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Get Fruity (Hunt&Cheapo)


Confession, I did boost the colours in this picture because I just wanted to have a bit of fun.  Did a bit more of The Fruit Salad Hunt and I deliberately went for the shoes, dress and picnic table to use in my new sky boxes.  I won’t give the LM to each shop involved in the hunt because there is a very much appreciated list of Surls and Pictures of the prizes so like me you can pick and chose.

SkydomeI took a risk on these sky boxes because they come from a shop called Wee Ones which looks as though it caters to the Pixies in SL, however these sky boxes are equally as good for us full-sized AVs.


This is the second sky box I bought from Wee Ones but there are more of offer for a Wee price, yes I had to make that joke, of only 30Lds.  The top one is called The Secret Garden and the bottom one is The Rabbit Hole Sky box.


I zoomed outside so you can see that even on the outside of the sky box the texturing is really charming.  These only cost 30Lds each which is why I took the risk that they weren’t for Petites.

Wee Ones, as I’ve said, looks as though it caters to the Petites and you can pick up everything from make up and clothes to wings and knives and I did notice a whole wall of stuff for only 5Lds.

The Fruit Salad Hunt, Surls and pictures.

Wee Ones


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I remember a while ago drooling over a very shabby chic greenhouse/sun room which was a cobbled together collection of wood, textures, door etc and looked wonderful however the price tag and the prim count was not that attractive so when I found this low primmed low priced beauty I was so pleased.


At 31 prims, that includes the hanging basket/tool box you can just make out.  Comes set on a concrete slab.  As you can see the ceiling window opens but so does one of the windows on the side, love the sliding door.


A sample of the tatty texturing. This is looking out the front door from inside….insideedew…and this is the other wall which as you can see is mainly windows.  A faux cupboard as well, not shown as I’ve lost that picture.  Even though the whole roof and almost one side of a wall and it also has 2 windows this still remains a cosy and private little hideaway.  I usually like to position myself in at least 1 picture so people can gauge the size but that’s the picutre I’ve lost but it is a decent size small enough for a tiny plot of land and big enough to take a whole load of comfy chairs, books and plants.  31 Prims and an even measlier price tag of only 75Lds!!!

The first LM should take you to her, Lindini2 Lane, shop and you have an excellent selection of beach houses, small mansions, shops etc all not only with great texturing but styling and also pricing I had actually bought myself 2 items from here but I’ve not had time to even rezz the shop I’ve bought but I’m so looking forward to seeing it when I do.

There is a LM board for the demo area but I’ve also added that LM as well so you can wander around and really see for yourself the quality.

L2 Studio’s Shop

Demo Platform

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Pressies Sorted.

partyThats what I look like after a single glass of wine which is both sad and funny at the same time.

tableYet again Laurent83 Waco  has come up with something to make his decor items stand out from the rest. This time the table and chairs are all copyable, everything apart from the chairs and plate settings are linked so one click and your Christmas table, candle sticks, baubles, food etc are all there even a mini Christmas Tree.  The backs of the chairs have draped tinsel on  and little festive bows but because he’s left the plates as separates it means you can rezz as many of those as you wish. So if you’re Christmas table is a cosy one for two or a more social setting for four, five or more people you simply rezz as many plates as you need.  Each place comes with an easy to use menu with 4 options.  The plate in the foreground has the starter which is a little gift and the linen napkin, next course turkey with all the trimmings, a desert and then coffee all in perfect details.  I have the white cottagey table but there is a darker wood version available in his lovely Christmas cottage setting.

aapromJust in case you didn’t notice it’s not an actual dress but an apron I am wearing (and not much else).  you can only get this on the Marketplace from Apponos.  I’ve not tried it yet but you do get the 5 standard sizes so I’m pretty sure you could get one to fit over a dress if you wished.  Demo available to try if you want to make sure though.

I’ve added the link to the Follow Us Marketplace shop and it should start at the lowest price first so you can see how many things he’s has priced so so many can enjoy items from his shop. Ooodles of loveliness from a single Linden, 10, 29 etc and all excellent quality.  You may not be able to go the whole hog with Christmas decor items but even simple trays with hot chocolate and whipped cream will cheer up any room but for example he has a Christmas Fireplace which has everything on it from baubles to stuffed socks AND only 50Lds.  Looks like all items on the MP can be sent as gifts as well.  Follow Us has items that I haven’t seen anywhere else and would make great pressies esp for the man in your life.  Vintage camera’s, punching bags, wash, clothes racks with mens clothes on it, all with a manly touch.  Most things esp the non copy items are also trans so if you want to buy something and box it up for a loved one then this is the place but of course always double-check that.

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

Apponos (Apron)

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Freak Hunt (& Freebie).

Hunt useIt’s fortunate that this is item is Tran (non copy) as OhLaLa isn’t a shop most men would find themselves in unless in this case they were doing the Cirque Du Freak Hunt or their GFs have dragged them there or if you know a man in your life then for 5Lds you can send him a treat.  What you’re looking for is a mask like object. Clues are given but mine is “it’s hot in here”.  plenty of Lucky Chair but only women’s stuff.

bonesThis is my date for Halloween, Fred Bones. You’ve seen the Cirque Du Freaks offering for the boys and this is for the girls.  A mesh dress with an over sized bow which you can move up or down to uncover as much booby as you dare.  It also comes with a Lola Tango Applier and a few tattoo layers of bloodiness (I’m wearing a Halloween skin so the grey skin, cut on chest and dark shading around the eyes are all the skin but the rest of the bloodiness is the gift) and of course the mouth knife.  This is just 5Lds but if you’re really short for cash then check out the table in the entrance hall because Elise Onmura  has placed out 2 free gifts both of which are boots. I’m wearing the purple pair in this picture (I know you can’t really see them) and the other appears to be shorter black ones but I’ve not had a chance to try them on,  Very nice boots and even though they have ribbons on them it was easy to edit them down just a little bit to fit my legs.  Don’t forget the Lucky Chairs as well.  I’ve blogged OhLaLa before because she’s got some bargain priced stuff in her shop and everything I go there I end up buying or winning something more.


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No snitching!!!

I’m so bad, I’m really naughty and I have an addiction I buy too many houses, homes, skyboxes, rooms and domes and I’ve done it again and bought myself 2 new homes.  So reasonably primmed and so lovely I’m trying to shoehorn them both onto my land and hope Faith doesn’t notice.

House155 prims of uniqueness.  Called Pink House and comes from one of my fav SL shops mrdm As far as I can tell this is Naonao Ellils’s (naonao2.ellils)  first house and it’s a classic. The doors click open and will remain open till you shut them which is a feature I love because often it’s the view from inside out which is what I like to look at. The window you can see shows the kitchen and in the top right hand you can see the balcony that juts out.

House4The main area has the wood floors and curved wood walls.  Obviously how you lay out your own home is upto you but this seemed right to me.  The rest of the ground has the tiling that you can see.

House7The stairs curve slightly. Just beyond that you can see half of the kitchen.  A lovely feature is that you can utilise the area under the stairs and at the other side of the room is a little raised area which I have a little cafe style table set up perfect for sitting and looking out the windows.

House13Over the livingroom is a small balconied area wide enough for the chair shown and maybe a pile of books and it has such a great overview of the livingroom area and the bedroom.

House10I took the bed out to show you the shadowing and texturing.  You can clearly see the windows in the ceiling and the balcony.

House11The balcony comes with the canopy.

A build with a lot of lovely extras. An amazing amount of thought has gone into this design and it shows.  My one and only moan is that the windows come with blinds that aren’t scripted but that is just a tiny moan because this is such a quality design who cares. All of this comes at a cheap cheap price of 750Lds.

mdrm is a shop is packed with great stuff that you will want for your home  but don’t just look at the shop walk outside and you will find a selection of boats, vehicles. garden furniture, fun stuff and all very unique and very reasonably priced and primmed.

mdrm house

mdrm main shop

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Party and fine dining.

I love balloons it’s the one thing that is guaranteed to reduce me to a babbling child so when I got a package titled Party table I quickly rezzed so many balloons as a back drop I almost crashed the sim, took a whole load of pictures then logged off for a while.  Later when I looked at the photos I realised that this wasn’t a childs party table this was a very adult orientated table with champagne and elegant wrapped pressies.

PartySo I packed away the balloons and rezzed the sparkly lights and put on my posh frock.

Party2Table loaded with goodies, pile of gifts in front and a chair with various poses inc a smoking one.  The detail is so perfect right down to the scattered confetti on the table.  Take away the glitz and glitter and this is very much a unisexed table with bloke poses  in the chair as well so man, woman or whatever a really elegant party table.

Because Laurent83 Waco regularly updates his shops, group gifts, sub gifts and has a  Group Discount board in his shop there is always something tempting even to a hardened SL hoarder.  Add to that the fact that his prices are so damn reasonable!  Because of that I had to have this kitchen.

Urbain kitchen

I chose the blue but there is a choice of colours.  Comes with single and couple poses not packed with them but damn they’re good.  You get everything you see (apart from the notice board). Comes in 2 parts the lower unit and the upper and everything apart from these 2 are linked.  So once you’ve rezzed you don’t need to move and rearrange anything but there is plenty of shelf space if you want to add your own touches.  You no like this one! then make sure to check out everything because he has other kitchens equal in quality.

Bay kitThis is one of the poses and rezzed set ups. your scooping mix from one bowl to the other another prop pose in you drizzing goodness on some pastry with a pastry tray, can  of squirty cream, rolled out pastry and a bottle ao.

Once I’ve got some more leisure time I’m going to rezz the picnic basket and really have fun with the props and poses but until then check out his goodies you will not be sorry.

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace (drool while your not inworld)

Follow Us Blogg

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Hand on heart (n Free Stuff).

Must confess I have a sneaky feeling that the fountain, flasks and wet wipes have been blogged before I know the washing machine certainly has but the bowl, ladder,  boxes and sinks are definitely new but each one really needs to be blogged or reblogged because they’re that good.


Visited Monaya again for the first time in a while and I’m pleased I did because it reminded me that I had this small fountain/water feature in my invent.  Wood and stone with a metal tap which turns the water off and on and comes with sound.  The enamel bowl which you can see a peek of was a LB win but it only costs 20Lds so if you can’t be bothered to wait it’s pretty cheap.  As it happens I also won a plant off the LB as well.

LadderNow I know I haven’t blogged these before because I would have had a number of them in my invent and rezzed around my home because not only are they only 1 prim each inc the pile of boxes but they’re free.  Even the pile of 3 boxes in only a single prim and with those you also get a choice of colours.

FlaskBlogged before (maybe) but one thing is sure is that I have them in RL.  I adore the retro look and that flask on the left is almost identical to the one I have.  Freeness and each one comes with 3 texture changes.  2 Prims of excellence.

Wet wipesAdmit it we all need wet wipes occasionally even if it’s just to clean our hands. Free again and so low primmed. 2 Prims closes 3 prims open.  Must mention the fantastic washing machine and we definitely have blogged it before because we offer this as a Dollarbie Gatcha on our sim so follow the LM and feel free to pick one up because the whole washing machine is only a single prim and you can even have the lid off or on.  As I say feel free to wander around the whole sim we have plenty of lovely sitting areas etc feel free to even use if for photos if your a blogger and  you can even peek though my home (or wander in I don’t mind) but please respect Faiths home because she and PD like their privacy (house on the hill).

SinkLastly but not least these great sinks.  In the UK we have a thing about old butler, enamel sinks which we either use to wash our dishes in or put our plants in.  If I could get these in RL I would be so happy.  2 prims and not free but so cheap at 20Lds each.  Great texturing right down to the plug hole.  Perfect for standing plants in or using as a sink in your home or greenhouse.  Oops almost forgot the step/small bench in the back gound yet another freebie.

Small shop on a big and really interesting sim.  I’ve picked up some quirky stuff (check out the small shop through the door) a nice amount of LBs scattered around and all laid out on a nice sim.  A lovelyway to kill some time and not have to spend to many Lindens.


Fridge (Our Sim)