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As the sign says “F*CK IT”. Freebie(s)) AND a Fund Raiser Event.

I actually took this picture just for shitz and giggles as my normal style is to just stand there, look pretty and show the clothes off but as soon as I snapped this picture a notice came through about a fundraising event and I thought “f*ck it” hopped off my pose ball and headed on over to check it out.

First, the freebie which you can’t really see as it’s the outfit I’m wearing.  The Masoom VIP Group is for a short while FREE to join. This is only one of the freebies, the most recent I think, so go join now and you will be able to try it on for yourself instead of having to look at me being silly.

As for the event.

As most of us are well aware it’s a fact that behind our perfect AV’s are non-perfect normal people living our lives as well as we can and in some cases life is not so good and sadly this looks like the case for Ulaa and her son. There is no backstory as to what is/has happened, not that we need to know but I also think from signs at this event it’s not too hard to work it out.

So some BIG SL shops have come together to put items out for sale where a percentage goes to Ulaa and in most cases, it’s a very generous 75-100% which goes to her.

As you can see from the list of shops there are some BIG SL names so like me I’m pretty sure you will find something to treat yourself to and although lindens don’t add up to much in RL maybe it’s just enough to give her a hand but almost as much to just give her a RL boost that people do understand how rough life can be.

* Reign
* Besom
* Barnesworth Anubis
* Funky Junk
* ChiMia
* Fiasco
* Deerest
* Alaskametro
* Izzie’s
* Dimma
* Songbird
* Olive


A Fighting Chance Event

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Getting up close and personal.(Freebies and 10Ld Sale).

When it comes to makeup in RL and SL I’m as picky as a cactus. I know I have some makeup in my invent that I like, mainly from Lizzies, but on the whole, I have very little makeup or at least that was until I found Alaskametro.

This lipstick is so close to one in RL I’ve just bought I can’t believe it!

The first note I opened wasn’t from Faith, which is what I usually do as I was excited to see one about the SALE going on at Alaskametro.  A lot of the lip, eye & eye/lip packs are only 10Lds! So I clicked away and have everything from fresh spring/summer colours to Autumnal shades.

The Alaskametro range comes in Catwa, Lelutka and Omega appliers.  Each palette comes with a free wearable demo and even at full price most of them, apart from the new range, come around the 85Ld price which is more than reasonable.

PS.  The sale items have a banner going across the corner of the poster.


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I’m SO (not) excited…(Big 50% Sale@Pumec & Reduced Group Joining Fee).

OK, I am lying as I am very excited about the sale going on at Pumec and the reason is is that I wear virtually all the time the Pumec Agatha skin.

I’m using this picture from a very recent post but if you scroll back through my posts in virtually all of my pictures I’m wearing my Agatha skin and the only time I’m not wearing her is when I’m showing you a freebie skin and you all know that is rare.

Obviously, windlight, editing and makeup can change the whole way your face looks but even worn without makeup to me Agatha is a beautiful skin on her own right.

I will let you into a secret, not a big secret really, but I used to be a blogger for Pumec.  This was in the time before well before mesh head so I doubt they even remember me as our blog was so small at the time.  I don’t know if I just stopped blogging or they just stopped sending me items to blog but it was nothing like a falling out thing it’s just what happens as most shops/sellers in SL, they naturally like to change their blogger’s list to bring in new faces and styles.

I did buy Agatha for myself because I was hunting for a skin to match my beloved Lelutka Greer mesh head and Pumec Agatha were a perfect match.

I’ve also thought the Pumec range was most reasonably priced considering the quality and if my memory serves me right Pumec was also the first skin shop where you got the full pack of appliers in a hud as standard!  There was a time when you bought your body skin then you had to pay extra for anything else such as mesh hands/feet/Lola Titties, remember them?  BTW They are still active in SL as I was at their shop only a couple of days ago..  Again this is a long time ago now but Pumec was just always that bit more for your money.

BTW the Pumec group joining fee has also gone down from 400Lds to 99Lds which I’m assuming which is like this sale,  temporary.

Now I have very mixed feelings about the group. I’ve been in the group now for several years at the 400Ld price tag but sadly for me personally the gifts for Lelutka have been very limited and I’m pretty sure it’s been the gift skin hasn’t actually changed in maybe a couple of years, so I was actually just about to leave the group and I probably still will BUT check it out for yourself as there are a reasonable amount just for various skin/meshes.  There was a time when the group gifts were pretty generous but I think between the lack of Lelutka gifts and most recently the gifts have been items such as very bejewelled ears which just aren’t to my taste.

PLEASE I am NOT bad-mouthing the Pumec group or range of skins/accessories at all, I have very fond memories and I am hoping that there is another Lelutka skin that I can fall in love with as much as I love my Agatha.


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Making it easy. (Dollarbie, Mention of Freebie Gift Card).

What a lovely SL morning.  The first thing I did was head on back to “The Gacha Garden” to pick up the rest of the freebies and I will put the LM at the end of this post as it has now calmed down a lot.

Then as I was checking a few of the LM’s of shops who have a stand at this event I got a notecard off one of our readers/followers/friends and her tips were as sparky as her name “Sparks”.

The first tip is a shop called “Something New, Props & Poses” which has a 250Ld Gift Card for Group Members.  This is a prop/pose shop and it didn’t take me long to spot 2 props I’m very interested in and win myself a Lucky Chair prize.  Since there isn’t a time limit on this Gift Card I will return at a later date and have a proper look around as I’ve not even looked at what’s on the next floor up.

Then she linked me to 2 things on the MP and since I know Faith has blogged one one of them I’m going to ignore that but I know this is a first for this little mouse sitting on a pad.

Only 1 prim and 1Ld so a cute little piece of decor for so little.

I did get this off Sparks Marketplace link but I do know the shop this dollarbie comes from has an inworld shop. BananaN is packed with Kawaii decor and furniture which is more suited to adults/teens than children…although a lot of it is child-friendly…if you look at the Marketplace shop you will know what I mean.

There are a few more freebies and dollarbies which actually made me smile.  Some of them I remember blogging years ago, the “Mad Hatter” table and chair set was something I was pretty proud of finding and the Kawaii Bunny Vases look as good now as then.  I’ve popped the carrots and hanger gift into my basket as I’m pretty sure I can use them.  I was at the BananaN shop not too long ago and I can’t swear to it but I’m pretty sure these freebies/dollarbies are not in the inworld shop, I may have missed them of course, but check that out for yourself if you want.

The Gacha Garden Event

Something New, Props and Poses

BananaN (Marketplace Mouse)



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I didn’t go wild! (Freebies).

The Gimmie Gacha event is up and running which means lots of tempting Gacha’s and gifts.  I didn’t see many, if any, clothes in the gift boxes but I suspect I was having rezzing issues as it took a while for any gift box to appear, so you never know.  I did find this though in the Bunbun Gift box.

I’ve been logged out for a while since I took this picture, damn RL work! but if I’m remembering correctly this does have a really nice soft but strong glow to it.  Will have to check that when I can log back in and I might return to the event to see if I did miss more gifts plus there are some Animesh Rats I’m being so tempted to treat myself to.

Before I TP’d to the Gimmie Gacha event I was at the Egocentrikak shop where I’d picked up this top for free.

There is a whole mix of free group gifts and paid for group gifts and a nice discounted section where I recognise a few items I have blogged before.

BTW The jeans, which I have worn almost constantly since I picked them, up are on sale for only 33Lds. Even though I am wearing my SLink bod the fit is more than fine and I often wear this will crop tops I love these jeans so much I’m tempted to treat myself to a green pair in RL.  Anyhow these are in the Amataria shop and although the sign over the sale board says “50Lds” the items under are less than that and again in this case 33Ld for these jeans

UPDATE: So if you do go to the Amataria shop you will notice the large board with pictures of the Group Gifts but what you may not notice is on the other side of the reception desk are some more Group Gift in gift bags.  I have no idea of what they contain but if they’re the same quality as the gifts on the board then you will be in for some treats. ALSO, I noticed that both the big boards of the 50Ld and 125Ld items are actually reduced even more so if there is something on those boards do a price check and you may be tempted by the extra discounted price.


Gimmie Gacha Event



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Memories (75% off Sale)

Zan has been nagging me about blogging the closing down sale of Rebel Hope. I have a RULE – no closing sales to be blogged. I decided not to and I’m sticking too it – they always make me feel a bit nostalgic. Sooooo I’ve broken that rule primarily because Rebel Hope is the store I bought all my  bridal attire from. Players Tux, my gown and the bridesmaids – oh plus flowers of course! When I heard the store was closing it made me sad, I’ve always carefully stored my wedding gown away (Thirteen years anniversary this year!) , I felt like an absolute Queen wearing it that day ❤ Soooo I decided to see if there was an updated version of my original gown – and nope, actually all the wedding gowns are now market place only – and look to be $100L a pop. They are not mesh body sized just small to large mesh BUT – oh they are divine ! I bought this one which came with a veil and hip sash of beautiful pearly flowers. The textures are simply beautiful. I found the medium fit perfect for my Maitreya body.

P.S The sale doesn’t extend to the market place btw

Rebel Hope

Rebel Hope Bridal Gown

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Unexpected. (Freebies & Super Bargain).

I’m not a big fan of Khaki but I do love block heels and these freebies from Ohemo are so good I can ignore the fact they’re Khaki and thick-soled.

Ohemo is not a big shop but I saw at least 2 pairs of shoes which if the demo sign had rezzed I would have grabbed them to try them on. It’s just a glitch and chances are when I log back inworld they will appear but it’s nice to see some different designs.

Then just before I left I spotted another freebie on the wall in a gift box, I can’t remember which freebie group it belongs too but it’s one of the two biggest in SL so chances are you’re probably already in it.  Oddly enough for a shoe/accessories shop that gift turned out to be this patio set.

I did take more pictures but something went screwy with them so you only get this one.

You get a linked/unlinked set in teak or charcoal plus a table with a tablecloth on it and a hud to change the tablecloth texture.  Only 1prim for each piece.  The poses in the chairs don’t match up with the height of the table as the table is shorter but those are really good poses and I might see if I can copy them.

PS. Faith if you spot a random chair on your back deck it’s because although I heard the rezzing zizzle I couldn’t see it lol.

UPDATE: When I returned to LM grab I checked and it turns out that some of the shoeboxes are labelled as “demo’s” easy enough to see when you know what you’re looking for.

So I grabbed the demo for these shoes and they were as good as I had expected and I hummed and hawwed as I have so many shoes but when my mouse pointer hovered over the buy box and the price of ONLY 45LDS popped up AND you get the fat pack of colours it was a no brainer!  I picked one of my fav shade packs to check out first and you can change all the bits from the sole to the fringe.  I can’t remember how many other shade packs you get but it’s about 5 or 6 of them.

They’re actually 50Lds but you even get a 5Ld Group discount and since the group is free to join it would be silly not to save 5Lds as there is always a Dollarbie to be found.