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It’s a struggle so I gave in. (30Ld Gift(sss)).

The shops/designers/sellers have been so generous over the past months with the gifts that it’s been a struggle to find a new decent freebie/cheapie but I’ve believed I have found it. If you join the Adorsey group for only 30Lds there are 6 items of clothing, 2 pairs of shoes and 2 items of jewellery for just that small price. I remember a couple of the items so I’ve probably blogged them but I don’t remember this outfit so it’s NEW, at least to me lol.

I would have loved to show you all the bits n bobs that go to make this a pretty adaptable outfit but I’ve run out of time so I’m just going to have to bore you telling you about them so if you want to miss that just head onto the LM and remember that this and the other gifts do cost 30Ld to join the group and you will need to pay 1Ld which is refunded.

The details are that the sweater/leggings are linked but using the hud you can remove the leggings and just wear the sweater on its own which is long enough to be a dress and although I’ve got my arms crossed the front of the top is lovely and deep but you’re not flashing boobies. The hud is a fatpack of colours and also options as you can with a click change almost everything from the metals to the colour of the hem. I’ve also just realised that you can also change the bottom part of the sweater/dress which makes it look much more like a blouse/skirt combo.

This is really a top-quality gift in both the styling of it as well as the colours and it alone is worth the joining fee but don’t forget there are other gifts as well.


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Sneaks in a reblog. (Dollarbie).

It’s breaking my heart as I’m slowly deleting all my clothes that don’t come in my preferred fit and at the same time since some of them, ok a lot of them, were freebies/gifts etc I have also been checking to see if they’re still out as gifts and that’s how and why I’m doing a reblog of these fab “Cuffs”.

I’ve not checked to see if they’re in an inworld freebie but on the marketplace, they’re a Dollarbie.

They are excellent so I’m really pleased that they do come in my fit. Some quality colours in the hud from pastels to dark black. Even though they seem to have patches on the elbows they’re delicate enough to be worn with an evening gown or as an RP costume addition. Also to make them just a bit different if you have a pair of gloves that just cover your hands it would be interesting to see if you could add those on to make a different look.

eXxEsS. (Marketplace).

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Dollarbie Me. (Dollarbies).

You know I just had to follow Faiths links and log into the Marketplace to get those poses and of course, check out for anything new. I got new and old in this picture, I also got a monster AV but I can’t be ar*ed so take everything off to show it to you lol.

I call this look “plain Jane” it reminds me of the sort of RL clothes you put on when you don’t want to look as though you smell but you can’t be bothered to get too dressed up either.

The skirt is a reblog from the Osmia Marketplace shop. There are 3 Dollarbies in the shop and I suggest if you’ve not already got them then get them you won’t regret it. Or if you’re down to your last 1Ld then get the skirt for sure and it’s a quality texture, fit and with the big hud is very much a go-to skirt.

The jacket/jumper comes from a shop I know and yet I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen this “jeans Jacket” before. Another Dollarbie which comes in many sizes. I forgot about the hud because if I’d remembered it I would have changed the sweater to my fav colour, green. It does have that “painted on” look which in this case is absolutely fine. I love how the sweater sleeves extends further than the jacket and it makes for a very simple and wearable look.


E.A Glamour.

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Maybe today. (10Ld TeleportHub Gift).

I can only show you the shorts as the bodysuit that comes with them is BOM only. It’s a shame really as the transparent bodysuit does make all the difference to this outfit however the shorts alone are quality and worth the 10Lds TeleportHub price tag.

As it happens not being able to wear the bodysuit does allow me to use one of the new boobie covering pose I bought.

To find this gift in the Believe shop you have to head to the back room and it is on the left-hand wall. There are a lot of Believe gifts as well and thats a paid for group.


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Sweet & Vintage. (10Ld Marketplace Gift & Reblogged Freebie).

Yes, this is the S@bbia gift I did a post on only a few weeks ago, it just happens that this outfit lends itself to the actual new gift which is the books I am holding.

Actually, I lie as I have blogged these books before but we’re talking about years & years ago so when I rediscovered them on the SL marketplace I was super thrilled as they make a great wearable.

You get two versions the top one is the vintage and this close up is the sweet one.

As a book lover, these just sing to me.

Do NOT rezz, pretty primmy at I think about 180prims which is a big shame as I’d love to use them as decor.

PS. The S@bbia gift also includes perfectly matching high boots and since the S@bbia group gifts change pretty regularly each month if you want this outfit you’d better go now.

Ninety. (Marketplace).


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Worth the wait.(20Ld Group Gift).

I do let sellers know when a vendor/LM or group invite is broken as I’d hate for them to lose sales etc so when I tried to get the C.Y. Fashion group gift and failed I dropped a note to the seller who lucky for me came and kicked something to get the Group Gift board working and I got my prize.

I wasn’t sure I liked these sporty heeled shoes or not but they have definitely grown on me as that “sleeve” option really is unique.

Or you can wear them without. Still good quality shoes, you can’t see the heel but they do have a high heel to them. I may never wear them again but I am definitely keeping them because they really just add an interesting design twist to an outfit.

I cannot for the life of me remember much about the C.Y Fashion shop as it was just one of so many I’ve visited today so I’m just LM grabbing and will return tomorrow for another look around for any other gifts.

PS. The fits are, Maitreya, Hourglass and Freya fit and I would also say Legacy as well as they do fit my feet perfectly.

C.Y Fashion

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Slapped A**S Face. (30Ld Gift(ss)).

My AV face looks fed up lol and yet in RL, I’m smiling. It’s a Bank Holiday in the UK which means a lot of people are at home and not at work and what do people do when they’re stuck at home? They shop online of course (including myself). This means I’ve had a busy morning filling in orders and that is why my RL me is smiling lol.

I’m almost done with my RL work so I’ve taken a quick break to show you this group gift dress from Adorsy.

The first thing you will see when you TP in is probably a lot of pink fluffy clouds as everyone is over there grabbing it. There are other group gifts as well but for the sake of lag I just grabbed this and then ran because I can return for the other gifts later, if I don’t already have them.

Dare I say I wasn’t going to get this at first as knew it would be/or has been well blogged going by the number of people there till I spotted the 40 colour hud. That was a game-changer. I didn’t play too much with the hud but from the small amount of time I did I could see that you can change the top half, bottom half and the belt colours so many options and they’re all great colours.

The group does cost but only 30Lds and as I mentioned there are other gifts. So when you TP, just head on inside and this new gift is to the right and the other gifts are on the inside wall…super easy to find just follow those pink fluffy clouds or do what I did and cam.

PS. To save you time and maybe money the fits are, Maitreya, Petite, Legacy & Kupra.