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Stocking up for Fall (Free)

If you’re looking ahead to the cooler months and thinking of shedding those teeny weeny t shirts – get over to B.D.R. The store is undergoing a total revamp and looks superb. To the left of the desk you will find a couple of boxes of free-to-all items, to the right of the desk are the group gifts. The group has always been free to join. On the left hand side of that group gift wall are some snuggly sweaters and this super cardigan/jacket.

You get a ginormous Hud with it too, plenty of plain knits and patterns, so easy to slip on over jeans, leggings or skirts. I did treat myself to a pair of boots whilst I was there – have been looking for a while et voila there they were – will show them later ❤


Pants – Spirit Diana

Hair – Barberyumyum

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No more disclaimers.(Freebies & Bargains).

I’m going to try not to say when something is a “Reblog” because although a lot of people may have seen the item before or I definitely know something is being reblogged I’d like to assume that to someone the item is NEW or you may have owned it but it’s now lost in your invent so it’s a reminder of something that you may like to get again. So in future I’m going to try not to use the word “reblog” and just do the post.

These “Steel Head” gifts are a prime example.

Who does not own or has owned a pair of these Timberland style boots in RL? Damnit I swear I even have the same coloured laces.  Anyhow these ones from Steel Head also come with a hud so you can change the colour and the fit. They do come in a man’s size and it was easy for me to edit them to fit my feet.

I actually won a very similar pair of these from a Lucky Board which acted as a reminder to see if they’re still out for us.  A bigger hud of colours options for these fashion sneakers.

There are a few more gifts for us in this shop also what looks like it may be pretty handy and that’s a “script cleaning” set of scripts.  Use these with caution and practise first on a copy before you do anything with it.

Now for the “cheapies” and a totally random picture.

Let me explain.  I called into the “LOVE” landscaping shop/sim to see if there was any new discounted items, the new Autumn stock and if there were any new Group Gifts.  Yes to the first and second and nope to the third.  I bought the wild grass pack, only 50Lds for 10 different shades and you can just about make out the brick and iron fence set.  This Graveyard fence set comes as in a fatpack.  Each bit is only 1 prim and 2 prims if you use the linked gate.  Such excellent quality and low prims for only 50Lds! Don’t let the fact it’s labelled as a “Graveyard” fence set put you off as this makes for a great fence for someone living their best Victorian/old SL life lol.

There was another 50Ld offer and as for the Group Gifts, I didn’t really see anything new but check em out esp the Yoga rugs.

I’m logging off SL and binge-watching horror movies.  I indulged in a Shudder subscription and I can’t think of anything nicer than pulling the blinds down and chilling, geddit? watching horrors.

Steelhead Outfitters. (Hop on the TP).

LOVE Superstore.

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Doing what I love best, ripping things apart!(New TMG Gift).

I don’t know about all of you but I can see autumn creeping in in the trees around me and I LOVE Autumn!

I usually check the “TMG” shop on a weekly basis but I’ve missed a few weeks out so I’m not sure how long this brand new FREE group gift has been out.

For this gift, I zoomed back a little so you can see how much you get.

I should have plonked myself in the picture so you could get some perspective of the size as it’s big but not too big.  Perfect both size and prim wise as it would easily fit a 500 prim plot of land or as a feature area on a much larger plot and only 28 prims.

Lovely sparkle on the water.  I didn’t check but I do know a lot of the TMG scenes do come with poses so this one may also have poses in it not that you can see them or even use them.

“TMG” stands for “Two Moon Gardens”, I’ve blogged this shop a few times as I just love its preset homes and gardens.  If I wasn’t so much into doing my own landscaping I’d buy my home and garden scenes from here and since they’re so easy to set up I’d probably change my whole home every few months or at least season.

As a really lovely extra, these scenes are EDITABLE WOO HOO!!!! So yes I’ve left this build out so I can rip it apart.  For me, it means an awful lot of free plants for my home BUT more importantly, if you love one of the garden designs but aren’t keen on the house just remove the house and place the one you want in its place.

TBH you just need to go and see these scenes inworld for yourself and while you’re there check out the Lucky Boards on all 3 levels just accept the LM card when you TP in.   There are also “Big Prize” boards for you to slap as well as Lucky Boards.  If you do slap the prize boards you will have to wait around the sim for 10 mins for you to be registered which is so easy to do as you will find yourself checking out all of the builds.

TMG. Two Moon Gardens.



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It’s Sweater Time! (50Ld Group Gifts & Mention of Freebies)..

I joined the Loki group a long time ago just to grab this super kawaii sweater and so this is a reblog.  The group only costs 50Lds and this gift alone was worth it.  I know there is a hud of colours, maybe about 8.  There are other paid-for group gifts which are also lovely but as far as I can tell the older gifts such as this sweater are a Maitreya fit and the newer ones are Maitreya and Legacy.

Obviously, this one will fit most mesh bodies.  And yes it is one of those designs where it looks as though you have your hands tucked into the pocket.  You simply Alpha out your arms and hands or in my case remove my hands.

The PJ bottoms I’m wearing are a Lucky Board gift from Loki and sorry only for Group Members.

Never fear as there is a small selection of free for all gifts and although I didn’t see anything new it may be new to you.

PS.  I have another Kawaii Sweater which was a Gacha win, I’m going to check I still have it and I may do a post about that next..or soon.


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Not such a wash out. (Freebies & Dollarbie(?)).

Till I found this my SL had been as big a washout as my RL weather has been so far, very wet, dull and cold.

Now I’ve found something I really think is going to be a winner I’m doing a quick post, logging off and having some porridge/oatmeal and when I log back in I will try it on…..Nah who am I kidding! I’ll just be heading off to hunt down the next freebie/gift lol.

Till then I will leave you with this.

For all of us who grabbed the Free Genus head here is a Free Genus skin to compliment it.

The Altice Group is FREE to join and this is either a Dollarbie or Freebie, I forgot to take note if the Linden I had to pay was returned but since on my return visit to LM grab I spotted a smaller poster right next to this, you can just about make it out the bottom right of this picture, and if you click and pay 1Ld you get a body shape and that 1Ld wasn’t returned so assume this is a Dollarbies as well.

BTW there are Group Gifts nearby and they’re mainly make-up.


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What next – SALE ! (and group gifts)

Oh Lord – a sale at What next is always a cause for celebration ! 50% off store wide andddd a special fall section already opened with the sale prices. Of course I headed over there at once and snapped up a few items for my new home – such good quality and low Li. I took a few group gifts and made this little scene above – the whole lot is just 8Li ❤ I am a group member already but if you aren’t you can join up for $125L – that’s a saving of 50% – there’s always such lovely group gifts.

Here’s all the info from the note card for you :

* The sale runs from 1st – 6th Sept (including the 6th)
* 50% off VIP Group join fee during sale week ( L$125 instead of L$250)
* Vendors show the full price and 50% is refunded immediately after purchase
* Sale excludes gift cards, gacha and Marketplace purchases
* Sale discount overrides the 10% VIP Group discount
* Sale applies to purchases made with LINDENS only – 50% discount doesn’t apply to purchases made with gift cards or store credit (it’s a vendor system limitation)

What Next

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Freebie & a Promo

Aris Aris have a new instore promotion and its this dress “Promise”. Beautiful longer length dress with a deep side slit on one side.

With just one touch of the Hud you can turn it into a shorter dress or a Midi length – et voila ! Three looks for one dress ❤

The Hud is fantastic with a heap of fabrics and patterns, plains to choose from. If you buy this on the market place its going to set you back $249L but if you head to the main store its on offer for just $99L orrrrr $89L if you’re a group member wearing your tag ! My hair is from Navy & Copper – I’m really enjoying their hair releases lately, join the group (I seem to recall its free) and you can grab this plus a couple of others as gifts.


Navy & Copper