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Dream the dream live the reality. (Freebie)


Normally when I do a skin I don’t fiddle with Windlight or any other setting but sod that because tomorrow this will be MEEEE, ok a bit more plumper, darker hair and the bikini is a definite no no, but my aim is to spend the weekend on a beautiful beach with a good friend, my kindle, ice creams and lovely fish and chips for tea. I am a simple girl at heart.


However this is probably the reality, rain cold and constant popping out to the shops to grab snacks to while away the time.  I’ll let you know which turned out to be the reality on Monday when I return.

So the skin I am wearing is a FREEBIE from Mire and I have to be honest and say not only do I know little about this shop but what I do know is the skin not only comes with cleavage/no cleavage layer but also /SLink & hands/Phat Azz/Lolas/Womeh Appliers and a shape.  I know I’m not showing the skin off as it really is but it certainly costs nothing so pop over and check it out for yourself.

The hair is also a Free to join group gift from Dura.  There are now almost only 2 shops where I get hair from now one is Mina’s and the other is Dura.  Time is short so in brief this is a unisexed hair, comes with a whole load of colour and is resizable.   Doesn’t get much better really.

Ok off to pop another few items into the washing machine so a really short post off me (lucky you lot lol).

PS if the LM doesn’t take you direct to the shop when you rezz turn left and keep on walking to almost the end.



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Trust me (freebie, cheapie).

Although for eyes I should try to get a much closer shot I’m pretty useless at it and would just end up with that freakishly weird inside of your head shot. However I’m pretty darn happy with this close up esp since as a stroke of luck was that the skin I want to show you comes with a layer that has this beautifully matching violet/purple look to it.  All eyes and some tights come as new and old Group, free to join, Gifts.


The skin comes from Flounce and cost only 99Lds and you get so much for such a small price.


This skin comes with a total of…6 skins, 4 cleavage tattoo layers, 1 lip,1 eyebrow and 1 freckle tattoo layer and last but by no means least SLink hands, feet and even Lola Tangos so a whole lotta looks for just 99Lds.  I picked the cream coloured version but there are 2 other more tanned options and a Demo to try them one first.


Both the top shots come with the preset eyeshadow with the added tattoo lipstick layer on, but this bottom skin is the nude version and it’s perfect for leaving it on it’s own or adding your own make up and creating so many individual looks.

And remember all those lovely eyes come free from UMEBOSH all you have to do is join the group grab the goodies and if you have some spare time to kill there are some LBs for you to try.

OK Rush post because I made the mistake of having Hoarders on TV as I do this post and I got to go and throw something out and do a bit of dusting and then have a good shower just to make myself feel clean.



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Wicked Boobies (Free Dress).


Since I’m going to be MIA and I have just posted a few other items I thought I’d shove this one in because it has BOOBIES and it’s been such a long time since I’ve had an excuse to wear my beloved Lola Tangos. but just as wearable without any boobies.

You do have to join the WickedNight Group to grab it but it’s free to join.  If the LM doesn’t take you straight to the Group Gifts, there is another outfit, then when you go into the shop turn left and next to the Lucky Boards are the group gift.


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Random Monday (frrrrreeeneeesss)

A notice from Sn@tch had come through that the Lucky Boards and the Fish For This item and the Riot boards were all filled with NEW STUF so I made sure that when I logged in this morning to TP straight over there and hopefully I’d win something as I killed time trudged through all my notices and the minute I landed I won a whole new look just  from one LB.

cross por green

OH Booger I’ve forgotten what it’s called and now I’m not in world but I will post this then when I get back in world I will add it’s name but what you get  this top, shorts, leggings, boots, earrings but also…


this top and skirt.  As it happens I already had this shoulder less top in my invent for a long time and it’s been such valuable asset for layering and also so sweet on its own as I usually team it with a pair of shorts.

Not only does Sn@tch have LBs but it also has a “Fish For This” outfit which usually consists of several items which means you can mix and match a whole look and if you join the Sn@tch group there is a thriving swapping culture (a lot of Sn@tch items are trans but not the LB items) so if you have many copies you can easily hand them on and if you’re missing a vital item then a simple message in the group usually has several people offering you that item.  You do have to have the Seven Sea’s fishing kit but you don’t even need to use bait to win the clothes!  “Lets Riot” is a call sent out often in the group and again this is the ONLY place where people regularly riot bringing the price down on the 3 items that are usually up for grabs.  When the call goes out to “riot” people TP in even if they don’t want the items but to let others grab a bargain that s how nice this group is.  A friendly group who are more than happy to help but in no way SPAMMY.

Sn@tch is well stocked with new fresh Mesh Items but it still retains its massive selection of non mesh stock and updates non mesh items regularly.  People still want non mesh clothes and even if you’re a complete mesh head the texturing and styling on Sn@tches clothes make them stand up so well even against mesh.

PS if you can’t find the LB, Fish, Riot area esp since Sn@tch is now a new shop then turn on your mini map and just follow the crowd as a lot of people seem to use this area not only for the goodies but as their hang out place.




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Diana Dors.

As soon as I saw a picture of this hair I knew exactly what sort of look it would rock and then after a lot of Googling and brain storming I finally remembered the name Diana Dors.


Diana Dors was England’s version of Marilyn Monroe but dare I say more curvy, blousy and deliciously tarty.  I even dragged out a piece of Blinging jewelry from a long forgotten folder which is something she would have loved.  This is the newest Mina hair and it’s on special offer from the latest round of  The Dressing Room Fusion event.  I always feel that I repeat myself in a lot of posts but I just love Mina hair with it’s juicy colours but I’m so pleased that Mina Nakamura now seems to offer the black and white hair and other white/black combos in all of her new styles. It’s so hard to find black or white hair which doesn’t look like a helmet and in these shades you can get a stunning look but again it’s the juiciness of the others that I adore.  Goes without saying that even the more standard colour and natural colours such a browns and blondes have some lovely shading in them.  As always demo available for you to check out all the colour packs to see which suit you.

banabas us

I literally had to Google “Lady who dances with banana skirt” to get the name of this famous lady/look and of course it’s Josephine Baker. TBH I did this shot mainly for fun as much to show off another shade of the Mina hair and also the outfit that I grabbed from The Wash, cart sale for only 10Lds.  As it happens I had seen someone wearing this previously and I love how she was wearing a shape and hair which were identical to Josephine Bakers unique look she looked stunning and I didn’t realise that the whole outfit inc Lola Tango Appliers, bracelets, anklets etc all come inc for only 10Lds (yes I forgot to put on the pantie layer!).

Sorry can’t LM direct to the A.R.C stall for this outfit but it’s worth a visit just to see what there is and you should find it.

The Dressing room Fusion

Mina Hair

The Wash

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Bloch Me.

Mr Bloch

Must confess I wasn’t going to blog this skin at first but only because the 4 shades you get go from tanned to very tanned and in SL I prefer to be pale and interesting, but then I literally threw on a few clothes and a wig (didn’t bother with shoes as I’m lazy) and checked out some sales, went through my notices, popped over to Culprit and bought myself the Zebra horse ride and other stuff then when I took a closer look at the skin I felt like B*tch slapping myself.  This is the lightest shade I’m wearing and how freaking pretty is this skin! all of the shades are really lovely.  Now hold onto your socks because you get all of the below included…

shape modify.
– 1 shape modify for Load Mouth.
– 3 skin tones (tone 01, tone 02, tone 03).
– Clevage.
– Applier for Lolas Tango
– Applier for Phat Azz
– Applier for Slink mesh hands
– Applier for Slink mesh feet
– Applier for Loud Mouth

The only thing is there are 4 shades not 3 and  I’m not wearing the shape given, you all know by now I’m addicted to my Anna’s shapes so I don’t know what the shape given  is like but how sweet is this skin and believe it or not ALL of that for only 50Lds!.  Goes without saying that each skin shade comes with it’s own appliers.  Going to assume that you can only get this promo from Mr.Bloch’s marketplace shop and since this is a slashed price and on limited offer I wanted to get this blogged as quickly as poss.

Mr Bloch Marketplace

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Armony NEW!  FREE hair group gift [e]

Armony has a new release that really caught my eye today. Intuition is a sleek, sequinned encrusted jumpsuit. Perfect for evening wear, with its lowwww cut back and optional belt its pretty snazzy. You also get a silvery bling bag to wear ! My hair is the latest group gift from [e] elikatira, Im pretty sure there is a join fee but its not a huge amount and you do get some really super gifts for your membership, plus of course all the latest news!

mydear Skin

Ok, so I treated myself to a new skin, yesyesyes ! I so rarely buy skins unless they are reduced in price or a review copy, but Ive worn the one and only mydear skin I own to death. Soo I headed over there to have a mooch and was really taken by “Helena”. This time I opted for the medium skin tone and not the tan I usually prefer. Its such a lovely colour, slightly sunkissed but quite peachy also. For just 600L it comes with appliers for slink hands, feet ,Lolas and three cleavage options. I thought that was a really great deal, Ive seen some skin makers charging anything from 100L to 300L for appliers!

Armony (direct link to item on the MP)