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So many jokes!(LB’s).

I’ve had a seriously busy day and in fact, although I am RL working I’m also SLing ie multitasking like a Pro.  When I came inworld a message came through for a RIOT at Sn@tch and so I decided to go over there and be of some use as I worked through my notices/notes etc.

If you’re never rioted before or even heard of a riot board it was a biggish thing a few years ago and simply the more people who turned up the lower the price of certain items went. It’s not so common now because basically people never really bothered and so no one ever really got any bargain but Sn@tch has always bucked the trend.  As soon as a group call for a riot goes out everyone TP’s in just to lend a AV hand/bod and watch as the price on selected items drops right down to an average 50/55Lds.

Even if you’ve just come to help others you can also help yourself and you just might win something from the LB’s you can see in my picture.  What you can’t see is all the other people here not just knocking down the price of the Riot boards but fishing for a monthly “fish for this” outfit and that means that there is a quick turnover of initials on the LB and they’re well worth waiting for.

Sn@tch isn’t a free group, I’ve forgotten how long I’ve been a group member but it’s one I will never leave.  You don’t need to be a member though to use the LB’s, Riot or the Fish for This outfit(you don’t even need to use bait but you do need a fishing rod).  The items won in the Fish for This offer are trans and if you’re in the Sn@tch group then is a lot of people handing on unwanted items they have fished for.

If you do decide to pay the 100Lds to join I don’t know if there is any Group Gifts out at this moment but you get regular notices off ….about new stuff, what’s on etc and all come with such funny titles  ie “come see my New Sn@tch”, “Fresh New Sn@tch” and on and on (Sn@tch in the UK s slang for a lady part lol).

PS don’t use your old LM use mine as Sn@tched has moved to a new home.

PPS  Gotta stop “multitasking” and get back to RL work so have a great evening and “I’ll see ya all later”.


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Dance like no one is watching.(GG and Lucky Board).

I’m off out today, sod work, housework, emails, Hubby,  friends, cats and all those things I’m off tomorrow for some ME time cos ME time is the best time, so chances are when you’re reading this I’m sat in a small independent cinema eating Chinese coconut buns and this weird omelette cream thing watching the film “Swiss Army Man”…yeah ok the reason I’m having a “Me” day is because no one else wanted to come and see this film LOL.

However just before I logged off for the day I popped over to Caboodle and spotted a row of pretty decent LB’s and also a free to join GG and so I’m hacking out a random post.


That’s me dancing in one of the LB wins which is pretty darn good and even comes with a Hud to change the colour of the top, bottom, belt and strap and if I had been bothered to do a close up even the small delicate flowers around the bust line.

I actually am dancing because I want a pair of those pants and maybe the dress you can see just behind me.  I did win a lovely pink shrug, ok I actually won 3 of them because that LB seems to come up with “?” more often.  The LBs only have a 5min time limited on them and although they change what the prize is each time it’s the same few basic outfits but they all look well worth the wait esp if you have notes, notices to go through or are just IMing SL friends.

However, if you don’t have time to kill then there is this lovely simple Group Gift.


As you can see a simple strapless classic SL dress and you get 2 colours this burgundy and a black and I’ve popped on the shrug I won which is super cute.

Ooo, as I’m LM grabbing the lady next to me, is wearing a pair of the leather pants which she’s won from the LB and I’m more determined to win myself a pair….ooo and now I’ve just won the dress just behind me as well.

Have a great day peeps.


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Silly Goose, feed the addiction. (Freebies).

I stumbled upon some Lucky Chairs in a shop and although the quality of the contents were a bit dodgy they fed my addiction to Lucky Chairs/Boards.  So I rummaged in my invent for some more old LMs for Lucky Chairs and came across a skin shop called Mother Goose which is still going strong.  So I plonked myself down in front of the big central column in the shop and as quickly as I worked through all my notes my initial kept on coming up.  So I basically ended up with a whole folder of Free skins and even then before I TPed back to my platform I couldn’t resist grabbing not just the Dollarbies but also a whole load of Demos and then spent the next half hour trying them on…and yes binning almost all of them but I love doing this unpacking a whole load of stuff and working my way through the good, bad and downright ugly.XXXSillyI’m not going to lie but to me these free skins aren’t a patch on my PumeC’s BUT just because it’s not my skin of choice doesn’t mean it’s not going to be yours.  On the positive side the variety of LB/Dollarbies/Freebies and paid for skins is vast and especially if you want a pretty, pink and youthful skin then there ARE some adorable ones here with pouty lips and pink cheeks.

The LBs wins don’t come with any appliers and as you will know by now I’m way too lazy to skin match using a Hud but that doesn’t mean you have to be or simply just don’t wear any mesh add ons, not everyone is a fan.

This however is definitely a LM to keep in your invent and if you come across someone new in SL then I bet they will be overjoyed to be able to grab so many skins.

Mother Goose

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Pulling a sickie(Freebies).

OH Lord I was one poorly Biatch yesterday, I won’t go into too much TMI but you wouldn’t have wanted to visit me yesterday!  However I did managed to get myself inworld for a while to distract me from my aches and pains  and I found some LBs to plonk myself in front of.  There are 3 boards and each have the same shirt but in 3 different patterns as the gifts.  A pretty good autumnal basics and since every board changes after just 2 mins it didn’t take me long to snag it.


Even better was as I was stood there I finally managed to work my way through all of my notes/notices and managed to clear them out of my invent so I now have breathing space to keep upto date with new ones when they come in.

Since I had perked up a bit I then decided to check out the The Warm Socks Hunt and as soon as I spotted the Lindy Shoe in the list of the shops involved I was off.

One of my best and so wearable goto pair of boots come from here and I was actually wearing them as I was stood in front of the LB’s so the chance of snagging another pair of excellent, non slink needed, boots was too good to miss.


My editing has made them darker than they are but these are rich brown boots with the knitted sock over the top.  As it happens you actually get 2 shoes in this gift and you will be able to see the second pair in the picture in the link to the Hunt LMs a& Hints I will put at the end.  As well as hunt prizes each shop also has a Gacha set out for you to try your luck.  Not sure of the price of the Gachas as yet again I grabbed these boots and I was outta there with my goodies.

PS Since these boards outside of the Delicious Boutique change so quickly as soon as you get there you may want to join the free group straight away.

Delicious Boutique(Blouse)

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

The Warm Socks Hunt 2 & Gacha Event LMs, pictures, tips n hints


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Rebooted (freebies)

I’m back like a bad penny from my lovely beachy weekend, rebooted my internet (turned the router off and then on again) so my connection is back to full speed, later I’ll pop to the attic to grab my old faithful keyboard and bin my unresponsive one  which has been so bad that it’s been hard for my poor AV to move but I managed to move enough to grab some new FREEBIES.



Not only 1 skin but 2 and each come with ALL THE APPLIERS which is music to my lazy heart.  Now that I’m at the shop LM grabbing I’ve plonked myself next to the Lucky Boards and also notice that there is also 2 Mens skins which is another Woo Hoo so of course I grabbed them but sadly for Lazy Baylen they don’t come with any appliers but then again I don’t think as many men in SL and RL, sadly, are as image concious so not having appliers isn’t such a big deal and a great skin is always appreciated.  Anyhow will send Baylen in to check them out for himself.

Also check out the Marketplace shop as it looks like there are oodles of old group gifts for sale for only 10Lds and that again includes plenty for men which is really good to see.

Special mention to the back of the shops which have for sale all the Appliers you could every want but whats new to me is the “Abs” one which is basically a Tattoo layer for the womans skin to give us to die for abs but without the crunches.  Sadly no demo to try out first but would be interesting to see what they look like.


 Curves Marketplace

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Wiggle it (free stuff)


As I was mooching around my new house (I haven’t actually bought it yet but when I get back inworld I’ll be popping back to grab it) not that I’m actually going to live in it but for me personally it will make an excellent prop house and it also feeds my addiction for Tiny Home’s.  So more about that in the next post.

This outfit especially the skirt is a WOW and especially since it’s FREE! I was rummaging in my invent and came across some old outfits I’ve blogged and because they was so decent I decided to pop back and see if there was anything new and loooookie.  A seriously sweet outfit but as much as I like the top it’s the skirt with its sheer underskirt, pleats and little bows it’s adorable.  But hold on because this comes with a HUD and you get a choice of colours!  All for nothing, nowt, nada, brilliant.

I’m also wearing one of Diva’s Free Group Gift hairs.  OK I have to confess I think this one may have been a Lucky Board win because I grabbed so many of Diva GG hairs I forgot which was a GG and which was a LB.  As it happens this one also comes with a long side pony tail but I liked it just like this.  Some of the hairs are limited in colours but some are complete fat packs so plenty of choices.  Special mention to the hidden hair.  You will notice in the area, upstairs, where the GG’s are there is one of those little TP doors if you go through it it takes you to a small room with another GG board and a full fat pack of hair.

And just for fun…


The sink in my,soon to be new home, has some fun AOs in it like this hair washing one with oodles of bubbles.


Snigger the toilet pose even has a drip dry wiggle to it.  I promise more on this home in my next post as it’s pretty unique.

PS when I went back to grab the LM I found a very well stocked Arcade Yardsale on the top floor so I had a good mooch around and then fell through the floor, lol, so decided to pop down to the ground floor to grab the LM for that as well.  Mens mesh GG’s are there to be grabbed but be quick as there are big signs up warning us that Muneria will be moving although the chances are these GG will move as well.

Muneria Group Gifts (Ground Floor)

Muneria Yardsale(top floor)


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All good things(Freebies).

All good things come to those who wait and I waited and waited and ..damn still didn’t get the skirt I wanted.  I had popped over to the …hunt and as soon as I landed I remembered that not only will this be a pretty good hunt but this shopping sim also has a lot and lots of Lucky Boards.  Found a small shop packed with them and so I loitered and used to time to clean out my invent whilst keeping an eye on the boards.  Usually because of my name, Zan, I  have very little competition from others and the letter Z comes up pretty regularly but not in this case and even though the boards change every 5 mins, 10 for  a pair of SLink shoes, I still had to wait a bit but it was so worth it.

hair urb

This dress turned out to be even better than I thought.  Not overly happy with my picture as the dress looks more buttermilk than the cream it is but this was the only picture that managed to catch the slashed sleeve with the inner lining showing.  No one would believe that this is a freebie but it is.


Hunt item not LB. The other Lucky Board item I didn’t get was the SLink shoes because unlike the other boards which are set to change every 5 mins the shoes are every 10 mins.  In the end I gave up waiting but I had a real lovely surprise because these turned out to be in one of the hunt items and they’re SLINK SHOES (insert happy face here). For medium SLink feet.


Another Lucky Board win was this top which turns out to be cheekily sheer.  I won another top a simple countrified checked pattern which is equally as sweet and a great fit. I also won some SLink nails.  What I didn’t win was the very pretty pink skirt one of the things I liked was that everything in these boards complimented each other so you could get yourself a whole new outfit and mix and match your clothes.

I haven’t even touched the hunt items, apart from the shoes and necklace that I am wearing, but what you’re looking for is a black cat and they’re so easy to find. I actually found a load of them whilst I was stood in the LB shop and just cammed and scanned.  Will definately be popping back to find the rest of the kitties.M I N A (mina.nakamura)

HAIR.  Do I remind you of someone? Faith of course, she too has picked this Mina hair up from the latest The Deck  event and used it in her last post and it looks so sweet and I realised that yet again it would be a perfect fit for my latest clothes.  Called Mientje and I’m lucky enough to have the fat pack which means I have every shade from pale blonde to zingy reds.  A big discount and for 95Lds each pack contains 5 shades but these shades are not so subtle you wonder what the difference is each shade of blonde is unique each shade of brown is different from the others.  I have hair packs where the change in colour is so little I just wear the same shade as you can’t tell the difference but this isn’t the case with Mina Nakamura’s hair.

Kiyomizu Hunt

The Deck