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Oooo Nursey.

NurseyBored(again) so I mooched on the Marketplace and found some goodies. One of which is this mesh Nurses dress and it’s only 50Lds.  I’ve not really looked at many nurses outfits so I don’t know how many are out there but what I do know is 50LDS for this is a bargain.  Standard Mesh sizing cute sexy or even just for RPing.  The stethoscope is an actual Dollarbie as well so the whole look for 51Lds and if white isn’t your colour then she has a light blue version.  I only wish I had remembered to put on my bloodied rubber gloves.

HairBecause the prop light behind me was flooding the picture I decided to take a better one of the hair because not only is it cute and adorable but it’s FREE.  A new hair shop (to me that is)  called.  The group costs 250Lds to join and there is a group gift of a lovely pony tail hair and this hair is up there as well but as a blogger I click on everything this this one is FREE for all.   Due is a small shop with a relatively small selection but damn they’re ALL great.  Because I don’t have unlimited funds I settled for one hair (I’m wearing it in my previous post) and this freebie.  Her style is young and fresh lots of long hair that lays beautifully around your AV.  I will be going back there to get some more at a later date so I will post about them at a later date but till then grab this cutie.

Pure Style Marketplace


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Autumn Cheep!

freeThe leggings in this picture are from Pure and I was surprised that they weren’t mesh as they certainly have the look of mesh but the usefulness of non mesh.  Everyone still and will always need a bit of non mesh in their invent as it makes layering a look much easier.   A smashing bargain because they’re not only just 10Lds but you also get 3 Autumnal colours!  Olive, chocolate and orange.  They come from Pure which have made 2 of my all time fav dresses Pure is mainly aimed at the Mesh Market but it’s also aimed at the more than reasonably priced one as well.  Check them out at The Wash because they not only do clothes but also mesh home and garden items and at The Wash everything on every barrow is priced  at a massively cheap price of 10Lds. The legging are at their main shop and the LM for the for the other special priced 10Lds items.  I’ve also inc the LM for Pures Sculptie/Mesh builders shop because for the same price as you would pay for an item from a shop you could buy yourself a “builders pack” which means that if you too wanted to set up your own small business then this is the best place for some of the newest and up to date designs.

The top is a find off the Marketplace from and it too only cost 10Lds.  From M.o.w and you can clearly see that it’s a chunky knit with Autumnal colouring.

autuCloser view of the Pure leggings and you can see they’re textured and have seams on them.  The short and the top are both just a single Linden each! but from different shops don’t panic though as they’re both off the Marketplace.  The shirt is a basic white with light stripe mesh shirt from M.o.w so easy to pop this in your basket at the same time as the knitted jumper.  The shorts which are as good as any paid ones are a only a single Linden but not only that there is a total of 9 different shades ALL for a single Linden each!


Pure Mesh/Sculpties Builders Kits

M.o.w (Jumper & shirt)

{.::LRH::.} Shorts

The Wash

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Fashion’s Story Fair (and hunt)

Bubblez Felicity NEW!

Its been a while since I last did a full hunt…blimey, I’m SO rubbish at them. However I gave the one at The fashions Story Fair a whirl and was pleasantly surprised that I actually completed it ! The fair itself is so so lovely to walk around, minimal crowding so not lagged at all hurrah!. Bubblez has a couple of new releases especially for the gig, this is Felicity, a retro styled dress that would still be perfect to walk around in London today. It actually comes with a smart hat & glasses , both of which I stupidly didn’t see in the box DUH ! Milo did a fabbo video of both outfits, if you wanna see here.

Bubblez John Suit NEW!

For the guys is a suit called John, so John Lennon ! Skinny pants and a sharp tailored jacket. Thin tie and crisp white shirt…voila! Such an easy outfit to wear and a real classic gem.

Fashion Story Hunt Bubblez 5L_001

Now the hunt pieces I chose. You need to go around the fair and collect magazines, word of warning they are VERY small! If I found them, you will to though. There is one particular style of bag that will allow you to click on it to grab a LM to the secret store. In the store are prizes costing 5L a piece. This is from Bubblez and I adore it ! Real Hippy chick cool pants and top.

Fashion's Story Fair Hunt Liv Glam sailor boy 5L

Liv Glam have two prizes, above is my fav “sailor boy”. Two piece outfit with a HUD that gives you three colour choices for each piece. Please note, you buy a HUD and you need to wear it and click the relevant button to get your outfit delivered.

Fashions Story Fair Liv Glam Spanish Wine 5L

Also from LivGlam is this outfit “Spanish Wine”. Two pieces as the last one and with a HUD for three colour choices…brill!

Fashion's Story Fair HuntAUSHKA&CO-Sequin Corset 5L

Last up (but there are more prizes if you find the secret LM!) This this from AUSHKA&CO, I havent really got into wearing mesh corsets, primarily as they just don’t seem to fit me. However, this little baby fits like a dream.

The fair is sectioned into four areas, each themed for a different period of fashion. It’s a lovely set up and really beautifully decorated. Go take  gander. At the landing point you can grab a hunt HUD that gives you hints, and also a map of the fair to make finding your fav designers a breeze.

The Fashion’s Story Fair.

The Fashions Story Blog

Special shout out for my beautiful tote bag – it’s from Indyra and is called “Marina”, lots of scrummy colours and comes with three animated poses a steal at just 195L, you can get it here

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Scarlet Creative - Art Cabin NEW!

I have a secret place, it’s very small and a bit cramped, but quite perfect. Its mine and often I just sit there and think about things. Sometimes I paint, or sketch. My real life “escape” room is in the attic above my cottage, but my replica in Second Life is the “art cabin” newly released by Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative. I havent decided exactly where to place it yet, but it looks stunning hidden away amongst the Autumn trees. Such a cozy size, almost like a den. I turned on my stove, sat at my potter’s wheel and relaxed. Can you believe this has a land impact of just five?! If you don’t fancy a craft room,perhaps a snuggly couch and a couple of plump chairs, a crackling stove and something to make tea on…bliss! Thanks Charlotte ❤

If you buy the art cabin before midnight today (Saturday) it’s on sale for only 200L  as part of The Neighbourhood event- dash !

Scarlett Creative

Scarlet Creative blog  (lots of news for upcoming items!)

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Dappled light and yellow leaves

Mina hair at the Attic event 95L - Zenith group gift dress FREE!

I love this season, its the best one..because I was born in it ! I was out n about yesterday admiring all the Autumn themed places. I wish I was as inspired as some people, all I do is plonk a few orange and yellowy trees around…voila! Whilst I was mooching I popped into Zenith to see whats new, and I found this beautifully romantic & sleek beige gold dress out as a group gift. The group is free to join and there are a couple of other gifts to nab while youre there.

Mina hair Zenith group gift dress FREE!

The dress has a high turtle type of neck which I really like, and an all over self floral pattern. Its just so classy, and I love it. My hair “Patricia” is also new, its from Mina and is currently on sale for just 95L at  the My Attic event ! Theres a HUD in the box which allows you to change the colour of the band and add / remove the flowers, SO pretty!


My Attic @ The Deck

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Fat Pack Tweed.

brownRedgrave is offering a great deal.  3 Shades in one pack black, camel (worn) and dust (a light colour)  A long winter styled overcoat with a belt shown. A high collar and cuffs.  Pretty handy for a great winter look and at 120Lds for the pack a bargain.

blackI  should have worn the lighter colour for you to see the front details but a demo is available in the shop if you want to try before you buy.

scarfThe scarf was another bargain from Redgrave called PaliScarf. In the note that comes with it is a description because this is a new product called Liquid Mesh and basically it means one size fits all because even though it’s mesh it can change it’s sizing automatically to fit the avatar shape.  There is more to it but you can read it for yourself because yet again 120Lds and yet again a choice of 4 patterns/shades.

Redgrave Men and Womens Fashions

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House Crasher

Warbug FREE mesh jacket (also for guys!)

So, Zan has this new house. I absolutely love it, but…its not big enough for all my stuff ! Anyyywayyy I noodled on over to her place this morning, got myself nice and comfy in front of her fire and enjoyed a few stolen moments of P & Q. If youre a member of the Virtual Vagabonds group (and if youre not – WHY not! Link is in my groups list via my profile if you wanna) you may already have this snazzy-ready-for-Autumn mesh jacket, as a notice went out about all the gifts,dollarbies and cheapies to be found at WarBug. I sauntered over and snapped up a lotta gear, including the above. Its mesh, its deeeelicious and at just 10L whats not to like ! Guys, it also contains one in your size, brill huh?! Lovely fit and great Autmnal colours. Hurry over there and take a gander, the boardwalk is full of goodies and fun items to fool around with.