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Have a Seat

Generally I’m not much on furniture collecting, I usually leave that in the capable hands of others. I just don’t really trust my own taste when it comes to home decorations. So, when Faith told me that .:Karma:. had a brilliant piece of furniture out for a group gift, I was pretty sure it would be good as she knows what she’s talking about.

Turns out that she was 100% right about this chair. After I joined the group, I snapped this up and took a look. It’s called the ‘Gentlemans Lounge Chair’ and it is pretty super. It’s part mesh so you’ll need a mesh enabled viewer to bask in its goodness. It comes with 3 male sitting animations and is suitably decorated with a newspaper and a glass of beer. Seriously, you can’t get much in the way of the perfect guy’s chair if you ask me. Aside from its wonderful male appeal, it really is a well made piece of furniture. The textures just look clean and smooth, which is just my kind of decor.

If you guys are interested in getting hold of this awesome chair, I’d be fast getting down to .:Karma:. as it will no longer be a gift soon. If you do miss out however, I’d still join the group as the new month will bring new gifts and if they’re as good as this, then you’re guaranteed to be pleased.

Get the gear here: .:Karma:.

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Lime Green Queen

Just a quicky before I get tucked into work..I found a little freebie outfit on the market place that might be worth mentioning. For those of you who havent hopped onto the mesh train…its not mesh ….complete outfit comprising shorts,tee, nipple cover and shoes…all in a rather zesty lime green. Check out the other offers also..I think I saw three free outfits on the market place..

Fai ❤

Photography Store on the market place

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Top Tee’s

Got a few tee’s to show you this mawnin..great new group gift from Ribbon is first up..bold black & white stripes and a sweet bow at the top ..fahhbulous tube top…group is free join, so head over and grab up one for yourself ! (Join the subscribo and then look in the history to find it)

Wanted to show you two of the new tee’s from B&T also..this camo print one is a sure winner for moi..Ive been wearing it with my most awesome new sweet n low jeans from Jane

andddd totally love the retro lone star one also ! Couldnt resist breaking out my pop gun for it…demos available & standard sizing…go take a peek.



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Lets go slinkyyy

New release from the B&T today..some slinkinesss ! I’ve rediscovered shorter dresses now mesh is so easy to wear…and these are fantastico…Totally love the  grey snake print one above….simple design, elegant with a hint of naughtiness…perfect. Dontcha wish you had my red shoessss ? From Nardcotix the “Miranda” wedges…gorjusss!

There are five to choose from…I thought Id also show you the classic take on the “little black dress” above…beautiful pinstripe effect makes it stand out even more…I added some jewelry from Dark Mouse also…such a versatile piece..grab one ! Demo’s are available, and the sizing is standard…youre sure to get a great fit..thanks BabyLee & Tommi ❤



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Fashion Queen

awww Schwarz has a new release for me to show you..and its just adorbs..The Fashion Bully Sweater features the sweetest everrrr pooch on the front and comes in beige,brown, grey or berry. (I’m wearing the brown tone) I totally love the texture on looks a little shabby…slightly worn..just as if it is your favourite old sweater..biggg soft sleeves…its sooper snuggly ! As an added bonus, there is a pair of leggings in the box to wear with the sweater…yay! thanks Gelsi ❤


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Men Only…Again

Well well, the Men Only Hunt has begun again. This is the 2nd version of this super hunt, featuring a bucketload of amazing stores with some fantastic gifts to be found. I started looking tonight and struck gold with my first n0t-quite-random cab off the rank. Once I saw what I had I had to take a timeout from the hunt and show you guys.

Gabriel has long been a favourite store of mine, hence it not really being a random choice of places to start my hunting. Their amazing Men Only Hunt gift is every bit of clothing you can see in the above picture! Yes indeed, the tanktop, the jeans and boots are all part of the gift. The tank is mesh and looks brilliant, great texture and I love the splash of colour over the white. It comes in five sizes so I’m positive you’ll find one that fits you. Onto the jeans: the dark denim colour and worn-in texture of these are perfect. They are kind of a set with the boots as the baggy, bunched bottoms are a part of the awesome looking, loose brown leather workboots. Great detail have gone into these and the resizer script makes them all too easy to fit. All in all, I think the boots and jeans make a great combo and look terrific with the mesh tanktop.

This is such a cool outfit, I was super happy to get this and I couldn’t think of a better way to start off the Men Only Hunt for me. I’ll be heading back to it and showing you some more gear before it ends on the 9th of June. In the meantime, if you want to find out more, including hints and slurls, you can check out here:

Get the gear here: Gabriel

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Skin Flick

I’m not an addict I’m not an addict I’m NOT an addict! Oh Wait then why did I grab sooo many free skins from the Skin Showcase? simple really because what amazing quality!  It’s hard to find good free skins in SL, and don’t get me started on shapes, but not only are they good but outstanding in fact they’re shop quality.  However to get all the freeness you need to join the Skin Addiction Group and then wander around the sims and loads of bags and boxes set out for you to click on.  Many however are demos but nice to be able to check out and see whats new.

One small thing check your Scripts at the door.  Not sure if you will be ejected if your script count is over 10, don’t worry they give you plenty of warning to script down first.  I have a handy freaky trick which is a pure black skin and with that skin on I can ditch not only hair but my clothes and walk around butt naked and you can’t tell, sneaky or what?

OK lets move onto this skin, it was the first I unpacked so it’s the one I will tell you about.  Called  *L*Sapphire from Leafy Skins and Shapes and how nice that it comes not only with a choice of brows but two clevage layers.  The one shown is busty and the other more natural.  Great details on the more intimate bits, belly button, collar bone etc all those areas which show the difference between a rotten skin and a great skin but what got me the most was the great make up, metal blue, a dot of a beauty spit and lips which are so Posh Spice.  Have to confess I don’t think my picture really does this skin justice so you’d better pop over, grab your invite, group boards there, and go find out for yourself.

Skin Showcase