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Secret Sale Sunday !

Secret Sale Sunday - complete outfit with shoes & knife $50L

Go grab yourself a Hud and get started on this weeks Secret Sale Sunday ! Shed load of bargains @ $50L to be had. Everything from fashion, home & garden, poses, furniture etc. I fell in love with this complete outfit from Fatal Fashion, you get the bloody nurses outfit, knife, hat and shoes ! They had a couple of other complete looks for Halloween which I might go back and nab !

Happy Shopping ❤

Get a Hud Here

Fatal Fashion

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$99L PROMO !

$99L PROMO ArisAris

Perfect to start the week off – an amazing promotion from ArisAris. This is the “Insinuating Outfit” which comes as seperates – so you can wear all together or mix & mingle them with other wardrobe favs. I just adore this gunmetal and bronze effect fabric, but there are SO many more to choose from the Hud that’s included. Fits:  Kupra, Belleza Freya, Maitreya – Lara, Slink – Hourglass, Slink – Original, MB. Legacy, Tonic Fine Y Curvy, eBODY Curvy. This promotion will not be repeated and afterwards is normal price @ $299L !

$99L ArisAris PROMO HUD

ArisAris market place

ArisAris main store

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Flying around – Culprit Limited Time Promo !

Wearable plane with multi message banner ! @ Culprit

Oh My Lord – I dashed straight over to Culprit when the notecard came through about this wearable plane! I love wearables ❤ This little beauty comes in several different colours and is on sale till the 15th August @ $100L – discounted fat pack also available. The banner has a menu of various slogans for all occasions – its fantastic.

A few words from the creator Eku –

“The Banner Plane is Bento rigged so it auto sizes to your avatar.
You do not need to rez the Plane, simply right click on it in your inventory and select ADD.

You can use the arrow keys to navigate and page up and down of course for up and down. If you hold down the left mouse you will do a barrelroll.

Be sure to fly safely, do not divebomb innocent grannies (guilty ones don’t count)”


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Which Sales Am I doing?

Ecru Top, pants & skirt $60L

I’ve already started my weekend sale shopping @ Ecru ! Love this designer, always something a bit different and nothing you see a million times over elsewhere. This week for EBento there is this outfit for just $60L – you get the blouse, pants and a short skirt! Quite a good selection of colours to chose from too. I went for the timeless beige naturally ❤ Listed below all the sales I shall be looking at – see you there!


The Saturday Sale

30L Saturday


Energy Weekend Price


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Hunt Prize $20L @ Petit Morte & Oubliette

Always enjoy the little hunts put on by Petite Mort & Oubliette. As you land you will see the sign showing you what’s on offer to find. Each item is just $20L and I really loved them all.

Hunt prizes jeans, tank & glasses $20L each

I was determined to find the jeans as they looked super cool for the summer, also managed to locate the tank and sunnies ! Its not overly hard to find the items , you’re looking for a route 66 sign post, its also a beautiful sim to wander around anyway.

Hunt Prizes

Above are all the items and when you click the sign to buy it clearly says what’s inside so you can pick and choose. The other great news is that both stores are also having a 50% sale!

Petite Mort & Oubliette

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Wake Up Its The Saturday Sale!

Saturday Sale QE Designs Fat pack $75

My absolute favourite sale of the week – The Saturday Sale ! Its a blinder this week with plenty for guys & girls, home décor, poses and more. It was a no brainer to grab this skirt, vest and cardigan from QE Designs, each piece can be worn separately , loads of mesh body fits included.

QE designs Hud

You also get the fat pack hud ! Each item has six choices – all for $75L ! My poses & backdrop are from Lyrium, fantastic set with a choice of flower variety – each pack is $75L.


QE Designs

Saturday Sale Gallery

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Sunday is sorted. (Hunt, Bargains & Cute Freebie).

A lot of people, I’m assuming, like to spend a lazy sunday SLing and since it’s now well past 4pm in the UK I thought I’d do a quick post so you too can spend the rest of your sunday doing this little hunt and adding some very wearable items to your invent. Then when I get to log back inworld I will find the white dress I wanted, I’d accidentally bought this pretty floral one by mistake, and then I will do another post wearing the white dress and I will also tell you more about the New Mina hair I’m wearing.

So basically the 2 shops, Petit Morte & Oublette share the same lovely landscaped sim called Witchwood and they’re also sharing a hunt of some really lovely pretty clothes.

As always since this is a paid for hunt this is a picture of the prizes and you can also get the demo’s for them at the LM.

The basket I’m holding is a gift for all which you will find at the LM, what you will also find is a info/hint giver and demo’s for everything.

PS. If you haven’t guessed it then it’s a lovely single pink rose you’re looking for and there is also a sale going on in the shops…just follow the arrows.

Whitchwood Spring Hunt.