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coldLogic has a warm heart

coldLogic leone ivory - skirt, top and belt NEW!!

Well chickens, Autumn is really closing in on us here in England and in real life I’ve been eyeing sweaters and anything thats in orangey browny colours with excitement. coldLogic have just released a ginormous Autumn collection, seriously it mahooosive! Something for everyone, sleek to woolie pullies. Above is one of my favourite outfits of the whole collection, it’s called “leone” and comprises of a sweater with shirt detail underneath, a soft flared long skirt and a belt. The detailing on this is just superb, grab a demo and take a look, no kidding. The folds on the arms make you feel like you could run your fingers over the softness, I bet its made of Angora in the designers mind huh? I tried various poses to see if the skirt would stretch out and nope, looked great as I moved , sat and lolled around.Lots of colour choices available and of course those whopping big quantum packs that make it such a great deal.

coldLogic NEW!!

Onto some sophisticated pants named “fortier”… these can look super smart or, combine them with one of the ainsley cropped sweaters for a more casual style. As usual you get two choices of hem length which is handy dandy. The darling jumper is slightly raised at the front to bare a little bit of midriff, completed with a slashed neckline and long sleeves, I adore it. Multiple tones in both so do check the store .

coldLogicTorres chocolate & berry shirt and skirt NEW!!

Something that is often lacking in a Fall collection, is heavier but sleek dresses and skirt/shirt combo’s. Never fear coldLogic has you covered, but not too much ! This is “torres” a skirt and shirt combo. I just loved this berry and chocolate set. Both pieces are separates so imagine if you bought the whopping pack and the changes you could make ! The skirt features a really unusual shape at the front and has a sort of almost knitted appearance to the fabric, self striped. Of course the blouse fits like a dream…dont they always?! More colours to drool over in store !

coldLogic Bresche ivory and black NEW!!

If you’re looking for the classic sweater dress, here it is. A few varying designs on this wardrobe staple, this is “bresche” and I chose to share it with you in the cream and black version – other tones available in store.

coldLogic kitaen shirt and skirt NEW!!

Last up for this two-part epic is this two piece ensemble named “kitaen”. Gawd I so love this burnt orange colour, right on the money for Fall. Tailored shirt with deep cuffs and long sleeves, coupled with this tulip inspired skirt-over-a-skirt kinda deal. It’s so different from anything I’ve seen so far in the Fall releases. Sizing wise I could have gone a notch smaller on the skirt, but I prefer it a teeny smidge larger , like so. Of course you can play around with sizes and your shape to get whatever effect you like, demos are also freely on offer in store or on the market place. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

Stay tuned for part deux !

coldLogic mainstore location

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog

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Bird Feed. (Freebies)


I was rummaging in my “Horrible Stuff” folder to see what I have for Halloween and came across my Rotten Toe stuff so I literally threw on a few random Rotten Toe items and TPed over.  Just for fun, and yes that’s exactly how I looked when I TPed in, I took a quick snap of me on one of their poses you can buy.  Have a peek at the birdie, I have blogged it before, you wear it and then walk around taking sneaky bites out of it with its twig like legs and flying feathers it freaky fun.  Sends out the occasional “don’t worry it was already dead when I found it!” messages so no one will think you’re a bird killer.

sigNon Mesh lovely corset. Beige with pink and peachy trims.  I’m wearing it with the prim skirt which blends in really well but it’s just as sexy without that skirt.  Well defined lacing up the back as well.

sig1Full frontal.  The corset is only 75Lds also have a look at the stockings they came in a pack of Vintage Circus Hosiery for only 15Lds you get 5 different patterns.  Check out all the shops that are opened onto the courtyard because some look as though they’re empty but they’re not.  Some real great bargains to be had here because even full priced everything is more than reasonable but there are also great Group Gifts, Dollarbies, 10Lds offers scattered about .  The Group is only 15Lds to join and you get more than your moneys worth back from the GG’s alone and there is a lovely variety of hair, skin and clothes so well worth it.

sig2Close up of one of the Group Gifts skins.

Blimey forgot to mention that The Twisted Hunt is going on here as well and if I can find it so  can you!

Rotten Toe

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Freak Hunt (& Freebie).

Hunt useIt’s fortunate that this is item is Tran (non copy) as OhLaLa isn’t a shop most men would find themselves in unless in this case they were doing the Cirque Du Freak Hunt or their GFs have dragged them there or if you know a man in your life then for 5Lds you can send him a treat.  What you’re looking for is a mask like object. Clues are given but mine is “it’s hot in here”.  plenty of Lucky Chair but only women’s stuff.

bonesThis is my date for Halloween, Fred Bones. You’ve seen the Cirque Du Freaks offering for the boys and this is for the girls.  A mesh dress with an over sized bow which you can move up or down to uncover as much booby as you dare.  It also comes with a Lola Tango Applier and a few tattoo layers of bloodiness (I’m wearing a Halloween skin so the grey skin, cut on chest and dark shading around the eyes are all the skin but the rest of the bloodiness is the gift) and of course the mouth knife.  This is just 5Lds but if you’re really short for cash then check out the table in the entrance hall because Elise Onmura  has placed out 2 free gifts both of which are boots. I’m wearing the purple pair in this picture (I know you can’t really see them) and the other appears to be shorter black ones but I’ve not had a chance to try them on,  Very nice boots and even though they have ribbons on them it was easy to edit them down just a little bit to fit my legs.  Don’t forget the Lucky Chairs as well.  I’ve blogged OhLaLa before because she’s got some bargain priced stuff in her shop and everything I go there I end up buying or winning something more.


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Ready…Set…Go !

Stars Fashion - Amazing Feline complete outfit with bag, pants,jacket,2x tops and boots ! 99L !

First of all my apologies, I’ve had SO much to blog this past two weeks I have fallen slightly behind, real life work chomped me on the behind ! Anyyywayyy Stars Fashion have TEN new releases for you, yes I said TEN ! I picked out a couple to share so you can see the quality and amazingly low promo price on them. Be quick though, the price will go up soon. Above is a top view of “Amazing Feline”, it’s a complete look-in-a-box. You get the fabbo leather look pants (non mesh), really well done and have a great realistic texture. There are two styles of bustier top (non mesh) a scrummy leopard print mesh  jacket, a handbag andddd….

Stars Fashion Amazing Feline complete outfit with bag, pants,jacket,2x tops and boots !_99L !

These incredible boots ! I just fell in lust with them…totally gorgeous and so much detail my photo just doesn’t do them justice. They come with a rezizer inbuilt so I was able to fiddle and get a perfect fit. All this for 99L , unbelievable right?! It is a limited offer and I’m not sure when it ends, if you want this grab it fast.

Stars Fashion City Aztec complete outfi - non mesh leggings,mesh tee with HUD for five colours plus boots 99L!

One more outfit, this is “City Aztec”, you get a mesh long shaped tunic type vest that comes with a HUD to give you five colour choices. Plus non mesh Aztec print leggings, andddd….

Stars Fashion City Aztec complete outfit with boots NEW!

you guessed it..a brill pair of suede style boots – all for just 99L (limited time offer) Dont forget that there are ten promo new releases, so zoom over and take a peek !

Stars Fashion store

Stars Fashion market place store

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Looks who’s coming for dinner! (Halloween Specials)

FloweryThe black and white wings which I’ve always had represent the good and bad in all people.  Personally I like the black side.  I got a load of stuff from Follow Us rezzed it and ignored it because I had seen that Laurent83 Waco has set up his ghastly decor items in The Barn so I just pulled up a seat and took a few snaps.  When you rezz it’s just in the room off to the left of the entrance.  Although we don’t do Halloween in the UK we’re starting to appreciate the excuse for dressing up and a good party so if your celebrate Halloween in RL then you can do the same in SL.  A fully set out table with Halloween cake, wine, great poses and menu options in the plates.

Flower1After a busy day of Trick or Treating you can rest your cloven hooves on your matching living room suite the sofa and coffee table are only 50Lds for both and the fireplace is the same.  As usual the poses inc a reading and smoking one, shown.  In the fireplace there are ribs waiting to be burned and the top of the fireplace is set out like an altar.

Reading useFound this as I wandered around The Barn I’m drinking the potion but this has some really good and unique poses you can read tarot cars or look into a crystal ball.  Some items are in the Gachas and some can be bought by clicking the pictures.  If you’re on a limited budget and want something for outside decor then there is a classic garden bench in black with cobwebs, pumpkins and an unfriendly Raven watching your every move for only 10Lds.

NolaroidBut  this was the shocker!!!  I’ve always said Follow Us definitely has a male/uni sexed/unfussy style which a lot of people appreciate so to rezz something which was almost  kitsch was a pleasant surprise.  A lovely simple country cottage style table with colouring to match.  I literally rezzed this and took a practice snap just using the light setting of the sim at that time and look at it!  Although ignore the rocking chair at the back it’s only the 4 matching chairs which are inc but of course that doesn’t mean you can’t add others.

Food use

Some lovely delish food in the plate menu, but remember it’s the plate mat you click.

Follow Us

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Fall collection


The new Fall range is ready to tempt you at !LUXE Paris, there’s something for all occasions. I was so excited to see it all, and I almost fell upon the business suits. Not enough ladies suits for my liking in Second Life. Above is my favourite colour suit, bright pillar box red. single button fastening on the jacket and a slim short skirt create a beautiful look. With each business suit you also get a set of lingerie ! Lovely addition, I’m wearing the camisole , which you can just see peeking out from beneath the jacket.

Paris new Business suit - Indyra Marian tote bag

Theres also this stunning dark grey version (amongst other colours available) This, to me, is the epitome of class & style. The fabric appears to be a light tweed and is perfectly set off with the one big black shiny button centre of the fitted jacket. Note my bag, Ive featured it before and as I have several colours in it, will likely feature many more times. I adore it, it comes with three versions, animated hand pose, animated shoulder pose and a standard shoulder pose. When I say animated, I really mean “animated”, you move with the bag, your hand dips inside it , as if you’re hunting for keys…deeeelicious. Made by Indyra and called “The Marina” tote, at 195L per pop…grab a few.

Paris new!

Another outfit from the new Fall collection is the “Mastic Bandana pants set”. Lovely patterned silver top with batwing sleeves, drawn in at the waist, with a peplum flared hemline. Underneath are a silvery grey pair of skinny fit pants, its worth mentioning that these come with prim cuffs but look equally as cool wearing them without as leggings – like I have.

!LUXE Paris NEW!

Last look for today (but there is heaps more in store) is this sweet bow tied mesh cardigan. I just fell in love it…so femmine so cute !  This comes with mesh straight trousers, the fit on them is exceptionally good and a timeless shape means more wears-per-buy, gotta love that right? Thanks for sharing Paris ❤

pssst. There is also a Fall collection for the guys, which I’ll try to get posted for you later, its instore right now to drool over though !

LUXE Paris

LUXE Paris market place store


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I want to make you sweat!!!!

Hate it love it we all should do it and I for one also have a love hate relationship with exercise but Thank GOD for you tube.  You tube is not only for watching Maru (if you don’t know who Maru is then your missing out) or some excellent chefs or crafts or even watching people do prat falls and on and on it’s a mind field of fantastic exercise programs (and healthy diet ideas) which lets you pick and chose what suits your needs and your capabilities.  To keep myself relatively ungross I have compiled 3 sets one of which is all the stretching, relaxing program’s for when I feel lazy but stiff and tense the other to get the heart beating and the sweat pouring (I’m not a pretty sight doing that one) and a third set for muscle toning and between all three I pick and chose as the mood fits me. So don’t waste your money on any exercise DVD or stupid kit check out You Tube and find what suits you.  OK lecture over.

SportIn this whole picture there is only 2 things you need in SL or RL and thats the Yoga Mat, keeps you clean on dirty floors and adds a layer of padding, and good exercise clothes.  When you put them on your half way there to being hyped up and ready for action.  Unlike RL these clothes aren’t just reasonably priced but they’re FREE.  A lovely gift from Sakide but as far as I can tell is only available at the “Perfect wardrobe”.  When you rezz don’t leave the shop just walk to the right because in this shop is there is not only some low priced offerings but also this gym outfit (other colours available if you want to pay).  There is another few freebies there inc some shorts with the Phat Ass Applier but I will NEVER get a Phat Ass in SL or even RL if I can help it however if thats your thing then go grab those Phat Assed pants.

I’ve inc Sakides main shop LM because there is a load of lovely LBs on the first floor which are open to all to touch and they seem to change on a regular basis so I scored 2 items just as I was stood there typing this.

Perfect Wardrobe

Sakide Mainshop