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New Event, New Freebie.

Got this from a new event called Unik.

I’ve forgotten to make a note of the shop’s spelling but it’s either Seinna, Seniha, etc you know the shop I mean and you will know the quality I’m talking about.  You get 2 colours this pale blue one and a pale pink one. The group invite is over the picture.

I’ve had a quick scout around, wasted some Lindens on backdrops…not the one I’m using, and grabbed the LMs for some shops which I want to visit so all in all a very pleasant way to end by day in SL…RL is calling me lol.


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For all you Queenz out there.(Freebies).

The romance is still not dead at “Queenz” as there are 2, not very well hidden, Teddy Bears and in each of them I do believe is 2 gifts which inc this cute top/panties and sock set.

Before you go hunting check out the Group Gifts as it’s free to join and some really nice stuff.  I only unpacked and tried a few items before I decided to just use this one, take a snap, do my post and then I’m now going to log in and try the rest on.  A nice mix of sporty good and gowns among the Group Gifts and lots of mesh fits.

The clothing in this shop is coloured/textured and designed to accentuate the curvaceousness of the female form but not in a cartoonish way and if I was to wear my HG shape on a daily basis I would have this shop on my “go to” list.

PS. Hint for the second Teddy, there are 3 floors to this shop.


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Make mine a G&D.(Freebie).

G&D The Italian Style shop is one of the shops I regularly pop into as it’s just one of those shops that put out regular quality gifts.

Keeping this one sweet and simple, free group gift and main mesh feet fits.  You do get a hud which allows you to change the colour of the hearts, metal etc but not the main body of the shoe.

G&D The Italian Style.


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Lying B*tch.(Hunt Gift).

Let me just say that the colour of this dress is a total lie.

Green is my fav colour so when the lighting of my background made the colour of the dress absolutely pop with green I took a couple of snaps and then went to a less bright background which shows the true colour which is black/grey/metallic shades but I liked this picture better and so I’m going with the “lying” picture and just giving you the heads up about the colour.

You also get a pair of over knee boots which on their own would be a fab gift so a nice FREE hunt prize.

The hunt is going on at a shop called Ishara and this particular prize is no2. What you’re looking for it a big leaf.


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Cuddle me.(Freebie).

Kiylee dropped me a note about a freebie so I TPed.

This is right next to the LM and so is the group invite.  It’s only got a couple of single poses but more cuddle ones.

PS.  There is a free for all pair of Reindeer socks in the RKKN shop but if you need more decor items then deffo check out Nutmeg as just inside the front door is some brill group gifts.  I have blogged them before so I won’t take a piccie but I thought I’d just mention it if you happen to pop over.

RKKN & Nutmeg

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NOT xoxo.(Dollarbie).

I’m still going around going “xoxo” but so far nothing has loved me back.  It has given me a chance to visit a few shops new to me and that’s where I found this Kawaii Pirate outfit.

The outfit only consists of the coat and hat I had to add everything else out of my invent.  You do get I think 3 or 4 colour options, this is the blush version.  There was a hooped skirt frame as well which I might grab when I go back not just to LM grab but to “xoxo” and see if I am lucky in love and get the gift.

Woo Hoo, I not only grabbed the metal hoop skirt but also a crown of thorns and then WON the xoxo gift….someone does love me!