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I have to put my pants on! (New, to me, Freebie(sss).

I was going to have, another, lazy day but sadly I now have to adult which means I have to put on my pants, brush my hair etc.

Before I log off to go to do all that I made my weekly visit to Apple Fall so I can be entered into their weekly draw. The prize of is of either 2.500 in lindens or shop credit and all it costs you is a TP so it’s worth it.

It was unusually quiet in the shop esp since it’s a monday so I could finally have a nice lag free walk around to see if there is any hidden new freebie.

These magifying glasses are not new, I think they have been out almost as long as Apple Fall has been running. I’m using these as an example of what you’re looking for as you can see they don’t have the price tag over them plus when you hover your mouse pointer over a freebie it shows it’s priced at “0”Lds.

I was actually a bit disapointed as I didn’t find anything new downstairs so I decided to TP to the outlet department. You will find this poster/TP on the wall at the back of the shop and when you click on it you get TP’d to a LOT of new freebies. So many of them I thought for a moment that the whole floor was going to be a freebie department, it’s not but you will walk away with a lot of Apple Fall quality decor.

PS. Don’t forget all the group gifts in the main entrance as well.

Apple Fall.

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“Sexy, Fashionable, Gorgeous Me” (4Ld Gift & Freebie & Mention of Freebies).

Sometimes I get a notice about a special offer/gift etc and I’m not interested in it but it acts as a prompt to check the shop out and thats how I ended up at the “Blackbirdlacestore”and joining the “Sexy, Fashionable, Gorgeous Me” group which cost me 4Lds and for that I get this “double denim” look.

It’s not a personal “keeper” for me but it actually I see how someone else could love it. It’s just the pant suit and for some reason it just made me feel a little bit “Yee Haw” lol. So I dusted off my cowboy hat, which shockingly is not a Mina and although I do own cowboy boots I thought these pink ankle boots would be better.

When you TP to the Blackbirdstore (sic) turn left and on that wall is a whole load of outfits for different groups a mix of free & cheap so check them out as well as the special off outfits that got me over to this shop in the first place.

UPDATE: When I went back to LM grab I spotted on a different wall the Blackbirdlacestore Group Gifts, Free to join, and this very interesting dress was one of the gifts.

It was just too good to not grab it and return to the same place I took the last photo.

BTW This is my Lelutka head and SLink body. I’m not wearing a scrap of make up, in RL as well lol, and this is why I’m so reluctant to change my mesh head/skin cos don’t I look gorgeous.

BTW If you like the look of something in one of my pictures and you want to know where it comes from just drop me a note I don’t mind at all. Sadly I can’t guarantee it’s a freebie but often if an item is a freebie I do try to remember to mention it.


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Mina’s as well! (Mina FLF Offer).

I went to Mina’s to see if she too was having a sale and SHE IS!

A 50% storewide sale, you pay full price and get the 50% refunded back to you. This big sale goes on till Monday which is good as the place is heaving so you will have plenty of time to try those demo’s out and treat yourself to some really fine hair.

But I’d rush for this FLF offer.

This is “Leslie” and she’s is my pearly princess hair.

A piled on top classy hair with the addition of those pearls just makes this the perfect dressy up hair.

You do get a style hud with this hair and if you want you can lower the piled up look and remove the pearls or make the pearls more irridecent etc

I’ve put the link to the Seraphim blog so you can see the other FLF offers as well as an extensive list of all the shops holding sales and it’s a big list!

Mina’s Mainshop.

Seraphim Blog for all the FLF pictures and LM’s.

Seraphim Blogg for all the Black Friday Sales.

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A touch of frost. (Freebie & Other Stuff).

I’m starting to come across sims in full winter mode and that includes my fav lanscaping shop Two Moons Garden.

Regular readers know I just love these prebuilds which has everything from a full house and garden to itty bitty bits of interesting landscaping.

This one has a lightly frosted look to it rather than thick snow, plenty of that in other builds. Zoomed back you can see that this is a perfect fit for a small garden or a feature in a bigger garden. I do believe it’s only 15 prims as well.

As standard Two Moon Garden builds, even the small ones like this, come in a rezzer which is always appreciated. What is even more appreicated it that everything is copy and mod which means you can add and subtract what you want to use.

The main LM of the Two Moon Gardens shop has been completely blanked out in white and close by you can see a lot of the existing builds have been covered in snow and there is a whole area with snowy scenes. You will see Lucky Boards, special offers, sales and discounts all at the LM and make sure to check platform 2 & 3 for other Lucky Boards.

Two Moon Gardens.

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Genus is back and stronger than ever! (Free Mesh Head and 50% Sale).

What’s not to love about a couple of frogs doing Yoga in a Zen Garden?

Now for the info.

I don’t really pay much attention to whats going on in SL when I’m not in SL and when I’m inworld it’s all about the freebies and home building for me but even I know that the Genus Brand had some major legal problems. This is so sad as I know that some people really DO rely on SL for their income and how many of us are taking a hit on their income at the moment due to “Rona” (a cute name for a not cute virus) I know I have!

I’ve actually found a link, the Facebook one, and now I’ve read what happened it’s even worse than we could imagine and all because someone was just spiteful!  It’s sad and also by the end uplifted also there is a very important message/lesson for anyone who wants to create content in an inworld game.

ANYHOW! So not only is it great to see that Genus is not only up and running but if you missed getting the FREE “Strong Face” mesh head which I DO believe was a full Bento head it’s still there for us in the Group Notices!  You will also see a lot of other shops welcoming back the Genus Brand with generous discounts and I do believe in the Genus shop that the shapes and maybeeee some skins are 50% off.  Don’t take my word for it check the Group Notices for the details.

Genus Facebook. (So you can read all about it and for anyone wanting to create in SL you must read it!).

Genus. (Inworld).


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Weak in the eye of beauty. (65Ld New Weekly Offers for “sokawaiisunday”).

As you can see I’ve had fun with the editing, since this amazing outfit only comes in the 1 fit, Maitreya, you should try the demo for yourself and you too will absolutely fall in love with this floaty, fairyness of froo froo.

I won’t lie as even if this was a lousy fit I’d still have bought this dress the only problem I had was trying to choose which colour I wanted.  As it happens it is a really good fit for me so I was really happy that I could indulge in my softer side.

This is a brand new event and it’s called “sokawaiisundays”.  I’ve put the link to the blog so you can see all of the items on offer and I do believe to get the list inworld just like FLF join the group and grab that list.

So my budget is definitely down the toilet this month but when you check out the link to the sokawaiisunday blog you can see why, I’ve earmarked a few items to check out and treat myself to.

I’m also rushing as I don’t know if these offers are literally just for the 1 day or they run from Sunday to Sunday so I’m not going to risk it and grab the goodies today.

PS.  This dress comes from the Moon Amore shop.

“sokawaiisundays”. Blog.

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A little bit of this and a little bit of that.(Hunt/Cheapies/Freebies/Photo Sim/Reminder)

If you’ve not gotten to the Access Event and were maybe thinking of not bothering then BOTHER! Go now as I do believe today is the last day and I had a most pleasant time yesterday unpacking all of the excellent gifts which have been set out for us.  It was also nice to see a decent amount of gifts for men as well.

Which is how I ended up at a sim called Durandal.

I thought I was going to land at one of the shops which have a gift out for us at the Access event and instead ended up on this stunning sim.  Going by memory there are two sims and both are rentals. The number of rentals is very limited, I think it’s only four on each sim, and as you can imagine these are high-end rentals.  So it’s really nice that the sims are open to everyone to use, with the obvious rules of stay out of the rented homes.

I’m only showing you this one picture as the whole sim is very similar to this setting but there is so much going on, lots of hangout spots, a large super cafe at the top of the mountain, pools and waterfalls etc. There is even a hang gliding and swim pose set up which is a bit of a blast from the past as I’ve not seen a swim pose ball in yes I did hop on it and had a chuckle.

So a fab place to take “idiot-proof” photos as well as a relaxing place to loiter in.

Now for the hunt which has prizes/gifts from as little as 0Lds to 25lds. Sorry in this picture the only freebie is the ice cream.

This is the “Ice Cream Cafe Hunt”. Those bowls of ice cream are the hunt items.  This hunt is in a small pretty little area and those bowls of ice cream are everywhere so even someone as useless as me can find them.

You do need to look at the Blog for this hunt as that is where you can see the prizes you’re looking for.  So I’ve added the link for that and you can get the LM from there as well.


Ice Cream Cafe Hunt Blog(For Pictures).