Not Odd(Cheapo).

Redeeming myself with a great bargain.

I haven’t been able to get back to the Hashtag event but I have managed to unpack a couple of the really cheap gifts set out for us and these shoes were included. They come from the Alter shop/stall.  You get a 6 metallic shade Hud and as you can see you also have a choice of wearing different colours on different feet.  10Lds and they are the middle gifts(the other ones are bunny ears and something leather(?)).

The LM won’t take you directly to the shop but once you’ve fallen down the hole face away from the shops and turn left.  Sorry can’t be more direct than that but really just have a lovely time checking everything out and at some stage you will come across this shop and here is a piccie to help you spot it

As I said I’ve unpacked a couple of things and not everything costs there is some freebies but most of the gifts are 5-10Lds and so far I’ve found a couple of ooo nice and a couple of errr not so nice but one thing for sure is so far it’s been interesting and I will be back for more.

PS sorry SLink High only and what a shame.

Hastag in wonderland

Hashtag this.(Oodles of Bargains).

Last time I stumbled upon the Hashtag event it was literally hours before it was over so I was relieved when I again stumbled upon this event but we have till the 30th WOO HOO because it means I’m going to be able to have a nice leisurely wander around.

This is where you rezz and if you squint you will just be able to make out Alice’s legs as she disappears down the rabbit hole and yes it is an Alice in Wonderland themed event.

Walking into the hole you fall down the tree trunk and land in the shopping area.

People have spend a lot of time and yes money making this a really nice shopping event.  I’ve taken the pictures in the sim setting but when I go back I will be changing it just so I can see things clearer because I basically don’t want to miss anything esp now I have the time to have a good look and not the mad rush I had at the last event.

So what is there for Cheap B*’s like us? the same as the last event in that lots if not all of the shops have gift bags out but they all come with a price tag but those price tags are for tiny amounts ie 5Lds, 10Lds etc and a lot of the shops have more than 1 gift bag.  If you’re penny-pinching then most of the bags when you click on them say what’s inside so you can decide if it’s something you can use.

I’ve only done about a quarter of this event and as I’m starving I thought I’d do a quick post then have a nice lunch and then return inworld for a nice time.  In the limited time I did spend at this event I picked up a couple of the gift bags, bought something which was a nice price but I’m not even sure what it is LOL and yes there is a lot of classic designs but I’ve also spotted a few really nice outfits which again if I wasn’t a CB with a Fat invent I would have been tempted to buy.  Plus again since I’ve only scratched the surface of this event I don’t know but I’m pretty sure at the last one there were FREEBIES so when I return to this event you know I will be snuffling around for those freebies like a pig looking for truffles.

So basically a really nice way to kill a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Hashtag Blogg

Hash in Wonderland

I’m a Dog.(Freebies n New Mina).

This is a quickie as I’m prevaricating in RL.

In the Tuty’s shop you will find 3 freebies, a red “Valentines” dress and a really lovely bright red heart shaped bag but it’s this one that won my heart.

Look at that daft face, the dog NOT me!  This wearable bag comes with a really nice, but unphotogenic AO where you hold the bag and occasionally pet the pooch.  So go for the dress and the other bag but I bet you will come away with this one as well.

As for the Mina hair, super cute but I will do another post soon about that.

OK off to do what I should be doing if I wasn’t doing this.

PS Bag has a 10 texture choice hud as well.


A Very Bad Case of Resting B*tch Face!(But Ooodles of FREEBIES).

I’ve edited the picture to see if I can help smack that B* Face off me but I think a paper bag would have been a better choice LOL.

I used this pose because I wanted to show off the crown which comes with this outfit lol.  Anyhow, I know that I’ve done a post about Legendaire but the Legendaire group is still FREE to join but since this might be over today, tomorrow the day after tomorrow etc it will be over soon so don’t delay.

What you will find there is not just 1 board of GG’s but sit on the TP in front of the board and it takes you upstairs to yet another big board of GG’s.

You will also notice big fat heart shaped gift boxes scattered around the shop and these are super bargains ie 10-20Lds. I can’t remember if I bought any of them on my last visit but if they’re the same quality as the GG’s then they’re well worth those few Lindens.

If for some reason you don’t want to join the Legendaire group at the entrance is a FREE for ALL gift and it’s the deep pink shoes in this picture.

The outfit I’m wearing comes with the shoes, dress with a hud, necklace and of course the Tiara because after all we’re all friggen Princesses.

Lots and lots of really good gifts here esps for me the shoe and there is more designs than the ones shown.

So a quick post as I’m so busy but I didn’t want anyone to miss the change to grab all of this before the group goes back to being non free.

PS Going from memory oodles of sizes in both clothes and shoes so you should find a fit for you.



Nope, if I hop on one more pose I think my AV will break down so I’ve scrapped the idea of getting some new poses for a little while.

Faith has already done a post about a Neve dress which is a Freebie you can pick up from The Liason Collaborative Event and she also showed a couple off a couple of other freebies/cheapies she has found so I will post the link to her post.  As it happens  I was over at a pose shop which is right next to the event and so I decided once I’d had it with the poses to pop over and check it out….which means I went to grab all the gifts.

And I’m not going to show you what else I picked up but I got a clock, and a very cute Easter Egg with flowers in it and this dress and boots.

The dress is obviously one of those skin tight ones which fit as snug as a bug in a rug….God help me all those poses has fried my brain! The boots are another prize and come in all mesh bod fits, but with these boots, you don’t need mesh feet to wear them.

So I just thought I would squeeze another quick post in just in case you’ve not been to the Liason Collective yet.

PS There is actually a really nice freebie pose of you standing with an owl on your arm and for some reason the owl is wearing glasses lol.

Faith’s post with The Laison Collective and other Freebies/Cheapies

Liason Collaborative

Spaced out Man!(Freebie).

I’m having a bit of a “Mind F*ck” moment here.

I sauntered into an art gallery and I thought this was a picture on the wall but you can actually walk inside and the very messy apartment is made up of photographs so basically it plays with your head.  FREAKY.

I’ve done this post really quickly because even though I have THOUSANDS of poses I’m finding that I’m just using a handful as a lot of my poses need to be updated to work better with a mesh bod and just better poses all round.  So I’m planning on having a lovely leisurely time in SL checking out all the pose shops.

The FREEBIE is this cute short and top outfit OK I did make a mistake and I forgot to change it to the more denim coloured texture which was my fav but there is a hud with a nice mix of texture options.  Comes as separates and also in all the standard mesh bod and mesh sizes.

While you’re at the Selvyn shop picking this Free to join gift up there is another one but if you look a bit more you will see a Teleport Hub gift as well.  I believe it’s on the wall with the doorway into the main body of the shop.  It’s a bright pink coat in a classic SL style.  You might remember from a couple of posts ago that the Teleport Hub Group is free to join for a limited time (but it was only 10-20Lds to join in the first place) and Telehub has joined up with Madpea and 3 lucky winners will win a gift of free entry into one of the Madpea hunts and I swear the Madpea hunts are the ONLY hunt I do pay to do as they really make you think hard to win those prizes but they are well worth it.


No “keepers” here.(Freebies).

Vanity shot first because just before I zoomed in on the hair and dress I couldn’t help but admire just this tiny patch of our sim and the sim setting!

Now for the ZOOOOM shot.

Hair and dress are freebies but not keepers for me.  Just because something isn’t a keeper for me doesn’t mean it’s not quality it’s simply because I will neither use it ever again or it’s just not a style that suits me but of course it may just be perfect for you.

The hair is from Pr!tty and it is, it’s really pr!tty(gedit?) and YOUNG but the skin I chose to wear doesn’t look good with this hair, this hair is for a young and pretty almost Kawaii skin so try to picture it on that sort of skin.  It has a large and loose bun tucked under one ear.  The other Free to join GG’s from Pr!tty all have that stylised youthful look to them and all of them come with MASSIVE colour packs! Every shade under the sun and all the ones not created it.  So generous and if they suit you then you will have scored really well.

The outfit is also something I wouldn’t wear again but like every other gift from The White Armoury, it’s 100% quality.  You get 2 versions one of the dress without the large white top and of course, this one shown.  You can’t see but there is also a matching thick white hem to the skirt.

As it happens check out the simply stunning but heartbreakingly not free “The Fairy Godmother Gown” with all the bits needed to make you magical.  It’s on one of the Modelling AV’s inside.   If I was going to be a  Fairy Godmother you know I’d damn well would be rocking this outfit even if it does come with a hefty price tag.  As it happens I’ve snagged the Demo and once I clivk “Publish” I’ll be prancing around my cheap ass around in my demo version LOL.

OK Sunday hasn’t been a day of rest it’s been a day of work, work, more work and coffee but I’ll be back in full steam tomorrow.


The White Armoury (Walk straight ahead and it’s just to the right).