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Stepping out. (Freebie(ss)).

In an attempt to stop being such a lard ass I’ve been trying to walk 10.000 steps a day so as soon as I click “publish” I’m off out. Till then a couple of freebies from a shop called Dreams.

The top is a nice fine mesh one, with a mere hint of boobs and a nice hud really good colours. The skirt is not really a good match for the top but I just wanted to show you it so picture that top and skirt with other items out of your invent.

I almost TP’d out of the Dream shop as I thought it was a mens wears shop and it was only because I noticed out of the corner of my eye some womens wear and a bunch of VIP gifts and gifts for other free groups.

BTW you will see a stand in the main entrance covered in balloon/gift boxes, ignore them sadly that generous offer is now over.

Dreams. (Turn left and the GG’s are on the wall).

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The look of love. (Freebie).

This freebie cardie/top combo looks pretty familiar esp the cardie so this is probably a reblog but just in case it’s not here it is.

Each can be worn as seperates and each come with it’s own hud of colours and can be worn as seperates.

If you’re wondering about my little friend. I have a fat pack of bunnies which I bought from HPMD, so sorry not free, and in this pack you have a whole selection of both static and animesh bunnies and a couple of wearables. These bunnies are beyond adorable! The way they twitch their little noes, move their ears and hop are just so realistic they’re facinating to watch.

Mow. (It’s the gift on the desk).

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I’m shook! (Freebie & 24 Hour Dollarbie Catwa Mesh Head). UPDATED.

Thank you Shi for an amazing (Catwa) heads up.

OK first of all the head I’m wearing is not the dollarbie it is, of course, my beloved Lelutka, and the wet look pants are not the freebie, they’re from Blueberry if you’re interested in them. The freebie is this simple mesh lace effect top.

It comes from the REED shop and I can remember blogging something from there not too long ago but not this top or the new outfit, which didn’t fit me. There are plenty of gifts in the REED shop for different groups.

As for the Dollarbie Catwa head from tomorrow, Thursday the 25th, from 12am to 11.59pm the Catwa “HDPRO Queen” head will be on sale for only 1Ld JUST in the Catwa marketplace shop. I’ve already tried the demo on, the link is for the demo version, again a big thanks to Shi for that, and I was shocked at how nice both the face and shape looked on me! So much so I’m really looking forward to picking the full pack up tomorrow and having a play with it.

PS. Doesn’t it make a nice change not to have to face the crush of a packed sim trying to get a time-limited gift so I am really grateful to be able to get it from the marketplace.

As expected Catwa had temporarily broke SL marketplace but I did actually manage to log in however I couldn’t see either the Demo or the 1L HDPRO Queen head. I think even the management were “shook” and from what I can see they’re trying to sort it out.

UPDATE. The Dollarbie Catwa head has now been moved inworld into the Catwa shop and as you can see there are 2 landmarks.

Catwa Inworld Shop 1.

Catwa Inworld Shop 2.