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Going in! (Freebie(sss).

Wow first TP of the day and I won big time.

Sorry I cannot for the life of me remember if someone gave me the link to the Lunar shop or I just random TP’d to it but what I do know is that the group is free ONLY for a limited time so go NOW as this outfit of shorts, top and jacket (seperates) plus the other two gifts are simply fab!

I’ve left my AV stood exactly where I took this photo as I intend on having a really good look inside the Lunar shop, thats also where the gifts are, and also the matching shop on the other side but as some of you may have noticed my SLing time has been a bit limited for the past few weeks. This is only because RL has been super busy in a good way. I am hoping that in about a weeks time it will have calmed down to I can SL just a bit more as it’s my way of relaxing.


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You’ve got some land- what now?

Over the last few months Zan and I have moved home – primarily to downsize to a more affordable situation. We went from a homestead to half a homestead – it seemed at the time such a mammoth move, starting afresh, choosing new homes and landscaping what land we had.

Before we did anything with the land we both decided to hunt down a new home. Take your time over this, as everything else you do afterwards really depends on what style of home you choose. Check the market place under “Buildings and other structures” then select “residential structures”. Please do go and visit the inworld stores – I cant suggest this enough ! Pretty photos on the market place give you an IDEA of what a build is like, but seeing it in world is totally different. Think about the land impact, and what that leaves you to decorate the interior of the home and landscape the surrounding area.

If you are renting a chunk of land, you can edit the terrain but you may not be able to alter the terrain textures – we’ve found that “land forms” as shown above can be really useful. Zan has these from HMPD (not listed in their MP but in the inworld store) Also Alex Bader of studio-skye does some amazing mesh terrain, rocks, cliffs etc to totally transform your land and add character that a blank chunk of land just does not have. I’m pretty old school and I like to play with editing the land, shaping it, lifting it etc. The most useful tool I have for this is the “Land leveller”, basically its a wooden rectangle that you move around and the land follows – if you’d like a copy just drop me a note!

Once you have decided where to place your home you can then landscape around it. Zan and I have been in SL for a lifetime so over the years we have accumulated a LOT of stuff. We have our favourite designers for plants & trees, rocks, furniture etc and I will list a few below if you’d like to check them out. The key thing is not to rush and buy a ton of items, try and let it evolve and change – you might be surprised with what you come up with ! When I started in SL everything was tiki and beach based!

Moonlit Bay NEW

I’ve just scrapped everything on my side ! Both of us love love love to change homes and I was lured by the Dome home by Rebourne, its been out for a while but I had a hankering for it when it was released. It can be sky or land based, luckily for me Zan agreed to landscape around my new home – looks amazing ! Dont be nervous about editing the shape of your land, add a beach, add hills and fields, cut the plain shape up to create meadows and gardens. We have used a lot more open water between our homes, takes up no prims. Add a few waves et voila !

A short list of places we both love to spend lindens at:

HPMD – land forms & trees

Studio-skye – all types of landscaping

Dench Designs – furniture

3D – Trees and plants

Bazar – furniture

Hisa – homes

Salome Designs – ancient style homes

Trompe L’oeil – Homes


Real Waves by Antreas Alter

Rebourne Homes

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Egg Hunt – Free

Egg Hunt @ Tiar FREE corset

Headed over to Tiar this afternoon and found a few prizes in their Easter Egg Hunt. Just go in to the store and look for those eggies! Touch them and your gift is sent directly to you – perfect ❤

Egg Hunt @ Tiar Free

There were a few gifts for the guys too, really love this bright Easter yellow dress and the corset with panties above – great gifts – thanks Tiar!!


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“Love” this. (Freebie(sss).

Shi has done my job for me and found some excellent freebies from the “Love” shop and if she hadn’t dropped me a note about them I will have missed them so Thank You.

Any “heads up” from anyone is really appreciated. I may not in the end blog them as maybe they’ve been blogged before or some other reason but I DO check out every note (NOT Im’s as they are capped).

The “Love” shop was quite busy so I did a quick grab and run and out of the gifts I picked up a tracksuit set, another hair which I haven’t tried on and the dress I’m wearing in this picture which does inc thigh high boots and lastly the hair I’m wearing before I quickly TP’d home to try them on.

This hair is a long bum length, and I did take some pictures but they were blurgh! So you get this simple one from the front as you still get a good idea of what it looks like. The texturing is a nice fine one and the colour palette is pretty big. Added to that are the “addons”. You have a choice of roses or crown or roses and crown or no roses or crown as all it takes is just a couple of clicks to change everything.

And I will say that I preferred the “S” fit but there was a telltale white line down the parting so I changed it to the “M” fit which is pretty good and then I spotted that even though you get 3 preset fits, S,M,L in the style hud you can edit the size just that bit more for the best fit for your head so all it took was a couple of clicks to get a great fit.

LOVE. Hair & Apparel.

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ArisAris PROMO Divine dress & bag $99L

Lovely PROMO priced outfit from ArisAris hit my inbox and I thought Id share. This is “Devine” you get not only the dress but also the bag. PROMO is on the market place and instore @ $99L !

ArisAris Devine Hud

This is the Hud you get with it which is pretty fabulouso. Great mix of textures for the hopefully warmer weather ! Fits for: For M.B Legacy, Maitreya Lara,  Maitreya Petite, Altamura, Slink Original, Slink – Hourglass, Belleza Freya, [INITHIUM] KUPRA Original,  [INITHIUM] KUPRA Low, [INITHIUM] KUPRA Bimbo

ArisAris Market Place

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Shiny Shabby – Dress that Impressed

Neve new new new

This darling dress is on sale at the latest round of Shiny Shabby – its called “Restrain” and the newest release from Neve. Fantastic choice of patterns, from plaids, to stripes, florals plains and more ! The fabric detailing is just superb, all the creasing around the hips is gorgeous. Thanks Neve Team ❤

Shiny Shabby

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Are you game? UPDATED.

I was checking some hair out and spotted a poster for an interesting interative event and of course some shopping and thought what a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday morning…..foolish me.

The event is called “Kagami” which is a “Japanese Horror Event” and I have the link to their blog which does give you all the info you need. Then when you TP to the set landing spot on one side you see this…

…and on the other side is this…

So naturally I headded off to the shopping mall and which is as far as I got….and I’ve deleted the rest of this post as Faith has managed to visit the sim.

The ridiculously low script allowance must have been a mistake and now it’s been rectified I will be visiting. I don’t know if there are any freebies but if you check out the event’s blog then you will in the gallery section some of the interesting items for sale and I want to check out the bridge and price check a dress.

Kagami, Japanese Horror Event Blog.

Kagami Hapanese Horror Event Inworld LM.