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Too much fun and a whole load of bargain bin stuff.

I logged back into the SLMarketplace for a bit of rummaging and I was shocked to come across The Sea Hole!  A lot of SL old timers will recognise this name as it was a BIG shop in SL but the owner decided to shut down many, MANY years ago but before she did she slashed the prices and people went bat shit crazy.  You could not move for people clicking away like mad.  This stuff was so nice I STILL have a couple of pieces in my invent.

There is a total of 246 items priced between 1-10Lds and 280 between 11Ld and 100Ld so many things so I basically loaded 10 items into my basket paid for them and logged out.

This home cost me only a single Linden and it’s packed with unique character.


A completely retro tailor.  Although I’m showing paid for items I’m going to picture edit because just like the items I picked up it’s fun to do LOL but you can see the actual colours for everything on the Marketplace pictures.


It’s a big and oversized build but that’s in keeping with its character.


It has an open plan, bedroom, livingroom and kitchen.  As far as I can tell the only pose in it is a simple lounging one on the bed.  This is primmy, sorry I can’t remember the exact count but it was just under the 140 mark.  But as I said this is a unique build, I know that a lot of people like to make their SL homes like perfect reality but then there are those who like to be a bit out there and this is it.  If I found this house in SL I would click on it to find out who made it because it’s refreshing to come across something with a bit more “oomph” to it.

The outfit is another one of Drinkinstein Sorbet’s creation.  If I remember correctly The Sea Hole closed it’s doors not long after mesh appeared on the scene but it’s non mesh and sculpted clothes still stand the test of time and again if you’re not a Mesh Head then this is a great place to get some new clothes and again since everything is so cheap, this dress cost 15Lds, you can really splurge.  Plenty of colour choices as well.

Check out my second home.


Again another big and primmy home and again I’ve forgotten the prim count but I think …OH I’ve checked and it’s 223 but for all of those prims you get a big house fully furnished and with the same “oomph” as the first home but this one called “Fall Comfort House” is warm and woody, I’ve not put many of the pictures in this post but like the first house some really nice touches such as the hanging bed.  Primmy for sure but definitely designed for those who like to stand out.


I ran out of space in my basket for a top so I just used one of mine but the skirts is a Sea Hole one which means even though that texturing is as smooth as a babies bum this is a prim skirt.


So many things in this Marketplace shop from clothes to full builds and little itty bits and although there are some items at 50Lds most seem to be priced between 1-30Lds.

The Sea Hole Marketplace Only

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Grey Monday(Free n Dollarbie’s).

You would probabably be shocked knowing how much stuff Faith and I scour from SL and the Marketplace that actually gets trashed because it’s just PANTS and that’s what I spent this morning doing.  Hopping here going here there and everywhere just grabbing that clicking this and now my trash folder is full and my time wasted that is until I found these.


The 2 items you see come from 2 different shops but both of them offer you more than I’m showing you so even if you don’t like what you see you might be interested in the other items.

These lovely knickers, good old-fashioned word, are exactly as you see them, black lacy with that laced up texturing.  Of course you get the basic tattoo layer but on top of that you also get SLink, TMP, Omega and Maitreya Appliers which makes them pretty neat.  What I’m not showing you from Klepsydra is the cute little tiara and a simple mini mesh skirt.  The Tiara is Free but the panties and skirt are Dollarbies.

The top comes from Heartistic and is Mesh with a Hud.  The Hud only changes the colour of the ribbon but you have quite a variety of colour choices.  This is a really cute Group Gifts which is not only free to join but if you look on the wall under the Group Gift/joiner you will see another notice and if you slap that you get an instant 149Lds store credit which is monthly!   Pretty darn good.  I’m not really sure if I found much in this shop that came to that amount or less but when I go back to LM grab I’m going to check out the full price of this top and maybe treat myself to a different colour and of course I could wait till next month and come back and slap that Monthly Sub board and earn myself another 149lds worth of credit.


Obviously this skybox isn’t a freebie I just wanted to show you how I feel when I win a Rare LOL.


Klepsydra (Panties)

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It’s rare!

I think it’s hard to find  a decent hair for FREE, I think it’s the one thing in SL that you have to pay some Lindens for so it’s great when some shops put out shop quality but discounted items at special events and even nicer when they give them out as FREEBIES.


This is Tableau Vivants New Year giftie to us and I’m showing you only 2 of the shades but trust me this hair comes with a massive amount of Fat Pack hair colours Huds, 30 colours in each Hud and 11 Huds in the pack.  There is also a Man sided version in this pack same in all the details just a bit bigger for a male head.  You do have to join the group to grab but thats Free as well.


My next surprised was these shoes from Lucyshoes and you do have to join the Free Group to grab.


Non SLink and I was gob smacked because I put them on and the first colour option actually fitted my PumeC skin to a T!  That of course doesn’t mean you will be so lucky but there are 7 preset colours and this also comes with a “matcher” tatoo layer.

Walk towards the back of the shop and the Group Gift, free to join, is next to the Lucky Boards which change every minute and I won some lovely flat beach type sandals.  Haven’t had the opportunity to try them out yet but they too look as though they come with the feet.

Tableau Vivant


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Take a seat.

A little bit of a mooch around and I found myself at Faboo.  They still have their large Christmas card out and if you touch it you get these rather good and as you can see from the heels stylish wedges.  Athough the ribbon is supposed to be Christmassy in style I think they’re all year round wearable.  You do have to have SLink High Feet for these but maybe since now you can get so many amazing bargains and freebies for these feet it’s time to splurge and treat yourself to some.


As I was meandering around the shop I spotted my initial on one of the Lucky Chairs so I hopped on and snagged a Bikini.


A simple non mesh little skimpy with prim/mesh bows at the hip, chest etc.  Does come in different clothing layers and is also Tango Lola’s ready.  So it gave me a good excuse to pop over to my beloved beachy sim and pull a few poses.

The group, Faboo, is free to join and once you’ve grabbed the shoes make sure to go inside as there is quite a selection of GG’s and nice to see some for the boys as well.  Special mention to the shorts, I’ve blogged them before and they’re perfect with bikini’s.


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Migraine Be Damned (freebies, Dollarbies, Cheapies, Fat Packies :-))

Loordes of London is a shop that does really classic solid items of fashion.  It’s like the Marks and Spencer of SL which means the clothes are both excellently textured and fitted then add to that so reasonably priced!  Maja Signa (coleen.macarthur) has so many of her items set out at events and even in her Mainshop at such reasonable prices and they’re worth every Linden.

Another great thing about Loordes of London is that they add new items to their stock frequently so I would really reccomend you at least slap the sub boards so you can keep upto date on the new stuff and the hunts and special events they regularly take part in.


There isn’t a vast stock here and a lot of it is non mesh but don’t let that put you Mesh Heads off as everything is top quality.  There are some great shoes and boots and standing here writing this I couldn’t resist snagging the Nottingham boots fat pack, again only 10Lds for omg yet another 13 shades! Non SLink which tbh when it comes to boots I don’t think that matters very often.

However there is a selection of mesh items as well and this simple sweater dress in the above picture is one of them.  This one comes in a total of 10 colours.  A simple scrunchy knit looking sweater dress.


I also picked up this Ugg type boots, Cheshire Snow Boots which are a cross between slippers and boots.  Unless I’ve counted wrong there is a total of 17 shades in this pack!


I scrolled through all my old posts because this is another dress which is now on offer for only 10Lds at this sales room I have already previously blogged.    I didn’t pay that little when I first bought this dress but knowing Loordes of London it would have been such a bargain price in the first place.  Not the best picture to show the colours etc  but since I still have this dress I know it comes as a 1 piece and it’s a simple shirt/skirt combo.  Very early settler in style and if you like a bit of RP or authenticity in your SL then a great outfit.  Not sure if the 10Ld offer is a Fat pack like the other items but even as a single colour (teal and dark brown) at such a cheap price it doesn’t matter.

If you walk out of this side of the build to the other you will see some artwork again on offer.  I actually bought a picture from here which is the first time in years I’ve bought an actual SL picture but it’s Folksy style will be excellent in my home I’ve just got to find where it’s disapeared in my invent LOL.  Lots of different styles here from framed beachy prints to a very recognisable style of an American artist whos name I can’t remember.  Deinately worth a visit as well.


Faith found this shop a while ago but this is the first time I’ve managed to pop in and loved this hair and loved the fact it’s on offer for only 55Lds.  Although it is resizable the bow isn’t recolorable.  Sorry a rotten photo because you can’t see the back or anything like that but a demo is available for you to try.  I’m working on one heck of a Migraine here and since this hair is only at this price for a short time I thought Migraine or not I must get it posted.  If you do miss out on it then check out the next piccie for a Marketplace Dollarbies from Cheveux.


And then I went to the mainshop to grab the LM and found that there is in fact a Free to Join Group Gift so yet again I couldn’t leave SL till I’d taken a piccie of that.


Goodies overload today I think.

PS the bows on this hair come with a texture changing hud so you have 4 options or you can wear the hair without the bows.


Lourdes of London@The Jungle Joint Sales Room

Loordes of London Flagshop

Cheveux Mainshop

Cheveau Marketplace

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Wipe out.


Decided to pop over to the Okinawa Summer Festival and spent a lovely hour or so wandering around all of the stalls and shops.  Unlike my last post I did spend a lot and picked up so much that I can’t really show you it all now!


One of my problems is although I bought a number of items, like the adorable summer hat in the last picture most of the stuff I got was from Gachas or LBs or even the free gifts that are strewn about the place and I can’t give you the direct link to that stall.  So you’re just going to have to TP in and have a wander around.  Fortunately the Free surf board and poses are pretty close to the landing spot and I’ve chosen the ones which have the board alone some of the come complete with wearable board and waves! so you should be able to find that freebie however the rest you will have to wander for.


This hat comes from the Pink Ribbon 21 stall and was a Gacha win I would have been happy to win any of them.  This one has the simple cute ears and only cost me 50Lds. Again sorry I can’t give you the direct TP to the Pink Ribbon 21 stall but they have laid the whole place out in a lovely grid pattern to make sure you don’t miss anything.  You can even grab a scooter or bike at the landing spot to zip around.

Make sure to check out all of the stalls as there is a number of Lucky Boards and free gifts waiting to be found.

I was also going to mention the adorable bikini I’m wearing which come or rather came from Boom.  I can only assume I’ve had it in my invent for so long it’s not available in the shop anymore which is such a shame but then again Boom has so many brilliantly fitting mesh bikinis in a whole range of colours and patterns and if I had known this wasn’t available anymore I would have put one of them on instead.   You may want to pop over and check them out but if you do do it quickly as Arenel Ah was a little bit late putting out her FLF so she’s left it out for an extra day so for a token 50Lds you can treat yourself to a satiny pink pair of summer sandals for SLink Med feet.

Okinawa Summer Festival



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Lazy Mare!


OK going to confess that because over the years I have had so much from Apple May designs I’m not sure I will buy anything in this sale but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on a brill sale.

To make way for new stock, which I will be looking forward to very much, they’re having a blow out so they have slashed the price for a lot of items to just 25Lds.  Although I haven’t been inside yet, RL is a bit rushed, I’ve done a quick cam around and there is everything from skirts, tops and temptingly to me shoes and boots included in the sale.  I know that Apple May designs are well into mesh however they also have a healthy amount of non mesh for those who can’t or don’t wear mesh.   I’m also going to assume the shoe/boots are also non SLink which again isn’t a bad thing the shoes I’m wearing in this shot aren’t SLink so even hardened mesh heads will find something to wear here and again at 25Lds a super bargain.

Sorry boys the sale doesn’t extend into your dept, when you land turn around and your dept is that way.  Shame as I know that Baylen isn’t constantly glued into his FATEwear but he also wears Deadwool and he picked up a whole lot of clothes from Apple May so still worth a check out for the quality we know they are.

PS as far as I could see with my camming the skins, shapes etc aren’t in the sale but if you’ve ever wondered where to get a “Baby Bump” this is the place.  This is the pregnancy bump that I see in many appliers but apart from that I can’t tell you much about it but again worth trying the demo if you want to.

Apple May Designs (AMD)