture for quite a while and I’ve not had anywhere to put it until I picked up an excellent low prim and FREE skyhome.  As soon as I rezzed the Seorn Appartment  from The Designer Warehouse I knew I’d found the perfect setting for my EoD furniture.

Clean11This is unashamedly  men’s  furnishings from the beige retro look to the manly poses in the furniture but that to me doesn’t put me off.  I like its clean cut look and it’s retro style. Normally I like to pose next to furnishing to give some sort of size indicator but this furniture is definitely over sized and that is deliberate.  These pieces are big and bold but not the ugly badly lazy over sized stuff that you can pick up for a few lindens.


Hopefully you can see though that this desk is not over sized.  I have a slightly smaller than average AV and I don’t think I look dwarfed by the desk at all.    This is statement furniture dare I say Lazy Mans furniture because it took me 5 mins to rezz and arrange and I had a fully furnished stylish living room so even if you don’t think you have the time or the vision to make a place look great just get it from EoD.

Clean Piano

Comparison shot. Normally I would never compare the quality of one item against another but since the shop where I got the piano on the left from has long gone from SL I feel ok to do it this time.  The left hand one was state of the art, expensive and top class but compare it to the modern-day version from E0D and guess which one got binned.


If you were lucky enough to get yourself the amazing Billiard/Snooker table then this the same great quality. Plus you don’t just get this you get a brown version as well and both come with lid up or lid down options.  The books, wine etc decorations are included but you can remove them if you want and I wish I had because you can get a great stet of candlesticks from EoD as well which would also look great. Menu inc 10 sitting, 3 activities, 14 couple and 12 adult poses.

Don’t panic because EoD is in the Four Walls Hunt and still has The Great Outdoor Hunt item out (your looking for a tree in a box and a tree stump) and I know since I have both items they’re worth the few lindens they cost.


A free home for all.  Picked this up at The Designer Warehouse for nowt, nothing, nada I also picked up some great stuff so even if your not after a new home still get yourself over there slap the Free Group Board and start collecting because they have a lot of free treats out for us. This home which as you can see has a large picture window also has 2 skylight windows and great texturing/lighting  and it’s only 4 PRIMS! I had to check that a couple of times because how low primmed is that! and totally mesh.  So pop over grab the freebies but make note of the great designer offers which are on and when PayDay comes you can go back and treat yourself yet again.

EoD (End of Days Design)

EoD Marketplace

The Designer Warehouse.

Big Fat OOPS because I gave out my home LM instead of The Designer Warehouse one.  Thats what happens when you post after struggling through a cold.  I hope those who TPed to my home didn’t panic.   I actually keep my home open for anyone to wander through so I wouldn’t have minded but then again I did post the wrong LM.  SO get yourself to the right one now and again make sure you join the group and grab those goodies.

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For The Love of

Zinnias For The Love Hunt gift hammock

New hunt begins on the first day of February called” The Love of Hunt” and I have the gift from Zinnias to share with you. It’s this absolutely fabbolicious Hammock. Now here’s an admission, I’m a bit of a hammock collector…I know I know…but but but…I just love them dotted around my Second Life home and garden. Lovely to relax in alone or as a couple.

Zinnias For The Love Of Hunt hammock gift

This one comes in a  rez box, which means its sooper easy to place, the pillows have that Aztec feel to them with the ethnic fabric…theres animations for singlepringles or couples…plus it even rocks (ever so gently).! I adore the organic shape of the seat…just perfect to get all comfy in and have a late afternoon snooze huh? Light on prims and mesh to boot yay! Thanks Zinnia ❤

Dont forget this hunt does not begin until the 1st February .

For The Love of Hunt blog


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Group Benefits

WoW Skins Group Gift and Free Lingerie

My favourite time of the month is approaching..the beginning. *air punch* and it’s SO good to get January over at last ! If you havent joined WoW Skins group yet…you really should. Some greats gifts and special offers always around for members…and for February there is this skin and lingerie above waiting for you to collect. The skin comes in Tan, which isn’t too tanned but a lovely tone. Lush lips and doe eyes make it a real stunner. The even bigger plus is you get this black lace lingerie thrown in the package also. A body suit style with sweet silver rings attaching the top to the bottom. Once youre in the group don’t forget to hit those group only lucky boards and keep your eyes open for the latest special deals ! (Btw, this skin not only has Lola appliers for the skin but also even for the lingerie hooooray!)

WoW Skins

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Treat her like a lady

Reasonable Desires Pink Leah Lucky chair-Lingerie Eclectica 'Gathered Hearts' necklace & earringsSo …its almost Valentines days huh? What to do…what to do….Ive got a couple of things to show you incase you’re struggling for gift ideas. I was looking around for lingerie and Zan suggested I went over to Reasonable Desires…wow blast from the past, havent poked my snout in there for eons ! I headed over and much to my surprise found stacks of really inexpensive lingerie sets plus oooodles of lucky chairs hoooray! I won this “pink Leah” lingerie as soon as I arrived, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s just adorable, sets like this are also on sale inside the store and on the market place for around 50L …great value.

RD Lingerie eclectica jewelry_002

I added in a totally stunning jewelry set by Eclectica called “Gathered hearts”…(thanks Tiffy Vella !) I really love the brushed pearlised effect on the hearts…very sublte and classy. You can also change the textures on most parts, the main hearts, the little hearts , also the chains metal…makes this one super versatile collection. I’m wearing the larger more ornate ear rings…but in the pack is a slightly smaller pair incase that’s not your *thing*…it comes with a gorgeous bracelet also …I’m still wearing this now, with jeans and a blouse…so suitable for casual or glam wear. (If you like this collection, also take a peek at the “vintage hearts” set)

Reasonable Desires Lingerie Tamara 10L Eclectica 'Harikoa I' Fern Jewellery Set

Another set out from Electica is the ” ‘Harikoa I’ Fern Jewellery Set”..if youre looking for w-o-w it is. The stones are surrounded by fern fronds…heaps of them…and despite being ever so eye-catching it remains also delicate…not easy to achieve.

Eclectica 'Harikoa I' Fern Jewellery Set showing earring

You can change the stone colour via a simple menu, plus alter the tone of the metal…there are two sets in this range…the second set is more intricate and “showy”, I preferred the simpler lines of the first collection BUT…if you have both…they are totally interchangeable..brilliant ! This ‘Harikoa I’ Fern Jewellery Set comes complete with the necklace, earrings and also a fantastic dress ring. Check out the market place store for some top-notch photos and explanations of how they are made and work. Ohhhhhh btw…take a look at the tiara’s…to-die-for !

Eclectica main store

Eclectica market place store

Reasonable desires main store

Reasonable Desires market place store

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Wednesday’s Skin


For every skin I post a picture of I try on a dozen have a laugh and then  bin them, so for me to fork out my hard-earned Lindens the skin has to be either amazing or so reasonably priced I can’t ignore it and these skins are both cheap and excellent.  Called Wednesday and you can find it for 70Lds at The Dressing Room Loved it so much I bought the light and mid skin colour. Both of these skins comes with generous blush tattoos and if you want cleavage then you can purchase them from the shop.

Grounded 1

This is the medium shade and I’ve taken it with my normal windlight setting so you can see how creamy and well textured it is.  What I love best is the dark and prominent eyebrows which make for a very striking look.


Once you’ve grabbed your Essense Wednesday skins them you must pop the the shop not only to check out her other skins including some men skins but Woo Hoo she has hunt gifts out as well.  2 Womenshunts item and 1 With Love Hunt item.  What you’re looking for is 2 pink/red tops for free and a small red jewelry box for 10Lds and grab them all because you will get 2 fabulous skins, one of which I am wearing in my third photo and a full length mesh coat which isn’t too clear in my first photo but it has a most unusual texture of old newspaper print and a choice of 2 shades as well and I haven’t even had time to unpack the group gift which is only 1Ld to join so I’m going to enjoy looking at that when I next get inworld.

Pretty lovely skins I’m so pleased with them but you must remember that under different lightening your skin looks different.  My preference is for Nams Optimal Skin 1 or 2.  Other than that I wear a low light face light which just brightens my skin up slightly and doesn’t flood the area with unwanted light.

The Dressing Room (for the Wednesday 70Lds Skin)

Essence (for the hunt items)

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SL Fashion Week

SL Fashion  Week - WoW Skins Jadey in Tan + Jadey eyeliner & gloss , [whatever] CG Spikes shoes FREE GIFT

Tra la la la Best start ever to my weekend..freeee shooz ! Yes yes, head over to SL Fashion week, join the group (its free) and snap up these delectabubble shooz from [whatever]. You get them in PINK…and also with a choice of three different coloured spikes…uber cool, I love ! Also WoW Skins is there…and they have a fantastic offer on this Jadey Skin..its in Tan for just 200L *faint*…a real bargain for such a sweet new look…you can grab yourself some makeup for it while you’re there, just 100L for assorted lip coluors,eye liner, gloss and eyeshadows…go onnnn…treat yourself !

SL Fashion week