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Flirty skirty (Freebie sorta).

I’ve just been rummaging through my Groups to see if there are any goodies I’ve missed and Voila, !gO has a new Group Gift out for us.


This is a cute and flirty little number, I love the way the shorts flare and the top shows off a bit of side boobs.


If you’re on a limited budget then there is still some of the best Dollarbies hanging up on the washing line outside the shop and a greenhouse with Gacha’s in it.  I have 2 of my fav dresses from that line and they’re still there with some old Group Gifts and although most are mesh there is still a couple of non mesh items.

I’ve been a !gO group member for so long I can’t remember how much it is to cost to join but it’s certainly less than a 100Lds and 50Lds is the figure that sticks in my mind and there is always a monthly Group Gift set out for us. Gocha Merlin also sets out an outfit which is slashed to half price the trick is you have to find it as it’s usually hanging with the other full priced items but I’ll be kind and give you a hint, Pirouette for me. Check out the marketplace for not only the Dollarbies but all the demos are there for you to try on.

This is one of the groups that if you do have some Lindens to spare you should join as they have never failed to put a smile on my face.


!gO Marketplace

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Indulge me (freebie).


Quickest grab and post every, about 30mins in total.

Just as I was about to log off Poised sent out a notice about its new June Group Gift (free to join) and the model was wearing the skirt in a similar manner as I am IE with a simple bikini top and it made me want to HOWL!  It is supposed to be Summer in the UK and yet again I’m sat here in RL in a jumper trying to resist the temptation to put the fire on and wonder why I ever bother to defuzz myself because the chances of wearing anything as Summery as this at this moment is ZERO.

Rant over, so yes the group gift is the skirt only but it does comes with a 6 colour changing hud so extra handy,  lacing on the side and a great fit.  As it happens there is another group gift on the desk next to this one and you have to join the “SL Free’s and Offers” group to grab that one but this one contains a non mesh dress and not only shoes for SLink feet but also system feet, that is a very nice touch because yet again not everyone can or wants to wear mesh and of course SLink aren’t free.


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Ice cream & beach weather

coldLogic NEW ! Label Motion magazine pose pack 50L NEW!


One day  till my holiday ! Allegedly its going to be hot hot hot, so I’m planning on lots of ice creams and beach wandering. I wish I had enough room in my suitcase for some of coldLogic’s new releases, so summery, so sweet and all so blissfully cool to wear. This is “gann” and comes in 4 colour options. Cool and composed, with some sweet raised fabric detailing over the material. It’s very easy to wear  and although I’ve opted for the neutral colour, some of the others are verrrrry juicetastic!


coldlogic NEW! Indyra bangles - Eclectica necklace & earrings - Label Motion magazine pose pack 50L !

On to “channing”, a rather sophisticated little number – halter neck with fine stitching emphasising the vee shape at the top of the bodice. Bold fat stripes against a plain background, very chic. Four colour options and I cant quite believe I didn’t show you the pink one ! Black and white is refreshing, and can also give an outfit a totally different appeal. I got the bangles from one of the many events that are cropping up, by Indyra – worth a look at their mainstore to see if they are on sale there also.

coldLogic NEW mewes neopolitian - tram hair collabor88 - abuleux shoes for Slink flat feet - Label Motion free gift ice cream poses

I love love LOVE this dress ! Its called “mewes” and I reckon it’s a total scene stealer for summer. Bands of three colours that sort of bleed into one another ever so gently – no harsh lines, just softness. Four tones in this and ALL of them are gorgeous. I adored this one “neapolitan” – all my fav shades in one dress ! Big shout out for my flat sandals from fabuluex – they are a recent release and are SO affordabubble ! I swear if you go to the store you just wont be able to resist the gacha machines – you have been warned !

coldLogic mewes Neapolitan NEW

One thing I do suggest you do with all your coldLogic purchases, is check out the back view! Those naughty designers are fond of hiding treats and surprises there *nodnodnod* , and they alwaysss catch me out ! I’m usually trotting about some place, then BOOM..I catch a glimpse of my rear view and voilà – cheeky details stashed away. See what I mean?!

coldLogic NEW !!

Last up for today (and from me for the coming week as I’m on vacation yay!) is “valeri” – four colours again or of course in all cases you could strike out and grab a quantum pack. (such good value). This dress is quite demure and very me me me. Sweet floral pattern al over and spaghetti straps , it’s a bit chintz and I like that. Pop over and grab some demos that are freely available in the store or on the market place, and have a great week ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic main store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place store



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Light up my life (freebies& not so free).

PAYDAY! Woo Hoo so I did the FLF event and then treated myself to the new and oh so perfect Hammock from We’re Closed and still managed to snag  freebies.  Now to be honest we’ve probably blogged them before but I simply can’t remember but they’re just too good so here are the freebies first.


A 3 prim little water feature and considering how low primed this is what you can’t see is that behind the tap is a hose pipe to give the impression that this little fountain is plumbed into a water source and the water in the base around the pebbles actually has the slightest of ripples it’s pretty realistic.  Such a perfect decor item for home and garden.


I had literally just rezzed the stuff and then realised how good it looked in its randomness.   Beanbag, big and natural and a massive 14 poses, step-ladder has some really good poses in it and even a few couples ones, and those really lovely bright glowing bags.  You get 2 styles and 2 brightness with the bags and they’re not only really bright but copyable. I’ve actually removed some of my lit tree’s and I’m going to use the prims I’ve gain from removing them to rezzz an awful lot of these bags because as you can see they really do glow.  Then I had a thought….


…if I placed these bags amongst the branches would really add a new dimension to my beloved, and sadly primtastic, tree.


Now for the not free.  This slatted  Hammock is my Pay Day treat , the canopy isn’t included with the hammock but does come from We’re Closed as well.


I took so many pictures because this hammock is packed with pose after pose, a total of 20 single poses with some more mannish ones and 15 couple poses.  At 450Lds it I had to think about it for about 2 SECONDS and then it was mine. If you’re interested in the canopy then that is only 250Lds.

PS There are more Group Gifts but I am just showing you which ones I will be using in my home and when I was browsing Mandingo Quan’s profile for any aditional info I notice that he has a couple of Satelite shops and in one of them is an extra GG which turns out to be a rather lovely twig picture frame.  Actually it’s just perfect I’ve dragged and dropped a picture onto it and will be putting that over my fireplace so I can highly reccomend you pop to the VooDoo Dollz shopping sim for the picture frame.  Also if you check out his shop at the Cosmopolitan shopping mall you will find not a GG but another house/garden feature at a slashed price.

 we’re CLOSED

we’re CLOSED VooDoo Dollz

we’re CLOSED Cosmopolitan

Last but not least the Marketplace link.

we’re CLOSED Marketplace

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Last coupla days for The Domus Fair !

HED Dress NEW! Cleo Designs for the Domus Fair

The Domus Fair event ends on the 30th of this month so hurry along to take a peek. I’ve been a couple of times and still notice new items. It’s not like a traditional fair or event, but more like a gorgeously decorated home and everything is for sale. It’s really lovely to walk around and see the pieces laid out like this. Above is part of the set from Cleo Designs, the couch is so summery with its rattan body and creased cotton seat pads. You can also change the texture of the freestanding  cushions which is a nice extra. Low Li and crammed with couple, female & male poses. My dress is from HED, strappy little number with some lovely detailing on the bodice.

HED Derss - Cleo Designs for the Domus Fair

Closer view of the sundress – which comes in a beautiful selection of tones, plus the sideboard and cushions detail from Cleo Designs.

The Domus Fair

H.E.D market place store


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Vintage week.(Freebies)

Naturally as soon as I spotted Faith’s latest shoe find I TPed over to snag it BUT it turns out that there are 2 sub gifties.  When you slap the Sub board you get the pair I am wearing automatically sent to you but check out the piccie of the shoes next to the sub board and those are the one’s Faith scored so slap that piccie and you get that pair sent to you as well.  The simple answer is Faith must already have been a subscriber to KoiKoi shoes and I was a new one so if you’re already a KoiKoi subber and you want both pairs simply unsub and then resub, sneaky but who cares.  The ones I am wearing are for mid SLink and Faith’s are high.


This is this weeks Group Gift from Social Vintage, a free to join group and not only does So.Vintage send out demos for you to try but a weekly freebie.  I’m going to make this a very quick post because the GG is only available for a week.  As always I popped over to not only grab the LM but to check out any new stuff and there is new stuff, some sweet simple dresses plenty of tops and shorts and if anyone can remember that way too sexy Chinese dress I’ve blogged previously.


Sneaks in a close up of the shoes.


Social Vintage

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Bit of what you fancy (inc freebie)

KoiKoi Group gift for Slink high feet.

Always brings a smile to my face when theres free shooz about ! KoiKoi have these darling dotty peep toe heels out as their subscribo gift – free to join also. Totally lovely, and of course PINK ! You need the SLink high feet to wear these btw. Nip over and grab a pair, bet you don’t leave without snapping up some others too.

HED Summer swimsuit, with slink hand & feet polish appliers and HUD for colour change

Whats a girl to wear with new shoes? New bathing suit of course. This delightful little number is a new release from HED – the store appears to be market place based only currently and I don’t spy any demo’s there – however all the gear seems very affordable. The swimsuit is part of a set called “The Aloha Summer set”, you get a HUD that has seven fabric options yay! Plus earrings, necklace and matching appliers for Slink nail polish – toes & feet.