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When you see this I will be AWOL. (Freebie(ss)).

Since it’s been a while since I visited the Smesh shop I had my fingers crossed for a new freebie and here it is.

If I stood side ways you would see that this dress has lovely “pert” boobie shape to it, you would also see lots of gaps.

I think this Mina cap/hair suits it well if I’d had a pair of white go go boots in my invent that really would have made what I think is a bit of a 60ties vibe.

There are other gifts both for the Smesh and other free groups. So check out the walls near to where you TP in and also the gifts behind the reception desk.

PS. The title of this post is because I’m escaping the confines of my home and heading off to see a theater performance and staying overnight in a hotel…sweet sweet freedom! So I will be back on Fri but I can’t promise a post as I don’t have anything else lined up so far.


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Home Sweet Home. (Freebie(ss) & Reminder).

Not only do I love the colour of this t-shirt I actually really like the “meowtallicat” picture on the front and I normally don’t care for slogans or images on my clothing. I must be getting soft about them though as it wasn’t too long ago when I blogged some other t-shirts with imagery on the front.

This is super shop quality, ie plenty of wrinkles/folds and although you get it from the Amataria shop it is a Mesh Body Friends” gift. It comes with matching panties and I can’t show you them as they didn’t come in either SLink fits.

There is another gift this time for the SL F&O group of a strapless bodycon dress.

I almost missed them as they’re on the wall to your right as you go into the shop. When I saw this I grabbed and ran so when I return I will be checking the shop out fully.

As for the reminder, it’s that the 50% sale at HISA is over today so if you had you’re eye out on a new home and there are now a small amount of landscaping then you need to go now and not put it off till tomorrow.

PS. The notice also said that there is a new building under construction and every HISA lover knows that they like to put out their latest and unfinished builds to let people see them being created until they’re ready for sale and I can’t wait to log back in, grab the LM for the Amataria shop, check it out and then finish off my SLing time with a trip to HISA.

UPDATE. Not only is the Amataria group free there are some excellent group gift, some I know I’ve shown you and some I know I can’t show you as not my fit. These gifts are to be found on the wall with the door leading to the right side of the shop. PLUS check out their Marketplace shop. Agai

Amataria. & Evolve.

Amataria Marketplace.


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3 Shades of Summer.(Freebie(s)).

I’ve actually chosen the wrong background for this outfit from Entice. The silkiness, bow and ruffle all scream elegant lounge wear not beach wear. I think it was the bright colour palette of 3 shades of yellow which made me think of a summers day.

You get a decent pack of fits and the bonus of them being separates.

BTW Don’t be a goober like me, I spend ages in the gift/discount room upstairs where I may have won a couple of Lucky Board prizes but couldn’t see the main prize of this new group gift and thats because it’s downstairs on the wall next to the reception desk.


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Just a few. (Freebie(sss)).

Faith got to Promagic first I got to REED first and I’m happy I did.

As always the more I look at this picture the more I suspect that top is a reblog but the shorts are not. The shorts actually come with their own top but since that didn’t fit me I teamed it up with this white one for what I think is a great summer look.

Don’t worry there is actually other gifts as well as a brand new top/short combo which is going to be a lovely suprise for you.

In the main entrance, you will see the 3 lucky boards and the wall of group gifts are just to your left, in the same build, not in the next build….sounds complicated but it’s not as you will see what I mean when you go there.


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Almost. (Freebie).

Such a shame that this pretty top doesn’t come in my fav fit as I would actually have considered this as a “keeper” as it’s that nice.

It has that lovely fine frill around the cut out circle as well as on the hem, a fine mesh and the edging on that mesh all makes for a really nice to and although it looks a bit “flat” on me it is shaped to flatter your boobies, just not mine. You do get a “slider” which allows you to change all of the parts of this top as you wish. The fits it does come in are a Maitreya, Legacy/Perky and Kemomo Busty fit and if you peer closely at this picture you will see it’s not wearable for SLink bodies.

I thought I knew this shop and yet apart from this one group gift there is onl one other item for sale so I’m going to add this to my folder of places to revisit as it looks like a shop that has just started so it will be interesting to see how it grows.


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“Muddle Head”. (Dollarbie(?)Freebie(ss)).

It’s been a while since I last came across this style of top so I was pleased that it’s actually pretty good as well as being a freebie…..OH wait thinking about it I’m sure it’s actually a Dollarbie and now I can’t now remember if you get that refunded….I’m such a muddle head.

It was only when I was just about to TP out that I spotted there are a few other gifts for different groups on a different wall. So this one is near to the entrance on your right-hand size and a bit further in on your left-hand side are the gifts for other groups.

PS. I’ve changed my lippie to a much nicer one.

C. Y. Fashion.

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OH NO! (Freebie(sss)).

Osima is 4 years old and I believe there is a 50% sale going on…please check though.

This skirt is being used in the poster advertising it’s Birthday and to find it you have to look on the shelf with the other free group gifts…just follow the sign on the floor.

The skirt is another “classic” design so I’m not sure if I’ve blogged it or something very similar. Classic skirts like this are always a good find and with the addition of 28 excellent colours/patterns very handy indeed. Sadly the newer top that is being used in the birthday advert isn’t a group gift so I snagged this one from the shelf above and it too has a nice sized hud.

I know I’ve blogged the top and a couple of the other gifts out before.

As for the background, I’m using it as an excuse to get you over to Vita’s Boudoir.

A lot of you may recognise this shop and for those who don’t you’re in for a treat. Precious Restless is a designer both in RL and SL and her unique take on everything from clothing to full builds stand out for quality and uniqueness. As you can see that pouf is a gift for us.

I am assuming the LM will take you near to where this is but since the whole of the shop is spread over quite an area it will make it much easier to find it by taking this picture of it in the shop.

PS. The “OH NO” is I hate the lipstick I’m wearing but it’s too late to change it.


Vitas Boudoir