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My SL life is still a mess. (Freebies).

Look beyond the pose and yeah that’s still a whole load of decor that needs to be moved into my new location.

There are other gifts than the bikini and cupcake which I would have liked to have shown you but since I can’t even get around to cleaning up my mess I can’t get around to using BOM! I may in future when I find a fab BOM item actually take a picture of it in the shop to show it off to you.

Petrichor used to be known as “The Plastik” and I know that shop for its colourful skins. I think I used to own a few of them from way back even before mesh bodies were a thing. The shop does have a lot of colourful skins but also a whole mix of other stuff so make sure to check it all out, even the dark room that at first looks as though it’s empty. It’s not and has a few backdrops, wearables etc.


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If you ever. (Freebie(ss)).

The freebie is the harness.

Yay my mondays work plan/RL have gone down the drain which means I can SL for a bit longer than I normally would. So following on from last post my first visit was to the main Havoc shop where I scored yet again.

Can you tell what my fav colour is? If orange isn’t yours then don’t worry as yet again this harness/belt bag comes with 12 excellent colours.

There are more Havoc group gifts just on the wall inside the shopand they are mainly accessories such as a bag, belt…I may actually pick that belt up as well.

Do NOT go inside the shop before you’ve checked out the stands just outside the main doors as they have some special offers on such as the “Assassain” outfit for only 75Ls.

I’m also going to go pose shopping then return to the sim this shop is on as it’s sharing the same shopping mall as some other big shops and I lucky streak may still hold.

As for the title, as always if it’s not free or not free anymore then I don’t mention what I’m wearing however if you want to know about anything you see then just drop me a NOTE asking. I don’t mind at all.


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It’s a secret. (Freebie).

The Freebie is the bag.

I have a tendency to avoid big events, at least until they’re quiet and the “Big Girl” event is definately quiet now which is why I was able to saunter through it and score this “hidden” gift.

Exc quality, plenty of fits and a 12 colour hud.

This is on the Havoc stand and there is nothing to indicate that this waist bag is an actual gift as it’s not in a gift box. There isn’t even a sign to say it’s a gift I just did a random price check and voila!

I think the LM will take you to the Havoc stand and if not then you will be stood between the Big Girl event and the American Bazaar shop. When you go into the event, veer right and the Havoc stall is next to the large lady statue. It’s the small picture of the bag you click on.

Havoc@Big Girl Event.

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Lazy Monday Morning. (Freebie(ss) & Cheapies Location).

In my last post I showed you the newest gift from Amias and I also mentioned there was some older items I wanted to reblog and here they are.

So you may already have picked up the top, pants and even the excellent wearable ice skates but if they’re new to you then you’re in for a treat. If you’re a jewelery wearer then you’re in for another treat as even though I’m not wearing any they are very nice indeed.

The next step was to find a suitable backdrop to show off my look and somehow and instead of a nice icy backdrop I ended up at the Warburg shop. This small shopping sim has been around as long as I have and the same can be said for a lot of whats for sale but it’s a smorgasbord of silly, fun, serious, daft, cheap, free, full priced stuff. It’s hard to walk away without picking something up for your home or garden.


WarBug Headquaters.

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A rare pose. (Freebie(ssssss)).

How often do I do a simple sit pose? Trust me it’s rare as I just struggle with anything other than a standard, standing pose and looking at the camera. In this case I decided to try my best to sit as I needed to cover up my Foo Foo to make sure this is a PG post lol.

This dress is a gift from the Dubai Event which is celebrating it’s 3rd Birthday which means lots and lots and lots of gifts. I did pick up a few random ones and then this which is the gift from the Nyne shop and I love that yellow/grey combo it’s really good. Lots of fits as well which is good because I did get other clothing from this event which I couldn’t model for you.

Also check out the hair, this is the same hair from my previous post in it’s dry stage. “Rachel” is a lovely smooth hair, with the newer fine texturing etc. Check out my last post for the details about it as it’s both a dry and wet hair.

PS. I did find a really good free hair at the Dubai event from No-match. To me when it comes to skin and hair I think it’s very hard to find free or cheap skin/hair so it’s the one thing that I think you should be prepaired to pay a reasonable amount for but so many people are on a SL/RL budget so I’m always happy when I find a decent free/cheap hair so make sure you go get that hair.

Dubai Event.

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A coupla small things. (Freebie(ss) & Lesson 101).

I’m creeping on Faith as she redoes her home.

I’ve found a couple of things in my invent one of which is this wearable “anti valentine heart”. Although Valentines is well and truly over you also a hud with a lot of different sayings such as “go away” which is the one I’m using. What I appreciate is that you maintain this pose as you walk because no one wants to either duck walk or that weird swaying walk from past times lol. There are other wearables such as a colourful bong and I’m sure I saw glasses etc really nice accessories and they’re all for free but if you join the VIP group there are many more wearables inc some bags that had me tempted till I remembered how many decor/backdrops I’ve bought just from the weekend events lol.

Freebies are just inside the door to your right and the paid for group gifts are to the left. I also noticed a TP at the back which takes you to the older items but it didn’t work for me.

Now for the 101 Lesson.

I use the Firestorm server to access second life which I love it and I’ve only just noticed that in the drop down menu when you click on items in your invent to rezz, delete,read etc you get the standard drop down menu and in the menu you get a “protect” option and thats exactly what it does. Click on it and it stops you from accidentally deleting an item, of course one click unprotects it so if at a later date you do want to delete it you can.

Boutique #187

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It’s time to poop ‘n’ scoop.(Free Hunt).

It’s time for some mindless wandering around the sewers of Second Life.

What you’re looking for is this adorable little poop, just look at that face and those legs!

This is a sim wide hunt of endless sewers so unlike me I’d reccomend you open your minimap and work the hunt in a grid.

You do have items dotted around such as these dead ladies so you can use them to track where you have been.

I must say I actually really enjoyed it and now I’ve seen from the blog link how many gifts I’ve missed I will be returning esp since we have till the 31st to do it all.

As for the gifts here are just 2 of them.

This is actually a pretty big plant, in an old paint tin, you can’t mod it to make it smaller as it messes up the mesh but its nice to have a more statement sized plant esp when it’s still only 1prim.

I just had to show you this as it is just creepy. I spotted in the smallish amount of gifts I found a nice mix of tattoo’s, decor, some clothing etc.

There is also a sale going on, this is all in celebration of the “SL Syndicate’s 3rd Anniversary”. The sale is at their main headquarters so I will be visiting there soon. I’m putting the link to the Second Life Syndicate Blog where you will not only find the links to both LM’s you can also see the shops involved and now many poops they have out for us.

Second Life Syndicate Blog. (Landmark for hunt & Sale).