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Challenge on! (Freebie).

I know I’m the “Cheap B*tch” of the team but actually, I do spend an awful lot of money in SL I just don’t usually  show you because I have my cheap ass rep to look after! lol.   So since I have a couple of BIG expenses coming up I decided that this is the perfect time to curb my SL and RL addictions.  So from now till the 14th of October all I have to spend is a measly 24Lds!  Even though it means no FLF or 25Ld Tuesdays I’m going to stay strong.  However since I am in a number of paid for Groups, such a Cheeky Pea, I might just squeeze in an item that if you like you will have to pay to join but really I’m hoping to find some super goodies and damn I’m starting off on a roll!

A simply sexy Mofo Cat Woman outfit from Legondare but you will have to join the Sl frees & offers group to grab this.


A skin tight sexy leather look complete with tail and cat ears headband.  The tail is detachable just in case you don’t want to wear it.


You will need SLink high feet but you don’t need a mesh bod as it comes in just the standard mesh fits.  Don’t let the feet put you off from getting them because even if you decided to wear it without any mesh feet on if someone wants to zoom down and spots you ain’t wearing no feet then pity them.  Not everyone wants or can afford to mesh bits!


Last “bum” shot as I wanted to show you the tail, sorry these pictures are NOT doing it justice but this is a Halloween gift and guess what? it’s HALLOWEEN lol there isn’t a time given for when this gift runs out but if I were you I would RUN over today to snag just in case it’s gone tomorrow.

Last word on my frugality, sometimes in RL we treat ourselves too often and those “treats” aren’t as appreciated as they used to be, so it’s no to that hair treatment, no to a new nail polish, no to “window shopping” that turns into plain old shopping lol and not only will my credit card be happier it means I can finally work through my stockpiles of stuff and learn to appreciate what I already have and when I’m spending think twice about if I really need it or not.

Time to log off now as those 2 giant Pumpkins I have won’t carve themselves!

PS Still keeping my gym membership as my flabby ass needs as much help as poss.

UPDATE, as I was getting the LM I spotted that there isn’t just a Pokemon Hunt going on but even more Group Gifts.  Each Pokemon seems to cost 20Lds but check out the poster and you can see whats inside each one so you can pick and choose what you want to buy.  Also this Cat woman gift is just in the doorway of the Legondare shop but the rest of the Gifts are inside the shop and there are some upstairs.  Lots of GG’s as well and although I didn’t check to see if the Legondare is a free group I might just do that next time I’m inworld.


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OH! (Freebies).

Have we ever told you about Hayabusa? I’m not sure if we have I know I haven’t which and for that I’m sorry.

There are a few creators in SL which have just made such a difference to our SL dreams and Hayabusa is one of them.  You may not have an SL home but there is no way in heck that you will not know the Hayabusa  range because their trees are everywhere and that includes our sim.  What you might not know is that theHayabusa isn’t just a FREE to join group but regular gifts of trees are sent out.  These aren’t primmy ugly assed things,  they often come with a FULL menu which doesn’t just inc seasons changes but so many shades in each season,blossoms, bark texture plus of course wind movement in which you can make the leaves/branches sway as much or as little as you want.  Don’t panic because all options come in an idiot proof Hud.


This is the latest sent out gift, when you join the group you will find it in the group history as you don’t have to go to the main shop any gifts are automatically sent to you.  I can’t remember the primage of this tree but Hayabusa has cornered the market in low prim their 1 prims trees are amazing and at that prim count you can have tree’s even on the smallest plot of land.  Our sim is covered with Hayabusa trees in all shapes and sizes and I could be wrong but none is over 9prims and they’re usually only 9 prims when they’ve been made super large or are a set of tree’s.

Our sim is covered with Hayabusa trees in all shapes and sizes and I could be wrong but none is over 9prims and they’re usually only 9 prims when they’ve been made super large or are a set of tree’s.


This is the exact same tree as the first picture I’ve just turned it a bit and changed the texturing and common how amazing is this?  Taken in my Nams setting so you can imagine how good they look when the windlight is more atmospheric. Hayabusa  and some other of the top landscaping shops in SL have make our SL worlds so much more enriched it really is art.

This isn’t one of the free trees I’m just showing you an example of one of their 2 prim ranges.  This Aspen has such realistic bark on it’s trunk it looks just like the Silver Birch tree I have in my RL garden.


Sending out these gifts work well for Hayabusa because every time they do I think a lot of people end up popping back over to check out whats new and this is a creator where new stuff is being made and released often.

My only recommendation is that if you do splash out and buy something from Hayabusa or a couple of the other amazing landscaping shops in SL is if you can afford it buy trees/plants that change with the season.  Builds of this quality will last and last and even though new stuff is coming out often these will be so sim friendly for so long invest now for the future.


Home Sweet Home(our sim)

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Free things !


I’ve just plonked out a few more boxes of my gacha hoard – all for free. There are heaps of things from decor, wearable fun gadgets even HAIR *faints*. I will be adding to the pile so be sure to check back from time to time. I wont be making a blog entry each time I add though – so if you want to be in the know feel free to join our group “Pure Eggs & Spam” – group join board on the front of the building.

You’ll find the boxes in the outer courtyard of our new HQ on our home sim Dreamworks, landmark below.

UPDATE: ALL boxes have now gone! I will sort some more out tomorrow ❤

Faith ❤

Pure HQ Dreamworks

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It’s hard to look this bad.

Just hanging out with my boyfriend.  Yes, I know Jabba the Hut has zero to do with Halloween but I won this head off a Gacha and it is the Rare one and I’ve never been able to use him so that’s my excuse.


No freebies, I know shocking isn’t it and in fact, everything I have on is an oldie even the Mina BUT the Mina hair has been revamped for  Halloween. one of her hairs which has now been dipped in a VAT OF VIRGIN BLOOD! MMWWAAHHH…yeah ok, she got out her editing program and coloured it in.

This hair comes in a colour pack of 5 and in this one, I’m wearing the palest hair because it obviously shows off the bloody mess it is much clearer but in my next pic I’m wearing the next shade up.


So you get blonde, light brown, browny ginger, dark brown and black.  Disclaimer, just for these pictures I’ve ramped up the redness of these so TRY before you buy!  This hair is at a bargain price of 75Lds, for the pack, at the Trick or Treat event but check out Mina’s main shop for the Demo of this or if you want to be BORING then try out Wynona unbloodied lol.

PS if you wanna date my boyfriend drop me an inworld note as it’s about time me and Jabba went our separate ways

PPS awww too late if you wanted to grab the SL free’s n offers hair as that amazing gift has now gone but still join that group as it’s such it’s a good one.

Mina Mainshop

Mina@Trick or Treat

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Big bang for your bucks!


I’ve got two amazing offers today for you – you’ll need to act fast to grab them though. My hair is by Wasabi Pills and is called “Dakota”, its their offering for Fifty Linden Friday – brilliant! Only for today at this incredible price. My outfit is the “Witty romper” by ArisAris, makes me feel dead glamorous. Perfect for an evening out or a night in plussss it has a fabbo Hud that gives you eight colour and pattern options wooot! The outfit is on special offer (limited antiquities) at only $99L. Body fits are: Maitreya-Slink Original-Slink Hourglass-Fitted Mesh size-Standard size

ArisAris market place

ArisAris store

Wasabi pills store for FLF item

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Update on my last post cos I found MORE FREEBIES.

Since I had some time to spare, all of 10 mins, I decided to pop to the main Yasum shop because although I’m not 100% familiar with this shop I do know it’s a clothes shop not a Home and Garden shop so I TPed and of course the first thing I check is for MORE FREEBIES because after all I am a Greedy B*tch and I scored.


Like my “outfit of the day”?  Actually, ignore it because most is old stuff but the Mina on the other hand, wink wink, but thats for another post.  What I found when I TPed from the main shop is a whole sky shop full of FREEBIES!  Freeness for men, woman and whatever.  Even some skin n stuff but hold on don’t get too excited because a lot of this stuff is a blast from the past and not such a good blast either.  Have to confess I did go a bit click cray cray as even old stuff can be fun to try even if you end up binning it BUT in the few remaining minutes  I had left I did spot MESH, mesh corsets and what looks like a really good coat and other stuff but my time was out and so was I.

Usually we like to show you what we’ve picked up but Halloween in SL and work in SL is so busy I don’t really know if I will ever get around to unpacking this stuff and if there is good stuff here I’d hate for you to miss it.  So if the lm doesn’t take you directly to this free shop in the sky then simply TP from the TP board and go cray cray yourself.


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Smoking is bad for me, Super Spooky FREE Skybox.

Big Thanks to one of our readers, Shi, for the heads up for this super skybox.


This is on the outside and although it’s a pretty dark picture that side is a curled dragon so anyone flying past this won’t just see a bog standard black cube.

OK I’m not going to lie but I struggled both in the one set out for people to see and the copy I rezzed on my platform, it’s the smoke! This build is a smoky HELL for me, smoke and shadows (I can’t use shadows in my pictures it makes my computer crash! and that hurts).  Not all smoke effects make me as laggy as Hell but this one did.  However, I could still cam and scan and snap away and capture some of the essence of this spooky build.


In the end, I didn’t get to take a picture of the bed which is in there if you dare to sleep on it, I did and I see what you meant shi.


Even though this is a standard size build there is so much going on I’m really only showing you what I could snap.


Lots of birds flying around..and smoke.


All pictures were taken in my sim setting of nams so you can see how dark it is inside but not actually that dark you cannot see what’s going on and there is such a good feel of “depth” to this build as well. Perfect for a Halloween party, gettin yer freak on with a loved one or for posing potential.


This is me giving in.  There are a couple of items that come with poses, chances are the alter has some as well but by this stage, I’d given up LOL.  As I’ve said smoke n shadows are my nemesis in SL but not all smoke is and I will when I get back in world rerezz it and see if I can edit that smoke out and put my own in because not all smoke is bad for me.

PS Pretty primmy, I can’t remember how much though but I had to make sure to derezz it before I logged out so there was prims left for Faith if she needed to rezz something but it comes in a super handy rezzer so it’s as quick down and it’s as quick up.