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Red Hot Ice Cold. (Freebies and NEW Mina Hair).

Sometimes I keep an item in my invent that I may never wear again but it acts as a reminder of a good shop in SL to keep on popping back to check out for new stuff and of course in my case new free stuff and Blackrose is one of them and check out what I found.


Yes I had editing fun BITE ME! but it wasn’t because this dress needed it.  Although not as blood-red as the picture it’s a stunning colour, stunning fit and stunning texturing.


The reason I’ve taken a shot of the back is not just to show you the zipper detail but the low nape bun.  The hair is the New Mina hair called Chantal and it comes from the Gacha Garden which basically means it’s going to be at a slashed down bargain price because we all know Gacha=Great prices BUT the Gacha Garden doesn’t officially open till tomorrow and TBH this is such a good event you may have to wait a few days before you can squeeze in..  But if you can’t wait till then did you know that Mina’s also have Gacha’s in her main shop???? I do because 2 of my all time fav and goto hairs were actual Gacha wins.  And you don’t just get 1 hair 1 colour you get a BB or NO (big boobs or no boob) version if thats applicable and a colour pack all you take a chance on it’s the actual colour pack you win and I’ve never been disappointed in any of the Mina hair shades.

Now for the cold.


It’s just the jumper, but the jeans and shoes are both very old hunt gifts which shows how with a little time and patience and of course with a bit of fun you can win some really good stuff…but these are oldies and still goodies.  In any case this lovely jumper actually comes in not just all the Mesh sizes in XXS&XXL but also a shirt/jumper combo or the jumper on its own and I’m wearing the shirt/jumper one.

XXXRedgreenFaith will confirm this but we will cringe at the memory of old sculpted or primmed puffer jackets and coats which came with so many bits and they looked like straight jackets and then we have the brilliant mesh versions! No comparison at all.  So as you can see a forest green padded puffer with the black shirt underneath.

For once I didn’t just grab and run and had a nice leisurely wander around the shop.  A Brilliant selection of everything, some very brightly coloured and textured summer clothing, check out the retro swim suits upstairs, and some excellent winter clothing.  I snagged a whole load of Demos and spent a lovely time just trying them on.

Ladies when you land you goto the shop on the right but for the boys turn left to the Costarlos shop and I spotted not only some great freebies for men but also if you have some Lindens to spend some exc menswear.


Mina’s Mainshop

Mina@The Gacha Garden (not open till tomorrow).

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Red or Pink – and 50% discount!


I hate making decisions, so imagine my dilemma when its a colour choice – red or pink? Oh gawd! Circa has this gorgeous “Love notes” collection out at the moment at the Colour me Project. Did you know that amaranth is a pink shade? I didn’t, and it made it sooooo hard to decide what to show. I eventually plumped for the red set after all my pontificating, shown above. All the set is transfer, so great for gifts on V day. Now the seriously good bit of news is – if you buy these sets at The Colour me Project – you get a mahoosive 50% discount !


Lovely little details all over this collection, the drawers on the love box actually open and close and check out the old-fashioned love letter. The chair has male and female poses, plenty of both.


There are plenty of sweet decor pieces to keep you and your room happy, sideboard, wall art and rugs and even drapes. You can buy as much or as little as you want , so head over and take a gander while that discount applies – thee event closes on the 3rd Feb. Thanks Cherelle ❤

Colour me project

Circa store

Circa marketplace

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Home Sweet Home(Hunt item).

Now that we’ve removed the blinding snow off our sim it’s so nice to be able to take piccies in my home or in this case a stand alone kitchen I have set out.


I’m being very quick with this post, I literally snagged the goodies an hour ago, TPed home, took 1 picture and then logged out.

This is one of those hunts where each items cost a token price and in this case it’s 15Lds.  Like many shops doing this sort of hunt there is a big board in the entrance to show you exactly what is in each bright yellow stars so you can buy exactly what you want and not what you don’t. I have to say I originally ear marked just 3 items and ended up buying 5 and yet I’m showing you only 2…go figure LOL.

The skirt comes in all the mesh and mesh body sizes, a cute waist cinched skirt.  I did notice in the picture that it comes with a black body but I didn’t notice that as I was basically rushing and I’d already earmarked this jumper to go with the skirt in any case and this is where I give you a bit of a warning.  Look closely and you will see no boobies LOL.  It took me a little while to realise that it is very flat which means this is probably the one and only item, apart from the eyes, that is for the men folk.  Having said that perfect for layering under clothes! and you do get 3 colour options as well.

What I’m not showing you is #1,10&12.  Which are the shoes/booties, the full black outfit and black mesh eyes.  Love the eyes so much I’m going back for the green ones.

As I’ve said this is a quickie because although I couldn’t see an ending time I can only imagine it’s going to be pretty soon so for 15Lds a pop some very handy invent staples to be found.  Avi Glam is new to me and I’m heading back as I did spot some more interesting skins for men and women and a whole load of hair and since this isn’t a shop I know well I’m going to pop back just to try on the demos.

PS of course taken in my Nams setting.


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Friday Freebies

Free coat !

Lovely little winter coat from Karin today. There are two locations you can snag this on lucky boards. One location has it in Black (above) and the other is a light beige – I will list both places below. I worked out why I keep on getting gifts from this store! Apparently once you’ve bought some items from the store, you receive random gifts, usually one colour of a new release – fabulous!

Free coat !_004

Just to prove I actually read Zans long rambly blogs, I went over to the store she wrote about beneath this called Lo’s. Managed to snag this delicious lingerie on the Lucky Board, its appliers for TMP & Slink mesh bodies plus a set for the traditional avatar, sweet! The lucky boards changed fairly quickly and there is a big selection of gifts. You need to join the group, but its free to do so.

Free jacket & leggings

On the same sim across the way is Alien Gizmo’s store, more lucky boards and I won this jacket & applier leggings – very stylish and a keeper for moi. Again you will need to join the group to use the boards, but its free.

Karin (black coat location)

Karin ( light coat)


Alien Gizmo

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No PEEKING! (Till tomorrow for these brill Freebies).

I was stood in Faiths little paddock unpacking tree’s n shrubs etc when I suddenly remember my OH has every other Friday off and tomorrow is Friday so I decided that I’d do yet another quickie but instead of making you wait till tomorrow to see it I’ll show it to you now.


A shirt n jumper combo, if I wasn’t such a lazy mare I’d have put some leggings or long socks on with this but it’s long enough to pass as a skirt as well and I knew I was going to show you these other 2 outfits.


Now I’m 100% sure this is an old Freebie that I have shown you before but I don’t care as it’s still so good.  You get 2 of these dresses in the pack this dotty one and a black/grey version.


A simple staple outfit of the mesh t-shirt and jeans.

There was actually a couple of other Free GG’s at Gizmo’s which I didn’t pick up.   You will have to pay a Linden even when you’ve joined the Free Group and I can’t swear to it because I just grabbed and ran but I do believe you get your Linden sent back to you straight away.  Doesn’t really matter because even if you don’t get it returned all of these great clothes for just a single Linden each!

The LM will take you to outside the shop in a central area and you will see 3 TP boards for the 3 large shops there and Gizmo’s is where you will find these freebies and lucky chairs and Midnight Maina boards BUT you will have to hunt them down.  Gizmo on its own is so big I didn’t even have a chance to check out the other 2 so when you TP over to Gizmo turn left and just keep walking till you get to the Group and VIP area and of course on you way through you can check out whats for sale there.  As I’ve said I’ve not had a chance to check out the other 2 super sized shops so you never know what hidden treasures they may hold.

Lo’s, Alien Gizmo’s & Erotic Mainstores

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All Change (Freebie).

Love starting my day off like this, clearing away the old and bringing in the new.  As I’ve said before Faith and I consider ourselves very lucky that we can rent a whole sim and because the cost is split between the 3 of us, Faith her partner PD and I, it means it’s basically more than reasonable and since I don’t smoke or drink this is my addiction.  Renting a sim is no harder than renting a home in SL but with a sim you get POWER! (although you would have to check with the covenant that you are allowed to change the sim)  We could if we wanted to sink all the land and create an ocean or lift the land up to make towering mountains, we could create Heaven or Hell, run naked with wolves or in our case create our dream homes in dream settings.  In all the years we have rented we have never had ANY problems and no I’m not being paid to push this company LOL in fact I’ve never even needed to contact them.  All we have to do is once a month pop into the office and pay the tier fee just as quick and simple as paying a rent box on a house.  Fortunately for us both Faith and I have very similar tastes plus although she tends to do her side of the sim as she wants I can do the same to mine we always find that we can compromise and again in all the years we’ve shared a sim we have never fallen out BUT if you’re concerned about that then there are plenty of half and quarter sims you can rent on your own.


So I killed some time last night clearing away all the winter shrubs and trees and Faith restored the land back to a spring setting and so today once I’ve blabbed about this dress I’m going back inworld and digging out all my spring planting and yes I’m going to be hunting for a new home….thats my addiction!


Obviously in the top piccie I’ve had windlight and editing fun but it drowned out the details in this simple and yet wearable cross over dress. So wearable, a great fit and of course green is my fav colour and free from Evermore.  To get this dress and the other one on offer there you do have to join the SL Frees & Offers Group.  SLfrees & Offers is a group which is massive in SL and a lot of shops put out freebies for only this group, plus this is a very active group and you get a constant stream of notices about freebies/discounts etc sadly way too many even for me to follow-up on but if you want to join an active Free group then I whole heartedly recommend this one.

OH Booger! I forgot the boots! because you don’t just get the dress but also a pair of laced up mesh boots which come to just under the knees and the dark chocolate brown colour and style go perfectly with this dress.

Dreamseekers Site

Dreamseeker inworld

Nevermore Designs

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C’mon baby light my fire (inc. Free gifts)

ArisAris New Release

Light my Fire is a brand spankin new outfit from ArisAris, ohmai its smokin huh?! You get the fantastic leather look pants, a beautiful camisole top that has a unique lacey back to it and the sharp biker inspired jacket. Its good lookin and very swish, I’ve been wearing this ensemble for two days runnin ! Lots of mesh sizes in the pack, fitted mesh,standard mesh and a brilliant fit for Slink Physique – which I’m wearing above.

Dench Designs FREE gifts

I’m a great believer in lolling about, and this free bean bag with texture change is just dandy to do it in. Really nice leather effect texture and five colours to choose from. Its got female, male & couple poses too. Free to join group, you’ll find the beanbag right in the doorway on the left. If you hit the tp up to the Valentine store, there is another group gift – his sweet little gramophone player (it actually works) and table. I thought Id show the table even though I’m going to display my gramophone on its own – table is two prims, the player is just one. I bought a couple of items for V-day while I was there, I really can never ever resist what Amanda Dench makes – always a quirky pose here and there and always so low prim – gotta love it !

Dench Designs

Dench Designs Valentine store

ArisAris Store

Aris Aris market place