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Just Checking <3

Hows everyone doing? Its weird huh? All this not working, staying at home – and fretting over our loved ones and friends. I know many of you have already been in lock down mode for ages – here in the UK its only been barely a week. I’ve been shocked, surprised and utterly thankful all at the same time. Neighbours here have rallied and organised help groups for those unable to go out, elderly and vulnerable. Surprised by the selfish behaviour of some, and shocked by the non compliance of others .

I hope you’re all managing to keep safe though and for those of you essential workers – I thank you.

I’ve compiled a list below of some sites that might be useful ❤ If you have any tips & tricks, web sites you love please let me know ❤

Joe Wicks free exercise videos for children every day – but adults can join in !

Audible – free listening books (children and classics for adults)

Free Meditations to download or listen to online

Learn to knit ! This lady is great its how I learnt to knit ❤


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Welcome to the New Year and a new fresh start.

sport urb

This is how I’m planning on starting my New Year.  The Christmas tree is in the loft the yoga mat has been dusted off and the resistance bands I bought have turned up.  I only wish it was all as easy as this mat from LISP Bazaar makes it look.  I’ve blogged it before but since the graceful yoga poses are so good I’ll put the link in.

UPDATE and an OMG because not only did I forget how much is in these yoga mats ie the menu but also you get a colour choice and rezzable water bottles, not using it in this picture, and ALL of that is a token 5oLds!  When you rezz inworld just walk straight ahead and through the shop till you get near to the back of the shop and you can even try the mats out before you buy.

I actually bought the wall mounted yoga mats from Cheeky pea not for a gym setting, I was actually going to pop it into my craft room as I think they also look like colourful rolls of fabric.  At only 2 prims I can rezz as many copies as I like and I’ve even popped one into Faiths home.  200Lds and worth it.  A sorry here because I had a quick looksie as I was LM grabbing and I can’t see where the yoga mats are on the Cheeky Pea sim.  I should imagine they’re going to be found in the “Odds n Ends” section but a quick scan I still didn’t spot them but you may have more time.  I promise you they’re there LOL.  If you want to TP directly to the different sections there is a cute table laid out in the shape of the sim you simply click the sign of the place you want to go or what would be much better is to have a wander around.

If you have some spare Lindens, ok a lot of spare Lindens, then the cheeky Pea group is one I would recommend joining.  Lovely monthly gifts and often Gift Cards are given and for example this Christmas we all got a 500Ld Gift card which paid back the cost of joining and more.


These shorts are a really lovely Freebie from Aushka&co and you do have to join the group but it’s free and so is all the other lovely freebies which are old group gifts waiting there to be snagged, there is also some lovely Dollarbie tops which I grabbed them all and a dress for 10Lds which tbh time prevented me from trying on.  Forgot to say that although you only get the 1 colour in the shorts you get a pair for each day so on the back of these shorts is Thursday.



Cheeky Pea

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Buffed Peaches.


OK firstly ignore the body from the neck down because unless you have a SLink Physique body then you can’t use the Applier but check out the face.  This skin is on offer for only 75Lds from Pink Fuel and is called Sora and the Peaches is the name of the shade.  I’ve taken this picture in my fav Nams Optimums Skin and Prim setting which show off all skins to their best.  This is a simple sweet skin with light make up, you do get a choice of skins with brow colours but thats all.  No appliers at all in this pack which is pretty standard however with some shops (PumeC) they can be amazingly generous in what they put in their packs.

Of course the Appliers are in the shop if you want to buy them.  The SLink Physique Body Buff applier cost me 150Lds on top on the 75Lds for the skin.  This was my first time trying out a completely new body type and I LOVE it, I can just see myself using this skin/applier a lot.

shorts 2

The Applier does come with different body options Regular, Regular+Small Chest, Athletic, Althletic+Small Chest, Ripped, Ripped+Small Chest and finally Curvy. I’m wearing the Ripped+Small Chest in these pictures and in the hidden Flickr one I belive it’s the Athletic+Small Chest.  I’ve also snuck some lippy on in all but the first photo so the first picture is exactly how it looks.  But of course Demos available for everything even the discounted skin so try before you buy.

I’ll put the link to a Flickr picture of me in this outfit with me mostly naked and without the “buffed” pants lol to show you more of what it looks like but there are demos for both the skin and the Applier.

Must mention the sports clothes.  Both of them come from the Marketplace, the top is free and the pants are only 10Lds.  Both come with colour option Huds and as you can see esp from the shorts they have the buffed look by themselves.

DOH!! Shows you how treated we are but I of course forgot that if you have SLink hand, feet etc you get a universal Hud with all of them I’m just so lucky that I’ve scored so many amazing skins with ALL Appliers!  So if I have the time I might just try to get some colour matching up.

Flickr Picture but don’t get excited it’s not rude.


 Pink Fuel Mainstore

(GC) Giggles Courture Shorts 10Lds

Addams Top

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I want to make you sweat!!!!

Hate it love it we all should do it and I for one also have a love hate relationship with exercise but Thank GOD for you tube.  You tube is not only for watching Maru (if you don’t know who Maru is then your missing out) or some excellent chefs or crafts or even watching people do prat falls and on and on it’s a mind field of fantastic exercise programs (and healthy diet ideas) which lets you pick and chose what suits your needs and your capabilities.  To keep myself relatively ungross I have compiled 3 sets one of which is all the stretching, relaxing program’s for when I feel lazy but stiff and tense the other to get the heart beating and the sweat pouring (I’m not a pretty sight doing that one) and a third set for muscle toning and between all three I pick and chose as the mood fits me. So don’t waste your money on any exercise DVD or stupid kit check out You Tube and find what suits you.  OK lecture over.

SportIn this whole picture there is only 2 things you need in SL or RL and thats the Yoga Mat, keeps you clean on dirty floors and adds a layer of padding, and good exercise clothes.  When you put them on your half way there to being hyped up and ready for action.  Unlike RL these clothes aren’t just reasonably priced but they’re FREE.  A lovely gift from Sakide but as far as I can tell is only available at the “Perfect wardrobe”.  When you rezz don’t leave the shop just walk to the right because in this shop is there is not only some low priced offerings but also this gym outfit (other colours available if you want to pay).  There is another few freebies there inc some shorts with the Phat Ass Applier but I will NEVER get a Phat Ass in SL or even RL if I can help it however if thats your thing then go grab those Phat Assed pants.

I’ve inc Sakides main shop LM because there is a load of lovely LBs on the first floor which are open to all to touch and they seem to change on a regular basis so I scored 2 items just as I was stood there typing this.

Perfect Wardrobe

Sakide Mainshop