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Free Complete outfit

FREE Outfit shoes, pants & sweater

Did a lovely little hunt last night called “Mid-season Mystery Hunt”. Very easy to do , each designer has a free gift and an item at $10L. Above is the free outfit from Emerald Couture. Totally adore the corduroy pants with stitched detail, also has a lovely contrasting sweater and a pair of flat pumps (not worn).

Happy Hunting ❤

Mid-Season Mystery Hunt Blog with prize photos

Mid Season Mystery Hunt Starting Location

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First, maybe!(400Lds for 15Lds).

I think I was the first to TP to the Tachinni shop as when the notice I TP’d so fast even I hadn’t rezzed properly and by the time I did I was surrounded by fluffy orange clouds as everyone in the Tachinni group came running.

The Tachinni group only costs a token 15Lds to join as well and I didn’t really need to be in such a rush as it makes a nice change that we have till the 23rd of Oct to spend the credit as well.

I did spot something about a big giveaway but I think that has something to do with Social Media and guess what I don’t do anything, I don’t Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok so it’s not something I can enter but check that offer out as well.

UPDATE: 34 people on the sim. I’m 99% sure there are group gifts and the fatpacks are on sale!


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A sweet start. (Mina’s FLF Offer).

Casey is one of my fav Mina hairs and I know I say that often but it’s true because just look at it.

This is just a perfect hat/hair. The texture on the hat is so realistic and you get a hud of 9 different patterns from this leather look to a very bold retro pattern. Also, you can choose which hair colour pack to buy, Ombre or Natural, and each pack has a massive hud of hair colours.

To get this hair for only 50Lds is such a bargain but if you have a few Lindens spare and like hats then Mina does have a range of hats and caps now from beachy mesh ones to even a horse riding hat.

PS. I leave my ears poking out as I just think it looks cute, obviously if you don’t then all mesh heads allow you to alpha them out.

Mina’s Mainshop,

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No0b! (Freebie(ssss)).

I love Steampunk so I went to the Engine Room Event and found gift after gift after gift which I neatly tucked into a folder to make it easier to find and sort through and that’s when I made a real No0bish mistake and “Add” the WHOLE FOLDER to myself. Considering that one gift is a floating island as you can imagine I looked like a right mess. So I slunk off home and unattached and did a quick scan through and I didn’t see any clothing as yet but I do have to return to check out the rest of the event and grab the last gifts.

I did find this rather excellent “Hopeless Mask” from the Tentacio stall.

A small hud is included and then we have these boots from the Art&Ko stall.

I’d love these in RL.

I’m not going back just for the rest of the freebies as I picked up two demos’ of gowns that I’m being sorely tempted by. The only thing that stopped me from buying one of them straight away wasn’t so much the ouchy price tag was that the stall was still in the “set up” stages plus in the pictures used by the seller there are accessories. So I am going to wait for the stall to be properly set up and see if they’re included in the price or if they’re an additional cost.

Update: OoooOoooOooooo I snuck inworld to get the rest of the gifts and some more demos and then started to unpack and as I’ve said “OoooOoooOooooo” so many nice and quality accessories/decor…that’s it as I really do have to log off now but I can’t wait to unpack the rest tomorrow and check out the shops they came from.

The Engine Room Event.

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Helloooo…(Free 300Ld Gift Card).

Blinking Nora yet another free gift card and group gifts, this time from the Brillancia shop.

Stupid backdrop but I don’t know when this offer is over and I didn’t want to do yet another basic point-and-click photo so I just threw a backdrop out and pulled a pose as I don’t know when this offer is over so I’d go now.

This outfit is one of the group gifts as I don’t want to spend my free gift card as it is trans which means I will be passing it on.


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$500L Store Credit

FREE store credit

New-to-me store Aitne has a really good offer on atm. Group costs $30L and you can grab $500L of store credit once you’ve joined . Nice selection of lingerie, casual and a few dresses mixed in – take a peek around and see if its worth you joining up. You can get this from Sept 27th – 30th and it expires on October 4th.


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Give me credit. (Free 700Lds Shop Credit).

This photo is as good as it gets as the Beyond shop is beyond heaving…boom boom. I had to TP in and out a few times before the sign you click rezzed enough for me to click it..another..boom boom lol.

Yup a generous 700Lds worth of credit and I’m not sure what the cost of joining the Beyond group normally costs but till the 2nd it’s FREE. Not sure if that cut-off date includes spending the free credit. So hustle on over and get spendy.

PS. Don’t forget there is as far as I can remember group gifts…UPDATE because there are a lot of group gifts and I thought I’d show you just one of them.

Out of the big hud of colours I chose these two.