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The Circus is coming to Town

The Challenge Kuro small circus 1Li NEW - Fantasyworld Clow outfit (with hair,shoes etc) 10L !

Another round of The Challenge has begun ! This months theme is Fairground / Circus and there’s some really neat things up for grabs. This is me fooling about and getting as arty farty as I ever do. I found this tremendous clowns outfit on the market place for just 10L and had to use it ! You get the whole look, including a MAD hairdo which I’m not wearing. In my hand is the sweetest little decor item form Kuro, it’s a teeny-weeny big top tent, and is only 1Li.

The Challenge Kuro

Here it is in close up view, such wonderful detailing, sure to brighten up a spot in your home.

The Challenge 22769Bauwerk Organ

Also in this round is 22769Bauwerk , and I got a bit over excited about this Organ. Its musical (has three tunes) and is very low impact. I had one a bit like this but in old school prims, it was fantastically high in prims so I rarely used it – but this version, in mesh, is so much more detailed and intricate and LOW prim yay!

The Challenge HT Home Bertha canon

If you’re looking for a bit of fun, check out this “Big Bertha” canon by HT Home. Its amaaaazing and you can sit inside. You get offered a helmet to wear, which you can just see poking out the end. Good to know The Challenge advocates health and safety rules ! The textures are really superb, the old wood of the carriage is all flakey and peeled, and the iron of the canon looks ancient – great stuff.

The Challenge Blog (all participating stores listed)

22769 Bauwerk


HT Home

Clowns avatar and outfit 10L 

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Bird Feed. (Freebies)


I was rummaging in my “Horrible Stuff” folder to see what I have for Halloween and came across my Rotten Toe stuff so I literally threw on a few random Rotten Toe items and TPed over.  Just for fun, and yes that’s exactly how I looked when I TPed in, I took a quick snap of me on one of their poses you can buy.  Have a peek at the birdie, I have blogged it before, you wear it and then walk around taking sneaky bites out of it with its twig like legs and flying feathers it freaky fun.  Sends out the occasional “don’t worry it was already dead when I found it!” messages so no one will think you’re a bird killer.

sigNon Mesh lovely corset. Beige with pink and peachy trims.  I’m wearing it with the prim skirt which blends in really well but it’s just as sexy without that skirt.  Well defined lacing up the back as well.

sig1Full frontal.  The corset is only 75Lds also have a look at the stockings they came in a pack of Vintage Circus Hosiery for only 15Lds you get 5 different patterns.  Check out all the shops that are opened onto the courtyard because some look as though they’re empty but they’re not.  Some real great bargains to be had here because even full priced everything is more than reasonable but there are also great Group Gifts, Dollarbies, 10Lds offers scattered about .  The Group is only 15Lds to join and you get more than your moneys worth back from the GG’s alone and there is a lovely variety of hair, skin and clothes so well worth it.

sig2Close up of one of the Group Gifts skins.

Blimey forgot to mention that The Twisted Hunt is going on here as well and if I can find it so  can you!

Rotten Toe