Bubblez and The Black Butler Hunt

It’s sneak preview time yay! Milo Bubble was kind enough to give me an early look at her item for the upcoming Black Butler Hunt (June 1-30).

Bubblez Design’s gift for this hunt is the Sebastian Outfit which is this stunning tuxedo. It includes the coat, pants, shirt and gloves. As always from Bubblez, the detail on this tux is brilliant, especially on the attachments such as the high collar, the buttons on the cuffs, and the chain running across the waist. The white gloves also give an extra touch of class to an already elegant outfit

This was one outfit where I just had to zoom out a little and give you the full effect. See how long the coat tails are? I love that. This looks like a hunt that is worth your time and Bubblez Design is definitely one store in this hunt that you have to check out. For more info on the hunt, including the list of stores participating you can take a look here: http://little-crown.blogspot.com/2010/12/vendors-list.html

Get the gear here: Bubblez Design


Fit as a Fiddle

Every week swaffette Firefly seems to outdo herself with her Monday Mania release. This week it’s the SF Design ‘fitted shirt with colour change tie’ that you can pick up for just L$25.

This shirt is a great example of wonderful simplicity. With the exception of the tie/collar, there are no prims to fiddle with, you just choose the layer you want to wear this with (it comes on multiple ones), put on the tie and you’re off and looking great in no time at all. Basic black always works and there are some nice subtle little shadings with this top as well. The collar and tie come with a resizer script and there are nine different colour options to choose from for the tie as well and each one of them are brilliant. I’ve got to say that I’m liking the tie and short sleeves look a lot.

So that’s  your Monday Mania item from SF Design for this week and one you should definitely not miss. As always, you can pick this up for the special price from the board located just inside the casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design  


The Perfect Couple Hunt

I was over at Stakey checking out some poses when I saw a sign for ‘The Perfect Couple Hunt’. Of course I had to check it out. It ends on the 31st of this month so I was just in time!

As you might have guessed, the prizes in this hunt are couple themed and being alone as I am tonight I had to make do by myself. Since I was already there, Stakey’s gift naturally came first and the shopping bags you see in my hands are part of their hunt gift: the ‘All Shopped Out’ couples pose. The bags look cool and I’m looking forward to trying out the pose because Stakey’s poses are always pretty awesome.

The outfit I’m wearing comes from Urban Republic Co and is their hunt gift. It is a wicked little casual outfit featuring a brown shirt and jeans that both look great. I really like the rough-looking, worn in texture of the jeans and I just seem to be a sucker for shirts with stripes. The top comes with cuffs and collar which are easily fit through their resizer script. This is a couple’s hunt so yep, there is also a female outfit included in Urban Republic’s gift.

As I mentioned, this hunt will only be on for a few more days so you’d better grab your guy or gal and get crackin’. For a full list of the stores involved and hints, take a look here: http://perfectcouplehunt.blogspot.com/

Get the gear here:
Outfit: Urban Republic Co (Hint: Men’s “Prancing Black Horse” Ferarri)
All Shopped Out Pose Set: Stakey (Hint: Are you playing footsy with me?)

Skin and Facial Hair by Sacred
Hair by MADesigns
Tattoo by Garden of Ku
Pose by Status


The Locker Room

I hadn’t heard about The Locker Room until yesterday but I’m glad I have now. It’s a store containing items from some great creators at discounted prices! Some of the designers include: Shiki, [hate this] and Juice, just to name a few.

Speaking of Juice, that is who made the boots I am wearing in the above picture, available at The Locker Room for just L$100. They are called the ‘Tonka Boots’ and they are fantastic. I’m drawn to small details of these heavy-looking, work boots like the black and yellow texture on the shoelaces as well as the bigger ones like the buckle and strap just under the laces. Even the soles of these shoes look awesome with their large treads. These are resizeable via a script and they also come with a backup copy plus that always handy alpha layer.

The items in The Locker Room are said to change every two weeks so run on down and pick up these boots while you can, check out the other fab gear on offer and subscribe to The Locker Room to be kept up to date with everything.

Get the gear here: The Locker Room


Purely Polka Dots!

Purple Moon: Daisy Gown & Polka Pumps - 55L each (Thursday)

Awesome deal for you guys!  Purple Moon has two of it’s latest Boho House designs on special promo for 55L Thursdays!  The Daisy Gown in brown is set out for 55L, but only for today!  The matching Polka Pumps in cream & orange are absolutely perrrrfect to wear with it, and are also set out for 55L!  The dress has a fabulous alpha layer to hide your breasts so you don’t have to worry about resizing!  The textures are just phenomenal….I love the happy feel of the polka dots!  Be sure to take a look around the rest of the Boho House to see all the fabulous new designs!  I also have on the Feather Earrings in Gold, available for 10L in the Boho House!  Don’t forget…this deal is only good for today so hurry on in there!

Taxi to Purple Moon’s Boho House


Welcome to the Jungle!

Jungle: Sunrise outfit - 99L (@ myShoppingBag)

As I was browsing through a discount designer shop called MyShoppingBag, I came across this adorable red outfit by Jungle.  It’s a complete outfit, minus shoes, and has some fabulous features!  Sheer black stockings with garters, lead up to a smexy one-piece body suit, and has a great little sarong that wraps around your hips!  Bracelet, neck scarf, and sunglasses for your head all included!  So pleasantly surprised for this fabulous price of only 99L!

Head to MyShoppingBag for the promo price of 99L!

Jungle: Apocalypse of Roses outfit - 500L

After purchasing “Sunrise” from MyShoppingBag, the designer of Jungle, Aria Meridoc, was sooo super kind enough to drop me a notecard inviting me into her store!  What I found there was awesomely edgy and unique outfits!  Here are a few outfits that she offers in store:  The Apocalypse of Roses outfit is perfect for some sexy time with that special someone.  The lace gown and fur boa gives it that Argentine Tango look, and the roses around the hips add some awesome sensuality.  The entire outfit includes a hand bracelet of roses, arm band, earrings, a lip ring, and lower leg roses that snake upwards.  Love it!  The whole outfit is 500L!

(Shoes are from N-core…newest design called Soleil)

Jungle: Bones outfit - 300L

I was so drawn to the Bones outfit!  The ripped jeans show off the right amount of skin to pull off sexy, and the belt slung around the hips is a great touch!  The most unique part is the collar!  One hand wraps around your neck while the other rests right below your breast!  I’ve never seen something like this before…and again this outfit is 300L!  Comes with the sunglasses, nose/ear chain piercing, claw earring, claw belly button piercing, gloves, bra, and other features I already mentioned!  So unique and sexy I might scare some people! hehe

Jungle: Grunge outfit - 300L

Next comes the Grunge outfit….also 300L.  I love the capri length pants paired back to a tank that shows off the midriff.  My favorite part is the prim that looks like the strap of your tank top broke!  The whole outfit also includes the bracelets, earrings, necklace, tattoos below your eyes and on the left shoulder, as well as a moon tattoo for your lower back.  So versatile, you can wear it with heels, boots, or sneakers, depending on your mood!

Jungle: Leopard outfit - 300L

I also looove me some animal prints!  Shredded jeans are super smexy, especially with a leopard cuff on the bottom!  The Leopard outfit, 300L, includes sooo many different elements!  Starting off with a leopard tattoo on your stomach, the bra top expertly covers your lady bits while still leaving it sexy!  The leopard print jacket gives you that grrreat edge over any solid color in the crowd, especially with it’s fur collar.  Also included are earrings, a neck bandana, a ring, a mouth piercing, and a navel piercing!

Jungle: Pearl outfit - 300L

This here is one of my favorites…the Pearl outfit for 300L!  The midriff tank that is a sheer print is just oober smexy….the ripped jeans sitting low on the hips just add to it!  I absolutely adore the lace bottoms of the jeans, such a unique idea! It also comes with a tattoo, pearl bracelet, pearl necklace, and nose/mouth piercing!  This whole outfit looks soooo good on!  Must-have!

Jungle: Skull outfit - 300L

And last, but most certainly not least, is the Skull outfit for 300L.  In this I look ready to hit up any goth club!  The pants have just a small amount of shred to them, and the top matches perfectly!  The belt is a great added touch to give emphasis on the hips.  The outfit also includes the skull bracelet, skull earrings, and necklace!

So if you’re looking for something a little on the unique and certainly edgy side…head on down to Jungle and snatch up some fabulous outfits!  Make sure you show your appreciation to the lovely Aria Meridoc!  (Remember…shoes shown are not included…they are N-core’s newest release called “Soleil”)

Enter the Jungle


Blue Hawaii

Shiki have got another great VIP group gift out this month: the ‘Kauai’ blue Hawaiian shirt. Shinichi makes some wonderful Hawaiian shirts and this one is definitely in that category. The shades of blue and white are just gorgeous and the floral design is so perfectly Hawaiian. I just had to have this once I’d seen it.

This top comes on all three shirt layers as well as the underwear layer for being all neat and tucked in. It also features brilliant sculpted rolled and buttoned-up sleeves and the collar.

The great thing about joining the Shiki group is that you also can pick up many, many of the past group gifts from the VIP area and keep up to date with the latest releases. It’s free to join so head on down, join up and grab some goodies.

Get the gear here: Shiki