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I cracked it. (Freebie(ss) for him & her).

I wasn’t going to do any of the many Halloween hunts till I saw the gifts from the Asteroid shop and got suckered in.

I’m wearing 4 of the free items as well as a new Mina hair but I will do a proper post on the hair soon as I’ve only just got it.

I enjoyed this hunt as it was hard enough to make you work for the prizes but easy enough that in the end even I managed to find all 8 of them. I won’t give you any clues as each prize contains the clue for the next item but I will say that not all of them are in the shop.

It was also nice that there are some male gifts as well and there is a poster for the L’Homme Group Gift of a very nice mans jacket.


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Free again.(Freebie(sss)).

The Legindaire group is FREE again, mind you when it did cost to join it was worth it because of all the gifts and discount.

This dress made me go “oooo”. It’s the way it drapes over my boobies, the light frilling of the edge, the draping etc. A nice small colour hud. I’m pretty sure this shade isn’t sheer but it feels sheer on you.

I did spot what I think are new gifts as well as some I’ve previously blogged. A lot of the gifts are full outfits as well.

I did think I’d TP’d to the wrong shop as at the LM is a backdrop of a trending Netflix series but the shop is there and once you’ve checked out all the discounted boards outside the shop turn to your left and thats where most of the group gifts and discounted outfits. Make sure to check the main shop as well as there are other group gifts in the main shop.


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Time to go. (Freebie).

I almost missed this gift in the Fransela shop as it’s on the same wall as the entrance doors and it was only when I was walking out that I spotted the gift and the two lucky boards.

Such a nice top and skirt so I dusted off my Legacy perky body just to model it for you. The other two fits are I believe Maitreya and Kupra. The top and skirt can be worn as seperates and you can change the colour of the ties but thats all.

Make sure to look around as I spotted some very nice designs.


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I have my moments! (New Nutmeg Gift).

This is the new Nutmeg gift, a very rustic table and stool set. I’m not showing you the stools as tbh I’ve had so many rezzing issues over the past few days I wasn’t really expecting the table to rezz fully texture so when it did I didn’t push my luck and just did a quick click. The stools are of the same rustic style and you get a PG and Adult version.

This is just one of the many top-quality gifts on the palette in the Nutmeg entrance but look close by as there is a delivery bike loaded with older and quality gifts.


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I have cankles.(Free Shoes(ss)).

This superstacked shoe is just not my style! So I was slightly disapointed that they turned out to be such good quality as I have no option but to show you them. Mind you just because something isn’t to my taste doesn’t mean it’s not yours and as I always say “your SL is your SL”.

Then when I was checking the hud I spotted you can add the clop clop clop walking sound and I LOVE that. Sadly though others didn’t which is why this fell out of favour. So you can clop around and annoy people or turn it off.

There are two other free shoes in the Renegade shoe shop, pay 1Ld and it is refunded. The whole shop has shoes with a very stand out in appearance.

As for the title of the post, occasionally I do have a bit of a breakthough around the ankles as my SLink feet don’t have an alpha for the top ankle part and occasionally I have to put up with a bit of a breakthrough.


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Slip into this. (Freebie).

Don’t get too excited as this is just a “Lara” fit so lucky for some and not for others. I will say though if I’d had more time I would have tried on my Legacy body just in case that would work.

I’ve given up trying to TP to the Blueberry sim so I TP’d to a neighbouring one and thats how I ended up at Hache shop, I think it maybe called “Hache Couture”.

This simple “slip” dress has some really nice features such as the seams, wrinkles a nice hud of colours. There is definately a latex sheen to this and many of the clothes for sale in the Hache shop. Some pretty unique and stand out fashions as well.


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Pretty in pink. (Freebie(ss)).

You know the drill, random TP etc and yes my SLing time has run out so I was happy that I can now log out with such a lovely gift to show you.

This dress is from the Le’La shop. I know the name well which is why I knew that you had to go upstairs to find all of the group gifts. The Le’La group does cost to join, only 50Lds, but there is also quite a big selection of gifts for other free groups. I’ve forgotten which of the free group you have to join for this one but it’s easy to spot. It comes with 6 colours and this pink one allowed me to show off my pink hair.

What I’m not going to show you, although I wish I could, is a Dollarbie I picked up from the Le’La marketplace shop called “Paisley Top”. You may find it among all the inworld freebies but it’s only 1Ld on the marketplace so a bargain and just not in my fit. So check that out as I think the plain colours in the hud (25 plain/patterned colours) are very latex in their shine.


Le’La. (Marketplace).