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Beach Life Free

FREE Beach bag with bento hold

Just before bed I spotted this sweet beach clutch purse – isn’t it cute! Comes with a bento hold so perfect for posing for pics with. Lovely details all over – I adore ❤ Head over to Candy Crunchers to claim it – just join the free group. There are a few more gifts there to take – all wearable items which I cant get enough of.

Candy Crunchers

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Just these. (Freebie(s) & Mention of Dollarbies).

We all know FurtaCor shop but it has been a while since my last visit and so naturally I walked right past all the weekend special offers to the Group Gifts.

Out of all the gifts I only kept these to show you. I’m just trying to declutter my invent as I pick stuff up. These come with a big hud as well so very handy and the Maitreya was perfect for my Legacy Deformer feet.

Pay Attention because there are 2 rows of gifts, the large prominent ones on the table are FurtaCor Gifts and that group costs 1Ld but behind them in smaller gift boxes are a mix of freebies/cheapies from other groups and these are the “La Femme Fatale” Group which is free.

BTW…some of the gifts are for full outfits, inc wearable bags.


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Free Complete Garden

FREE complete garden

Oh lucky me – one of our readers pointed me in the right direction to pick up this brilliant complete garden by Micsha Store. Its so pretty!

FREE complete garden scene 41Li

Plenty of details all around like a couple of pigeons, butterflies floating around the fountain and a myriad of plants and flowers. At 41Li complete it certainly wont gobble up your prims, its also modify so you can pull it apart and use what ever you wish of it. You’ll find this at the Trinity event, just join the free group and take your garden – et voila! On further inspection there seems to be quite a few free gifts scattered around the event – check them out too.

Trinity Event

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Saved by S@bbia. (Freebie).

I was hoping there was a new S@bbia gift and yes there is.

A lovely bikini and because this is more form fitting it does come in certain body fits. Free of course so try it out.

I’ve actually just returned from my own trip to the sea side. Somehow since I ended up walking over 10 bloody miles it was hardly relaxing and added to that I didn’t even get an ice lolly!


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Free Dress !

FREE fatpack dress- synnergy backdrop Sanderson Cottage

Oh La La a new group gift is out at May24 ! The group is free to join and if you wander inside the store you’ll find a few other gifts to take away. This is the Ariana dress, you get a fatpack of colours and fits for : Maitreya, GenX classic & Curvy, Kupra, Legacy & Perky and Reborn. I teamed it up with the Ballet Slipper tone of handbag from The Fiddlers Workshop – actually I’m a lucky girl as I was given the fat pack of bags – love them all! My back drop is by Synnergy (of course!) and is the Sanderson Cottage – which I admit I have edited to remove a few spring related items as its now summer !


The Fiddlers Workshop


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Its Time For SOS Sale @ The Home Store!

SOS Sale The Home Store

Slept on Sales is ready to go ! This week at The Home Store there is a particular waft of Tuscany in the air – yes my heritage , my all time favourite place . All my homes have an Italian flavour to them and boy-oh-boy these items are tugging at my heart strings. Basically every piece in the sale is priced from just 55L – 99L. Above is the Tuscan Garden Water Pump – 4Li and 55L. Lovely size, perfect for popping outside your front door or in the garden/patio.

SOS Items @ The Home Store

Next up is the Olive tree & Herbs – gorgeous terracotta pots stuffed with fragrant herbs and an olive tree – its one item and is 5Li – 55L. You can also just spot the hanging wicker basket of strawberries – already have this placed in my home – 4Li and 55L. Cant forget to mention the dozing kitty with strawberry planter and herb pots – 5Li and 55L.

SOS Sale The Home Store

Had to sneak the fountain in ! The Tuscan Garden Lovers Fountain – stunning ❤ 12Li and 75L. There are more items for this round – go take a peek. If you look to the side you’ll see the pieces out on display so you can really check them out “in the flesh” – btw my back drop for all the pics is the Ruin from last week – I modified it slightly – it made such a good backdrop ! You can still find this on offer right beside the Tuscan items for 125L.

The Home Store

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Be warned…(Free Gift Card go NOW).

This has been posted before but its just too good to do a reminder as a simple “slap ‘n’ sub” gets you a 300Ld Gift Card each month.

Even better for some its non-copy/trans which means I’ve passed it on.

The “warning” is because its a NEW LM and the old LM is a bloddy Yard Sale and yeah I got “spendy”. So if you don’t want to be tempted use my NEW LM and not the old one you may have.

Also as you can see all of the shops have moved to this new shopping mall and its busy, so slap now and return later to spend the credit.

Orange Thread, Liyue, Clumsy and other shops.