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The sun is out and so am I. (Freebie).

I’m just taking a RL break and spotted this gift jacket in my notices.

Excellent attention to details, from the zips, pockets on the front and back then you have the cut outs on the shoulders. There is also a male version which I think I will return to pick up as I do have a male AV, which I never bother with but it’s handy to have some decent clothing if I ever get around to using him.

To get the gifts you will find them at the NeoJapan Event but they’re on the Gabrielle stall. I had a bit of trouble with things rezzing so I don’t think this is one of those event with a gift on every stall. I will be returning to the event later just to see whats on sale as it’s usually got some very interesting and new designs.

PS. Sorry I don’t have the Gabriel inworld LM to give you but make sure to check the main shop out. It has been blogged as not only do you have some freebies at the main entrance, usually at the top of the stairs, but most of you will know that if you turn..emm left…then down the end of the shop is a LOT of dollarbies for mainly him with some for her.

NeoJapan Event.

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Horror and Chillaxing. (Freebie & 15Ld Hunt).

On a sunday at some stage I turn off my phone, computer and brain, pull down the blinds and Netflix/Prime and chill some tacky horror B movies or “straight to TV” ones…don’t judge me lol and now I’ve found both a Freebie(s) and a cheap hunt I can do just that.

The dress comes from one of Seniha’s small satelite shops, I’m pretty sure that there is a big shop. You get this plain colour and the same colour with a floral pattern over it. The other group gift is a sexy bunny girl outfit.

Next door to the Seniha shop is the Pink Charcoal shop and that like many shops has an Easter hunt going on.

I didn’t buy anything this time but I do appreciate the much bolder colours used in these items. Each is only 15Lds so it wasn’t because they were over priced that I didn’t indulge it’s because of lack of time and as you will see from the date on the bottom of the poster today is the last day of this hunt.

So if you want to spend your day relaxing in SL then check out not just these shops also all the other shops on this nice shopping sim as I do know that more than often if one shop has a hunt on then others will as well.

Seniha/Pink Charcoal & Other Shops.

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Yee Haw. (FLF & Free).

Hazel is not only Mina’s FLF offer but one of my fav Mina hairs. OK I know a lot of Mina’s hairs are my “Favs” but not all of them are so it’s was a lovely suprise when I checked the FLF list to see that for only 50Lds you too can have this hair.

The best thing about it to me is that it screams riding hat as well as a stylish fashion accessoryy.

In this case, you can choose either the dip-dyed or essentials pack and each contain a massive 30 shades. Added to that both a style hud for the way your hair hangs and a hud to change the colour of the hat and brim and all of that for just 50Lds!

As always though, check the demo out and also her other hat hairs as she now has a number of similar style hats/hairs each one shares a lot in common and yet have those tweaks that make them pretty different.

Do you know how long I’ve held onto this hobby horse pose/prop? Way too long and now I’ve finally had an excuse to use it I can now bin it lol. I just wanted to reblog these pants and riding boots as they’re a freebie from Essent.

Both boots and pants are bought seperately but are also designed to fit with each other and you get a big hud of colours for both.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Essent Marketplace.

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It’s monday, it’s the morning and it’s a FREEBIE.

The only drink I have in my hand at the moment is an oversized mug of coffee!

Doing a quick post to start off a new week. This leather dress comes Elisea Carter Fashions. There are a couple of other gifts, mainly body con gowns. This shop is very much high fashion in style so this more hard core leather dress was a nice suprise.

Now I’m LM grabbing I can see other shops on this sim so once I’ve finished my coffee and dragged some clothes on I will be logging in to check those out.

Elisea Carter Fashion.

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Thank you, Agnes. (250Ld credit for only 10Ld).

The picture couldn’t make it clear enough so all I can add is that the group only costs 10Lds and the gift card it TRANS so as soon as I log back in to LM grab even though there is a tropical bikni I rather like I’m going to be passing on this gift to someone else to use.


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Free Sass. (Freebie).

I wasn’t even looking for this “Love For All Hunt” prize” so it was a happy find for me.

It’s not the waffle I’m holding it’s even better as it’s the jumper/sweater. You get a small hud of similar patterns/colours. Really pleased with this surprise.

I only found this as I was looking at the Lucky Boards, hint hint, as I’d noticed it seemed to have a very high turn over and if I was in the Sass group I would have won at least two things in the short time I was there. The Sass group only costs 10Lds so make sure to check the Group Gifts out as well.

I will put the link to the “Love For All Hunt” blog as I think I will work my way through the list and I might do some more posts about it and although the blog doesn’t inc pictures it does have the direct LM’s and hints.


Flair for Events. (Hints & LM’s).

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Perfect for creepy couples. (Dollarbie).

This bold red dress/shoe set is perfect for Valentines/anytimes (sic) etc but I think the addition of a full man’s outfit in the box makes for a cute if creepy, couple look lol.

The Orsey event is a nice size and a nice mix of everything. This gift and a lipstick set are to be found at the top of different staircases. Not hard to see them but if you just cam upstairs and not walk up them you may have missed them.

Ignore the necklace, that’s the folder I’m working my way through and as it happens I think this dress really does lend itself to some chunky bling.

Orsey Event.