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BLURGH!(Freebie, Gifts, Discounts etc).

I have to admit I’m struggling a bit today as I have a touch of food poisoning which is honestly not that bad but just bad enough to make everything BLURGH!

So it’s time to leave my fantasy me inworld and my real me is going to nest in a comfy chair, with a throw, a mug of coffee and a sick bucket.  I’m going to pull the blinds down and watch back to back horror movies until I forget how blurgh I feel lol.

As for the dress, this isn’t the best pose to show you it but you can see the pretty floral pattern is overlaid with a netted layer there is a ruffle of this net at the front and a bow of it at the back.  This is a FREEBIE from the “The Point” event.  It’s one of those events where there are gift bags out for us priced from 0-10Lds and some do have pictures of what are in the bags but a lot do not.  Normally I’d grab a few bags but since I’m working on a budget this month I’ve just picked up one of the Free Group Gifts you will find on the wall at this event.

OK, see ya later and hopefully I will be a more happy bunny instead of moaning minnie.

PS.  I’ve put the LM for the sim I took this picture on.  Chances are you will have already visited but just in case you haven’t it is, of course, the stunning “Yorkshire” sim and it so beautifully landscaped it’s idiot proof if you want to take a pretty picture.

The Point

Yorkshire (Sim)

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With Dread.(Freebies & Bargains@The Wash).

I dreaded going to the wash because there is usually so many bargains all those bargains cost me a fortune and this time history was almost repeating itself because I spotted 3 things which I almost clicked and bought but I resisted and instead grabbed all the GIFTS!

It’s not often there are freebies at this event because of the superb bargains but there are plenty of little blue gift boxes set out on the stalls.

This is the first box I opened and it’s a “Classic SL Design”. I’ve grabbed and binned many of this style but in this case, the colours sing to me.  Obviously, the windlight/facelight and editing have affected the colours but it’s beige with a slight satin sheen and a touch of gold to the frill and I love it.  It comes in many fits and 2 versions, this is the V2 version.  In the same gift box is a freebie for them but TBH by that time in RL the sun is blazing and I lost all interest in the details lol.

So I can’t tell you which stall this came off or even why there are gifts set out for us and instead of logging back in I’m putting on my RL baggy clothes, slapping on the sun cream, making myself a mug of coffee and a crisp sandwich (go on try it you won’t regret it) and I’m going to sit in the sun and remind myself of how it’s the simple things in life which really mean the most.

The Wash

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I have Kim Kardashian’s Ass! (Freebie & Mention of Freebies)

What a BLAST from the past this dress is.  I blogged it so many years ago and yet it’s still pretty good.

Yup that’s deffo Kimmie’s Ass which isn’t a look I aim for but if you want some “junk in your trunk” without buying the mesh body then this freebie is one of the cheap ways to do it.

There is a lot of Group gifts upstairs at Ellnique(sic) including newer more up to date fits but before you go inside you will notice that outside of the shop are rows of stands and everything on them is just 10Lds. I think most of the shoes are SLink only and the outfits are standard mesh fits but check first.  Obviously, some have aged better than others, mainly shoes.

As for the background, it’s actually a freebie from CM.Mesh and there are 3 of them in total and of course, I treated myself to a couple of paid for ones. If you do want to buy a backdrop then make sure you’re wearing the group tag because you get a discount on any purchase.  Although there is a street rezzed outside of the window I couldn’t see any full-sized demos but I took the risk and I ain’t complaining, the ones I got have fab features and great lighting to them and not unreasonably priced as well.

Ellnique Design


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Classic(10Ld) gifts.

I popped over to the Jersey Shore event and I knew the first two 10Ld items I grabbed would be blog worthy so I’ve left this event just to take a couple of quick pics as I am very short on time.

The beachy bra and skirt are a classic SL design and these are as good as they get.  Love this particular texture but if you don’t then there are other options in the hud as well as a sh*t load of fits.

This was the other thing I picked up is this fully drivable Segway, unless you’re me and you can only drive people crazy it is drivable.

The outfit comes from the MOoH shop and the Segway from the V-Twins Bike Shop.

I’m still very short of time but when I returned to LM grab I spotted a shop I haven’t visited in a long time but love so I did a quick cam and spotted a pair of boots in the Sevyn stall called “Kimora Heels”.  These are actually see-through plastic and come with a decent colour hud and even though I was feeling guilty as still being inworld I had to TP home to try them on and when I log in I’m buying them.  Most unusual, great looking, big colour hud and only 99Lds.

I’m offffffff….

Jersey Shore


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Drawing a blank (Promagic 25Ld Gacha Sale).

I won’t bore you about my morning of lag and lack of good finds and all I can show you is this blank backdrop and tell you about a whole load of temptation.

I was only at Promagic yesterday and I don’t know if the Gacha sale was on then or it’s just started today but the Gacha’s are all 50% cheaper which means they’re all just 25Lds a pop (check the prices just in case I’m wrong).

Woo Hoo and Boo Hoo because the thing I’ve noticed about Promagic is that their clothing comes ONLY in a Maitreya fit!!!! What a bloody shame as there is some damned nice stuff but nope 1 fit only.

So I walked around and around and around and in the end I chose a Gacha which looked as though I’d be able to win an item of clothing I could wear to show you, it didn’t and now it’s been reboxed for someone else to use.  Why am I using this backdrop?  There are a few Gacha’s in the Promagic shop which are backdrops and so again for 25Lds a pop I had 3 goes and guess what?  I already owned those 3 backdrops and that’s when I decided it’s lunchtime, Judge Judy is on TV and I have RL work to do.

BTW I think apart from the few items in the reception area Promagic is ALL Gacha’s.


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I thought I was done!(Freebies and Ramadan Sale).

I was just about to log out when “Imp” (I give you all nicknames lol) sent me a timely reminder about a couple of things, one of those things I will leave for Faith to do as it’s her Fav shop but I’m doing the other thing.

By now most of you will have seen or been sent the “Ramadan Hud” which TPs you to all the shops which have a sale on to celebrate this RL event and I’d totally forgotten about it.  I do have a sneaky suspicion that it was only for this weekend and it’s late afternoon for me now so if that’s the case I thought I must get this posted.

One of the shops involved is, of course, Apple Fall and we all know there is a selection of Group Gifts piled up in a corner, a chair, some amazing cakes and decor etc but we all should know by now that in the Apple Fall there is a small selection of freebies dotted around the shop mixed in with the full priced items and this coffee pot is one of them.

At first, I thought it was one of the old ones dusted off and set out for us again but now I can see it close up it’s definitely a new style on the old classic coffee pot.  I’m only showing you this one random freebie as it’s the nearest to the other grouped together group gifts, the rest you will have to find yourself as they obviously want people to wander around hunting down the randomly priced 0Ld and maybe getting tempted to buy something.  I’ve not gone to the discount section but last time I was on one of their secret freebie hunts I found a couple up there so make sure you check everywhere.

As for the Ramadan sale items,  I don’t know what, where and how much as I just wanted to get this post out as soon as possible.

If you’ve not got the Ramadan Hud no problemo, just join the Free Apple Fall Group and it’s in the notices.

UPDATE.  Oooo So I logged in to LM grab and noticed a bunch of loiterers outside of the main entrance and they’re there because thats where the sale items are and even though I already own the contents of the whole damned shop I still ended up buying more decor items. What is even better is Imp had mentioned some new Freebies I was interested in finding and it turns out they’re right there with the sale items.  So I have scored really well and I can now finally log out of SL and settle down to watch this totally craptastic horror film on TV…..don’t judge me it’s how I relax.

Apple Fall

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Following Orders.(Dollarbies, Cheapies).

Damn instead of SLing I had to hoover up, dust and basically do boring RL stuff but once I’d done that I did what Faith suggested and logged in to the Marketplace and Bloody Nora would you believe the first shop I found on the Marketplace with decent Dollarbies/Cheapies was one I’d checked out inworld yesterday as I was old LM mooching.

So the “sYs” inworld shop may have gone but the marketplace shop is packed with lots and lots of bloddy good Dollarbies/Cheapies.

This necklace was the most expensive thing I bought, a massive 5Lds lol.  It’s as attractive at the back as it is from the front. The dress is a Dollarbie.

Not a massive fan of this outfit but that’s me and not the outfit, one thing for sure is I’ve not seen this design anywhere else so you will stand out wearing it.  I think us SL addicts can spot a unique look a mile away lol.

And last but not least is this dress and I think you can see it again is just not my style but it’s 100% shop quality, 100% unique and might just be 100% you.

There are demos available just in case but again everything shown, apart from the necklace, are dollarbies.

DOH. I’ve had to scuttle in from the sunshine because I don’t think I made it clear that not only are there these Dollarbies but there are many more, a nice variety to chose from…scuttling back outside to the GLORIOUS sunshine and I hope wherever you are the sun is shining upon you, unless you’re an emo or a Vampire and in that case may the darkness hide you.

Now that I’m actually logged into the MP getting the details for this post I’ve found another dress which does look like my style so for only 10Lds I’ve added that to my basket.  I have a NEW Mina so if this dress is as good as I hope it is then in my next post you will see that as well as the new hair.

sYs (Marketplace)