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Ready, Steady, GO! (Freebie(s)).

I’m starting off this new week by blowing away the cobwebs of a lazy and slightly depressing last week and although I am absolutely NOT going out for a run, although the sight of me lumbering along with my gazunga’s bouncing like out of control basketballs may bring a smile to some peoples faces it doesn’t do me much good.  So like Faith, I too have some Tai Chi classes lined up and I’ve planned some things to do today which will not only improve my living space but also help keep my mind active.

OK enough blab.  You will see this gift from Vagrant in every blog as it’s so good.

Shorts, top and headphones can all be worn as separates.

Don’t rush away once you’ve grabbed this as I spotted a couple special offers and there is also a pretty darn good Group Gift so some other things for you to check out.


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All in one Freebie

D!va has been pretty quiet of late but I spotted them at an event a few weeks back, bought the new style and earmarked them to scope out later. So chuffed I remembered and popped over there – new store, new layout and new gifts ! As you enter the store there is a large pillar behind the desk with a free group gift, peek around to the other side and you will find a few more. This is the 50,000 group members gift (free to join) and you get a beautiful gown and a hair-do . The gown is tremendously beautiful, I am not a gown wearer but if I was ! No mesh body sizes , but the medium suited my Maitreya body perfectly – there is a pouffey fluffy layer which I forgot to wear also – oops!

The hair that comes along for the ride is amazing – both items are named “iris”. Four ways to wear it and a fat pack of colours to boot. An absolute keeper for me – thanks D!va ❤


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Access – what did I buy

Wellllll I didn’t buy a thing actually – not because there wasn’t anything I liked though ! There were a few items that I took demos of and tried – but I really really really do have so many pairs of jeans and tops. However, there is a free gift out for Access group members and for the females its this sweet nude dress by Boosh – plenty of mesh fits inc. I think there was some sort of arm bracer for the guys. Group is free to join, the fem gift is on the rear wall to the left as you enter the main shopping area.


Web site for gallery of goods

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10Lds worth of SASSiness.

Just a quick post as I’m trying to distract myself from the pain I have from peeling an orange with papercut fingertips!!!

Although the colour has slightly changed in the picture this is just a perfect colour to suit my mood as we have had a simply lovely day weather-wise and although I did have to go out walking home with the sun on my face was a simple joy.

Costs 10Lds to join the Sass Group, there are 2 doors to the shop and this one is through the door to your right, as well as Lucky Boards and a TeleportHub GG but I have shown you that quite recently.

PS. It’s a keeper for me and before you join make sure it comes in your fit.



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I’m so excited. (Freebie(s)).

Apologies for the random background but I wanted to post these so badly before I had to log off and lets be honest it is a pretty background.

I promise you I saw these chandeliers a few weeks ago and was so tempted to buy them but at that time not only did I not have a home to put them in our sim was a big blank slate.  So I just forgot about them till I got notice they’re an amazing freebie from the Figure 8 shop!

You get 3 metal shades and they do have an on/off light with a very subtle light glow.  You can’t really see it in this picture but full rezzed size only 6prims, however, this one has been shrunk and is only 3 prims.  I’m so happy as having this smaller option means it will fit into my smaller home.  I have some stunning chandeliers which I will never use because they’re “mansion” size and most of the homes I live in are “hovel” sized.

I’d have been happy to buy these but damn I’m even happier to have gotten them for free.  There are other freebies in the shop, blogged.  I know Christmas is well over but still grab that Christmas backdrop as it will be so handy for next Christmas.

PS. The reason I’m excited is I get to go OUTSIDE!  Please trust me as this is something I have no choice about but I’ve got my hand sanitiser in my bag and a long pokey stick to ensure people keep their distance. I’m also going to walk to where I need to go so I’m not trapped on public transport and I  also get some much-needed leg exercises as well.  When this is all over I shall never take it for granted the freedom we have.

Figure 8

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It’s not easy being a Cheap B*tch! (Freebie(s)).

I think like a lot of us over the coming weeks/months  I will have to penny-pinch like I’ve never pinched before!  I’ve even put the idea of buying the “itty bitty pert titty” mesh body that legacy has come out with off for a while….till I cave in! Then like a fool, I decided to pop into the Dust Bunny shop and as soon as I saw one item I totally regretted and now there is another thing on my “buy” list.

Last stop was to check out the CJ Gardens shop and yes I’ve added something to my “Buy” list but I was also happy to see NEW Group Gifts.

Which are these planters. I’m a bit confused as you get what looks like 3, linked, gifts but all 3 are the same unless I was missing something.

You will find this in the large greenhouse.  If you’re slightly interested in what is tempting me it’s that Frog Pond in the main room.  I even went to the Swank Event where it’s actually on sale and although the price is more than reasonable because I’m not 100% sure it can blend into our sim setting I think I will just add it to my “buy” list and have a think about it.

Although a lot of the CJ Creations stock is premade little setups there are a lot of single items.  The over stuffed planters are really stunning statement pieces, the little pre-made scenes are so reasonably primmed when you see how much detailing has been put into them or like me when I return I’m going to grab myself the big fat blousy poppies to use on our sim as they are within my Cheap B* budget.

CJ Creations

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Am I the only one! (Freebie).

I seem to be having a bit of an issue attaching stuff and since I didn’t want to waste any more SLing time I’m using this picture.

This outfit is a freebie from the UniK marches event.

I’m heading back there right now, not because there are a load of freebies, in fact, I think this is the only one but there looks to be a whole load of interesting thing for sale.

Since I’ve edited the picture I will tell you that the bottom half is very pink and that top half is sparkly.

UniK(It’s a busy place so walk towards the little robot and the big balls and it’s on the info board at the end, easy to see once you get there).