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Gobble Gobble Gobble. (Dollarbies).

I decided to do the “Jerky Turkey” hunt and found in the Artic Storm shop these jeans/top prizes and naturally, because of the colour it was the first thing I decided to hunt for, the next thing I’m hunting for is the wearable turkey on your head lol.

Lots of fits and can be worn separately for only 1Ld.

As for the moon, blimey when I stumbled upon it on the marketplace it was a blast from the past as I already have this or at least maybe the original one as this is “V2”. The version behind me is not the biggest and it’s one of the slow-rotating ones. I also know that the smallest one is hand sized. Extremely reasonable prim, I will check and add it but I’m pretty sure this massive moon is only 6 prims…update soon.


4 prims and I’ve put myself right up to the moon, it’s changed as it is rotating and this is the other side, so you can get a better idea of the size.

Jerky Turkey Hunt 12 Blog. (LM’s Prizes & Hints).

Artic Storm. (Outfit).

Ally*Adventure. (Moon, Marketplace).

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Demo these. (10Ld Group Gift).

Excellent A** Kickers.

They only come in black and it’s a really good black leather look. The hud allows you to change the shade of the zipper only.

They also only come in a Legacy/Lara fit but the design is a pretty forgiving one for most feet that’s not why you should try the demo out first as sadly I struggled to find a pair of pants that went down to my ankles and wouldn’t break though and as you can see I had to resort to these short pants.

Even if I had tried the demo first and realised I didn’t have the right jeans for 10Ld + 1Ld I’d still have bought them just to show you.

Doe and Tangsai.

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There’s a lot of LOVE going on. (10Lds Group Gifts).

The LOVE superstore garden shop is one of my fav landscaping shops. It’s a big help to my purse that it often has weekend/special offers on and I think I’ve snapped them all up over the years. This time I went to check out their full Halloween shopping sim and found GOODIES!

There is a lot going on in this picture from the green canopy over the hut, to the dirt path, rotten pumpkins etc. Those sparkles are fireflies and are so freaking pretty.

Hopefully, the LM will take you to the barn which is where you find the goodies, the TP board from the main shop just seems to fling you around and then dump you back to the same place, I may drop a note.

UPDATE: This is the second UPDATE as the more time I spend walking around the Halloween sim the more I find and in this case, it’s where you can buy the fab spider webs I used in a recent post and they’re still on offer. I’ve also spotted more random Group Gifts and I’ve taken a quick snap of this one which hopefully you will find at the second LM and as it happens the cobwebs are also there and are also still just 50Lds.

LOVE Superstore.

LOVE, LM for spooky Spiders webs and Cauldron Tree.

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Free for me, cheap for you. (10Ld TeleportHub Group Gift).

It’s a quickie.

It’s the sheer panel/waistline which really makes this a lovely dress add to that a big hud of colour/pattern options this is really pretty.

The different fits are listed on the poster.

Since it’s a TeleportHub gift that costs you 10Lds.

PS. It’s not in the main entrance, so walk around as it’s not far away.


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OOTD.(Cheap &/or Free).

The reason I’m wearing the skirt over my “outfit of the day” is that it has a wide brim-like style to it and so flashes everything! Panties are a must, especially if visiting non-adult sims and since I’d already got dressed for hunting freebies I seriously couldn’t be bothered to change my whole look for one photo and then have to change back again.

The skirt is an “MLM” group gift (5Lds joining fee) from Salesita’s Creation shop. There are other patterns for other groups inc free ones I just happened to like this one. I had spotted the matching top, close by, which is a free group gift but made the mistake of thinking that both the skirt and it would come in limited fits so I didn’t bother getting it which was a mistake as they both do come in plenty of mesh fits.

The top I am wearing is one mentioned in yesterday’s “Off-Line” post and it’s the one which when you turn right it’s at the bottom of the stairs, it’s not only classy and elegant it also comes with a big hud of colours and has been previously blogged so you may already have it.

PS. The Salesita’s Creation group does cost but the freebies/cheapies are on the wall to your left.

Salesita’s Creations.

Off-Line Post.

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First, maybe!(400Lds for 15Lds).

I think I was the first to TP to the Tachinni shop as when the notice I TP’d so fast even I hadn’t rezzed properly and by the time I did I was surrounded by fluffy orange clouds as everyone in the Tachinni group came running.

The Tachinni group only costs a token 15Lds to join as well and I didn’t really need to be in such a rush as it makes a nice change that we have till the 23rd of Oct to spend the credit as well.

I did spot something about a big giveaway but I think that has something to do with Social Media and guess what I don’t do anything, I don’t Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok so it’s not something I can enter but check that offer out as well.

UPDATE: 34 people on the sim. I’m 99% sure there are group gifts and the fatpacks are on sale!


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I can’t show you much. (500Lds Gift Card for 30Lds & Free make-up.)

These two items come from two different shops and I thought I’d just clump them together as I can really only show you point-and-click photos.

First the gift card. As you can imagine for only the 30Lds joining fee you not only get loads of group gift shoes but a generous gift card. I’ve not checked to see if it’s trans yet but I will as soon as I can because even though I don’t need it I’m sure I can pass it on.

It’s very busy on the small platform that has the two small Stephanie L shops so I’d just grab the gift card and then return when it’s quietened down and you have more ease of movement to grab all the group gifts and spend the gift card.

The reason I don’t do make-up mush is that we all wear so many different mesh heads/appliers etc and since this one is just for the EvoX-enabled noggins then not everyone can wear it (I can).

I just couldn’t resist showing this to you as those colours are just so juicy. So if you do/can wear LOL EvoX then check them out.

UPDATE: As I’ve had the time to check and yes the Stephane L gift card is TRANS! So a sweet gift for someone if you yourself don’t need it. It’s the usual case of rezz it then take it back into your invent and it changes into a trans gift.

Stephanie L.