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Bird Feed. (Freebies)


I was rummaging in my “Horrible Stuff” folder to see what I have for Halloween and came across my Rotten Toe stuff so I literally threw on a few random Rotten Toe items and TPed over.  Just for fun, and yes that’s exactly how I looked when I TPed in, I took a quick snap of me on one of their poses you can buy.  Have a peek at the birdie, I have blogged it before, you wear it and then walk around taking sneaky bites out of it with its twig like legs and flying feathers it freaky fun.  Sends out the occasional “don’t worry it was already dead when I found it!” messages so no one will think you’re a bird killer.

sigNon Mesh lovely corset. Beige with pink and peachy trims.  I’m wearing it with the prim skirt which blends in really well but it’s just as sexy without that skirt.  Well defined lacing up the back as well.

sig1Full frontal.  The corset is only 75Lds also have a look at the stockings they came in a pack of Vintage Circus Hosiery for only 15Lds you get 5 different patterns.  Check out all the shops that are opened onto the courtyard because some look as though they’re empty but they’re not.  Some real great bargains to be had here because even full priced everything is more than reasonable but there are also great Group Gifts, Dollarbies, 10Lds offers scattered about .  The Group is only 15Lds to join and you get more than your moneys worth back from the GG’s alone and there is a lovely variety of hair, skin and clothes so well worth it.

sig2Close up of one of the Group Gifts skins.

Blimey forgot to mention that The Twisted Hunt is going on here as well and if I can find it so  can you!

Rotten Toe

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Being Twisted isnt easy

Twisted Hunt Zinnias

One of my favourite annual events is on at the moment, The Twisted Hunt. This years theme is “delirium” and boy-oh-boy there are some totally terrific gifts to search for. I’m a big fan of Zinnias and this year they are in it *squeeee*…the offering IF you can find it…is this twisted Psych-Sofa set. You get everything I’m showing above…the couch has some brilliant poses for the “patient”, and the chair is stuffed with poses for the Psychiatrist…of course no scene of this sort would be complete without some dodgy looking certificates on the wall…a potted fern to soothe peoples jangled nerves and naturally a talking parrot ! This set is SO much fun…thanks Zinnia ❤

Twisted Hunt - Finishing Touches_006

Another must-have-prize is from Finishing Touches. As soon as I saw a preview photo of this Asylum skybox I just HAD to find it. It didn’t disapoint…fabulous texturing lends it a dismal and creepy feel, yet…it would really make a great hang out pad for you and your mates.

Twisted Hunt - Finishing Touches_001

The skybox comes with a lot of extras too…you get the table and chair (great poses!), a couple of tatty rugs…some broken old wooden pallets..I so love the grungy old sink. It’s perfectly done, with scummy dirty water and rusted taps, comeplete with mirror, overhead light and skin crawlingly grubby towel on a rack..nice poses to uhm..clean your hands? !

Twisted Hunt - Finishing Touches_004

It’s possible to buy a few extras for your skybox while you’re in the store…some totally neat items to add appeal, such as this mesh pipe shelving unit…

Twisted Hunt - Finishing Touches_005

and a bath, that on closer inspection Id never.ever. want to get into ! While youre hunting out the prize,take a look around at the add on’s, well worth buying some to create a truly memorable atmosphere…thanks 24Karat ❤

This hunt is never easy, be WARNED !

Twisted Hunt Blog (all participating stores and url’s listed)


Finishing Touches