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Looks who’s coming for dinner! (Halloween Specials)

FloweryThe black and white wings which I’ve always had represent the good and bad in all people.  Personally I like the black side.  I got a load of stuff from Follow Us rezzed it and ignored it because I had seen that Laurent83 Waco has set up his ghastly decor items in The Barn so I just pulled up a seat and took a few snaps.  When you rezz it’s just in the room off to the left of the entrance.  Although we don’t do Halloween in the UK we’re starting to appreciate the excuse for dressing up and a good party so if your celebrate Halloween in RL then you can do the same in SL.  A fully set out table with Halloween cake, wine, great poses and menu options in the plates.

Flower1After a busy day of Trick or Treating you can rest your cloven hooves on your matching living room suite the sofa and coffee table are only 50Lds for both and the fireplace is the same.  As usual the poses inc a reading and smoking one, shown.  In the fireplace there are ribs waiting to be burned and the top of the fireplace is set out like an altar.

Reading useFound this as I wandered around The Barn I’m drinking the potion but this has some really good and unique poses you can read tarot cars or look into a crystal ball.  Some items are in the Gachas and some can be bought by clicking the pictures.  If you’re on a limited budget and want something for outside decor then there is a classic garden bench in black with cobwebs, pumpkins and an unfriendly Raven watching your every move for only 10Lds.

NolaroidBut  this was the shocker!!!  I’ve always said Follow Us definitely has a male/uni sexed/unfussy style which a lot of people appreciate so to rezz something which was almost  kitsch was a pleasant surprise.  A lovely simple country cottage style table with colouring to match.  I literally rezzed this and took a practice snap just using the light setting of the sim at that time and look at it!  Although ignore the rocking chair at the back it’s only the 4 matching chairs which are inc but of course that doesn’t mean you can’t add others.

Food use

Some lovely delish food in the plate menu, but remember it’s the plate mat you click.

Follow Us

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Fat Pack Tweed.

brownRedgrave is offering a great deal.  3 Shades in one pack black, camel (worn) and dust (a light colour)  A long winter styled overcoat with a belt shown. A high collar and cuffs.  Pretty handy for a great winter look and at 120Lds for the pack a bargain.

blackI  should have worn the lighter colour for you to see the front details but a demo is available in the shop if you want to try before you buy.

scarfThe scarf was another bargain from Redgrave called PaliScarf. In the note that comes with it is a description because this is a new product called Liquid Mesh and basically it means one size fits all because even though it’s mesh it can change it’s sizing automatically to fit the avatar shape.  There is more to it but you can read it for yourself because yet again 120Lds and yet again a choice of 4 patterns/shades.

Redgrave Men and Womens Fashions

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Orsini1The lovely Hatili Ishtari contacted me to let me know that she has a new Group (free to join) freebie out and it was an omg moment because as I was clearing out my invent I had earmarked her shops as a place to revisit so it was Kismet.  This is a simple dusty pink, blue mesh strapeless dress.  You get this one by joining the group and looking at the notices but check out each of her shops as she has a different GG in them.  I’ve put both LMs but each shop is next door to each other so don’t be lazy and TP just walk outside past the Autumn decorations to her other shop.

Skirt yseAlso basically anything that has a Lolly stuck to it has had its price slashed to only 25Lds.  The skirt I am wearing is one of them, a simple light denim coloured knitted thigh skimming Autumn skirt which I’ve teamed with some oldies out of my invent.  But check out the boots.  They come from the Pure Love Hunt and every heart only costs 5Lds so I scored these black chunky heeled boots for just a token price. Best of all this is one of those hunts that has boards out showing exactly what is in each heart so if you really don’t need a new shirt or even these boots then you can pick and chose what you want.  Have to say that the brown cape, make up and knuckle duster clutch bag they have in their hunt  are now in my invent.

OrsininReblogged and I don’t care.  I still had this cute quirky and cheeky dress so the excuse to pop it on and take a new picture was too good to resist. Love flashing a little bit of boobage  and the flowers which come included cover just enough to be cheeky but not rude  and yes this is one of the dresses with the lolly attached to it.  Be careful to click and pay the lolly for the item and not the item itself.  The skirt comes from her OrsiniRed shop which had a little bit of everything so some summer clothes, winter clothes, bikinis and knits.  Her OrsiniSun shop has clothes which have a little bit more RP to them so a few feather, a bit of leather and a lot of boob showing. Both shops have a GG in them so even if RP ain’t your thing then you can still check out the freebie.

OrsiniRed (for skirt)

OrsiniSun (for dress)

Pure Love Hunt

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The Last Gasp.

Obviously I know that for all the Autumn season is upon us but of course in SL it can be Summer all year round.

Glasses11I got a parcel off Boom which is like an early Xmas pressie but I have to confess when I saw it contained bikini’s and sunglasses I groaned and kept it unrezzed.  Finally knowing Booms quality I gave in and opened it and it got a WOW off me.  The bikini is as always with Boom great texturing, fitting etc but check out the specks!  the only SL glasses I wear are my beloved Nerdy ones, usually the oversized glamourpus ones turn me cold but I absolutely LOVE these the colouring is stunning esp the lenses. I’m not sure if it’s because of the updated viewer but these rezzed so quickly.  I think they’re going to be just as great under a big floppy hat as they are posing on a beach.  I love them so much when I got back inworld I TPed to Boom to buy the Cocoa coloured ones for my own use..

BoomThis is me popping into Boom to get my new glasses and Boom, Piddle and Misteria have all had a complete change of shop so if you haven’t visited for a while come check em out because new shops, new layouts, new stuff.