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I’m sorry, it’s another cheeky MP offer. (5Ld Top).

I really wasn’t going to do another Marketplace offer today at least but I have a problem in that when I find something great I have zero patience and I want to show it to you straight away so instead of saving this for a post tomorrow here it is.

A simple strapped top and yet look at the oh-so cheeky lace insert which hides nothing. There is a black version and both are a non-cheeky 5Lds.

There are some other 5Lds offers and you may recognise the “Zoi, Overalls” as I have blogged them previously. I’m not 100% sure but I do believe the Flirt Group isn’t free…and since I’m not sure I’m going to give you the inworld link so you can check it out for yourself because I ain’t moving from where I took this photo. Faith has nicely landscaped her half on the field my half on the other hand is rezzed random junk and even worse basic building prims! So it’s time I got my act together and landscaped my half. A nice way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon.

Flirt. (Marketplace).

Flirt. (Inworld).

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Received. (Marketplace Dollarbie).

I decided to work through my “received” folder which means to get these you will have to go onto the Marketplace.

Although I’ve had these for quite a while I don’t think I have shown them to you before.

You get a big hud which allows you to change all the bits of them and umm that’s it lol. Honestly, they’re just really good and if you’re after this style of shoe…quality!

I forgot to add there are Dollarbies dresses as well which look really good.

Bel Fiore. (Marketplace).

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Last one from the MP. (Dollarbie).

I think I already have this dress in my invent but I couldn’t be bothered to check and so paid another Linden to have a new one sent to me.

I always think the quality of an item is how well a black shade looks and although I have edited this photo you can see there is some shading and different texturing being used to create a nice effect. The picture used by the seller is true to what you get. There is also a small hud of colours as well.

The is a small/teeny/tiny issue in that you do need to use the alpha to hide your nips and if you look closely you can just about make out the gap but it’s nothing and in fact, I thought the Legacy was actually This outfit only comes in a Legacy/Legacy Perky and Reborn shape.

PS. There is an inworld shop so that is where I will be visiting next and if by chance it’s free in there I will do an update.

Absence. (Marketplace).

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Dollarbies on the MP’s. (Dollarbies).

I was bored and since I’m poor instead of logging into eBay I logged into the Marketplace instead and Voila…

The top and skirt are two separate dollarbies from the Casadel shop. You only get them in this blue shade and I ain’t mad at it! Just in case you’re not sure you can get the Demo to try out first.

Some interesting uses of belts and strips of leather in a lot of their designs.

PS. Thats not a deformed boobie, it’s the way the top has been designed lol.

Casadel. (Marketplace Only).

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Oooh, Suprise! (10Ld Group Gift(s)).

I was checking my groups and I’m 99.99% sure that the ChicModa group cost more than the 10Lds it now costs to join. I could be wrong as I have had this sweater for a long time so I can’t really remember how much I paid at that time. Sadly it’s also time to say goodbye to it…got to get my invent under control!

I picked this yawning picture as it just about sums me up at this moment so once I’ve clicked publish I’m going to go wild and have a 3rd cup of coffee!

As you can see it has a nice slashed back and if this isn’t tempting enough there is a very nice pink sweater with a heart cut out and some decent Lucky Board prizes.

When I was LM grabbing I checked the fits and it looks like Legacy, Lara and Hourglass are the only fits in this shop.

Chic Moda.


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Ooo Yes! (Dollarbie(ss)& free shop credit).

The Drang & SAO shop isn’t a name I’m familiar to me but this top…I’m sure I already have this buried somewhere in my invent so I’m wondering if I’ve picked it up from an event or something and didn’t get around to visiting the shop. The pants are also from the group gift wall and both items come with a nice hud of colours and when I returned to LM grab I grabbed more of the gifts.

So here are the details, the Drang & SAO group normally costs but as a moving shop gift it’s free for the moment…go now!

The group gifts do cost 1Lds for group members and 5Lds for anyone else which is actually really nice as I don’t know how much the group costs to join when it’s back up to full price but it means that people can pick up some real quality clothes for just 5lds without having to pay to join the group.

The lucky board prizes are also pretty darn decent and nice to see some men’s wear as well.

Added to that there is a 250Ld worth of shop credit…and yes it’s trans.

Drang & SAO

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I wish? (10Ld TeleportHub Gift).

I’ve finally scuttled indoors to cool off and just as I’m time-wasting on my platform this new TeleportHub Group Gift from the Evhah popped up.

I’d give my eye teeth at this moment to dip my overheated tootsie into this pool. I’ve taken a picture of it in the shop and then rushed home to unpack it and yes you do get the version with the tap and hose pipes you can see on the left-hand side, 12prims, as well as a version without those, 8 prims. Nice poses as well and you can change the colour of the pool.