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It’s been a long, long, long, long, long day but it’s FRIDAY and I have FREEBIE(s)).

I will say that although it has been a long day it has been very productive and now I can sit down and SL.

The jacket/undershirt is one of two gifts in the Kitz”une” shop. You can’t really make it out but the leather jacket is really good and has leather strap detailing. The undershirt is linked but you do get I think it’s a “white” option which is really more of a metallic grey.

The other gift in the Kitz “une” shop is totally different as it’s a cute boobie flashing top

It shares the same platform as the two other shops in the LM link, I’ve not checked them out so you never know whats there.

PS. Yet another couple of gifts on the wall at the bottom of the staircase.

Kitz”une”, Torment, Selene.

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Fake it till you make it. (Freebie).

As I was trying to think of what backdrop to use I came across this aeroplane one which reminds me of the fake ones that Instagrammers/influencers use. Since I couldn’t think of anything better I just pulled a pose and here are the details.

The top is a freebie from the C!L Boutique shop but is for one of the BIG Freebie groups. I think the LM will take you near to them but it’s not a big shop so if it doesn’t then just look for the wall with “Events” on it.

Lots of fits and nice sheer sleeves but have you spotted them? Yeah, SCRUNCHIES. Can’t remember the last time I wore one in RL. I didn’t have to edit the wrist one and the hair one was easy to edit into place.

PS. That overlay is the first time I’ve been able to use it and thats only because it’s almost a perfect match to the pattern on the top.

C!L Boutique.

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Save to Spend. (New Mina & Free Top).

This lovely top is free from the Antaya shop, you don’t even need to join the group (99Lds) as it’s set for free for all. Next to it is a poster of the prizes as there is a Mermaid hunt going on, I did glance at the board and for 25Lds I’m tempted to hunt down the boobie shell bra…because everyone needs a boobie shell bra!

As for the hair, it’s a Mina of course.

Called Acrona and because it’s very much a unisex style you get fits for both male/female and I’m sure I did see a non-rigged version in the pack so that means it can be tweaked, I will check that out when I get to log back in. Obviously, you must try the demo on for yourself first so Mina’s mainshop LM at the end.

It is a shame that the hair base is a separate purchase but in this case, for only 99Ld I think you’re getting a quality hair base. It really does have a very natural shaved look to it and when you look closely you can almost make out the hair follicles. I’ve just been using the hair bases from this and the other brand new shaved/punk style hair on it’s own as they look so good they look as though they have been designed to be worn on their own as much as the base to a shaved style hair.

So as always LM to Mina’s as well as the FaMESHed event where it can be bought from.


Mina’s Mainshop.


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An upgrade. (Freebies).

These pants are a new gift from the Mogul shop. I have blogged the other gift so you may recognise that and if not then it’s going to be a nice surprise.

These really are fabulous pants but there is a little “but” and that is the length of them. Looking at this picture you’re probably wondering what the issue is as they look excellent and they ARE they just look better when worn with basic black heeled shoes that allows the length to blend in more…you will see what I mean when you get them.

Look a bit closer and you may also spot that the top I’m wearing has changed in this next picture and that’s because I went to the Salt & Pepper shop and spotted that they have a Free Group Gift near to the paid-for Group Gifts.

This comes with a small hud and the black colour would have blended in better with the pants but I do like this colour and you can see the details just a bit better in this colour.

The reason I keep on saying “one of the big free groups” is because these groups are so busy and the notices come at you thick and thin which is great unless like me you’re in so many groups/subscribers that I get drowned in notices. So I have a tendency to join and grab and then unjoin but I do recommend these groups for yourself.

PS. This side shot of the new Mina hair shows off that little uplift behind the hairband and OMG that colour!


Salt & Pepper.

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Look at Me. (Freebie).

One of this weekend’s offers is from a shop called “Look at me” and it’s a fab bargain so I’m very tempted. I have the demo to try out later and I will say that since I need to update my make-up to EvoX I will be checking out all those offers as well.

While I was at the Look at me shop I spotted this old group gift that I have blogged about before and I’m really pleased it’s still out for us.

Just a lovely understated look, very easy casual wear. Can be worn as separates but the nice touch is how the camisole has been designed to look tucked into the jeans so I keep them in the same folder because of that.

I also won a really good Lucky Board Prize, all of them are worth loitering for and it’s nice that you can see the time countdown so you know how long you have to loiter for.

PS. Faith has done a handy rundown of the weekend offers, if you want to see the outfit I’m tempted to buy then check out her link to the “Happy Weekend” blog for pictures.

Look At Me.

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Another sunny day. (Freebie(ss)).

Blimey, yet another day which is sunny and warm(ish). I think I’m gonna have to be a good girl and once I’ve clicked “publish” head on out as there is still some winter clean up that needs to be done and then I can return to SL with a clear conscience…and a big mug of coffee!

So I’m happy to be able to show you this first and I think it’s new.

I recognise the other gifts in the Catarsis shop as having been blogged by me before but as for this fuzzy two-piece and another skirt/top outfit…hmmm not too sure.

This comes as separates and comes in a fatpack of colours. As for the other gifts, they’re there for you to find.


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Get the “Girls” out. (Freebie).

I was bored so I visited the “The Cosmopolitan Event” which I don’t normally do when it’s newly opened as it’s usually too busy to have a good look around and yeah it was so I cheated and cammed in to see what the gift was this round and wow it’s cheeky.

A top/shop quality skirt and sweater set. I managed to cover one flashing nip and had to pixelate the other one out as we like to keep this blog as PC as possible. Don’t fear as I’m pretty sure that it will be easy to find something to team up with the sweater top that will cover your blushes.

You can’t see it but the back of the skirt is pretty runched up showing a lot of cheek and the white is the panties that come built-in. Oddly even though you get a decent-sized hud for the sweater and skirt you don’t get one for the panties. You do however get the option not to wear them.

I have had a quick look at what’s for sale at this event and it’s nice to see a shop that I have bought items from, the “unflat stuff” shop. So I’m going back but this time when it’s quietened down.

The Cosmopolitan Event.