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Inexpensive Glamour For Your Trotters

Pure Poison Dollarbie shoes

Was browsing the market place and noticed that Pure Poison has a huge amount of reduced older shoes on offer for between $1 – £10L ! The top left pair was my one and only $10L buy, the rest I’ve shown (and there are heaps more!) were all $1L – all of these came as fat packs! I didn’t notice any Legacy fits, but plenty of Maitreya, slink etc. Fill your boots ❤

Pure Poison Market Place Store

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Sunday is sorted. (Hunt, Bargains & Cute Freebie).

A lot of people, I’m assuming, like to spend a lazy sunday SLing and since it’s now well past 4pm in the UK I thought I’d do a quick post so you too can spend the rest of your sunday doing this little hunt and adding some very wearable items to your invent. Then when I get to log back inworld I will find the white dress I wanted, I’d accidentally bought this pretty floral one by mistake, and then I will do another post wearing the white dress and I will also tell you more about the New Mina hair I’m wearing.

So basically the 2 shops, Petit Morte & Oublette share the same lovely landscaped sim called Witchwood and they’re also sharing a hunt of some really lovely pretty clothes.

As always since this is a paid for hunt this is a picture of the prizes and you can also get the demo’s for them at the LM.

The basket I’m holding is a gift for all which you will find at the LM, what you will also find is a info/hint giver and demo’s for everything.

PS. If you haven’t guessed it then it’s a lovely single pink rose you’re looking for and there is also a sale going on in the shops…just follow the arrows.

Whitchwood Spring Hunt.

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Ohmmmm – its Secret Sale Sundays

Secret Sale Sunday - Bunyi

I found these @ the Bunyi store – in fact there are a few styles of each with differing guided meditations & music that plays for you. Just touch them et voila! The kneeling figure plays meditation music but the elephant is an actual guided meditation – love those and have been using them to help me relax at bed time in real life! Just 1Li each, several choices included in the sale. $50L a pop – so thrilled with my two choices ❤


Secret Sale Sundays Gallery

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Two Cute Deals For Monday

1 Hundred has a couple of dead cute summer vibe deals out for us at the moment, not sure how long for – so if you fancy them hurry! Above is the “Moving special” just $10L for the skirt and bikin top plus panties.

For $25L you can get this sweet romper ! Brilliant fit, lots of colours to choose from – I had to have

it ! You will find all the special offers outside in the courtyard – happy Monday!

1 Hundred

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Shhh The Secret Is Out!

Another fantastic round of Secret Sale Sundays is out today – I got this sweet dress by Nuna Luna for just $50L, its given in a fat pack of six colours – very generous. The panties are my own , added them as the dress is totally sheer ! Actually this store had several outfits on offer for today – was verrrry tempted to get a couple more. Check out the gallery of all participating stores below, home & garden, decor, clothing etc.

Secret Sale Sundays

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Free @ The Free Dove

Looks like a few of the designers @ The Free Dove are changing their gifts for Spring! I spied this fabulous two piece from Stars. Lace sarong and bikini bottoms with a massive hud for colour change on both pieces – thank you! Sizes are: Freya, isis , venus, maitreya, physique, hourglass. Join the Free Dove group to point and click at the item you want – group is free.

The Free Dove

Hair by Magika “Alyssa”

Pose & props by Empowered (part of the Mix weekend sale $70L complete set- still out !)

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Oh Yeah! Secret Sale Sundays

The weekend sales just keep on giving ! Secret Sale Sundays is on for 24 hours – then you’ve missed your chance till next week. Everything is just $50L and I copped this complete look from Believe. Shorts and bag, top, sandals and some hair scrunchies (not worn). If this isn’t to your taste – they had plenty more items on offer. This weeks round is pretty terrific, lots for the guys too.

Web gallery listed below, but you can also pick up a hud from the believe store that you can reuse each week.

Secret Sale Sundays web gallery

Believe store