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Free treats that made my day <3

FREE wearable ice lollis decor set inc 1Li

So pleased with these gifts – they really cheered me up. As you all know I do love a wearable! I found these ice Lollies @ Chris*Garden-Home and garden store. They are set out on a board close to where you land – no group to join just click and accept. You also get a décor version which is just 1Li. I treated myself to this sweater from Tres Blah “passport sweater” is the name, I had to stalk the store to find it (its in the back of the shop). I had bought it in black sometime ago and found it yesterday – decided I HAD to have another but in an Autumnal shade. It wasn’t cheap but at $230L not too bad and its SO useful!

Free decor 3Li

This was on the easel next to the lollies – dead cute and only 3Li, again totally free.

Chris*Garden-Home and garden

Tres Blah passport sweater

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I ain’t mad at it! (Freebie(ss) & 25Ld Mina Gacha Hair).

A random drop in took me to a shop called “YM shop” where there is a big wall of group gifts. Some old, some older and some nope and also some ooo’s.

This dress comes in 2 parts the ruffle and dress plus a decent sized hud of really nice colours. I also spotted shoes and hair which I hadn’t tried on when I first did this post but now I’ve tried them I’m editing this post as they too are not bad. The shoes are really ankle boots with an interesting design and although the hair isn’t “Mina” quality lol it’s not bad at all.

Make sure to check out the Casper vend boards as well, I notice you do have to pay 1Ld which is returned to you.

YM Shop.

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Free & Very Inexpensive

Free skirt &amp; top- Free props &amp; poses

I came across Monomania at The Free Dove and decided to scope out their inworld store. Luckily for me I found some lovely items to share with you. Above is the free gift youll find at the back of the store once youve joined the Fitmesh Fanatics group (its free) Gorgeous Autumnal satin top with a lovely laced detail at the back and an adorable skirt. Tons of sizes included ! My pose is from Secret Poses – Group is free to join and boy-oh-boy if you want some props and poses there are a lot of group gifts behind the wall in the centre of the store – really good ones !

Dollarbie complete outfit with shoes, jeans, tee &amp; jacket

My second outfit is also from Monomania. Its a dollarbie that’s instore and also in their market place store. You get the jeans, tee & puffer jacket. Sizes: Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus, Tonic Fine & Curvy, Legacy. You can wear each item separately.

Monomania Hud

The Hud gives you six colours for each item so you can play around. Perfect, Happy Sunday !

Monomania inworld store

Monomania market place store

Secret Poses

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This is mine. (300Ld for 20Ld).

Normally if a gift card is trans I trans it to someone else as I have enough stuff but in this case even though this gift card seems to be non-trans I’m keeping it.

I will assume that you need to join the group which costs only 20Lds and at the LM is where you will find not just this notice board but also some other gifts and you may recognise one of them as a fab decor/pose bike from a previous post.

GO NOW! As you can see from the board this is a “TODAY” offer only and today is Sunday so if you’re reading this post on monday I’d still go because you never know it may still be out.

UPDATE: It’s one of those gift cards that if you rezz it and take it back into your invent it then becomes trans…I’m still keeping it and actually I’ve already spent it. I bought the antique clock and a christmas wreath. It’s the usual way, you wear the credit card, bottom right of your screen then click/touch the item you want to buy and out of the menu wheel chose credit. Just confirm it by looking at the credit card on your screen as it will show the item you’re purchasing. BTW It also looks as though there is a 50% sale going on but not for when using your credit.


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Being tempted. (FLF Birthday Bash, Lots of FLF offers & FREEBIES).

I’ve wasted too much time in SL trying out new skins and the more updated Evo Lelutka Mesh head and guess what….I’m sticking with what works for me.

Now for the FLF Offers & FREEBIES. This is the “FLF Backyard Birthday Bash” event which is stuffed with 50Ld offers and freebies. The top I’m wearing is one of the freebies, from Blueberry. Drat I forgot to put back on the bra layer which hides the underboob. A nice big hud of colours etc.

I literally grabbed only 3 gifts, they’re the coolers on the stands, before I TP’d back out. Since a lot of the biggest names in SL are involved in the weekly FLF offer they’re all here at this event and that also means the gifts are going to be really good quality. The other 2 I unpacked were really good but 1 was unwearable and the other is a sandwich…most unusual.

Make sure to check out the link to the Seraphim blog as you can see everything for sale, just not the freebies, I definately want the D-Lab stove, the Hextraordinary wall lamp and or the Caboodle strawberry lamp it depends on if they emit a light and if I don’t already own it then the , Jians Bearded dragon terrainum is definately on my list as well.

Seraphim, FLF Backyard Birthday Bash.

FLF Backyard Birthday Bash.

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Which Weekend Sales am I doing?

Ecru for EBento $60L shorts, pants &amp; shirt

I already begun my weekend sale shopping on Friday night, There are a handful of stores that I know always place their sale items out on a Friday night. Sooo I dropped into Ecru Couture (which is fast becoming a firm favourite with me). I picked up their offering for EBento the “Jeanne” set. Fits are for Maitreya & Maitreya petite, Legacy & perky. You get the Capri pants with their cute buttons details on the legs & waistband, plus the shorts and the off the shoulder blouse. Its an all in one kinda outfit so the pants come with the blouse attached. Quite a few colours to choose from, of course I picked classic black.

Ecru EBento $60 shorts, shirt &amp; pants

Here’s the shorts, what a steal for just $60L ! I will list all the sales below with a link to their gallery. The Happy Weekend Sale isn’t listed till later in the day – so I will update as soon as its out.



The Saturday Sale


$35L Saturday

Happy Weekend Sale

Hair by Doux

Choker from Tentacio gacha

Necklace by Avaway

Location is Everwild – worth checking out for photographs and rentals.