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Colour me Spring

LUXEParis New outfit

Spring has sprung and I’m loving the new palette of colours everyone is using in their new releases. LUXE Paris has this to-die-for pair of leather pants out in a tone called “sorbet”, it made my mouth water just thinking about it !  Lots and lots of detailing over the pants they look so realistic.They come with a sweet lightweight sweater , in what looks like a fine Angora knit.

LUXEParis New outfit - David Heather bag

The surprise element is, when you turn around – the sweater has an open back – so sensual when you show off that curve of your spine no?  Ohh I noticed while I was over at the store that they have released some clothing for TMP body – if youve got one might be worth a peek. My bag was from this weeks Fifty Linden Friday and its by David Heather – there are some totally uber clothes in the store but so far I haven’t had much luck with the sizing. I’m fairly standard, but nothing seems to fit me – so for now I will content myself with the scrummy bags !

LUXE Paris

David Heather

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Spring Collection


I have some news from Luxe Paris , yes yes YES a new collection is out, with zesty springtime colours – a veritable feast for your eyeballs ! This is the Marguerite Dress, spotty fabric with an overlayer of a hand drawn design. It’s so unusual and really catches your attention.

LUXE Paris_007

Little closer view , uh-oh, looks like I’m about to get lost in the biggest ice-cream everrrrrr ! I especially like the fabric textures on this, cotton to jersey, really good details.

LUXE Paris Summery Chic Couture Set

Something a little more dressy and right on trend is the  “Summer couture outfit”. I just adore the linen look to the jacket fabric, its BIG in the shops in real life right now too. Underneath is another hand drawn crazzzzzzy design in bold beautiful colours.

Luxe Paris NEW!! Beach Target bikini set

Last up (but there is heapssss more instore to drool over) is the beach target bikini top and skirt – gawd I love this ! It just fits so perfectly, the fabric stretching over your hip bones in all the right places. The colours are mouth-watering and get my juices going for more SUN ! Lovely fit on the halter straps too – usually a bit of a bugbear for me in most items, but this sits really well on my size & shape. Thanks Luxe Paris team ❤

Luxe Paris Fashion House


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Hello Sunshine

Luxe Paris - mesh bikini NEW!

We are having a mini heat wave here in England – its glorious! Not quite bikini weather yet (give me time to fake tan gawd) !Luxe Paris have a new line of bikini’s out that might just might tempt you into beach gear – seriously, once I don a kini in SL , its pretty hard to get me out of it – yehyehyeh I’m lazy ! Anyyywayyy, I was thrilled with the fit, no hip or boob gaping that I sometimes get, and such a scrummy selection of colours! Love the little touch of neon that accentuates both pieces, a neat style add-on. Ohhhh each bikini comes with its own matching pair of sunnies – yay! Time to update your landmarks also, new store – looks great!

!Luxe Paris Haute Couture

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Fall collection


The new Fall range is ready to tempt you at !LUXE Paris, there’s something for all occasions. I was so excited to see it all, and I almost fell upon the business suits. Not enough ladies suits for my liking in Second Life. Above is my favourite colour suit, bright pillar box red. single button fastening on the jacket and a slim short skirt create a beautiful look. With each business suit you also get a set of lingerie ! Lovely addition, I’m wearing the camisole , which you can just see peeking out from beneath the jacket.

Paris new Business suit - Indyra Marian tote bag

Theres also this stunning dark grey version (amongst other colours available) This, to me, is the epitome of class & style. The fabric appears to be a light tweed and is perfectly set off with the one big black shiny button centre of the fitted jacket. Note my bag, Ive featured it before and as I have several colours in it, will likely feature many more times. I adore it, it comes with three versions, animated hand pose, animated shoulder pose and a standard shoulder pose. When I say animated, I really mean “animated”, you move with the bag, your hand dips inside it , as if you’re hunting for keys…deeeelicious. Made by Indyra and called “The Marina” tote, at 195L per pop…grab a few.

Paris new!

Another outfit from the new Fall collection is the “Mastic Bandana pants set”. Lovely patterned silver top with batwing sleeves, drawn in at the waist, with a peplum flared hemline. Underneath are a silvery grey pair of skinny fit pants, its worth mentioning that these come with prim cuffs but look equally as cool wearing them without as leggings – like I have.

!LUXE Paris NEW!

Last look for today (but there is heaps more in store) is this sweet bow tied mesh cardigan. I just fell in love it…so femmine so cute !  This comes with mesh straight trousers, the fit on them is exceptionally good and a timeless shape means more wears-per-buy, gotta love that right? Thanks for sharing Paris ❤

pssst. There is also a Fall collection for the guys, which I’ll try to get posted for you later, its instore right now to drool over though !

LUXE Paris

LUXE Paris market place store


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A Few of my favourite things

Paris LUXE & Eclectica

Summery clothing is being released thick and fast this week…Iam embracing my inner sun goddess and prancing about in most of it. LUXE Paris has released a whole heap of  warm weather deliciousness, my absolute favourite is the outfit I’m wearing above…

LUXE Mesh LAquabella Set & Eclectica Eclectica 'Rhapsody' (in Blue)-at Genre

Its called ” L’Aquabella” and comprises of a ruffly layered skirt and strappy, flared hemline camisole top. It’s in such a beautiful soft blue, the skirt having bands of beige gold…Im not sure how the gauzy effect on some of the skirt ruffles is achieved but I SO love it !


My jewelry is also new, it’s from Eclectica and is currently on sale for the ‘Genre’ event,  during its Art Deco month (On now, until July 12th). It will be exclusive to there during that time, and only after then will be available at Eclectica stores. Art Deco is actually my favourite period in collecting china, and I spent quite a lot of time at antique fairs searching for new pieces…sooo I can certainly vouch for the authenticity of this sets shape and styling. Just beautiful, if you ever look at other items from that’ll notice these shape influences all over them ! All my jewelry and sun glasses in the post are from Eclectica, if you adore jewelry in general and something a little more unusual overall…head over to the mainstore and have a mooch, its brilliant! Thanks Tiffy ❤

LUXE Rose au Jardin Mesh Dress, Lingerie & Bikini

Moving on…a handy set ” Rose au Jardin”, you receive the stunning rose printed mesh dress as above but also two sets of lingerie/ tankini’s…very useful as a beach cover-up or as a fresh daytime dress. I especially like the slashed style cuffs on this…verrrrry pretty.

Paris LUXE Limette pants & shirt NEW!

Something completely different…and rather dramatic is the “Limette” set…bright lime greens. Legging style pants and a mesh tied top. SO right for heels, barefeet..strolling beaches or out and about…really liked this ensemble, easy to wear and so eye-catching!

LUXE Pineapple shift dress NEW!

Last up for today from moi… is this shift dress “Pineapple”, vintage print in muted blues and golds, it has a really nice floaty belt, unusual touch for mesh and I think it adds a little something to the appeal. There is also a rather pretty gold bangle included to complete the look.  I popped over to the main store to take a peek around…spacious and well laid out, pay a visit and see the pretties for yourself ! Thanks Paris ❤

LUXE Paris mainstore

Eclectica @ Genre

Eclectica mainstore


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Im Giggly


I had a lovely box of newness yesterday from LUXE Paris…the eagerly awaited spring arrivals ! My heart went all pitty-patter when I saw it was mostly in pink hurrah! Not a candy, eye watering pink..oh no..a really subtle coral pink that’s so very flattering to most skin tones. I was sooo happy to see some mesh had arrived, I’m wearing the “Giggly” dress and matching bolero jacket…love how the skirt of the dress is sweetly ruffled and almost sheer on the layers, VERY effective. I felt ultra feminine wafting about in this outfit…and of course…I had to buy some new shoes to go with it ! These are the “Alex strap” shoes from G Field in coral. Brilliant design, you get a choice of how to wear the straps, T-bar,single,double etc…and for those who don’t like to skin match…these have no feet to fiddle around with…easypeasy, wear and go. Huge range of colours in these, including a glittery pearlised version.


I’m also wearing a new skin today, there was a notice from la petite morte , the owner is trying to raise some funds to pay for vets bills for her kitty cat Alli. This skin is on sale for just 100L, its called “Wixson” and is really lush. In the box is a choice of light or dark brows (LOVE when skin makers do that) and also an alpha for your lashes which is always handy-dandy. My jewelry is a new release from Addiction, sun of hope collection…would lend itself to casual wear but also looks right on trend for the lightest of the spring outfits around.

Luxe Paris

Addiction Jewelry

la petite morte

G Field


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I was so excited to receive an invitation to a fashion show ! If you ever get the chance to attend one…go…its relaxing, you get to see the designers work actually moving and on someone…and its FUN . This show was an invitation only show (ooohlala) and was a really intimate setting…no under-rezzed clothes, no models falling off stages..just perfect. LUXE Paris is the brand name, the designer Parisian Skytower was also in attendance…as were the stunning & capable models, who worked so hard yet made it appear to be so effortless.

My head was literally spinning…as one after the other, the models paraded the pieces before us…such a collection of prettiness…and some really novel ideas for accessories  (Think scuba tanks and wellie boots with bikinis!) I really enjoy bikinis, but what caught my eye straight away…was this elegant two piece outfit. Silvery grey, with a delicate lace edge in black, so simple and easy to wear, but a million bucks style…love it. Its called “Chic Sport Set”, no prims to fiddle around with no alpha layers to worry about, just wear and go…voila.

Take a closer look at the stunning wristband I’m wearing with my new outfit, its by SaDaLBaRi  Design and is currently free on their market place store…so detailed…comes with a resizer also so you can play about with the look…

Ok so..I wasnt ever going to attend a fashion show featuring swim wear and walk away without a piece, was I? I saw this and my heart went pitty-patter…Super feminine, elements of pink…and overall SO me! Sorry about the tiny bit of blurring on the top..SL wasnt loving me today…but Im certain you can get the idea of just how charming this suit is no? I adore the large satin bow at the waist…such a lovely touch, a keeper for me !

Ohhhh by the way…my glasses and necklace were gifts…the shades are from [Steinwerk] and truly can customise the frame colour and lense colour through a very simple menu system, PLUS the animations for moving them to sit on your head and back to your nose are brilliant ! The necklace is from Just You…a simple piece that sits so well on your chest…its not screaming “memememe look at me” it subtle and delicious and lightens up whatever you’re wearing.



Just You