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The Promenade ORQUIDEA Embroidered Black Top & dress NEW

I never thought Id voluntarily wear system clothes again – but I am and I’m loving it ! This dress and top are from new-to-me store Orquidea. What really captured my attention was the quality of the fabric used. It looks like a high-end linen. The skirt is flexified but not toooo swingy – if you know what I mean? Its got a really lovely sway to it as I walk and doesn’t show my knickers ! I’m actually wearing their blouse underneath the dress – something I sometimes miss with mesh clothing – the ability to layer. Obviously you can wear them as separates but I happened to really love the look with them worn together. These items are available at The Promenade Event that opens its doors on the 1st October.

The Promenade - coldLogic outfit amend NEW - B!ASTA  de wilde boots - B!ASTA oak and acorn jewelry

I’ve  managed to squeeeeze in another part of the huge coldLogic release yay! This complete outfit is called “amend” and I totally lurve it. Saves me over thinking my clothes for the day – yes I am lazy . Plaid tight skirt with an utterly top-notch blouse over the top. Check for the fantastical details on the cuffs, so lovely. The range of seasonal colours is so fresh too, sage and peach really rock my boat ! Ohhhh did you notice I even got to wear my Jane piggie tights? A record for me getting them in a shot this early in September huh? ! Gawd I find them so useful, specially with the colder weather closing in, I’m prettty sure Jane still has these wee beasties for sale, link below. My boots are at The Promenade event, from B!ASTA. Non slink, which I know some of you still like to wear. Called De Wilde and some edible Autumn tones to collect – go see ! The bag is another B!ASTA item, I adore big roomy bags – my neck & shoulders hate them but hey – this is Second Life who cares yay.

The Promenade - B!ASTA

Some Autumn feel jewellery from B!ASTA  that I had to share – darling acorn necklace that has matching earrings and bracelet.

The Promenade B!ASTA - Leena Lux shoes (Slink High feet)


Last up for this post is shooooz by B!ASTA – these are for Slink Mid feet and I’m showing you the “desaturated” colours above. There is a huge range of colours, others that are a little brighter. I really liked the softer effect of these though, they look so realistically suede.



Jane market place

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

The Promenade

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The Promenade part deux

The Promenade TinRoof Trompers gacha NEW

I couldn’t wait to show you a few more items from The Promenade which opens on the 1st of October. I had been looking for some new seasonal boots et voila! [TinRoof] has these little babies in a gacha machine at the event. Ohmaigosh so cute huh?! These are NOT for SLink feet btw – just slide your ordinary tootsies into them – simple dimple. Such a gorgeous range of colours to win, I really liked this brown & pink though, and for me to remove my slink trotters to wear them – you know they’ve gotta be good right !

The Promenade Bye Bye Blackbird gacha dresser - hippie dress - Tinroof boots - Pollen hair Riva

Another new store for me is Bye Bye Blackbird, they have a few items to snap up, I adore this vintage styled “Marcia” dress, 60’s inspire I’m sure. The vintage dresser is sooper cute, different versions to win from the gacha machine. My hair is by Pollen, and is called Riva – perfect for a retro look with its chunky fringe and beads.

ByeBye Blackbird dress & dresser - Tinroof boots - Pollen hair

Heres a collage to get a better view of everything and because I like playing with my snaps ! Plenty to see at The Promenade, get yourself down there and have a few spins on the gacha machines. (all gacha items transferable of course)

The Promenade

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My Bad (freebies).

As I was rummaging through  my junk I came across some BRILLIANT freeness which I had just found yesterday so I slapped myself, metaphorically, on the forehead and quickly rezzed them.

My bad

These chairs make me so glad I resisted spending more Lindens in SL on some chairs I was looking at  because they’re as good as it gets texture wise, prim wise and pose wise.  2 Tatty school chairs with some nice poses in them and FREE.  As it happens when I type 8F8 into my invent it looks like I have a lot of their stuff.  This is a slightly unusual set up for a shop as it’s not a normal shop it’s Gacha only but from what I’ve seen there’s nothing I wouldn’t be happy to win.

My bad2

You get the 2 chairs but you can also snag this cute little kite which flies around on the end of the balloon.  You get a total of 3 of these cuties the one shown and 2 are wearables.



Although it’s mainly water there are some beautiful planing and decor items plus plenty of hang out places.  This is the sim with its own Windlight setting but of course there is nothing to stop you having a play with it yourself.




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The Promenade steals my heart

The Promenade American Beagle Outfitters retro dress No 5 - rare NEW- clawtooth hair cherry bomb

Brand new finger lickin good event for you lovelies! The Promenade opens on the 1st of October and its pretty fahhhbulous – lots of new-to-me designers to discover and heaps of those totally additive gacha machines. Above is a really fantastical retro dress from American Beagle Outfitters, this is a gacha item and I’m showing the rare win. I have to admit I really liked them ALL ! Perfect styling, and its dotty – you all know how I adore dots.

The Promenade LOoLOo PJ Top Crimson Gacha rare

From LOoLOo I chose to share this boyfriend night-shirt. I so love these, easy to wear and drift about in on a lazy day. This is the crimson win (rare) but again, all the colours are scrummy. There are also some lounging pants for the guys that match to have a go at in the gacha machine, I couldn’t possibly show everything as there is SO much  on offer ! More to come , better refill your purses .

The Promenade



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Free Stuff.

So far my SL goodie hunting is a big fat fail so I decided to do some more dumping.  The bubbly boxes are full of old Gacha wins, or in this case loses as I don’t want them.  So instead of hanging onto these things time to pass them on.  If I remember correctly there is a whole load of curtains, a desk with lamp made of suitcases, a lamp, a bed which is particularly good but sadly particularly high primed for my taste and even some Junbug collars and lots more because chances are I’ll be adding to the heap for the rest of the day.  PS feel free to join the Pure group, it’s the pink board you can see and snag yourself one of Faiths much cuter gift boxes.  It’s been so long since I peeked inside I’m not sure whats there but I do believe she has some really low primmed tree’s in there and since I have them on my land I know they’re good.  Don’t worry if you just join to grab the Pure Goodies and the leave we won’t hold it against you.


The LM takes you to our new Fun park which has some rides for you to enjoy and of course the rest of the sim is open to you so you can come here and just wander around and chill but of course same old same old “nebbin” in Faiths home, the one on the hill.  You can absolutely make yourself comfy in mine and don’t worry if were there you don’t have to even say Hello.

Free Stuff

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Sympathy (freebie).

This weekend I’ve eaten too much chocolate and watched too many bad horror movies and gossiped and laughed like an old woman and now I feel sick and I have a head ache.  So to take my mind off my self-imposed queasiness I decided to sneak into SL and take a couple of quick snaps of some cute clothes.


Same outfit in both pictures the top is a well know design in SL now but it’s simple cute, free and also in this case comes with a colour changing hud so you get emmm I think it was 5 pastel colours. It comes from Infliction and you do have to join the free group to grab it but if my memory serves me correct Sly Von Schweetz (asylum.miggins) is pretty good at putting Group Gifts out so this place is somewhere to keep an eye on.


The shorts I’m wearing are an old Gacha item from Mag and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t tell you about them at the time they were available because they’re simply cute.  So cute that I’ve kept them all this time, simple but with a light satin sheen.  As it happens I’m in Margritta’s inworld shop and although I can’t see these shorts I can see that she has a NEW free to join Group Gift out so although these shorts aren’t here it’s worth a pop in for that.  I’m also going to put her Marketplace link here because she has some simply sweet eyes and dresses on special offer and again if you need new shorts and her prices are more than reasonable have a check for them as well.

Now I’m going to take my sorry behind to bed and munch on salad and fruit to make up for a weekend of over indulgence.



Mag<3.B Marketplace



A weekend kiss (Freebies).

I always like to get something posted for the weekend but I decided to KISS it this weekend (Keep It Simple Stupid) as I’ve got such a lovely and busy weekend planned and so little time.


“Beauty in beige” was also going to be the title for this pose as well.  I’m using a couple of other Freebies that I’ve recently posted about ie the skin and hair but the dress is the NEW GG from S@bbia.  Simply join the free group and grab this simple beige mesh dress and if you haven’t yet, shame on you, go get that massive fat pack of hair from Argrace and although I haven’t had time to check the skin is still there I’m pretty sure it will be so basically all of this look for FREEEEEEE.

Sadly for me though I have to return to RL and tidy the kitchen before my weekend of fun can start, I hope everyone even if they’re on their own this weekend has a lovely time and remember to treat yourself to something you enjoy.

S@bbia (Dress)

Argrace (hair)

Insitu Skin

Insitu MP