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TPing & Out. (Freebie).

This is how I feel when I’ve been tempted into buying some of the weekend offers (this hotel backdrop, the train station and a rather good smoking pose set).

So I’ve spent enough Lindens and now for the freebie which is the skirt, top, panties and knee-high boots.

A “classic” design which does have a small colour option. Not keen on the head design on the skirt but that’s just my personal choice. As always I appreciate that you can wear each piece separately.

I got this from the Reverse shop which has a couple of weekend special offers on, to find this free group gift then turn left and head that way.

Reverse & Angel n Devil.

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Aww, shame! (Freebie).

This top is a good excuse to get you over to the Milota shop as I think this is one of those shops that doesn’t often have gifts out for us.

Obviously very sheer with black seams and you can just about make out the heart-shaped pasties which are on the actual top and not an add-on and you can’t see is that because this isn’t a perky fit it means I have a bit of a nip slip going on.

This isn’t a shop I visit often as I love their designs too much so it has been very hard to resist buying anything. The clothing to me is just so elegant, cute, wearable and sexy all at the same time but my one thought when looking at tempting clothing is “how much would I wear it” and as someone who is constantly hunting for new stuff the answer is usually “rarely” so I just don’t buy it. I will occasionally treat myself to a gown but my spending is on home & garden stuff.

PS. The gift is on the table outside and although there is a lot of bags it’s just 1 gift.


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It’s a classic. (Freebie).

This is such a classic design I think most of us already have a copy of it in our invents so I wasn’t really expecting too much but again I am happily surprised.

It comes only in this pink pattern which I’m not mad at, a nice fine mesh and can be worn as both a skirt and top which as always is totally appreciated. It’s a Mesh Body Friends gift and there are a couple of other freebies.

The Shanti shop does use a lot of classic templates but has vamped them up with some bold and colourful patterns. I did rather like the coats (of many colours lol).

What got me to the Shanti shop in the first place wasn’t a free outfit it was the free backdrop I’m using. My backdrops always look rather flat in my pictures when most times they’re not I’m just not very good at showing depth. If you’re interested then this is at the back of the shop but this dress is to your left as you go inside.

Shanti & New Mondays.

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Dollarbies on the MP’s. (Dollarbies).

I was bored and since I’m poor instead of logging into eBay I logged into the Marketplace instead and Voila…

The top and skirt are two separate dollarbies from the Casadel shop. You only get them in this blue shade and I ain’t mad at it! Just in case you’re not sure you can get the Demo to try out first.

Some interesting uses of belts and strips of leather in a lot of their designs.

PS. Thats not a deformed boobie, it’s the way the top has been designed lol.

Casadel. (Marketplace Only).

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Spend to save. (Freebies).

The hair is NOT the freebie.

The only thing in this picture that resembles the RL me is we both have the same black jeans!

I’ll start from the top down, the hair is a purchase from the “Wings” hair shop. I’ve mentioned that I’ve been after a couple of styles of hair that so far Mina hasn’t done and this is IT! The big fat retro-glam curls…what can I say, divine. I did buy a hair recently, I think from Exile which is also “divine” so now I have two. All I need now is a sexy “bed” hair and that’s me sorted. As for price, surprisingly only 299Lds as I’m pretty sure their prices used to be more.

The bustier is a reblog, still out for us and comes with a hud of colours. Just a quality top and there is a couple of other group gifts in the Histeria shop, also blogged. The jeans are basic’s and quality and we all know good black jeans go with everything.

To find the jeans look for the gift box on the floor in the Art&KO shop. You will spot 2 random gift boxes on the floor, now I’m thinking about it I may also have shown you these jeans before! Never mind, look for the 2 gift boxes on the floor…the second one will be a surprise as it was for me.

Wings. (Hair).

Hysteria. (Bustier).

Art&KO. (Jeans).

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Sticky! (Freebie).

I just didn’t know what sort of backdrop to use to show off my latest freebie so as usual, I resorted to Faith’s handy simple backdrop.

The top and coochie cutter shorts can be worn separately which is always appreciated. A decent-sized hud of colours and I even quite liked some of the graphic ones for the top.

Yes, I am “packing heat” in my shorts and the shorts and gun are linked.

They come from the Heavn shop and I am including a picture of where you will find the gift as it’s not that obvious.

No group is needed so just one click on that brightly coloured poster and it’s yours.

While you’re there on the same back wall but to the left is a very interesting item of clothing for sale. I’m not going to tell you more about it as I’d like to leave it as a surprise.

Outside of this shop I can see others inc a couple I’ve not visited in a long time so that’s my SLing time sorted.

UPDATE: I was checking the group and it is a paid-for group BUT this gift is definitely set for free.


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I’m so excited. (New Mina Hair & Freebie(s?).

I found out that this new Mina hair comes from the Hair Fair and today is its first day, yes I will be going and yes if I find a hair that Mina hasn’t created yet and think it will make a great addition to my invent I will/may buy it. As I always say “hair and skin” are the two things you can’t skimp on.

The funny thing was when I first put this hair on my initial thought was “this is a horrible fit!” then I spotted the tattoo layers and of course realised it was another close-shave look. She’s got a new range of shaved styles and yet again she’s done another really great look. Check out those fine strands of colour.

I’ve not done it yet but if you want a different shade from the preset ones in the pack then just follow the easy instructions and you can save them in the Hud or just use the sliders to play with the shading but don’t forget to make a copy first especially if you’re trying it for the first time and you mess it up as it’s much easier if you’ve still got the original.

Or it looks like she’s now selling patterned/shaved base layers if you want.

Yesterday I spotted in a notice a picture of this top which is a gift from the “off-line” shop but you get it from the “The Tres Chic Event”. Not only did it turn out to be as good as I hoped it comes with big assed hud…always a plus.

Pay Attention, because I also missed this and it was only on my return visit to LM grab that I spotted more gifts at the Tres chic event. When you TP over, head forward and on the wall of stalls you will see on the left end is a large picture with this gift but check out the right end of the wall and you will see there is a pile of gift boxes, one-click gives you them all. I’ve not unpacked those so I don’t know what or how many gifts there are but I’m looking forward to that soon.

Mina’s Main shop. (for the demo).

The Hair Fair. (to treat yourself to this or another hair).

The Tres Chic Event. (to treat yourself to this top).